Giving Myself to You

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Up until recently, I had never really thought about myself as bisexual, but after my thirty plus year marriage ended a few years ago, perhaps it was time to explore my sexuality a bit, maybe open myself up to some new experiences. While I have had a number of interesting experiences with several women I have met over the last few years, lately, I seem to have been fantasizing a lot about having sex with another man. Not one for meeting people in bars or similar establishments, I decided the best way to perhaps make this fantasy come true would be to place an ad online.

In my thoughts, my fantasies usually involve someone a little more experienced than me who could take the lead, but also someone who I could trust sufficiently to really let myself open up to. Perhaps another primarily straight guy like me that I could relate to well would work best, so with that in mind I wrote an ad that would hopefully attract who I was looking for.

I received a lot of replies that resulted in numerous email exchanges and texts, most which never panned out for one reason or another, but finally I connected with someone that seemed promising. After several text exchanges and a few phone calls we finally agreed to meet.

After we first met in person, I decided pretty quickly that you would be the one. Appearance-wise you were clean-shaven, slim, and somewhat muscular, a little younger than myself. Married to a woman, most people would likely not suspect that on occasion you also like to fool around with men. It was apparent that the fact that I’m totally new to this perked your desire to corrupt me, so after our short meeting in public, you invited me back to your home. Once inside you offered me a drink to calm my nerves a bit before suggesting we move into your bedroom.

I can sense your confidence as you approach me, motioning for me to take off my shirt and pants as you remove yours, both of us leaving our underwear on for now. I have thought about this for so long, and while still nervous and afraid, you can see I’m also highly aroused. You come up behind me, encircle your arms around me and pull me towards you tightly, and with that one grasp, I just let my inhibitions go. With one arm, you hold me tightly, while with the other you begin to lightly caress my nipples through casino şirketleri the soft cotton of my t shirt. In our previous conversations, I had told you how sensitive my nipples are, how I like them stroked and teased, and how aroused that always gets me. You apparently listened to me well, and with your expert touch I melt into you.

You continue to tease me, occasionally pinching one and then the other nipple, before reverting back to those exquisite barely perceptible caresses. I’m on fire now and each touch sends shocks of electricity down to my hard cock and balls. I can feel your cock pressing against my ass and while still behind me, for the first time you gently but forcefully turn my head back towards you and kiss me. I’ve never kissed a man before but I am all in now as your tongue starts to probe my hungry mouth. Unlike the sex I have had with women, I have become the more submissive one, letting you take the lead. You are still behind me with one hand firmly holding the back of my head, while with the other, you continue to caress my nipples, your tongue thrusting into me, preparing me mentally for the fucking I know will eventually come.

Finally, you turn me around so that we are face to face. You look into my eyes as you reach down and pull off my briefs before sliding down your own. I’m so aroused and hard, but also somewhat embarrassed as even though you are not fully erect, you are so much larger than me. I’m dizzy now with lust, as I stand there waiting for you to make the next move. You move behind me again, only this time its skin on skin, and I can feel you cock pressing against the crack of my ass as you again begin to tease me, stroking my nipples a little harder now, kissing me more forcefully. Occasionally you reach down and encircle my fully erect cock, allowing me a brief reprise from all the attention being paid to my chest.

I can feel your cock hardening between the cheeks of my ass and with one hand you begin to move it up and down my ass, allowing the head to brush against my virgin hole. The feeling of that hard, smooth cock head against my hole is taking me to a new level of arousal. You can sense that I’m on fire, so you turn me around, guide me down to my knees, and offer your cock to me. I’ve thought about this for a long casino firmaları time, what it would be like to finally take a cock into my mouth, how warm and smooth it would be, how it would taste and smell, so without hesitation I slowly begin to lick the head, letting my tongue experience the sensations that I had only dreamed about before. After wetting the head thoroughly with my tongue, I slowly began to encircle it with my lips, first just the head, then a few more inches, moving it in and out while continuing to caress jut the head with my tongue. I love the way your cock feels in my mouth as I run my tongue back and forth over your cock head and for the first time I can begin to taste some of your cum as it begins to trickle out of your now rock hard cock.

As I suck you I’m using one hand to hold the base of your cock steady, the other to lightly stroke your balls and feel your muscular ass. You take your hands and place them behind my head, encouraging me to take more of your cock into my mouth until it hits the back of my throat causing me to gag. I try to deep throat you, but not having any experience my attempts are somewhat futile so I do the best I can, sucking and stroking you, taking as much of your cock into my mouth as possible. After a few minutes of this you guide me back up and move me over to the bed.

While lying on my back, you move on top of me, and we start making out again, this time face to face, our bodies and cocks grinding against one another. I’m totally engrossed in the sensations of feeling another man’s hard cock against mine. You take one of my nipples into your mouth and then the other and begin biting them lightly which makes moan with desire. You can sense I’m getting really close to cumming now so you slow it down for a while before turning me over.

I’m now face down on the bed, anticipating what is to come next. I feel your strong hands working their way down my back to my hungry ass. At first you are stroking me gently, your fingers moving up and down the crack of my ass, then more firmly massaging my cheeks while at the same time pulling them apart, giving you a view of my tight virgin hole. You take a little lube from the nightstand and let it trickle over me. The sensations begin to overwhelm me when at first I feel güvenilir casino one of your fingers brush against my hole, teasing it lightly, before you slowly begin to penetrate me with your thumb.

I’m so aroused and relaxed that it goes in easily and after finger fucking me with your thumb for a while, you insert another finger and begin to explore my ass further. While your definitely in control, you are taking your time with me, letting my ass relax and get accustomed to the penetration, while gradually stretching me out. You’ve broken past my last barrier now, and I while I’m enjoying your fingers, I can only think about how much I want to be fucked by your cock.

You remove your fingers from my ass and move on top of me, pinning me down to the bed and rubbing your body and hard cock against me. You take your hard cock in your hand and slowly push it up against my hole which yields slowly to the pressure your applying. I can feel some pain at first but you go slow, moving just the tip of the head in and out, gradually getting me used to the feeling of your cock, before pushing more of the head into me. You stop for a moment and lay back down on top of me, this time whispering in my ear how much you want to fuck me and asking me if I’m ready for it.

I’m so ready now, but you want to tease me a little more first, make me truly beg for it, so you go back to my nipples with your mouth, biting them randomly now, kissing me deeply, stopping to tell me how you are going to fuck to me, how you want me to ask for your cock. You turn me back over again, and begin to fuck me. Once the head of your cock is in, my ass starts to relax and allows your full cock inside me. You’re definitely fucking me now, slowly and gently at first, but then harder and faster, while I hold your tight hard ass with my hands and pull you inside of me. We are both sweating now and your scent is engulfing me.

What I am feeling, hearing, and seeing, it overloads my senses. You let me know you’re about to cum so I grab my cock and stroke it while you continue to fuck me until we both explode, your hot cum in my ass and mine over my chest. When we finally stop, my heart is racing, my body limp and spent. You pull your cock out of me and spoon me, just holding me quietly, while we come back down to earth.

After a few minutes, the reality of it all sets in, and I realize that perhaps this was not just a one-time experiment. I might just like this a lot and start to wonder what other interesting experiences might lie ahead for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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