Going Home Ch. 09

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This is the final chapter in the Luke and Johnny story. A very well made comment hit home when it was said that i was saying and writing what i thought the readers wanted, not exactly what i wanted and that was true. This ending is exactly how i wanted it, though some people might think its weird, to me its just how i wanted it to go. Oh and to clear up confusion, Vermont is, from what i researched, unless its changed recently, one of the states that allow gay marriage.


I was sitting at the bar in the kitchen, drinking some OJ I had found in the fridge when Luke finally made his way downstairs. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, softly kissing the back of my neck. My skin broke out in goose bumps and I felt him smile against me. I pulled away from him, turning around on the bar stool so I could face him.

He frowned, “What’s the problem Johnny?”

I shook my head, “Luke what do you think last night was? Let’s do a nice long fuck and everything will be forgiven?”

He backed up a couple of steps and crossed his arms across his bare chest which I was trying not to stare at. The attraction my body felt for this man, despite what I thought about him, was ridiculous.

“What the hell else do you want Johnny. I told you I would give up everything, my company my reputation, everything for you. I told you I would change, I bought us our own house to prove that I was serious and things would really be different. What else do you want!”

His voice slowly crept up until he sounded angry and I sat there for a minute, surprised. What else did I want? I had Luke, the man I had always loved, he had changed, not hurting my ex was proof of that by itself. He was willing to give up the compound, the job, everything for me. What else did I want?

Finally I looked up at him, “I don’t know Luke. I just can’t….I can’t forgive you. Your ripped my heart out and stomped it into the ground, and I just don’t how to forgive you for that.”

That was the honest truth, he had given me everything I wanted, hell he had paid for my mom’s surgery the first two weeks I was here. Actually he had given more than I could have asked for especially with this huge house; I didn’t want anything else. The problem, for once, wasn’t Luke, it was me.

He stared at me long enough that I looked away before nodding once, “Fine. I don’t know what else to do Johnny so I tell you what, once you figure out what’s going on in that head of yours, you come find me and let me know.”

He tossed me something and I caught it on instinct, “Your key to the house, stay, leave, your choice, just wanted you to have a way to get back in.”

He walked away without another world, going back upstairs. It didn’t take even ten minutes before he came back down, fully dressed, and left the house without a word or even a look in my direction.

I had a lot of time to myself that day, Luke didn’t come back at all, even well into the night. It took me a while, but after walking the entire house and eventually getting back to the bedroom I had pretty much figured out what I need to do. I couldn’t let go because I never got to really express all of my pent up emotions.

I never got him when he would really listen and just yelled at him, but that wasn’t I wanted to do right then either. Luke had changed once I told him to stop being like Daniel, but he still wasn’t the overbearing dominating person I fell for. I liked that Luke was being more romantic, and I didn’t want that to change.

It’s not that I wanted to be in abusive relationship or have him treat me like crap, despite the great make up sex, however he wasn’t being the Luke I knew and loved, and not to mention the need to beat the shit out of him was pretty strong.

Getting up I called Leslie, who confirmed Luke was still at the compound, and I left, finding keys next to the door and a brand new motorcycle outside, replacing the one Mike blew up.

I hopped on and after getting my bearings straight headed in the direction of the compound. Naturally it was only twenty minutes away and I parked, killing the bike’s motor so it wouldn’t make noise, just in case. I walked in the door, nodding at Frank who was watching it. He moved like he was going to tell Luke I was there and I shook my head, silently asking him not to.

I went downstairs, a small smile on my face when the elevator door opened and I saw most of the guys were there. Luke was at my work station looking over papers with a huge frown; he never was good at the details. He looked up at me with a surprised look that quickly turned into a frown.

“Figured it out yet Johnny?” Again with the real name.

I nodded, taking off my jacket and tossing it on a bench near him. He watched me with that steady frown as I paced a wide circle around him.

“I need you to tell the guys not to interfere no matter what, ok?”

Luke frowned but nodded to the guys behind me who instantly backed up a few paces. casino şirketleri I took Luke’s hand and pulled him off the bar stool he was on. I then picked up the stool and the bench and put them on top of the work table, pushing it on its little wheels across the room, where someone caught it. Luke stood with his arms crossed and his eyes guarded.

