Gotta Try It Just Once

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So my friend and I sat in his car across the street from the Spinner Club. He drove me here for support. As we looked over the neon sign and darkened windows, he asked “Want me to go in with you?”

I smile. “No. I’m fine. Won’t take but a couple minutes.” I had been very hesitant in getting to this point, but I wasn’t hesitant now. I wanted to go in, because this was something of a point-of-no-return for me, and years in the making. Years, even decades, of this idea in my head, but not the nerve to go through with it. But going into the Spinner Club was going to put substance to my dream. At least, that is, set it in motion.

I hopped out of the car, looked both ways, then jogged across the street. Opening the door presented an assault of sound and aroma. The sound was primarily the drag band screaming over the roar of drinking and laughter. The aroma, I felt sure, was probably something illegal in this state.

Dimly lit but with bright LED pinpoint lights, this was quite the stereotypical gay bar. Trying not to look around much, I went straight for the bartender. I waved a folded piece of paper at him. “You got a minute to read this?” I asked, trying to be heard over the din. He looked dubious, but took the paper from my hand. He read it (skimmed it rather) then looked back at me skeptically.

“This about you?”

I nodded.

He gave me ‘the rake’. “You serious?”


“I think you’re scamming.”

“No. Really. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.” I replied sincerely. “Do you know some people who would do this?”

“Yeah probably. I’ll check around.” he glanced back at the paper. “No money involved, eh?”‘

“No! Of course not. Just a dream of mine.” I blurted. Then I added “Just …pleasure and adventure. For everyone.”

“I’ll ask. I’ll have folks get in touch with your friend.”

He stuck the paper in his tip pocket and I hurried back out the door.

I am not gay. I am not at all attracted to men. I do however have intervals where I am greatly enamored by dicks. My imagination is filled by thoughts of taking them in, sucking them till they pop, and swishing the warm cum around in my mouth. And also thoughts of giving my ass to someone to plunder, gaining a powerful blast of cum deep in my hole. AND these thoughts always come in the form of this same recurring dream.

The note lays out the details of my dream. Here, in abbreviated form, is what my note said:


The Idea:

•I am 48 years old, but look somewhat younger. I am trim and muscular, 180 pounds. I am looking for four men who will work together to give me my first gay experience.

The Terms:

•Applicants must be 200+ pounds and muscular (not fat).

•Applicants must be circumcised and have shaved pubic areas.

•Applicants must not have had a vasectomy.

•Applicants will email a face picture, an erect dick picture, a photocopy of photo ID, and recent medical certification of disease-free status to my friend at [email protected]. He will select the four participants and will conduct check-in on the evening of the encounter. I will never see the photos or the faces of the men. My friend will hold participant IDs during the encounter and return them after. All other materials will be shredded by my friend after the event. I will never know who you are; you will never know who I am.

The Scenario:

•I will have a hotel room, made as near complete darkness as is possible.

•The men will come in, silently, undress, and prepare for their roles.

•The scripted part below is described for Dick

which is the largest through Dick which is the smallest.


one comes into the bathroom and sits on the toilet seat lid with legs spread wide. I will be naked and sitting in the bathtub. When Dick

is situated, I will step out of the tub and sit in the floor before it and suck it off. As near as possible, Dick

is to give no indication of when about to cum. If possible, the big moment should surprise me.~

~After I suck off

, I will come out of the bathroom and prop myself against the sink counter. I will lean forward and spread my legs and offer my asshole to Dick . Dick gets the honor of being the first ever to take my asshole.~

~Once Dick is done fucking me, I will move to the bed and lay crossways over it. Dick

and Dick
will take my holes together. Dick

stands at the side of the bed. I suck off Dick

as Dick
straddles my body and fucks my asshole. Once both are inside me, Dick can then open the bathroom door to signal Dick

to come out.~

~After Dick

and Dick
both shoot off, then the scripted part is over. Anyone who wants more can take me on the bed, with appropriate washing beforehand.~

The Rules:

•As much as is possible, the room will be totally dark and totally silent.

•No one touches my genitals. (Once I shoot off, I immediately lose all interest in further sex, casino şirketleri so that must be avoided.)

•The four men are to have no interactions with each other.

•The men are to be totally silent. No vocalizations of any kind.

