Girls Only Party!

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Susie was kind of sad. Her boyfriend, Paul, was going to be gone all weekend with a couple of buddies, to go watch car races. It would be her first weekend without seeing him since they met. She wondered what she was going to do… and then an idea hit her. She’d have a girls only party!

She called Paul. He answered, “hello.”

“Hi, Sweety, can I ask a favor?”

“Sure. What do you need?”

“Well, since you’re going to be gone all weekend, can I use your apartment on Saturday night? I want to have a girls only party, with Betsy, Nan, and Viki. I don’t want to have it at home, ’cause I’m sure we’d keep my folks awake. You know how girls get to talking when it’s just girls.”

“Of course you can. You have a key. Just try not to leave me too big a mess to clean up.”

“I promise to be neat. Can I ask one more big favor? I know we’re not supposed to, but would you leave us a 12 pack of beer in your fridge?”

“Okay, but just don’t get me in trouble!”

“It will just make everyone more relaxed, that’s all.”

“Thanks, Sweety. You know I’ll make it up to you.”

“If you want to watch movies, you know where I keep the “good” ones.”

“Oh, you mean the XXX ones?”

“Yeah, maybe it will give you girls some new ideas, that we can try later.”

Susie called Betsy. She answered, “hello.”

“Hey Betsy, it’s Susie. I hope you don’t have any plans for Saturday night.”

“Oh, Are we going to have another party?”

“Well, not that kind of party. Paul is going to the races with a couple of buddies. He said we could use his apartment for a girls only party. It’ll be fun. Wanna come?”

“Sure. My boyfriends being kind of off the wall lately. I’ll just tell him I’m busy. And let him try to figure out what I’m busy doing! I’m sure I can get one night off from work.”

“Okay! Be at my house about 6:00, and we’ll go from here. Oh, and bring your pajamas, and tell your mom it’s a slumber party.”

“Okay! See ya then. Bye.”

Susie called Viki. She answered, “hello.”

“Hey, Viki, it’s Susie. What’s goin’ on?

“Not much. Right now life seems kind of boring.”

“I can fix that.”

“Oh yeah? How?”

“Paul is going to the races with a couple of buddies for the weekend. He said I could use his apartment for a girls only party Saturday night. We can lounge around in our PJ’s, girl talk, watch a couple of his naughty movies, and he’s going to leave us some beer.”

“Count me in, Girlfriend. Actually, I’d rather be making a naughty movie with you and Paul, but I guess watching naughty ones is better than nothing. I’m not much of a drinker, but I’ll have one or two with you.”

“Great! Be at my house by 6:00, and we’ll go to Paul’s from here.”

“Sounds good. Bye.”

Susie called Nan. Her mom answered, but called Nan to the phone.

“Hi, Susie. What’s up?”

“I’m having a true, girls only party. Paul is going to the races with a couple of buddies this weekend. Betsy and Viki are coming. We’d love to have you come, too.”

Nan questioned, “Are you sure it’s just going to be us girls? Not like before, when Paul showed up?”

“No, Paul won’t be there. He won’t even be in town.”

“Well, in that case, Okay, I’ll come. What time?”

“Be at my house by 6:00 on Saturday night. Bring your pajamas, and tell your mom we’re having a slumber party.”

“Okay, but Paul better not show up!”

“Don’t worry. And lighten up. Bye”

Susie’s weekend was looking better. She thanked Paul on Friday night, making sure he was well satisfied, before letting him take off for the weekend with his buddies.


Saturday night found all the girls showing up at Susie’s house a little before 6:00. Susie had told her mom, that after the girls spent a fun evening out at the movies, she would be spending the night with Viki. Right now, her parents had gone out to dinner, so no one was home except Susie.

Nan asked Susie, “What are the plans for tonight?”

“It’s a surprise party. It’s just us girls, but not here. Everyone grab their overnight case, and let’s go.”

“Nan asked again, “Where are we going?”

Viki knew what was going on. “Come on, we all fit in my car. Let’s go.”

Nan wasn’t too sure about it, but the other girls convinced her it was just going to be them, and it would be fun. They all got in Viki’s car. When Viki pulled around to the back of a set of apartments, Nan asked, “who lives here?”

