Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 11

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Friday morning Kristin woke up early, before 6, and couldn’t get back to sleep. She was nervous about that evening’s meeting with Miss White.

Alexis White exerted a powerful and complicated influence on Kristin, and indeed on all the women of Alpha Beta Delta. To some extent this was attributable to her position of authority, but there was more to it than that. She had a charisma so strong it was almost akin to witchcraft, and every girl in the house was under her spell. Kristin loved her deeply, would follow her to the ends of the Earth, and also feared her a little. She had been on the receiving end of Miss White’s punishment on numerous occasions, and never ceased to be amazed at the passion it awoke in her. She also knew that a similar passion lurked just beneath the surface of Miss White’s tightly controlled demeanor.

After class Kristin and Jenny showered together, Kristin noting with satisfaction the fading but still visible red marks on the freshman’s body. She scrubbed Jenny thoroughly from head to toe, shaved her legs, and cleaned up her pubic area with the razor. She wanted to make sure Jenny stood up to Miss White’s often quite detailed scrutiny. Clothes were important too; Kristin knew Miss White’s tastes as well as anyone, and combed through the wardrobes of almost every girl at ABD to come up with just the right outfit for Jenny: red-and-white plaid skirt – no underwear – and a demure white blouse that was just a little too tight for her. Knee-length pink striped socks, heels on which Jenny teetered slightly, and of course the studded leather collar completed the outfit.

Jenny felt a little whorish in this outfit, but kept it to herself. She could sense Kristin’s nervousness and didn’t want to do anything to exacerbate it. After the previous night’s punishment, she felt even more than before that she had surrendered herself completely, and let go of her worries.

Just before 7 P.M. Kristin took Jenny by the arm and led her down the back stairs to Miss White’s office on the second floor. Jenny felt odd walking around the house with her collar on, and her neck was hot and itchy. But they only ran into one person on the way, and she showed no particular interest.

Kristin casino şirketleri knocked on the door and Miss White’s voice called for them to enter. Opening the door, they found Alexis White seated before a large oak desk, framed in front of a huge picture window overlooking ABD’s impressive flower garden. In contrast to the rainbow of colors behind her, she was a study in black and white: black suit, alabaster skin, and raven hair pulled back in a tight ponytail.

She motioned them toward the two chairs on the other side of the desk, which was completely bare and gleamingly clean. Jenny felt a wave of excitement mixed with trepidation wash over her. Her heart was pounding and her knees were knocking as she wobbled cautiously over to her chair.

Miss White addressed herself to the senior in the room first. “How’s she doing, Kristin?”

“She’s doing great, Miss W.,” answered Kristin, looking over at Jenny affectionately. “She’s a real… natural. We’ve been having a great time together.”

“Good, good,” said Miss White. “And Jenny, has Kristin been treating you fairly?”

“Yes ma’am,” said Jenny. “I’ve learned a lot from her.”

“Is that so?” Miss White fixed Jenny with a level, appraising gaze. Her stare was hypnotic. A shudder passed through Jenny, a feeling that she was in the presence of a force beyond her comprehension.

“Well, then,” said Miss White, standing and pulling the curtains closed behind her. “Show me what you’ve learned.”

With those words, Alexis White lifted her skirt to reveal a protruding white strap-on. It was bigger than Kristin’s, at least a foot long. Jenny gulped. For a long moment she was frozen, and then something took ahold of her and she knew without being told what was expected of her. She rose from her chair and knelt in front of Miss White, grasping the plastic phallus in both hands. Calling to mind everything Kristin had taught her, she licked the tip of the artificial cock, then ran her tongue down its length. Eager to please Miss White, and Kristin who she knew was watching anxiously, she put on a real show, covering every inch of the dildo’s surface with her tongue.

When Jenny closed her mouth over the tip, Miss White roughly grasped casino firmaları the back of her head and forced a good portion of the strap-on’s length down her throat. Fortunately, her gag reflex had lessened considerably over the course of the week, and she took it down like a pro.

