Getting to Know You Ch. 03

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I loosened a button on my shirt and flapped at the collar around my neck, feeling uncomfortable at the humidity sitting in the air. I sniffed and rolled my neck with a quick pop, running one hand through my hair. There was a quiet tutting behind me, and despite not turning around to see who it was, I couldn’t stop the smile spreading across my face.

“Massage it all you want,” I said quietly. “It’s not going to get any better you know.”

Cathrin buffeted me gently in the back before standing alongside me.

“That doesn’t mean you can sound like you’re dislocating your neck every three minutes. Go and see a professional!”

I huffed. “Some of us aren’t paid consultant wages. I’ll stick to faux dislocation, thanks.”

Cathrin shook her head at me and we fell into step easily as we left work. We both nodded at a few familiar faces as we made our way across town to Cathrin’s flat. It had been eight days since our encounter in the bathroom, and despite wanting to spend as much time together as we could, we had only managed a few hurried liaisons since – and all of those had been just as much as a surprise to me as the first two had been. Cathrin was still driving me mad with her incessant teasing. We still hadn’t kissed, and I thought I’d die soon if I didn’t get my own taste of those lips. Or her body. I felt my cheeks redden again. I still hadn’t seen Cathrin naked, and my fantasies were starting to get heated and detailed, with what I was beginning to learn from my vastly more experienced feminine lover.

Tonight would be my first return to Cathrin’s flat since I worked on her PC nine days ago. Remembering that night fondly yet again, my body tingled with anticipation. I wanted to be with my lover all night, and actually in a bed for the first time. I wanted the chance to touch and taste Cathrin’s body. I wanted to pin her down and finally get to experience the taste of another woman’s flesh. But Cathrin’s kisses made my body surrender so quickly, and I always found myself limp and on fire in her arms, unable to resist the carnally amazing things she had to offer.

I twitched my hands a little, still nervous at being this close to the stunning professional, and still amazed that Cathrin wanted me. Despite Cathrin’s obvious interest, I couldn’t help but feel there was more to it than met the eye. Stunning people didn’t fall for me. Nice people didn’t fall for me. I looked across at her, and she returned my quick glance with a dirty little smile. I tried to stop myself from grinning and started studying the pavement to stop people from seeing my ever-eternal blush. I mentally chastised myself. ‘Don’t question it… just enjoy it while it lasts, because it probably won’t last forever.’

After our glance, we strode along for a few minutes in a comfortable silence. I finally brought myself to look up, and was greeted by a raindrop in the eye. It was quickly followed by a rumble and thousands more, as the skies opened and the heavens poured down on them. Cathrin screwed her face up and shouted.

“Did you bring an umbrella?”

I shook my head. “Sorry!” I looked around. “But I live a lot closer to here than you do. Do you want to follow me?”

Cathrin nodded her head viciously. “Hurry!”

I looked down at her feet with an arched eyebrow. “Do you think you can run in those heels?”

Cathrin grinned, and quickly reached down to remove them. I shook my head and sprinted off, Cathrin quickly behind me. As we ran, it continued to pour down, puddles quickly gathering as the early Friday night revellers huddled in doorways or clustered under umbrellas on their travels as we sprinted past in fits of laughter. I looked over my shoulder a few times to make sure she was keeping pace, but she was having no problems keeping speed with me.

We were three long streets from my block of flats, and we were both thoroughly soaked by the time we came to the entrance of the nondescript drab building. I was fumbling in my pocket when they headed round the corner of the street, and had pulled the electronic fob long before we reached the door. I cursed at the delay as the door unlocked, and I pushed it open as Cathrin pushed behind me and we fell into the shelter of the hallway.

We both bent over, chests heaving, as we regained our breath. I straightened and couldn’t help but start laughing again as I saw Cathrin’s hair bedraggled and streaked across her face. Cathrin stood and returned the laughter, possibly glad that she looked at least a little dignified given her sparing use of make-up and waterproof mascara.

Our laughs cut short as we finally got a look at each other.

I licked my lower lip and gave it a little bite as Cathrin stood there, her curls splaying flat across her flushed face and her cute little nose wrinkling up at the moisture trickling down her forehead to her nose. Cathrin’s clothes had often left little to my savaged imagination, but the rain had ran her pink blouse through, and now it clung to her chest in all the right places. The bra she wore underneath obviously wasn’t padded, and now her cold nipples stood hard and proud against the cloth that framed her beautiful body. Her soaked trousers clung casino şirketleri to her swaying hips and I sighed with sexual aching. I could have taken her there and then — or at least tried — were it not for us being in the very public hallway of my under-aesthetic home.

