Getting Their Daily Quotient Ch. 02

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And the next day, Thursday was no different. Rosa called Dutch at the hospital. “Honey I’m sorry to bother you at work, but I have to see you.”

“What’s wrong? Are you all right?” He asked as he tensed up sensing bad news.

“No, no, I’m fine. Well, no, I’m not fine. I’m so horny I can’t stand it. I need you and I need you bad. Can you meet me someplace?”

“Baby I can’t leave here. Can you come here; I can manage some time with you if you come over in the next thirty minutes or so.”

“Do you know where I’m calling from?”

“Where, are you close by?”

“No, I’m in the ladies room using Cynthia’s dildo. I’m gushing, literally gushing. Jesus I’m in heat!”

“Get your ass over here ASAP. I’ll try to find a place for us where we won’t be disturbed for a while.”

“Oh honey you won’t regret it. I love you!” And Dutch heard a click and then a dial tone. She was on her way.


Forty minutes later they were fucking in a broom closet that had shelves on three sides and was chock full of brooms, mops and buckets; and paper towels and toilet paper. Rosa’s dress was up around her hips; her twisted pantyhose tossed feveredly into the corner, lay half in – half out of a bucket containing water and ammonia; and were hopelessly ruined. But her legs were wrapped securely around his hips as he pounded his durable cock into her sopping wet cunt.

They shifted their feet to attain better position and dislodged a mop handle that on falling stabbed Dutch in the ribs. He groaned in pain and frustration at not having more room to move about.

“What?” Rosa asked, near panic as her orgasm was or seemed to be miles away. “Don’t come!” She barked out, clutching his shoulders and digging her nails into his flesh. “Not yet baby! Don’t come yet! I’m close but not there.”

Dutch wheezed, partly from the ammonia fumes, partly from the tight confines of the closet, but still managed to squeeze her buttocks tightly to hold her against him as she worked, using all her expertise in kegels, until unable to help himself he began to squirm.

“Not yet! Not yet!” she called out, mentally cursing herself for using all her skills to make him come, but resenting the fact that he was going to come. ‘What the hell’s wrong with me?” she asked, but no answer was forthcoming.

