Girl on Girl Sex Tape

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“Have you ever been recorded before?” He held the camera facing me and I shook my head. My stomach was in knots but I kept my expression plain. He laughed. “That figures. Well start however you want. I’m just here to get it on film.”

I took a deep breath and looked at my best friend. She looked way more excited than I did but that was to be expected. She looked over at the cameraman and sighed. “That’s too bad. You look like you have a great cock.”

He chuckled again but stood still in his place at the foot of the bed. She turned to me then, and leaned in for a kiss. I wanted to laugh but I knew I couldn’t do that. It was so weird to have my best friend try to kiss me. But then she did and I realized it wasn’t too bad. She was good at it.

Her hand slid up my thigh and my heart started racing. It was so oddly sensational. She broke away for a moment to take off her shirt, exposing her perky breasts. They were a standard size, possibly a little small. But so round and with such wonderful pink tips. She looked at me expectantly and I glanced at the camera. She giggled. “Aw come on, your tits are so much better than mine.”

She was probably right. If there was one thing I knew I had, it was a great rack. I wore a D-Cup and everyone assumed they were fake because I’m still thin and they’re so supple and sit high. All the guys I’d been with couldn’t get enough.

I slipped my shirt over my head and then slowly removed my pink lacy bra. My hands were shaking. “Mmm,” Katy said. “Can I suck them? I want to suck them.”

I looked back at the man behind the camera and then to her. I nodded. She leaned forward immediately, getting close to my face for a moment with a smile. I barely felt casino şirketleri her breath on my lips before she began lowering her head. She put her wet lips around my left nipple and I closed my eyes. She wiggled her tongue in a circle all around and then took the erect tit in between her teeth. A little moan slipped from my mouth and I began feeling warm. She switched to the other breast and began rubbing my inner thigh. I was getting so hot and I could tell she was, too. She pulled her lips up to meet mine again and rubbed her hands all over my large chest. Her tongue thrust into mine and she’s moaning and pushing me onto my back. “Take your panties off,” she ordered, straddling my waist. I could feel how wet her pussy was through her sheer underwear. I wanted it in my mouth.

I took my panties off as she wished and showed her my glistening cunt. She moaned again and began rubbing my clit. She looked at me as she did and rubbed her wet panties on my leg. Her tits were shaking above me and I couldn’t help but start moaning. I wanted everything about her and it was so odd to me.

“You like that, don’t you? You want more? You want me to eat it, you little slut? Mmm let me eat you. I want to shove my tongue in your tight little pussy until you cum. Do you like that, slut? Would you like it if I did that?” She was getting loud and moving quicker. I nodded and screamed yes. She spread my legs apart and grinned. In seconds, I felt her tongue moving around my soaking wet hole and I could have cum immediately. But then I felt her fingers slide into my pussy as she sucked my clit and I thought I could actually die or pass out or scream it felt so good.

“God yes, fuck, keep going, oh my god, you casino firmaları are so good!” I screamed. I was thrusting my cunt into her face and I’d never felt something so amazing. Who even needs a dick when you can eat pussy that good? “Yes, yes, YES!” I yelled as the cum dripped out of my pussy and onto her face and my legs. She lifted up with wet lips and smiled.

“I love your pussy, baby. It makes me so hot.” I forgot everything about being her friend, everything about the camera man, and everything about what I’d done with men. I flipped her over onto all fours and she let out a little yelp and giggle. “I like where this is going.”

I shoved my tongue into her and she moaned. I couldn’t believe my face was in between a girl’s legs but I was getting wet all over again. It tasted so much better than I could have ever imagined. I gripped onto her thighs as she moved forward and back with my tongue, screaming for more. “My ass,” she yelled. “Finger my ass!”

I slid three of my fingers into her tight ass and she groaned in pleasure. I swear I felt her pussy get wetter in my mouth. She began fingering her clit as well and I’d never heard someone scream so loud.

“Dirty little whores,” the camera man said eagerly. I’d completely forgotten about him but knowing that he was watching us actually turned me on. I slipped my tongue out of her to look at him. He had a hard on for sure and he was moving closer, just smiling. He grabbed something and threw it on the bed. “Use this.”

We both glanced at it. A big pink dildo laid there. She grinned and I started to feel that warmth on my thighs again. “Come on, fuck each other. Let me see you suck it.”

Katy giggled and got on her knees güvenilir casino at the edge of the bed, holding the pink cock in her hands. She smiled at him and leaned forward, her tits becoming so hard not to look at, and shoved it in her mouth. She swirled the tip around in her mouth and moaned before sliding it down her throat. She looked him in the eye and continued moaning. I reached around and rubbed her pulsing clit. “Yeah, that’s it. God you’re sluts. Keep going. Fuck!”

She slipped it out of her mouth slowly, still looking at him. “Do you want to see her shove it in my ass?” He nodded his head eagerly.

“Yes. Now.” I began reaching for it but she pulled it back and shook her head.

“Open your mouth,” she said. I did and she slid the end in my mouth. “Make sure to do it hard. I like cocks hard and fast.” She flipped over onto all fours again and I placed the tip of the cock at the base of her asshole with my mouth, the dildo snug between my teeth. I quickly shoved it all the way in and she moaned. I pulled it in and out and realized we were now facing the mirror on the wall and I could see her tits shaking as I thrust her back and forth. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she begged for more. “Yes, I fucking love it, keep going, fuck yes! It feels so good, I need it deeper! You fucking slut, give it to me!”

And with that, she came all around my mouth, her juices dripping off of the pink dildo and onto my lips. I licked them slowly, tasting every last bit of her that I could. I never wanted to stop. I could cum again and again and again. “God please don’t stop.” He said.

“You look really hard,” Katy said, still grinning at the camera man. “You sure you don’t want to fuck us? I’d really like you to.”

“Fuck it,” he said. And then he pulled out his bulging cock and gave it to us both like you wouldn’t imagine anyone could. Then we watched it and got so turned on that we had to do it one more time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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