The hint of a smile played at the corners of Miss White’s mouth, and Kristin was able to relax a little, drinking in the sexy scene being played out before her.

Pulling out of Jenny’s mouth, Miss White lifted her up by the arms and, in one effortless motion, flipped her stomach-first onto the desk. Lifting Jenny’s skirt, Miss White forcefully spread the freshman’s legs and ran a finger down the length of her slit. In a gesture both elegant and crude, she raised the finger to her mouth and licked Jenny’s juice off it with the grace of a connoisseur, favoring Kristin with a knowing glance. Looking down at Jenny’s ass, Miss White noted the red marks there approvingly. Then she plunged in forcefully, and Kristin had a perfect view of Jenny’s eyes going wide as the massive organ penetrated her.

Kristin knew that hers was a front-row seat at a show that in some circles would have cost thousands of dollars, and she didn’t even blink as Miss White, grasping Jenny firmly around the waist, fucked the younger girl with all her skill and power. Jenny cried out helplessly, gripping the side of the desk with both hands and holding on for dear life.

Some minutes later, Jenny lay face-down on the desk, sweaty and glowing, mouth curled into a satisfied smile. Miss White removed her strap-on and set it aside, then stepped nimbly out of her skirt. Kristin always thrilled at the sight of Miss White’s neat triangle of black pubic hair. She somehow maintained every ounce of her dignity, even naked from the waist down, though her impassive veneer had slipped a bit and her eyes were burning with raw lust.

Miss White rolled Jenny onto her back and hastily pulled her blouse open, popping off one of the buttons in the process. She brusquely fondled Jenny’s breasts, pinching the stiff nipples and flicking one with her fingertip. Looking down between Jenny’s legs, she noted that the girl’s juices were dripping onto the desk. Wetting güvenilir casino one finger in the pool, she pushed it into Jenny’s mouth, and Jenny sucked it obediently.

Miss White looked up at Kristin and spoke her first words in a long while. “You’ve done well,” she said, and Kristin rejoiced inwardly as she always did when praised by Miss White; “but beware of this one. She gives herself up just a little too easily.”

Shifting her position slightly, Miss White pulled Jenny toward her until the girl’s head was between her legs. Jenny was intoxicated by Miss White’s scent, which was similar to Kristin’s but somehow different. Struggling for air, Jenny endeavored to apply all she’d learned in the last week to servicing Miss White.

Time seemed to stop for a while as Jenny’s head moved between Miss White’s legs, the only sound a quiet slurping noise. Then Kristin saw Miss White’s expression change again, and her mouth gaped open slightly. She bent forward and began to lick Jenny’s pussy with great gusto. At this point, Kristin couldn’t keep still any longer. She stood over the two writhing forms, planting kisses here and there as she saw fit.

Suddenly Miss White let out a long, guttural growl, like a lion digging into its meat, and stiffened. From physical proximity could Kristin feel the orgasm ripple through her. Miss White pushed her tongue all the way into Jenny, scooping the nectar from the younger girl’s deepest reaches as Jenny writhed beneath her.

When at last Miss White climbed off, Kristin looked down into Jenny’s beautiful face, which was adorned with a weary grin and smeared with Miss White’s juices. Kristin leaned down and planted a firm kiss on Jenny’s lips, then began licking the fluids from her face. Tasting Miss White on her was a very special kind of pleasure.

Miss White returned to her chair and sat back, untying her lustrous black hair and letting it fall across her shoulders. From a drawer she produced a small cigar, which she lit and puffed on deeply. Kristin helped Jenny up, and the two girls exchanged looks with Miss White, who unbuttoned her blouse now and reclined in a position of total relaxation. Drawing again on her cigar, she pushed herself away from the desk and spread her legs wide in obvious invitation. Kristin took Jenny by the hand and led her over to where Miss White was, and both girls knelt between her legs. Side by side they went to work on Miss White, and now they were truly Sisters.

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