“So….what is it that you need Johnny boy?”

I smiled and walked up to him slowly so he wouldn’t suspect anything. Leaning up I whispered in his ear, “You.”

I punched him in the stomach so hard he fell back a few feet, his eyes flashing up to mine in anger as his guys moved forward on instinct. I looked at them and he shook his head making them back off again.

Luke stood angrily, “What the fuck was that!”

I smiled and stalked towards him, “I want the real Luke back, the mean asshole Luke that I fell for. Also…I never got my frustrations out, so I figured two birds one stone. Beat the shit out of you, and get you so angry that your I’m nice now routine fades away.”

I punched him across the jaw, making his neck snap and at the same time kicked him hard in the shin, making him fall to one knee. I tilted his angry face up and smiled before punching him in the lip, busting it.

He fell back at that and my anger rolled through me, making my vision turn red. I went over and started kicking him in the stomach.

“Never choose them over me, never tell me you don’t trust me, never think I would betray, and NEVER break my heart like you did that night!” I yelled as I rained down kicks to his stomach and back.

He laid there for a second and I kept going, “Give me back the real Luke!” I finally yelled and as I went to kick him again his hand lashed out fast as lighting and grabbed my foot.

He yanked on my foot hard and I fell to the ground, surprised. His weight settled over me instantly and he grinned through his busted lip, his teeth stained with blood.

“You got him Johnny boy.”

With that he socked me a good one across the jaw snapping my head back. I moved out of the as he went to punch me again, making him hit the floor. Like I said it’s not that I wanted him to beat me, it’s that I needed this fight, I needed to get him angry because I was angry, and I needed to win or lose fair and square.

That was what I needed for so long, I needed my justice, I needed what I felt was revenge, and mainly I really wanted to see Luke bleeding because of me. Sick and twisted I know, but it’s what my bruised heart wanted.

“What do you want Johnny? Do you want me to say I’m sorry? I am. Do you want me to beg for your forgiveness? I will. If you want to pound the shit of me, I’ll lay back and let you. Just tell me where you want this to go.”

His voice was deep and I knew without a doubt he would let me beat him to a pulp without fighting back. I didn’t want that though.

Without answering, I twisted under his body and used my weight to throw him off with my hip, spinning around and kicking him in the knee.

I grabbed that short black hair and pulled like a girl so I could get a good shot at his face. He leaned forward and cheated though, biting hard on my other arm, almost drawing blood and I let his hair go. I punched him in the ribs one good time before I was back under him, this time on my stomach.

He pulled my arms up behind my back and pushed, making me grit my teeth and try not to groan in pain. He leaned down and I could feel his hot breath on my ear.

“I knew you liked it rough Johnny, but jeez.”

His voice was deep and sexy and touched me in all the right places. I shivered a second before clearing my head and head butting him hard. It hurt us both but it knocked him back giving me perfect time to scramble out from under him.

I jumped on his back, though I knew I couldn’t hold him down long and reached behind him to pull one of those strong legs up sharply, making him gasp. His hands reached behind him to grab me but I moved back, out of reach. Dumb idea I figured out as he kicked his other knee up and hit me in the back, knocking me over.

I figured out I was going to lose, and since my anger and pride had pretty much worn themselves out now all I really felt was……well I was pretty damn turned on actually. I’m a twisted kid.

I got up and ran and Luke smiled; chasing was another fantasy we both had in common, mainly because we liked the end…where he caught me. I liked to be dominated sometimes, not all the time and not really outside the bedroom too much, but sometimes I like being told what to do, made to do it, and even liked a little fear.

I pushed the button on the elevator as I ran by it, hoping Luke didn’t notice. I waited until it opened and shoved the work table at him, which we had made our way around to. He stumbled like I wanted and I dove into the elevator, hitting the close doors button as I backed up against the wall.

Luke isn’t slow however, and my casino firmaları plan backfired just as the doors were about to close. Luke stalked over to the elevator calmly and two seconds before the door closed put his hand in the jam, stopping it.

