Golden , The Dark

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She looked up into the dark eyes of the woman she’d been talking to…her breath caught in her throat as she realised that those eyes held a million thoughts she had been too afraid to express. Was it really going to happen this time? As they held their eyes the dark ones relaxed and slowly smiled, the dark pools drawing her in further and making her feel like there was a deeper connection than just the way they had talked online.

She smiled back, a deep, heartfelt smile that seemed to heat every corner of her very being and set alight every sinew in her body. It was a smile that she’d known was within her reach but no-one had drawn it from her before and she marvelled at the naturalness of the feeling.

It was nothing more than a moment before they sank into each others arms, pulling each other as tight as they could, soft curves melting into each other even through their clothes. Her breast were held tightly against the lace of her bra, her nipples felt strained against the soft lace, the very ages of the fabric seemed to be delighting in bringing a depth of sensation to her. She looked up again into those eyes, and the woman looked down on her, a smile once more curving her lips as she lowered her head, slowly, almost painfully slowly, their lips touched, the soft skin of their lips drawing quivers from both of them.

She marvelled at the different of a woman’s lips on her own, the softness seemed impossibly different, like velvet on silk, they seemed to glide across her own, the pressure instinctively both soft and intense all at once. It was everything she had hoped for, and more…oh would there be more?

Her own blue eyes looked into the dark ones so close to her, they glinted with a light she couldn’t quite place, something between mischief, promise and teasing. Those eyes were a new experience all of their own and she felt both nervous and safe in their gaze. The prickling of fear in the pit of her stomach was slowly turning to a prickling or something else, a tingle unlike those she experienced at her boyfriend’s lips and fingers. This seemed softer and yet intense in the similarities of their bodies, the feel of the breast against each other as they kissed, the curves against curves, in the same places and yet not.

The other woman snaked her hand around her waist, pulling her closer then slowly curving her fingers into her hand she turned away slightly and began to walk. Her hand pulled her to follow and she did, not wanting that touch to be broken for any longer than it had to be. The changing air around her made her aware of the hardening of her nipples, the flimsy fabric of her blouse pulled tight over the lace of her bra. She found herself immensely aware of that lace against her skin again. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, not in fear but casino şirketleri in anticipation as they stopped outside a door. The woman turned and spoke for the first time, a sound like a large cat purring, “Follow!” was all she said. Those dark eyes turned away and the door opened, for a moment as she stepped through the door her figure was silhouetted by the changing light.

The dark eyed woman was around 5 ft 9 tall, with a curvy figure that she knew how to use in every way. The long dress she wore clung to her waist and hips and then flared to the floor, drawing the eye down to the heels she wore on her bare feet. Each toe was perfectly manicured and painted a deep rich red, like the deepest burgundy wine. Her long hair hung loose and slightly curled down to her waist, bright red against the silken black fabric of her dress, she knew how to dress to attract both men and women and she made the most of that knowledge.

In just a moment they were through the door and she could see the room they were now in. A beautiful, ornate four poster bed dominated the room which had an opulent yet classical style. Nothing was overdone but every little thing screamed taste and elegance. She looked up at the dark eyed woman who smiled again, her dark eyes softening and yet glinting once more. “You are sure?” she asked in that rippling voice of hers.

She nodded and the woman smiled, this time one of sheer pleasure as she turned and walked towards the bed. As she did so she reached up to her neck and undid the knot just underneath her hair. The long black gown fell to the floor and revealed her standing there in her heels, stockings, garter belt, thong and basque. Against her creamy skin that alone was enough for her to begin to feel herself growing wetter and more breathless, but when added to the deep green colour of the clothing against her red hair and those dark eyes she was rendered speechless and wanting in every possible way.

She stood there silently, her blue eyes following the dark eyed woman across the room as she walked back from the bed, her black gown pooled on the cream carpet by the side of the bed and the light of the room glinting off her red hair and the deep green beading of her basque. As the woman drew closer she found herself gasping softly, the woman’s scent was even more intoxicating and she closed her eyes to let her senses drown in it still further. In that moment she found her hands drawn together behind her back and secured with a soft yet sure bond. Her eyes flicked open, lips slightly parted, to see those dark eyes close to her again. Her lips were once more met by that velvet on silk feeling and she closed her eyes, giving herself up to the woman and her plan, whatever that was.

