Give and Take

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Maggie’s the type of girl who looks good no matter what. You know the kind – she could roll out of bed in baggy sweats, her hair a mess, and you’d still want to fuck the hell out of her. She has an awesome body – nice, handful-sized tits and a round ass that looks great in tight pants. She’s blonde and has these gorgeous eyes that are gray with hints of green in the right light. And Maggie’s lips remind me of an expression I haven’t heard since high school: DSL’s – dick sucking lips. They’re full and her mouth isn’t at all small. I’ve thought about those lips lots of times, wrapped around my cock while she squats in front of me, looking into my eyes… damn. I could probably fill a pop can with all the loads I’ve blown thinking about her.

She and I started working together a couple years ago. Well, closer to three years for Maggie, since she was hired about six months before me. Because of this, Maggie’s always been senior when it comes to projects we’ve worked on. (That might’ve bothered me if she were a flake, but Maggie has her shit together – very driven to succeed. I am too, but I tend to rely more on my talent than skill.) She and I work well together for two reasons. One, Maggie isn’t a cunt. She doesn’t abuse her authority and knows when to loosen the reigns. When I’m in the zone and call the shots better than her, she lets me go with it. I appreciate this more than she knows; I’ve worked with, and for, other people (mostly women with something to prove) who take their authority way too seriously, never bending. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that you’ve got to know how to give and take in all situations. The second reason Maggie and I work well together is because there is some seriously raw chemistry between us. I can’t count all the times we’ve fucked each other with our eyes. Yeah, I’ve tried to take it further, but Maggie always keeps it on the level. I don’t know where she gets the strength – I certainly don’t have it.

Like I said, she always looks good, but Maggie looked even better than usual that day. I could tell there was something going on in her mind; aside from the clothes she wore that showed off her body, there was a kind of energy about her – something in her movement. When it was nearing five, she caught me in the hallway, alone, and hinted that I’d be pleasantly surprised if I stayed late. Her provocative smile told me she meant business, and not the kind that comes with a paycheck. I said there was a good chance I’d stick around cause I had a lot of work to do anyways. (A total lie.)

People started leaving for the evening and the place got scarce. Pretty soon, it was just me, Maggie, and the security guard downstairs. When the last person left, Maggie came into my cubicle and sat on my desk. She put her heels on the arms of my chair so that I could see up her skirt. Looking around to make sure nobody was there, Maggie gazed at me while sliding a finger down her lavender panties. She pulled the finger out and put it in her mouth, sucked on the tip. I was so turned on that my zipper threatened to break. Without saying anything, Maggie stood up and gestured for me to follow.

As I mentioned, I’ve tried to pick up on Maggie lots of times, but she’s always played hard to get. Who the hell knows what made her change her mind now. I was too damn excited to think about it.

She took me into the supply closet, pulled the chain to the hanging lightbulb (you know the kind), and closed the door. My heart was racing like a kid’s on a first date. We started kissing, and I felt her up through her blouse and skirt. We were both short of breath when she pulled away. I moved back in, but Maggie put a hand up, issuing a challenge: she’d fuck me if I undressed her while keeping my eyes on hers the whole time. I’m the type of guy who works best when there’s restrictions, so I loved the idea. She cracked a grin and waited for me to do my part.

I grazed the backs of my fingers against Maggie’s smooth, pink cheek. My hand moved to the back of her head and removed the clip that held ataşehir escort her hair up in twists. Maggie shook out her golden locks, the ends flirting with her shoulders, and her fragrant shampoo washed over me. [I ran my fingers through her silky hair, then seized it, holding her head still while my other] hand explored her breasts, kneading them through her blue button-down blouse. I found her nipple, firm even through her bra, and pinched it just hard enough. I wanted to taste her neck, but I’d be breaking eye contact. Damn, I loved this game!

I let go of her hair and slowly unbuttoned Maggie’s blouse. My ears were filled with the sounds of our breathing and my blood pumping hard in anticipation. I really wanted to look at her tits, but again, I couldn’t, so I pulled the blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I could tell that the bra was lavender – matching her panties… nice.

I lowered to my knees and propped her heel on my thigh. My hand crept up her leg, past her black skirt, and indulged in her satiny skin. I teased around the edge of her underwear (it felt like a thong) where I could feel the warmth of her pussy, so near. My hand withdrew, and I undid her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, too. Damn it, I wanted to look at her body so badly! I thought about risking a glance, but I had to show Maggie that I’d play by her rules.