I went to dodge out beside him but he grabbed me by the hair and slammed me hard into the elevator wall, his arm tight across my chest. He didn’t look back as the doors closed but I did, and I saw the confused, respectful, and downright amused faces of the guys as they slowly started milling about again. After that it was just me and Luke and I looked up into his electric blue eyes and smiled, testing his strength as I tried to push his arm away.

He laughed as I failed and I leaned back relaxing, “Now what Blue? What’s your next move in this fight of ours?”

We were both bleeding and hurting but neither one really felt it. He smiled that huge grin that I hadn’t seen in a while and leaned forward to whisper in my ear again.

“Now Johnny boy I take you to my room, hold you down, and fuck that tight little ass like I know you like.”

I shivered instantly, fighting off the urge to moan and Luke just smiled a very dark smile that I feared and loved at the same time.

The elevator opened and Leslie and William were standing in front of the doors. Luke momentarily let go and stepped back as their eyes went wide and I took advantage of his mistake.

I ran past them both, actually pushing them into the elevator to win me some time. Luke smiled again and nodded at the two men who quickly moved out his way; bastards. His long legs were twice the size of mine and as I reached the stair case he tackled me to the ground. He stood up, pulling me by my hair with him. He pulled me back until my back hit his chest and, wrapping one hand soundly around my throat, he turned us back towards the hallway.

“Walk.” He growled and my dick stood at attention instantly.

I tried to fight him but figured out he’d gladly drag me and started walking for the sake of my feet getting hurt. He turned me into his room and I put both arms out on the jams, knowing he wouldn’t break them. Once again I forgot that Luke didn’t play fair and I screamed as his hand turned my chin sharply to expose my neck, and he promptly sunk his teeth in, harder than he ever had. I felt my flesh give as my arms dropped like wet noodles and I groaned his name.

He kept up the pressure until we were well inside the room and the door was locked and bolted, with the key to the dead bolt in his hand, and then thrown across the room somewhere I couldn’t see.

He let go of my neck and caught me as I slumped, my muscles gone temporarily weak. He dropped me on the bed and laid his big body down over mine. I pretended to fight but we both knew my heart wasn’t in it. He ripped my shirt down the middle, something that was incredibly hot to me and yanked my jeans off with no problem as I wasn’t wearing a belt. I was commando underneath, as rare as it was and Luke grinned that predatory smile that made my heart skip a beat and my skin break out in goose bumps.

“Very sexy Johnny boy, I love it when your all hot and waiting for me. I love my control over your body.”

I bit my lip hard as Luke, without moving his weight off of my pinned waist, slowly took his shirt off, throwing it across the room where I assume the tattered pieces of mine were as well.

I let me eyes roam over his broad chest, appreciating the view as I licked my lips. Luke’s eyes tracked the movement and I looked up as they darkened with lust. He looked at me like he wanted to devour me and I knew I was lost. Luke used his weight and flipped us over, until I was straddling him and I smiled, knowing that he was letting me have control if I wanted it.

It was a big deal, especially in the mood he was in, that he would let me take the lead and I took full advantage of it. Scooting down I unbuttoned his pants, lifting up so that I could take them off of him. He was wonderfully smooth underneath me and I knew he had shaved, a fact I hadn’t really paid much attention to the night before. I wanted to tease him until it drove him crazy; I wanted to feel like I had as much control over his body as he had over mine.

Leaning down I slowly started kissing his chest, making sure my ass was poised just above his cock, waiting. I knew he wouldn’t fuck me dry so I had nothing to worry about as I started teasing him. I ran my tongue slowly around his nipple and his hands tightened on the sheets. I bit softly and got the satisfaction of him moaning my name.

His hips started moving just a little and I knew he was fighting to keep control. I kept up my trail of kisses and nibbles, until I got to his hip bone, just like he liked to do to me. I kissed it softly, looking up his body to meet his intense eyes. Keeping my eyes on his I bit down, hard enough to make his entire body jump. Luke had very sensitive hips, which I loved to exploit, and I kept güvenilir casino my teeth locked on his skin while lightly sucking on his hip. My name left his lips on a gasp and I smiled, letting him go.

