Girls Are Better Ch. 04

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Ball Grab

Rebecca’s life was crashing and burning at an alarming rate. She was standing on the side of the road next to her sister. She had just spent the evening enjoying dinner with her older sister and now she was watching her ex-boyfriend and her current girlfriend walk hand in hand towards the restaurant. She wanted to scream and yell and cry all at the same time. She really had no idea how to react, but Brian knew.

“Well hello, Rebecca.” He was holding Maeve tightly by the arm and crossed the street.

“I see you’ve moved on. How are things?” Brian had always been condescending. He knew that the woman standing next to her was her older sister. Julie knew Brian very well from all the times he had hurt her sister. She hated him with a passion, but just stood, hoping Rebecca would stand up for herself.

“Things are fine.” Rebecca was trying to look Maeve in the eye, but Maeve was looking anywhere but at her.

“I’m glad. This is Maeve. She’s my date for the night. I’d love to chat, but we really must go. Bye.”

And with that Brian guided Maeve up the street. Rebecca was left staring, unsure of what happened.

“I’ll drive.” Julie grabbed the keys from Rebecca’s hand. She was in no condition to drive and was hoping they could get home before Rebecca broke down completely. Rebecca did make it into her apartment then ran and threw herself on the bed. She sobbed and then cried hysterically. Julie rubbed her back and got her tissues. When she cried so hard, she began to hyperventilate. Julie held her and tried casino şirketleri to calm her down. The sun was just about to rise when Rebecca stopped crying. No words were said between the two sisters, but so much was understood.

Julie helped Rebecca wash her face and get into pajamas. She tucked her sister in and let herself out. She called Rebecca’s work to tell them she was sick and then made her way back home.

The next day, Rebecca’s phone vibrated every 20 minutes. It was Maeve calling and she just hung up each time it rang. By the end of the day, she was back to being her cowardly self. At the staff meeting, she was asked to take on more clients and barely had time to respond when her supervisor spoke for her. She didn’t even respond. She really didn’t care and figured if she spends the next year at her desk making phone calls, it would be for the best.

Rebecca made her way home and was stunned when she saw Maeve sitting at her doorstep.

“What are you doing?”

“I came to explain. I know you don’t care, but I have to explain.”

“Fine.” Rebecca opened her door and walked in. She didn’t offer for Maeve to come in, but she did and closed the door behind her.

“I work as an escort. That first night I met you my date had cancelled. He had already paid so that was why I had the money to pay for dinner. I do have a school scholarship, but during my undergrad I didn’t. The only reason I have a scholarship is because I was able to pay for my first degree by working one to two nights a week. casino firmaları Because I didn’t have to work so much I had time to study and do well. It’s easy money.”

Maeve stopped talking and saw that Rebecca was sitting on the couch listening. Her face was void of expression so she really had no idea what her reaction was.

“I told you I couldn’t see you for a little while because I was hired by a man who wanted me for a whole week. He was willing to pay and I needed the money. I had no idea who he was until we met you and your sister outside the restaurant. One of the rules I have to follow is I can’t admit to being an escort. No matter what the client pays, I’m his date for the night.”

“Did you have sex with him?” Rebecca was looking at the ground. She wanted to believe her but was too hurt to think straight. She needed answers instead.

“Yes. But it was only sex. I never date women when I’m an escort. It’s different.” Maeve knew this was a lame excuse, but it was the truth.

“Since we started dating how many men have you had sex with?”

“Two. It’s not about the sex. It’s about companionship. Sex is just a bonus and both men paid me well.”

“So you’re a hooker then?” Rebecca knew her tone of voice was mean, but she didn’t care. She had been hurt and was pissed.

“No. I’m a twenty-year-old woman who will graduate from medical school with no debts at all. I will hopefully graduate with a beautiful girlfriend named Rebecca by my side when I receive my degree. I also know that güvenilir casino I’m an idiot and don’t deserve you.”

Maeve had tears in her eyes. She had never wanted to hurt Rebecca. That was the one thing she had tried to avoid and here she had hurt her. Rebecca looked hurt and injured and quiet. She waited for Rebecca to respond. The quietness of the room was painful and finally Rebecca spoke.

“I love you.”

Maeve smiled. She had said those words a few times before, but had never gotten a response. Now Rebecca was saying it to her and she knew it was the truth. Maeve took the few steps towards Rebecca and kissed her. It was a loving kiss and they held on for dear life. When they finally broke the kiss, both women were crying.

“Let’s go to bed.” Rebecca grinned.

“No right here.” Rebecca pushed Maeve onto the couch and quickly removed her jeans and panties. She sank her fingers into her pussy and wiggled them around. She felt Maeve tug on her skirt and before she knew it, she was sprawled on top of Maeve with her pussy inches from Maeve face and Maeve’s pussy directly below her tongue. Both women licked and sucked each other’s pussies. The room was filled with their moans and smelled like sex. Maeve came first and pushed three fingers inside Rebecca. This caused her to have a huge orgasm. Both women continued to bring each other to orgasm and when their pussies were sore and they were covered in sweat, they let up. Rebecca stood up and pulled Maeve towards the bedroom. They collapsed on the bed and fell fast asleep.


Three years later Maeve graduated from medical school. She was second in her class and was smiling from ear to ear as she received her degree. Sitting in the audience was Rebecca. She was so proud of her girlfriend.

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