I took her breasts in my hands and kissed her stomach. My fingers curled around the edges of her bra cups and pulled them down, exposing her tits (which I almost looked at but caught myself). I got back onto my feet and raised my head to her chest, where I sucked on her firm nipples, my gaze still locked with hers. I could tell she liked it by the sounds she made.

I brought myself up to full height and wrapped my hands around Maggie’s back, brought her close to me, our noses almost touching. I unclasped her bra and pulled it off – one more for the collection at our feet. My hands traversed the supple expanse of her back, lowering to her round ass. I slid my fingers inside the straps of her thong (yeah, it was a thong) and gently pulled down. It brushed past her thighs on its way to the floor. One of my hands snaked between her legs, and I palmed her pussy. She groaned; I could feel her wetness all over my fingers. I started to circle her clit when I noticed that she was shaved bare.

I’d followed Maggie’s rules, played her game. All that remained were her heels and her glasses, both of which I wanted her to wear when she sucked me off. It was her turn…

She pressed her naked body against mine and leaned in close. “So what do you think?” she asked, her breath warm in my ear.

I grinned devilishly, my hands caressing her skin. “I think we should have done this a long time ago.”

She grinned back.

“And I think,” I said, pausing for effect, “that I want my cock in your mouth.”

Maggie bit her lip and started to lazily unbutton my shirt, running her hands over my shoulders and chest. She lowered herself while keeping eye contact. (Following her own rules… damn, Maggie’s good.) I felt one of her hands on my ass, and the other massaged my stiff dick through my jeans. Her touch was incredible, even through the thick fabric. She unfastened my belt and fly and pulled my jeans down just a bit. I could feel the faint moisture of precum as my prick shifted in my boxers. She curled her fingers around it and slowly stroked me through my underwear. I put a hand on her head, my fingers entwining with her hair, and began to grind my hips against her grip.

Maggie leaned in and put my head in her mouth. The dampness of her saliva soaked through my underwear. Goddamn, she was a tease! But I’d been waiting over two years for this, so I wasn’t in a hurry. She finally slipped the boxers down; my cock jumped up past the elastic band. She put her hands on the backs of my thighs and brushed her barely-parted lips against my swollen tip. Her tongue sneaked out and tickled it, circled it. Her touch was so light; she let gravity do kadıköy escort most of the work. Then, without warning, Maggie pushed herself forward and took it all in. Her mouth closed around me, lips at the base, and she held me in for a long time. I could feel my head touching her throat. My hand tightened around her hair as I gasped. Her eyes narrowed seductively, and I couldn’t help but force myself in deeper. She gagged a little, but took it.

I finally pulled her off my cock and watched the spit drip away. Maggie took a moment to catch her breath. Then she grinned provocatively and attacked with new fervor, bobbed on my dick for all she was worth, her hands caressing my thighs and ass. My mouth opened in pleasure as I met her rhythm with my hips. She teased me every so often, licking my balls or tonguing my shaft. I always imagined Maggie as knowing what she was doing, and she was proving me right.

I took in the sight of Maggie’s body and admired the way her thighs looked spread apart. As she bobbed away from me I caught a glimpse of her cunt, and I felt the urge to taste it. I pulled her up to her feet and backed her against a shelving unit. We kissed passionately – tongues massaging. My mouth inched its way down her body, stopped to suck on her nipples. I got to my knees and raised one of her thighs up and over my shoulder. I sucked on the inside, leaving red “O’s” all over (she’d see those tomorrow). My lips worked closer and closer to her pussy, which was so near I could smell it. I traced her lips with the tip of my tongue – slowly up, then down. Then, all at once, I squeezed her breast, pinching the nipple between my fingers, and slooowly dragged the flat of my tongue from her hole all the way up to her clit. Anyone just hearing her moans might’ve thought Maggie was in pain. Far from it.

I tongue-fucked her hole. She tasted so good – better than I imagined. I began to circle her clit, and she gyrated her hips into my mouth. Then, my piece de resistance… I put my lips on Maggie’s clit and sucked it into my mouth, held it there while my tongue danced and rippled over it. Her body began to quiver and her breaths became gasps; she was going to cum. Her hips worked furiously, smothering me. (I always prefer to make women cum with my cock, but she was so into it that it would be cruel to stop.) I grabbed her ass and firmly held her against me, ate her pussy like a zealot. Maggie’s mouth gaped; her brow furrowed; her breath cut short. An open hand crashed on the top of my head, and she clutched my hair. She tightly closed her eyes and let out a string of yells, each accompanied by a spasm of her body that forced her pussy into my teeth. I gripped her ass harder and hung on as she came on my face. My tongue slowed as her convulsions melted into gentle rolls.