•The encounter will be in a hotel room of my choosing, with blackout blinds and no source of light at all.

•Other than the minimum contact necessary for a dick to enter my asshole, there will be no other body contact. No use of hands, for example.

•If I say ‘stop’, then you stop moving and hold still.

•If I say ‘pull out’, then you pull out.

•When I return to the bathroom, the sex is over. The men turn on the light, get dressed, turn off the light, and leave. They check out with my friend in the lobby, who will return their IDs when I phone him.


Now to be clear, I was not a complete novice. I had put some objects inside myself before, some of them rather large, so I knew what being stretched would feel like. I liked it. But that’s not the same as relaxing and letting someone pound real meat inside you. I had tasted my own cum several times also, so I knew in general what that was like too. But does all cum taste the same? I didn’t know. And it’s not just about the cum, it’s about the taste and heat and texture and throbbing of the dick, the challenge for my mouth of popping off a dick to get the cum. Straight in. That’s the thing that’s mesmerizing.

I’ve picked a hotel based on the online pictures of its room layout, and the presence of effective blackout blinds. The beds are higher than normal too, about hip level. My hope is this will allow ME laying down to suck HIM standing up. I’ll see very soon if that actually works out. As for the darkness issue, I chose a room on the less-lit side of the building. I scheduled the encounter to align with the new moon too. How’s that for planning?

I get the hotel room for two nights. The first night I am alone and just getting the room ready. I go in after dark and never turn on a light. I undress and put my clothes in a drawer. I place tape over the smoke detector light. I unplug the TV and microwave. I close the blinds and use clips to hold them tight. I place a towel across the foot of the entry door, to block out stray light. Another couple of towels across the top of the blackout blinds. Every time I cover a light source, my eyes adjust to the dimness and I find another one. It’s a little discouraging. But I keep working until I’ve achieved total darkness.

I go to bed then, figuring that if I wake up in the night and can’t see anything at all, then I will have accomplished my feat. Hotels always have noises in the night, so waking seems a certainty. Sometime in the middle of the night I do indeed awake, and I sit up and try to see. Happily it proves my success. I lay back down and cover up, I roll over and reach back to caress my ass cheek, and then finger my clenched asshole. “Clench while you can” I think, “this is your last night as a ‘virgin’.”

Next night: So now I’m sitting in the bathtub naked, on a towel to avoid the cold porcelain, in complete darkness and silence, and waiting. And I’m getting nervous. All the procrastination of the past years is gone. Everything’s been carefully arranged. I’ve even given my asshole a preliminary greasing already. Meanwhile, my friend is downstairs awaiting the participants’ arrival. He has their pictures, names, and medical information already. All that’s left is to double check their IDs when they arrive and hold those IDs until we are safely done. No more imagining, it will all be REAL.

I hope there’s a lot of cum. I hope these dicks have been saving their loads all week for me. I wonder if I’ll be able to swallow it. I’ve made preparations though; I have a small bottle of Coke here in the bathroom and another on the bedside table. It’s available in case I don’t like the taste of the cum, or if it’s too sticky to swallow, or if for any other reason I need help getting it down. I wonder if it’s better to catch it all on my tongue then swallow all at once, or to take each squirt at the back of my throat and swallow a little at a time as it spews.

I’m daydreaming again, but I snap out of that soon, as I hear the outside door click, then open. My pulse doubles as I hear the door close again. Then I hear the faint rustling sounds of my four cumcarriers undressing. No turning back now. Soon Dick

should come into the bathroom. I sit very still.

The door does indeed open very soon, and Dick number

moves gingerly through the dark. I hear the toilet creak a little as Dick

sits on the fuzzy cover that I provided. I hear the feet shuffle as it takes its position. Then all is still. I am seconds away from sucking my first dick.

My turn to take position now. I carefully rise up and part the shower curtain, stepping out carefully. I spread a couple of towels onto the cold floor before the toilet seat, and then sit down upon the them. I scoot forward until I am between the knees and casino firmaları then scoot forward more. At this close distance, I catch the scent of my target. I wrap my legs around the base of the toilet, and my body is thus anchored. I have little range of motion except for my hands and head, all the better to concentrate the feelings. This is not me having sex with a man. This is a mouth sucking off a dick. No people involved. Just extremely focused sensations for the mouth and for the dick.