Cathrin looked me slowly up and down, and still panting, reminded my wandering thoughts of where we were.

“Are you going to show me through, or do I have to embarrass you by your letterboxes?”

I smiled, fumbling behind me for the buttons on the lifts and pressing what I hoped was up. After the run here, there was no way I was expending any more potential bedroom energy walking up five flights of stairs. There was a rapid ping as the lift was already at ground level, and just as she had bundled me into the building, she pushed me back into the barely open doors of the dingy small lift.

She was just about to hopefully become preoccupied with me — I ducked my head for that elusive kiss as her hands went over my shoulders to press against the glass behind us — when she pulled her head back and looked around with thinly veiled disgust. Her nose rolled again, though this time I have no doubt she was trying not to smell the vile stench of dried urine, mixed with whatever else, I really didn’t need or want to know about. She frowned at me.

“Was this a better option than the stairs?”

I thought back to times I had stepped over discarded needles, amongst other unpleasantries.

“Unfortunately… yeah. But don’t worry. My flat will be an improvement on it, I promise.”

Cathrin grimaced. “That’s not difficult, darlin’.”

I almost rose to it, but bit my tongue. Remembering Cathrin’s concierge-guarded apartment block, the business end of the gutter was obviously not a place she was accustomed to coming to. It was the first time since our first encounter that I had been truly reminded of how far away we were from each other in terms of career. Biting the inside of my cheek, I began to worry that my one-bedroomed wonder-flat really wouldn’t be much of an improvement on its surroundings.

She all but sprinted out of the lift when it pinged open for our floor, looking back at me to question where she was headed. I gestured forwards with my hand and trudged behind her. My flat was at the very end of the once-white corridor. The floor was a thin-piled and well trodden pale green carpet. The aforementioned ‘white’ corridor was turning black and yellow with nicotine stains and general abuse from the other denizens of the block. I pushed down my shame, remembering that I maintained this place on my own, and I had had the courage to leave a terrible situation to get here. Better the devil you know.

She stood to one side as I strode past her. I didn’t meet her eye, but she was right behind me as I grasped at my bunch of keys, fingering, feeling for the familiar little chubb key for my front door. I opened it and gestured her inside. Taking in a deep breath, my fears went away. Of course my little eden was better than the bog you had to walk through to reach it. Fresh linen mingled with vanilla met questioning nostrils. Most rooms had a little plug-in scent constantly on, and whenever I was home there was at least one window open regardless of weather or season. I couldn’t stand dank air, and preferred the freshness over the cold.

The carpets throughout the flat were pale cream, with a chocolate brown mat acting as a runner in the hallways. I kept the place as bright as possible, given its size. Left off the hallway was my open plan kitchen and living room with a sofa and reasonable flatscreen TV amongst other paraphernalia. To the right, door open, was my bedroom. I had always firmly believed bedrooms were for doing nothing else but sleeping and screwing — and as such, had invested in a super king-sized bed which covered most of the room, leaving me space for a hanging rail for my suits; the rest of the storage was creatively hidden under my mammoth-sized bed. She whistled in what I hoped was an impressed way. I turned round to thankfully see a smile.

“Improvement indeed.” She smirked in the direction of my bedroom. “How the hell did you fit that in there?”

“Would you like to examine it more closely, Ms. Beck?”

“I know what I would like to see more closely, Ms. Corvale.”

My heart thundered in my throat as she kicked the door closed with her heel and, throwing her shoes to the floor, started untucking her blouse and pulling at her top buttons. The smirk hadn’t left her lips, and there was a deliciously horny glint in her jade eyes that had my pulse racing. Opening the blouse just enough for me to catch a glimpse of her damp chest and rain-soaked bra, she pulled me to her by the waistline of my trousers. Both hands quickly went to the back of my head, tangling and bunching up in my softly soaked hair as agonising days of anticipation were swept away in our first kiss.