Susie told her, “This is where our party is. Come on!”

They casino şirketleri all got out and walked to Paul’s apartment, which was way in the back.

Nan spoke, “I’m worried. My mom thinks I’m at your house, Susie. Who else is going to be here?”

Susie finally told her. “No one! Paul is out of town for the weekend, and is letting us use his apartment. Okay?”

“Well, I guess it’s okay then.”

Susie unlocked the door, turned on a light, and they all went in. It was pretty nice for a bachelor’s apartment. A nice living room, kitchen with a dinette area, a bathroom, and just one bedroom, but it had a king size bed in it.

“Well, what do ya think, girls? This is pretty nice, huh?” Asked Susie.

Viki spoke, “Nice of Paul to let us use it. So, what all do you have planned, Susie?”

“I think we should all just change into our PJ’s first, and get comfortable. We do have all night.”

Nan went into the bathroom to change. When she came back out, she was surprised that the others had just changed in the living room.

“I wish I wasn’t so shy. You girls always seem to be so relaxed and kicked back about everything.”

Susie was just coming back from the kitchen, with four, open bottles of beer.

“Paul said we could have these. After all, even though it’s a girls only party, if it was a guys party, you know they’d all be drinking a beer.”

Betsy and Viki each took one. But when Susie tried to hand one to Nan, she said, “I’ve never had beer before. I don’t want to get drunk.”

Viki said, “Have one, Nan. One won’t make you drunk. Besides, you just might like it!”

“Well, okay, but just one.” As she took the beer Susie was holding out for her.

The living room had a couch and a love seat which both faced the TV. The four of them were just sitting there, talking girl talk, mostly about boys, and sipping on their beer.

Nan spoke, “You know, this stuff tastes pretty good.”

Viki answered, “See, I told you that you just might like it.”

Susie said, “How about we watch a movie?”

Betsy asked, “What kind of movie is Paul going to have, that we’d like?”

Susie had already pick out a couple from Paul’s collection the night before.

“Let’s see what this one’s about.” As she popped one in the VCR.

She grabbed the remote, and fast forwarded past all the junk. When the title popped up, she hit play. The title read, “Girls Gone Wild!”.

The opening scene was of a girl giving a guy a blow-job. Nan almost choked on her beer.

“Oh, that’s gross!”

“Viki asked her, “Never tried it, huh?”

“Heavens no. I could never do that!”

Susie chipped in, “Don’t knock it, if you ain’t tried it.”

“I suppose you do that to Paul?” Nan asked Susie.

Susie answered, “Oh, we do that, and lots more.”

About this time the couple on the screen changed positions, as the guy started performing cunnilingus on her.

Nan’s eyes were bugging out of her head. She was mesmerized, and shocked at what she was seeing on the screen.

“Why is he kissing her there?”

Betsy responded, “Because it feels really good! That’s why.”

“Oh, I suppose you’ve experienced it then?” Nan asked.

“Damn right! It’s great. I guess you’ve never tried anything. Poor girl, doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

The beer was having an effect on Nan. She looked at Susie, “Can I have another one?”

Susie answered, “Sure.” And headed for the kitchen. She came back and handed Nan another beer.

The banter about what was good, and what guys and girls do to each other was getting more and more lively. Nan had now finished her second beer. The movie kept going, but only Nan was trying to pay any attention to it. She was fascinated at everything she was seeing.

Susie got everyone another beer. But Nan was now on her third. She was quickly losing her shyness, and her inhibitions. She started asking more questions.

Finally Viki said, “Okay, let’s each take a turn, at telling what our wildest experience is. Nan, you have to go first.”

“Me? Why me first?”

“Because yours will be the tamest. I’m sure the rest of us will tell wilder tales.”

“Okay. You all know I’m really inexperienced, when it come to…. Sex.” She was surprised that she had used that word. “The wildest thing I’ve ever done, was go nude at Susie’s pool party, and let Paul touch me.”

Susie asked, “It felt nice, didn’t it?”

“Well, yeah. I mean he’s so strong, but he was a gentleman. casino firmaları He pretty much touched me everywhere, but there. You know what I mean.”