I open my mouth and breathe a couple of deep breaths. Then I move my face forward, searching, without using my hands. Dick

was semi-hard at the moment my mouth found it. I made a few passing licks along the length of it, feeling it straighten with each. Then one long lick all the way to the balls stiffened it for good. I liked the taste and texture. And it was plenty big. I wondered how much of it I would be able to get down. And I was glad this was a suck dick not a fuck dick. I don’t think I could handle all this in my asshole.

I use my hands now to cradle the balls and give them some gentle upward pressure. I let my thumbs rub the underside of Dick

. Making mouth to head contact is the final step. I lick my way slowly back up the shaft away from the balls. As my tongue reaches the head, my thumbs pivot the dick a little to the right and between my open lips. I engulf the head and hold position there, sucking the head like its the end of very wide straw in a very thick milkshake. This way my tongue is stroking the underside, the ‘sweetspot’. I cannot describe how exciting this is. My mouth is stuffed and I try to readjust my breathing. I want to take in as much as I’m able, but I won’t try to go deep for a while yet. I pull off the head for a bit but keep up the thumb massaging. I decide to try a variety of moves that I know; techniques that old girlfriends had used on me.

So … I’m ‘biting’ the dick like a dog carries a bone. I’m sucking firmly on the head, squeezing it with my lips, tugging gently with my teeth. I’m bobbing up and down and when I pull off to breathe, I’m blowing gently like one cools coffee. I’m doing all the things to this dick that I like having the ladies do to mine. At least I’m trying. He’s too big and I’m too new for throating. I love it when a girl throats me and gags on my dick. I’m trying to give that rush to this dick. I thought I could take it deep before gagging, but I’m not able. I keep trying, sporadically, amidst all the other dick action. The spongy texture of the head as it passes my lips, that’s my favorite part.


is trying hard to be still, but I can tell he’s near the cumming stage. You can’t disguise the precum, and the urge to thrust is unfightable. Each time the dick tenses I change my action. I have just switched from bobbing to sucking the tip when it reaches the big moment and the first hot sticky spew shoots into my mouth. I hold still and let it spew. Thick and salty and hot, I swallow as best I can without removing myself from the tip. It’s a loud series of gulps that even the dicks waiting outside can probably hear. Its sticky, and hard to get down, but I manage. Eventually the spewing slows, and I resume sucking the tip. If there’s even another drop, I want it. Then I’m bobbing again, and massaging the balls too, but Dick

is empty and starting to deflate. I pull my mouth off it and start licking the sides as before, and with gentle blowing. One last dribble of cum oozes out and sticks to my left cheek.

For a fleeting moment, I wish it wasn’t dark and I could see my own face right now, flushed with success but also flushed with lack of oxygen, a small smear of cum across my left cheek. I swallowed cum, just now, lots of it, and worked hard to get it!

I let go of Dick

and slowly scoot back from the toilet and struggle unsteadily to my feet. Dick

is still perfectly quiet and motionless as I stumble toward the door. Finding it with my extended hand, I put my hand on the lever but pause a second or two before turning it. Thoughts of what i just took in my mouth and down my throat tumbled about in my mind, competing with the anticipation of what I was going to get once I stepped out of this door. I lick my lips, trying for one last taste of cum. I also reach for my bottle of Coke. The cum is so thick and sticky that it hasn’t fully cleared my throat, and I don’t want to gag on it. I hate to lose the cum taste, but I tell myself that I’m just cleansing my palate for its next load of dick juice. A taste test of sorts. Then replacing the can, I reach back to touch my greased asshole; one more minute, and its life will be changed. My ass is one minute away from its first fuck, from its first load of cum.

I slowly open the bathroom door and step out, dragging my left hand along the sink countertop so as to keep close. I reach the far end, where I had earlier placed one the large bed pillows. I hear tentative scuffing steps coming in my direction. I align the pillow with my hips and I lean forward over it, spreading my legs and trying güvenilir casino to relax. Relaxing isn’t working. While sitting in the tub earlier, I lubed myself a bit. I had also placed a bottle of lube in this sink, that I would momentarily hand back to Dick .