Her full lips were hard against mine almost immediately. She nipped my bottom lip gently before sliding her tongue into my welcoming mouth as I groaned with release and my moist lips ignited. My own hands rose and found her damply matted tangle of curls, holding casino firmaları her hard against me as our hips ground against each other. Cradling each others’ heads, our tongues slid over and around as we both fought to slake the thirst we’d built up for each other. She pulled back slightly and sucked my achingly seeking tongue; I groaned again, steadily shuffling my feet to twist her towards the bedroom as I captured her back into my greedy mouth. She didn’t resist, too caught up in the kiss to notice I was trying to lead us for the first time.

As I moved us agonisingly slowly towards a bed that was a scant few feet away, I dropped my hands to start reverently unbuttoning her blouse. She broke off the kiss and moved her own hands, seemingly to show me how it was done by grabbing my own blouse and ripping it apart, a couple of buttons pinging to the floor in submission. Savagely pulling the fabric off my shoulders and down my arms, she hungrily started kissing and biting at the flesh around my shoulders and neck. I rolled my head back appreciatively as I finished taking off the ruined top, discarding it behind me. Her hands still somewhere in mid air between our bodies, I waited for her to raise her head before pushing her the rest of the way into the bedroom. Her calves hit the edge of the bed and she toppled onto her back with a surprised squeal. In my element at having a rare grasp of control, I followed her through and straddled her, my knees either side of her hips and my hands pinning her flailing arms above her head.

I thought I was stopping her from having a chance to protest when I stooped to kiss her straight away; she returned that kiss savagely, neck bending up to greet me and her body writhing delightfully under my grasp as her hips bucked her up towards me. I certainly hadn’t been expecting her to be so ardent under duress, and I had to break off before long to regain my breath. I panted raggedly, and she grinned from beneath me knowing the effect she could have on me regardless of my supposed position of power. Letting go of her arms, I hauled myself upright, keeping myself over her body but shimmying slightly down the bed so I was now over her groin. She rose up on her elbows, head cocked to one side, her curls falling delightfully over her full chest.

“Don’t go already darlin’ — I was enjoying that.” She licked her top lip, and I laughed lightly as I reached round my back to unclasp my bra, throwing it into a corner of the room. She rose up further as if to reach for my released breasts and I pushed her back down on the bed, shaking a finger.

“You’ve had your way with me enough times Cathrin Beck. Tonight, I get my revenge.”

She cocked an eyebrow as she laughed heartily. “Revenge, is it? Well get ready for a battle young Keara, as I’m not relinquishing power that easily.”

Despite the mock bravado, she was evidently more than happy for me to keep the reigns, so to speak. She kept herself propped up on her elbows as I finished unbuttoning her blouse, and then rose up again to remove it, and her bra. I licked my lips as she worked to unclasp the little satin teaser, a green much the same colour as her gorgeous eyes. She took much longer than she needed to, but she must have guessed how much I had been aching to see her body right at that point. She had already heard me begging to touch her in return, the few times we had been together so far.

She finally tossed the material away and lay back, grasping her hair and splaying it over her chest. She looked up at me, waiting for my reaction. My eyes must have been on fire, and I involuntarily groaned; this brought a small smile twitching at the corners of her mouth. Putting my hands either side of her shoulders, I dropped down to her lips one last time to give her a gentle lingering kiss. She sighed, settling back down to the bed.

This amazing woman had set my world aflame. I was nervous down to the very pit of my belly at taking the lead, but I wanted to make her scream the way she made me scream; I wanted to see the goosebumps that showed her body was tingling, the same way she sent shivers down my soul as she sent me over the abyss.

In all our trysts so far, she had allowed me very little access to her body. I was going to relish every second of this as I went from her lips to her temple, planting a gentle kiss before trailing to the top of her ear. I gently licked around the top before tickling her ear, holding my breath tentatively before letting it out softly as I nibbled the lobe. She sighed contentedly. I contemplated moving a hand to her soft breasts, but decided I wanted my tongue to experience her body before I risked my shaking hands on her sensitive skin.

I planted butterfly kisses on her collarbone and skimmed my lips gently over her deeply tanned skin, trailing my tongue lightly as I got my first lingering tastes of her sweet flesh. As I reached her breast, my kisses became deeper, my teeth nipping her flesh slightly as I followed my lips with my tongue. She squirmed underneath my body again with a groan, sending a shiver through my groin. I snatched a look up at her, worried about giving her as much pleasure as I could. Her eyes were güvenilir casino screwed shut and the smile still hadn’t left her lips, and I took that as all the encouragement I should need.