I sat up, moving back so that his dick was in front of my body, wrapping my hand tight around it, making his head hit the pillow hard as his eyes rolled back. His hands had slowly but surely started creeping towards me and as I stroked his cock in my hand they found my arms, trailing up to grab on tight to the back of my neck.

He yanked my face down to his and kissed me hard, shoving his tongue in my mouth before I could move. I battled with his tongue, trying to get control of the kiss and eventually sighed and let him win; it was such a small and delicious battle to lose. He pulled back after a second, and I knew my lips were puffy and red by the way he smiled.

“You win Johnny, you can play my body like a fine tuned guitar now please, please stop teasing me.”

Hearing Luke beg for anything was my undoing and I smiled, dragging my body up and across his until my lower stomach was above his face as I reached for the bottle of lube on his nightstand. He kissed around my navel before I could stop him and I shuddered. I made sure my chest slid across his as I came back down and he bit his lip, staring up at me with big blue eyes.

I took my time rubbing the lube over his dick, sliding my hand up and down excruciatingly slow, getting my sadistic rocks off as I felt him try to push himself faster into my hand. I put lube on my fingers and made sure I was ready enough for him before slowly settling my body over his cock. I locked my eyes on his, my nails digging into his chest already as I slowly lowered myself down. We both moaned, my eyes fluttering closed, as he slid inside me.

When my ass was resting against his hips I let out the breath I had been holding and opened my eyes, looking down into his. The dark lust that had been there before was replaced with something softer, and I leaned down to kiss him again.

I started moving, sliding up his dick until he was almost all the way out of me and slamming back down. I caught his surprised moan in my mouth and smiled. Leaning my head down into the crevice of his neck I started to suck the skin there as I repeated my movement, starting to ride his cock.

His hands trailed down my back, his nails digging in, making me arch, taking him that much deeper inside me. We both groaned and his hands gripped my ass as he started losing his tightly reigned control. He started controlling my movements, shoving me down on his dick over and over as I gripped his chest tight and held on. Keeping one hand on my ass he pulled the other one back and gripped my cock tightly, making my breath hiss out of my teeth in surprise.

I felt my body start to shake and Luke smiled, jacking me off faster. I tightened my muscles around him, smiling to myself when I felt his hand falter. He moved me faster on his cock and I threw my head back as I started to cum, riding out the pleasure while my nails dragged deeply across his chest. He came with me again, something I was really starting to love, and I moaned his name as I felt his hot cum inside me. He pushed in deep one last time and held himself there as I looked down at him, knowing that my eyes held nothing but love for the first time in a long time.

I didn’t feel any anger, or pain or regret. I felt him, and how much I loved him. More importantly I felt how much he truly did love me. After we both came down I kind of just fell ungracefully on his chest, exhausted. He didn’t mind, laughing softly as he ran his cool hands over my hot skin, soothing the now painful marks on my back. It wasn’t a bad pain though, and certainly not one I minded.

Luke kept stroking my skin and was unusually quiet. I leaned back a little, propping myself up on my arms to look down at him.

“Problem?” I asked with a smile.

“What does this mean Johnny? You got out what you needed to get out so what does that mean? Are you going to be able to move past what happened? I mean, I don’t think I could live with it if every time we got into a fight you threw it back in my face what happened. It’s hard enough that you have to live with the scars your entire life, I can’t handle it if you say your past it and you’re not.”

I frowned, Luke never talked after sex, let alone about anything serious. His dick was still inside me so when I moved to sit up we both groaned. Shaking my head before I tried to revive his dick for another round I thought about what he said.

“Luke if I tell you I’m past it, then I am. You remember that first night I found out about you, about the compound, and everything else? You shot a man in front of me, and it fucked me up in the head for a little while. However, I’ve never thrown it in your face, and I’m not throwing it in your face now. I’m telling you that once I commit myself, once I make a promise to you, I won’t break it. I told you I was ready then and I was. I’m telling you now, I’m moving past it. I got what I needed out and I really am moving past it. Once I do it’s over, and I promise you I would never throw something so painful in your face again.”

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