I want this. Why can’t I relax? The back of a hand finds me and I flinch. My asshole clenches even more. The hand gets orientated, then I feel a fingertip pushing firmly onto my sphincter. The fingertip is lubed, that’s good. But more is better, I think; so i twist a bit and reach the bottle back to him. Pop! goes the lid. Splort! I feel the coolness of the lube oozing down my crack. Click! the lid closes. Tap! the bottle gets set upon the countertop. The fingertip inserts again, slicker this time. It stings more than I thought it would. I shimmy about trying to improve the angle. The fingertip doesn’t go any deeper, but moves in a caressing clockwise motion. Then reverses. Just the gentlest push and pull, then a firm smooth push finds the inner sphincter and caresses the rim.

The fingertip comes out for more lube. The fingertip pushes gently but steadily back to the inner sphincter, slowly pushing in and pulling back repeatedly. Then it starts pushpulling very rapidly. It would describe it as tapping if it were ON me rather than just barely IN me. I feel myself loosening up. This finger really knows what to do! A little slower and deeper now, probably about an inch in. I’m about to take several more inches, and thicker too. I am so wanting this, I wish Dick would hurry and open me!

The finger pulls out. This is the moment. I hear the lube bottle pop and click once more. I feel the finger find me again, this time as a guide for dick. Then the switch, and the PUUUSSSSHHHHH! OK, that was a little uncomfortable entry, but the dick holds still and allows me the time to expand and welcome it. When at last my grip eases, the dick moves slowly and it starts to feel really good. Reeaallly goooood. My asshole yields as the dick pushes forward and grips as the dick pulls back. I hold perfectly still, concentrating on the feeling. I’ve put objects into my own asshole before, and that felt good, but its NOTHING like this, effortlessly receiving the push of live meat.

I consciously contract my sphincter and tighten the grip as best I can. I know that feels good to the dick. After a bit of rocking along with its motion, I begin to push back onto Dick . Instead of gliding forward with its thrusts, I try to hold firm my position and give it maximum depth. Catching the cue, Dick thrusts faster and harder and deeper, pausing occasionally when it’s at its deepest point. Twist, pound, and pause, twist, pound, and pause, over and over. NOW I’m relaxing. The rhythmic rubbing is both exciting and soothing at the same time. I try to squeeze this dick with my anus, when its paused. I don’t know if it can feel that or not. But I’m trying.

I like feeling so full. The pushing is getting more urgent now; my ass is about to get its first load of cum! I’m loving this feeling, and I appreciate the patience of Dick . Even though its completely dark, I still close my eyes to concentrate on the feeling. There must be something psychological about that. I hold perfectly still and anticipate the load I’m about to receive.

A couple more thrusts and then there it is. I feel the pulsing of the dick but mostly I feel the heat of the cum. I could get used to this. I like this a lot. Dick stops throbbing and starts to pull out. But I push backward onto it and it stays inside a while longer. When the dick does finally pull out, I feel loose and empty. I’m glad I have more assfuck coming soon. I straighten up and feel tentatively about the counter for the bottle of lube. I’m gonna need this; Dick
is bigger.

I turn about, and pressing my ass against the countertop, I then stride six bold steps forward to the side of the nearest bed (I had paced it off several times as practice). I climb onto the bed, and at the sound of the mattress creaking I hear movement from both of the room’s leather chairs. And I smile to know what is gonna happen next. The cum from Dick is already seeping out. Don’t worry; here comes more! I just had mouth cum and ass cum; let’s see if I can handle both at once.

My plan was to lay on my belly and point my dick downward so things don’t get mashed when Dick puts his weight on me. That’s not going to work now that my own dick is getting pretty hard. Next best thing, I arrange extra pillows to be under my hips. By the time I get things arranged, my asshole has contracted back to being pretty much normal.

I lay down across the pillows and get situated. Two at once is going to be great. My body wobbles a bit on the mattress as behind me Dick
climbs onto the bed, moving on his knees, straddling my legs, moving up my legs to mount my ass. Little bumps on the front side of the bed too, as Dick

eases his way sideways along the edge of the mattress until it can find a warm and wet mouth to suck out its cum. Dick
gets into me first, with the use of ample amounts of lube. It’s not much bigger than Dick , but enough bigger that I can tell. It’s more aggressive too, pumping hard right from the start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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