I gingerly rose my left hand to her breast, cupping it gently and stroking it with my full hand, keeping up my hard wet kisses all the time. Keeping my hand to her breast, I moved across to the other, smiling to myself as she arched and groaned, trying to get me to touch her hard nipples. I kept softly stoking her right breast, a finger teasing each side of her erect nipple, as I licked, stabbed and nibbled at her left, tonguing her light brown aureole in gentle circles as she ground herself beneath me. One of her hands tangled back in my hair, pulling a fist and pushing my head down. I moved my hand away from her breast and steadying myself, rose my head slightly from my nuzzling position. Her jade eyes pressed on mine, light and glazed with longing. I shook my head at her silent request and her eyes went wide in frustration, accompanied with a little whine as she threw her head back on the bed.

Sitting up, I moved both hands to her breasts to stroke and knead them as I watched her expressions. She kept her eyes closed the entire time, merely taking peeks every now and then, possibly to make sure I was okay. She needn’t have worried. When I massaged the full breast with my hands, her forehead creased with an appreciative moan; with feathered fingertip strokes, she would inhale sharply, biting her bottom lip and scrunching up the sheets with her fists; with teasing by her nipples, my middle and index fingers teasing either side, she would arch towards me, trying to get me to touch her sensitised buds. Unable to resist it myself any longer, I flicked my tongue across her nipple and she let out a surprised cry. Savagely kneading the one breast, thumbing the nipple as I held her, I covered the other with my mouth, sucking, biting, grazing with my tongue, tasting and teasing as much of her as I could. Her cries got louder as I switched breasts, both hands returning now to twist and grasp at my hair.

This time when she pushed at my head, wishing me further down her body, I happily and hungrily agreed. Her skin was sweet and salty with perfumed sweat and moisture from the rain. I briefly pulled back to admire her trimly toned belly as I snaked my tongue down her torso, slowly circling her belly button as I rapidly undid her trousers. She gratefully lifted herself off the bed as I slid off her trousers and panties at the same time, as she had done with me our first time. As she spread her legs, my heart rammed in my chest.

I wasn’t a sexually shy woman. I masturbated regularly, and I certainly knew how to please myself. But Cathrin had repeatedly proved that she knew how to please me more, and as she lay naked in front of me, her hands running seductively across her splayed toned thighs, I was scared for the first time since being with her. She must have seen it in my eyes. Her smile faded a little, and she lifted herself up, cupping my face in her hand.

“Don’t feel you have to do anything you’re not comfortable with, darlin’.” I blinked at her without responding, and she kissed me gently on the lips. “I have absolutely no problems pleasing your sexy body all night long.”

I closed my eyes with a sigh. “Thank you.” I gently pushed at her shoulders, and she sank back down to the bed, puckering one of her faux-kisses on the way. “I want to do this Cathrin.”

I licked my lips again and gulped, hopefully not audibly, as I admired the rest of her body. Her long, shapely legs were perfectly toned, from her light calves to her slender thighs. Whatever I had been doing to her breasts had obviously had a good effect; there was a light sheen of wetness on her pussy that had me twitching for a little taste. She was mostly shaven — leaving just a faint strip of hair up towards her lower belly. As I lowered my head I couldn’t help but inhaling, and was intoxicated by the bittersweet scent that washed through me. I had planned on being just as calm and delicate with her pussy as I had with her upper body, and I suppose initially, I was. But with someone as carnally attractive as Cathrin Beck lying beneath you, even the most centrally controlled person would give in to their deepest base desires. It seems Cathrin brought out the hungry animal in me.

I tongued the top of her thin strip of hair, trailing that down to the top of her slit. She whimpered and arched herself up, and I took the opportunity to slide my hands round, grabbing each of her buttocks. Hesitant only once more, I planted a gentle kiss over her as if they were her lips. She widened her legs for me, and shuffling my knees wider apart, I dropped my mouth over her fully, my tongue sliding gently over her hot wet slit as her hands twisted in my hair, pushing me hard against her. She groaned louder as I started to lap hungrily at her juices, revelling in the new taste, amazed that it was me causing the heat and wetness pouring out from her body. I kneaded her buttocks hard and pulled her against me as my teeth found her engorged clit and I nibbled gently; she arched against me sharply, crying out and muttering inaudible expletives. Kissing her more gently, my probing tongue found her entrance, and parting her lips slightly, I penetrated her as hard as I could, licking and stabbing against her as she bucked wildly against my tongue and lips.

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