Girlfriends Younger Sister

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Me and my girlfriend Samantha had been together for around 6 six years. She was 23 average height with brown hair. She had a slim body pretty face but her biggest asset was her huge breasts. Her sister Alison who was 4 years younger was pretty much the same height but slimmer than Samantha and had smaller breasts but I couldn’t help but have huge lust for her beginning not long after me and Samantha had gotten together.

Me and Alison had always gotten on quite well and would just small talk whenever we would be over visiting her house. I would check her out at every opportunity and avoid my girlfriend catching me. Most of the time she was in her PJs but on the days she wasn’t her Favorite choice of outfit was a belly top and tight fit jeans. She had a slim, toned stomach that I found hard to keep my eyes off when she was around.

I use to keep a close eye on her social media accounts for new hot pictures of her and whenever me and Samantha went to her house I would grab and smell a pair of her panties whenever I got the chance. They always smelt better than Samantha’s and was a big fetish of mine. A couple of times when I had showered there her panties were left in the bathroom I would put them up to my nose take in her aroma of her pussy and stroke my cock until I exploded.

I don’t think she ever noticed anything about what I was up to as other times when I was in her house alone I would ankara escort sneak up to her room and smell whatever panties I could find lying around her floor and would take the occasional pair or two if they wouldn’t be missed.

Getting on to the story we were all drinking in my girlfriends home which we shared it was me, Samantha, Alison and her boyfriend Brad. My girlfriend wasn’t much of a drinker so by the time it hit 11 she was tipsy and tired and went to bed. It was then just me Alison and Brad. Alison was wearing a white top with a pair of grey jogging bottoms as we were only staying at home but her and Brad were all over each other as soon as Samantha went to bed and it was turning me on watching her.

Time past and Brad had to leave as he was up in a in a few hours for work. That left just me and Alison and at this stage we were both feeling the effects of the alcohol. She was sitting right next to me and I couldn’t help but think about ripping her out of her clothes and taking her there and then. She told me she was feeling tired and rested her head on my shoulder. After a few minutes she said she was uncomfortable and stretched out and lay her head over my groin with her hand under her head.

I could feel my cock wanting to grow and I was checking out her body the entire time. My cock was getting bigger and it was only obvious that she could feel it tensing under her hand and her head. escort ankara Then out of nowhere she raised her head lifted the waistband of my trousers and placed my throbbing cock straight into her mouth. I couldn’t believe what was happening I never cheated on my girlfriend but I couldn’t say no to her sister as she worked her way up and down my cock like a little slut. Her mouth was so wet like she had been ready for this and my cock met the bob of her head with every thrust.

I started to guide my hands over her body and felt her nice little breasts and finally got a hold of her tight ass. I then put my hand down the back of her pants and immediately felt the G string she was wearing I quickly got my fingers under it and slipped one into her moist cunt.

At first it was a little tight but I made a second finger fit in and she moaned in pleasure with my cock still in her mouth. I had to seize the opportunity while I could and sat her up and took off her jogging pants to reveal a little pink thong that I had seen before on her floor and immediately took it off along with her top and matching white bra to expose those little tits I have longed to see.

I had to spread her legs and taste this pussy I have been smelling all this time by smelling her dirty panties. Just as I had pictured it her pussy was beautiful and I proceeded to bury my tongue into it to taste how good it was. She moaned ankara escort bayan instantly as my tongue licked her clit and again as I pushed it into her wet pussy hole.

I rubbed my hands up and down her slim smooth legs as i worked tongue until I felt her orgasm. Her whole body tensed and I kept working to the pulses of her body.

I let her rest for a moment but now i’m cock was as hard as ever and I had to release the tension. I stripped down and got right between her legs as she lay on her back and positioned my throbbing cock head right on her tight pussy hole and began to push it in slowly as she let out a loud moan as I pushed in as far as I could.

Worried my girlfriend would hear us i gave her a pillow to cover her mouth as i began to build up speed. I was pumping away now and couldn’t believe it was actually happening and moved the pillow and began kissing her sort lips and our tongues would meet in between her moans which she tried to suppress now realising she was loud at first.

I was now pumping my cock in and out of her pussy which was well wrapped around my cock tight and i could feel the orgasm build. I then pulled out and her hand met my cock and she began to wank every drop I had to offer out of my cock onto her slim toned stomach as I dropped onto of her to catch our breaths.

We got dressed and cuddled on the chair for a while until we both went to our own beds. My girlfriend was sound asleep when i got in beside her and she never suspected a thing.

Me and her sister never spoke about what had happened again but we would occasionally share a cheeky smirk in remembering what we had done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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