Getting Warmed Up

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We were quiet on the way home, you kept looking at me out the corner of your eyes as you were pulling on your jeans, dropping your top down around you. I am looking at you, still picturing you naked and spread out in the car. I look at your mouth – red from kissing. Your hair is a mess. Something going on, that glint. Those big eyes, it was late. It WAS cold. I ask, “You warming up yet?”

You’re looking out the window, “….mmmm.”

When we get to our little house, step inside, you disappear into the bathroom.

“You ok?” I call.

“Just peeing.”

I go and put some water on, turn the temp up. We were out there quite awhile, it’s late. Fuck I’M cold. I’ll make some tea.

When you come back out you have on this big fluffy sweater, and that is all. You’re barefoot, your long legs bare. I know – nothing underneath. You are eyeing me. You come into the kitchen and sit down. The sweater sits at your thighs. I set a cup of tea down on the table, say, “I said I would warm you up. This what you were thinking?”

I reach up under your sweater, running my fingers along your thighs and you swat my hands.

“I don’t know,” You say. “Maybe I won’t let you do nothing… Maybe I’m mad at you.” You hold your nose up a little. I love your nose, crinkling at me the way you do.


I come up behind you, wrap my arms around you, you begin to squirm. “It was your idea,” I say, holding you in the chair, running my hands all over that fluffy sweater, lifting it up off your legs, and you are holding your tea, twisting away, squirming around.

“Stop. Stop it. Not so fast buster…”

You hop up and run into the other room because I DON’T stop, and I chase you.

“I told you – ah, ah, ah.” You say, wagging your finger at me, standing behind the couch.

“But I want to warm you up!!”

“I bet you do!”

I step one way and you go the other.


“What?? You were the one who stripped in the woods and jumped me!” Big grin.

“Apologize.” You say again.

“No Way.” I lunge at you and catch istanbul rus escort you.

“Ahhhhhh!” You scream and swat at me. I’m holding you now and pulling you to me. “Ow ow ow!” You are wincing and I let go.

We pause.

“Look what you did to me,” You say, giving me this big pout, and you turn around and lift that fluffy sweater right off, standing with your back to me completely naked. It just lifts right off you, the line of your ass, that little waist – the dragonfly tattoo. You look over your shoulder, still a little pout batting your eyes. My breath catches in my throat. Little scratches up your back.

“My back hurts… You stole my clothes, and you fucked me in the car – I’m all sore – cold. What are you going to do?” You are walking toward me now, pouting. You lift my shirt off, unbuckle my pants. “You owe me. Be good. Be very very good. YOU do what I say.”

You are opening my pants, tugging them down my legs. You tug me along. “Come here. But you behave!!”

I follow you, my cock is stiff. We curl up in bed, pull the covers over us and you pull yourself up so close to me. Hold me. We twine our bodies together, and you ARE freezing.

Your feet are like ice, and you touch them up my thighs.

“Told you – your fault.” You whisper.

“I’m sorry little girl.” I start to stroke your hair.

“Warm me up.”

I hold you to myself, our legs are wrapped, curling in the covers. You put some music on, the lights are on in the other room, but not in the bedroom. Then we are kiss.

I curl you onto your back and kiss you so soft, you melt into the mattress, holding your hand right over my ass stroking me.

“Ow…” You murmur, and you push me back on the bed and tell me to lay there. I roll over, and you lay across my chest and start to kiss me, and we suck and chew, nibble – our mouths are just liquid, clicking our teeth together. Your hair has fallen completely around my face. I can see only your eyes. So warm. You are reaching down and checking, touching my cock, stroking it with kadıköy escort your fingers.

“I forgive you. I’m getting pretty warm again, still kind of sore. Don’t move…”

I’m getting hard again. You’re scratching me with your nails, little lines up the line of my cock, squeezing me just above my balls and I’m going wild. You lift your leg over me and straddle my middle, sit down right over the top of my cock. I can feel your warm little pussy, feel myself sink right in along your wet slit. You move just a little and I can feel you slide on me. Lift yourself up and lean down to kiss me, and then set your cunny right on my cock again. I am playing with your breasts, and as you lean down over me, you set a nipple right at my lips and I suck on you. Press your nipple with my lips, kiss your breasts.

You lift your ass and I can feel my cock touching up between your legs. The darkness, the covers pulled up over us, your bare little cunny, so wet. I can feel my cock sliding along, reaching back and back, settling into you. Your ravaged little puss, and I feel myself sink up inside…

Oh God…


I’m sitting on top of you, settling myself down, kind of sore. How could I not be? I keep sliding your hands down to my hips… those scratches on my back are all red and swollen, they hurt too much when you touch them. I decide I’m going to make you put ointment on them later.

I sit there for a minute, your cock deep inside of me, waiting for my body to calm down, adjust. Stop being sore. I lean forward, stretch my legs out along yours, kiss you once on the lips, then a trail down your neck. Press my face into you. You sigh. It is so nice to just lay here with you inside of me.

I rock my hips just a little, this little shockwave of pleasure runs through me. I rock them a little harder. Still just pleasure, no pain. I pull my head back up to yours, smile at you, wrap my arms around you and pull us both up into a sitting position, you still deep inside of me. I curl my legs around kartal escort your hips and settle onto you, your cock sliding even deeper inside of me and we both moan a little.

I start rocking again, slow, soft movements, slippery and warm. I tighten my pussy around your cock, rock again.

“Mmmm that feels really good,” You say.

“I know,” I say back, grinning at you. You slide your hand down over my ass, down to where you’ve got me all stretched out, sensitive. You run your fingers over where we’re connected.

“Feel this,” You say, taking my hand and pulling it back. I reach around, arching my back a little and causing you to slide out of me a bit. I let out a little whimper at the movement, the feeling on my clit, everything is so heightened, so soft, so slow.

I slip my fingers down there, feel it all slick and hot, that silky skin of my cunt wrapped tightly around that hard cock of yours.

“Mmmmmmm…” I moan, rocking my hips again, feeling with my fingers as you slide out, then in. Rubbing the underside of your cock as it heads back into me. A shiver runs up my spine and I move faster. Feel with my fingers, rocking my hips. Feeling myself fucking you.

I really start to whimper, rest my forehead down on your shoulder and moan into your ear, these soft, quiet little whimpers between quick breaths. I can feel us fucking with my fingers, feel it in my cunt. You cup your hands over my ass, squeezing, moaning back at me. I stay tightened up on you, getting off on the feeling from my fingertips, the way we fit together. I’m moving faster, tingles running through my body. I can feel it, that moment just before my orgasm, the BEST part.

I start really moaning, louder, longer, my breath coming in little pants. You grab my hips, pull me down onto you harder, harder, until I’m bouncing on you, fucking you hard. Then it hits and I cry out, clamp my teeth down on your neck, my cunt squeezing and releasing on you, still pounding down on you until you cum too, all hot and sticky up inside of me, digging your nails into my ass.

We stay like that, wrapped around each other, catching our breaths. My hair is all stuck to my neck and shoulders. I’m leaking cum all over the bed.

“Going to have to change the sheets, unless you want to sleep in the wet spot,” I murmur. I press my forehead to yours and smile, you smile back at me. “Fuck, I say, that was GOOD.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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