Maggie opened her eyes and smiled down at me, panting heavily. I stood, put my arms around her. She moaned into my mouth, tasting herself on my tongue as we fervently kissed. I then had her take off my pants and underwear and told her to turn around, put her hands against the shelves. I slowly jerked my cock while admiring her curves – the way her back tapered into a slim waist, fanned out at her plush ass, and bent in again at her perfect thighs. Her tall heels made it all look even more delicious. I moved closer and kissed her shoulders, pressed myself against her.

“Are you ready?” I asked, my lips next to her ear.

“Yes,” Maggie said. “Take me.”

She spread her legs and arched her back. I rubbed the tip of my cock against her lips, lubing it with her juices. We held our breath together as I slipped my head inside her. I paused for a moment, and then slowly pushed it all in. We exploded into moans. I held her in my embrace, squeezing in intense pleasure; she put her hands over mine and squeezed back. I pumped into her – not quick, not slow. I reveled in every bit of this magnificent woman, kissing her neck and feeling her skin.

Maggie was such a good fuck, and I loved the way she told me how she wanted it. My pace increased bostancı escort as I slammed into her. I started getting really into it – too much so. Maggie must have noticed. She turned to me and kissed my lips, and then lowered me onto some flattened cardboard boxes that’d fallen onto the floor. I lay on my back and she stood over me, her heels next to each of my hips. Our eyes met and she started toying her clit with one hand and her nipple with the other. I jerked myself, looking up at her pussy and her round breasts. I wanted to be inside her again, but the anticipation was so hot. We did that, masturbated for each other, for a good minute (a long time during sex). When the tension was so thick that it was painful, Maggie lowered herself onto me. She let my head get just past her lips and moved herself up and down ever so slightly, fucking just that inch. I called her a tease… and something strange happened. We both started laughing uncontrollably – really cracking up! And I can’t tell you why. If I had to guess, I’d say it was our way of defusing about two years of sober professionalism, or maybe it was the absurdity of fucking in the supply closet at work. Who knows… When the hysteria ended, we kissed with a smile and she lowered herself all the way down on me, put her hands on my chest and began riding. Her ass bounced just enough to get the deepest penetration without nearly breaking my pelvis like some girls have. (I’m talking to you, Jess…) I caressed her tits and gently tweaked her nipples.

After a while, Maggie tossed off her heels and got on her knees. She did that move I love so much – rolled her body on me. I responded with intent hip thrusts. We were so good for each other – art in motion. She knew it too, and bent down so we could communicate with kisses. One of several perfect moments we shared that night.

Maggie pulled away from my mouth and leaned back, putting her hands on the floor. She arched her back and began fucking me resolutely, each movement focused. I could tell she had a goal in view, and I was ready for it. I ran my hand from Maggie’s breast down to her pussy and thumbed her clit in time with our hips, wanting to see if I could give her both a clitoral and vaginal orgasm at once.

“Yeah, like that,” she said, her eyes tightly shut and her mouth open with heavy breaths.

Her tempo sped up and I met her, stroke for stroke. Her moaning grew louder, and I felt my cock tingling, throbbing.

“Fuck,” I said, holding my orgasm until Maggie started hers.

She threw her head back and screwed me real hard. Her body began to shudder and I felt her pussy tighten as she came on me. That put me over the edge; I nodded, hinting that I was about to cum. Several moments, tense as taut wire, passed as we prolonged our bliss. Our moans grew.

I felt an icy heat all over. I reached down and she pulled off of me. She started to roughly finger her clit, inches away from my swollen head.

“Cum on my pussy,” she managed to force out between gasps.

I grabbed my cock, wet with her cum, and jerked myself. The pressure built to an unbearable pitch; I howled, spraying thick cum up and all over her cunt. She kept rubbing herself and began to cum again, yelling with me as she worked my jizz into her clit.

We spent a good minute catching our breath, looking into each other’s eyes. She collapsed on top of me, her arms around my neck and mine around her back. Her hair stuck to my sweaty face and we kissed for a long, long time.

I’m not going to tell you about how we got dressed and said goodbye to each other that evening. It’s not all that interesting. What may be interesting to know is that Maggie and I never fucked again. Why, you ask? You tell me. God knows I’ve tried. But she seems happy to keep it a one-time thing. It’s a shame, because she’s one of the best I’ve had. But I noticed that her work has been a little more focused and on point lately. Maybe she needed to get that tension we had out of her system so that she could move on. That might sound kind of uncool, like she used me or something… but whatever – I’ve used plenty of chicks in the past for worse reasons. And it’s not like I walked away empty-handed…

Sometimes I to the taking, and sometimes I do the giving. I’m okay with this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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