She soon found out as the cold metal touched her skin casino firmaları and the delicate fabric of the blouse parted by the sharp blade. The skin of her shoulders was exposed as the fabric fell to the ground. The dark eyed woman was experienced with a blade and slowly uncovered each area of her skin to the air, like she was delicately unwrapping a precious gift or present of glass. Each newly removed piece of fabric caused a catch in her throat. Each new pull of the knife was followed by a caress of the skin by the dark eyes woman’s other hand, constantly keeping her on that edge of sanity and desire. Torn between the helpless, exposed feeling and the aroused, wanton side of her mind. She couldn’t help but close her eyes and just let herself fall into the situation, into the woman who seemed to know exactly how to spin her web.

In what felt like a moment, and yet also like an age, she was standing in just her bra and her thong, the fine white blouse and the soft flowing skirt she had left home in lay in strips on the thick white carpet at her feet, her arms remained bound behind her back and her breath was already ragged in her throat. Each movement of the knife had added to the wetness she knew was between her legs and she stood there between reality and fantasy. Her blue eyes were clouded and the dark eyed woman could have told her exactly how she was feeling if she’d been able to ask.

Those velvet lips met hers again as a hand snaked down her body to where her hands were bound, pressing herself against her front the woman pulled her in and then stepped around to behind her, undoing one wrist and then beginning to walk towards the bed, pulling her after her by one wrist almost like a child on a rein. It seemed so odd and yet in that moment so right. The blue eyed woman saw herself in the floor length mirror as they walked, her light brown hair hung straight down her back, just past her shoulders, catching little blonde lights as they flung from the light above them. She too was curvy and tall although a little shorter than the darker woman, her bra and thong were black lace. She smiled as she remembered thinking what a cliché the white set would have been when she was choosing what to wear earlier that evening.

She got no further for she was drawn onto the bed and her wrists were secured above her head to the bed frame itself. Her ankles too were drawn apart and to the sides, not out straight but slightly bent and secured to strategically placed rings at the side of the bed. She could barely move and once more her breathing quickened.

The dark haired woman stroked down her body, tracing the very tip of the knife along the pale skin, leaving the faintest red lines unless she reached the fine fabric of her thong. Lifting it so that it pulled tight between güvenilir casino her legs she lifted slightly higher until the fabric began to part her and she murmured softly then she cut the fabric, releasing the pressure suddenly. She pulled the fabric away and tossed it to one side. Her fingers grazed lightly over the wet skin the fabric had revealed. Then, in one fluid motion she pushed her finger between those wet lips, separating them and making immediate and definite contact with the blue eyed woman’s clit. The dark eyed woman smiled and began to slowly but determinedly circle her clit, pressing gently and watching with that expression of teasing and mischief as her hips began to move.

She lost herself in the feeling, the wetness of herself as the dark eyed woman toyed with her clit, she writhed and moaned but more was to come. At the very height of her moaning the dark eyed woman slipped two fingers straight into her now soaking pussy and she came instantly, fluid dripping from her in that moment. She half hoped the woman would stop when she came but she carried on, stroking her internally with those fingers, pushing and twisting as she drew the pleasure out of her. She felt herself stretching as the woman pushed in a third finger, and then rapidly a fourth. Without even realising it her hips were now pushing up at the woman’s hand, riding those fingers deep inside her, forcing them further and further into her. Her blue eyes met the dark ones of the woman as her lips curled in a knowing smile.

There was a slight movement between her legs and the four fingers slowed a little, she felt them stretching and writhing inside her…then the woman’s thumb found her clit and she screamed as she came hard and long. Her pussy gushed so violently than the dark woman’s arm was soaked, yet still she did not stop her assault on the woman. She came again, this time almost lifting herself off the bed and raising her ass. The dark eyed woman had been waiting for this and slipped her other hand beneath her. A slender finger snaked into her ass and she came again, the feeling of such a new and different thrill was too much for her and she blacked out in a wave of pleasure and exhaustion.

As she opened her eyes the dark eyed woman leaned over her…her ankles were untied now but her wrists were not…the voice, the purring cat spoke to her softly…”welcome to the fold my sweet, you have much to learn and much to experience. Your old life is behind you, hereafter I and my household will call you Golden. Sleep well, I am only just beginning with you.” Then she stood and untied her wrists from the bed. “I will be back tomorrow, the folder on the side will explain how I expect to find you, be ready for me.”

Standing she left the room as the newly named Golden watched her leave, the red hair glinted in the light and the green lingerie seemed to have an iridescence of it’s own. She was intoxicated and captured by the woman and she could not help but do as she said…she lay down and snuggled into the soft bedding…what would tomorrow hold?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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