Susie prodded, “No, where didn’t Paul touch you?”

“He didn’t touch my….. Vagina.”

“Susie continued, “You mean he didn’t touch your pussy?”

Nan blushed, big time, even though she was pretty relaxed from the beer.

Viki saved her, “Okay, Nan. I’ll take you off the hot spot, and tell my story. Well, it’s not a story. It really happened. Susie can vouch for that. After everyone else left the pool party, Susie and Paul invited me to stay, for a private party. It may have been a private party, but we all got up close and very personal. We had quite a threesome going on. Paul showed me some things I’d never even thought of, let alone tried. Susie and I kissed a lot, and made each other climax using our tongues. You really have to try it sometime, Nan! I guess the wildest feeling I remember, was having a vibrator, up my ass.”

Nan was stunned. She just sat there, not believing what she was hearing. She was pretty giddy from the beer, but was certainly still cognizant of what Viki was telling her.

Betsy spoke up, wanting to tell her story. “I’m sure Viki’s tale is true. I delivered a pizza over there later that night. Man, Viki looked like she had run a marathon. I took Susie in the kitchen, and told her I wanted a birthday party, like that, with her and Paul. We did it two weeks ago. They came over to my place. Paul asked me what B/D meant, and I answered, birthday. He corrected me and told me it stood for bondage and discipline. He asked me if I was willing, and I said, yes.”

We went to my bedroom, and he made me lay down on my tummy, over a stack of pillows, and tied me down to my bed. Both he and Susie gave me a birthday spanking with a leather paddle. Damn my butt was on fire when she finished. They used their fingers, their tongues, a dildo, and a new vibrator they bought me for my birthday. And lots of kissing. Susie’s a great kisser! Paul’s pretty good, but Susie’s great. Sooo soft!”

Nan was speechless. She just sat there, trying to absorb all the things she was hearing. She wasn’t sure she could ever do any of those things, but she was really interested in learning more.

Betsy continued, “They must have made me cum a dozen times. My tummy muscles were so sore the next day. Wow. But it sure felt good at the time. When we were just finishing up round three…”

Viki broke in, “Round three?”

“Yeah, we played most of the evening. The last thing Paul did, really put me over the edge.”

Nan gasped, “What did he do to you?”

“Susie and I were in a 69 position, and Paul got on the bed behind me. He teased my ass a little with the dildo, but then he took it out. It felt good, and I wanted it back in there, so I pushed back at him. He put his dick up my ass, and butt-fucked me. Oh my God! That orgasm was intense!”

Nan gasped again, “Didn’t it hurt?”

“No, he had stretched me earlier, with the dildo, and with a butt-plug. I was so high that all it felt… was wonderful.”

Susie spoke up, “Okay. Those are pretty wild tales, and I know they’re true, ’cause I was there. But, let me tell you about last weekend.”

“Nan asked, “What happened last weekend?”

“Well, Paul and I had experienced threesomes with both Viki, and with Betsy. But they were one guy and two girls. I told Paul I wanted to try the other kind. You know, two guys and one girl. He arranged it all, and we did it last Saturday night.”

Viki asked, “Who was the other guy? Do we know him?”

“You wouldn’t know him. He’s a little bit older, and works with Paul. His name is Stuart, but his nickname is Stud. My god he’s hung!”

Betsy piped up, “Don’t stop there. Tell us all about it.”

Susie asked, “Anyone want another beer?”

Nan answered, “Is it okay if I have one more?”

Susie went to get it for her, because she wasn’t sure Nan could walk to the kitchen and back.

Susie started, “Paul is always surprising me. I’ve learned so much about sex and life from him. I told him to just plan what ever he wanted to, and I would do it. He discussed it with Stuart, who was more than willing. I guess Paul has made some comments around work about some of the stuff we do. He doesn’t mention any names, but does tell some stories. Stuart was really ready to go along with whatever Paul said.”

“Anyway, I was already here at Paul’s when Stuart showed up. He’s about 6-2, and güvenilir casino must weight about 220. Paul introduced us, and we just had a beer and talked for a while. Paul suggested we all get naked, and get it on. I’ve never seen anyone get undressed as fast as Stuart did. Either he’s really used to doing that…. or he was really horny and wanted to get started. He was already about half hard, and even in that state, he was bigger than Paul.”

Viki asked, “Bigger than Paul?”

“Oh, yeah. Lots bigger. Maybe a couple inches longer, and really thick! We all got on Paul’s king size bed, with me on my hands and knees. Stuart kneeled in front of me, and Paul was on his knees behind me. Paul told me to start sucking Stuart’s cock. It barely fit in my mouth. I was gently going up and down on it, but could only get about half of it in my mouth. All of a sudden I felt Paul, playing with my pussy. Teasing me with the head of his cock. After a few minutes, he pushed all the way into me.”

“I was just rocking back and forth. Taking all of Stuart’s cock that I could in my mouth, and then rocking back to get Paul as deep as I could. Damn, that’s some feeling! We must have kept it up for 15 minutes, before Stuart filled my mouth. He tasted a little more bitter than Paul’s cum. Maybe he’d been eating pickles.”

“Anyway, Stuart said he just wanted to watch for a few minutes, until he recovered and got hard again. He’s bigger than Paul, but doesn’t have Paul’s staying power! Paul and I moved so that he was laying on his back. He put some lube on his cock, and stroked it a few times to get it really hard. I sat down, facing his feet, and guided it into my ass. That really fills me.”

Betsy piped up, “Oh god, does he ever fill your ass. It felt great when he butt-fucked me.”

Susie went on, “Seeing me take Paul up my ass, really turned Stuart on. God, his cock was rock hard in an instant. I wasn’t sure I could take him, but Paul knew what we were going to do. He told me to just lay back on him. He reached around me and started playing with my boobs. He told Stuart to just get between our legs, and see if he could get that monster buried in my pussy.”

Nan gasped, “Did he make it?”

Susie went on, “It took a while, Paul just kept talking to me, and telling Stuart to go slow but to keep pushing. Damn, I thought they were going to split me! He finally got it all in, and then we all just sort of rocked around. I could feel their cocks, rubbing thru the thin wall between my pussy and my ass. It didn’t take long for both of them to cum. God, it felt warm and wonderful. When I felt them filling me, I had an orgasm that almost made me pass out. I just kept cumming and cumming. I was stretched so tight, I couldn’t even clamp down on them. It was wild!”

Betsy asked, “What did you do then?”

“I was so wiped out, and Stuart had cum twice, we just uncoupled, and rested a while. After a bit, Stuart told me, I was the tightest he had ever fucked. Then he said, he needed to get going, and got up and dressed. I kissed him good-night, and Paul opened the door for him. Paul and I talked about what had happened. We may have to try it again some time, but with someone smaller than Stuart.”

Nan was just sitting there, totally fascinated, trying to comprehend it all. Then she spoke, “I guess if I’m going to keep hanging around this wild bunch, I’d better get on the pill.”

Viki told her, “Go down to Planned Parenthood. They’ll set you up. If your mom asks why you’re taking the pill, tell her it’s just to help regulate your cycle.”

Susie asked, “Are you saying you want to try some of this stuff?”

She answered, “If you and Paul will go easy, and teach me.”

Viki spoke excitedly, “I have an idea. I think we should all spread Nan out, and kiss and lick, and nibble and suck, and see if we can give her, her first ever orgasm. Maybe lots of orgasms!”

Betsy answered, “Yeah, that sounds like a fun idea.”

Susie asked, “Nan, are you ready to try it?”

Nan was really mellowed out from the beer, but still knew what she was saying. She answered shyly, “Okay. Now you all know that I really am a virgin. But don’t be surprised when you start doing things to me, that my hymen is broken. When I was about 13, I complained to my mom about a terrible tummy ache. It wouldn’t stop, so she took me to the doctor. He said I had an imperforate hymen. There wasn’t any little opening for the blood from my first menstrual cycle to drain. The doctor performed a surgical procedure, and opened my hymen. I’m glad he did, because tampons are lots more comfortable than bulky old pads. Okay, I’m ready.”


Author’s note: Stay tuned for the next chapter! Please vote. And feel to leave a comment or e-mail me. OneWhoKnows

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