For his part, Dutch was striving to hold off, trying to free himself from her deliciously succulent vise, but Rosa, despite herself, or perhaps even because of herself, initiated a series of deep grinding thrusts, flexing her thighs to hold him fast and won the battle as his cock absorbed one last kegel and then spewed his load against her cervix. “Bastard!” she shouted and he grimaced, thinking the entire staff of his unit had heard her. “Easy, I’m not finished baby,” he said, hoping she’d calm down enough to bring her off. But Rosa was having none of it. A suddenly irrational Rosa began pummeling him with her fists causing him to knock over a stack of rolled paper towels to the floor that made for extremely difficult traction. Dutch was totally confused by her actions. This was not the Rosa he knew and loved, something was wrong. “Keep on fucking, it’ll get hard again,” she pleaded morosely, then ground her mons into him. The fact that she had quieted down helped. Dutch wasn’t soft, in fact his cock was still rather hard and Rosa found him, pulled it forward reinserting his mushroomed head in her cunt and kissed him hungrily on the mouth. “Ah, yeah, yeah, that’s it! Shove that big prick in me!” She groaned hungrily. “Yeah, stir my honey pot with your magic wand!” He felt his prick expand as her cuntal walls converged around it. “Yeah,” she moaned in his ear and one hand came up to tangle in his hair; the other raked its nails across his back. Dutch groaned loudly and lifted her completely off the ground. Rosa instinctively wrapped her smooth legs about his hips, crossing her ankles in the small of his back. Both groaned at the host of incredible sensations their copulating was rendering. She rolled her hips down to further skewer herself on his fully erect horn; arching her back and shamelessly pushing a tit into his face. He responded by grabbing her shoulders and manipulating her so that he could devour her taunting breast — biting and nipping at it, then wildly suckling on her — going from breast to breast all the while thrusting his massive cock in and out of her wet, clasping cunt. Whimpering in a mix of pain and pleasure, Rosa rocked her hips fiercely to meet his pounding prick. “That’s it baby!” she wailed as her climax finally arrived. “Oh, yeah I knew you would make me happy.” A few seconds later Rosa was began to recover from her orgasm. She lay her head on his shoulder still holding his cock; stoking him gently, noting how slick it was from her bodily fluid and his own ejaculate, but unable to see it clearly in the darkened confines of the closet. Unbeknownst to the couple, Rosa’s period arrived during their sexual play. She was menstruating copiously, çatalca escort and had managed to completely coat his cock with her blood. When Dutch tucked himself away, his bloodied hands smeared the blood across the front of his white slacks. Worse, Rosa had failed to wear a pair of panties and her pantyhose were ruined. She did however, find and open a roll of paper towels and wiped what she thought was his sperm from her hands. This saved her further dismay when she smoothed her fawn colored dress over her hips and didn’t smear the blood all over it. But the dress was tight and clung to her and all to soon the fact that she was menstruating was all too obvious. “We were in here for a long time,” she said, smoothing her dress front one final time. “Do you think someone noticed? “Naw,” he answered, “this place is too busy this time of day.” “Dutch, you were terrific. I really needed you inside me. I . . . I don’t know why I was such a bitch earlier. I just had this . . . funny mood, you know? Not funny really, but . . .” “It’s all right, baby. I love you and if you act a little weird sometimes . . . well I do the same once in a while, so don’t worry about it. She nodded in the darkened closet, agreeing with him. It was lunch time, most would be out eating somewhere and the remainder filling in would probably be busy. He grasped the doorknob and turned it. At the exact moment the closet door opened Rosa realized she was flowing from her period. But the shock of seeing a group of twelve doctors, nurses and technicians waiting outside caused her to not fully grasp her dilemma. “Yo, Dutch,” a technician called out cheerfully. “Way to go,” called another male nurse, while two pretty female nurses stared at his bloodied groin area. A keen witted staff physician asked if he’d been castrated. And the Chief of Staff looked on with disapproval. “Where . . .” a panicked Rosa turned to Dutch and asked. Reading her mind despite all the confusion, he replied, “First door on your right. She bolted in that direction and disappeared inside just as Dutch raised his eyes from his bloody groin to face his superior. “My office, PERRY, NOW!” With a terrifying scowl he turned to the group gawking at Dutch. “Be like the three monkeys,” he snarled in warning, “See nothing, hear nothing and most of all, say nothing. This is my hospital and I’ll handle this my way. Is that clear?” ***

Doctor Van Sciver, the Chief of Staff, was right on Dutch’s heels as they entered his office. “All right Perry, just who the fuck do you think you are, screwing some bimbo in my hospital?” Dutch, chagrinned, looked downward. “Can’t you keep that dick in your pants during working hours? This could cost you your job and you might not find similar work elsewhere. People DO ask for references you know.” Dutch nodded. There seemed to be nothing else to do. He sensed that the worst was past and felt the first surge of relief course through his body. “Do you understand me?” “Err, yes sir. I certainly do understand. I was wrong and it won’t ever happen again.” “Now for the record, you are my best nurse hands down. But I’ll fire you in a minute if you fuck up like this again, got it?” “Yes sir.” Dutch replied humbly, thanking his good fortune to be working for an understanding physician like Van Sciver. Dr. Van Sciver didn’t speak for a long time. He stared hard at Dutch and finally said, “Unfortunately others witnessed your closet foray and . . .” he paused staring at Dutch’s fly. “What the hell were you two doing in there? You’re covered with blood.” “I . . . I’m not sure. I think she got her period while we were, uh . . . having sex.” Van Sciver frowned and looked thoughtful for a moment, his hand supporting his chin. Then he asked, “Did you bring her here to fuck her?” “Um, yes, err, no. As I recall, she . . . Rosa. Her name is Rosa and she’s not a bimbo, she’s my girl. Uh, well she called me, said she was . . . I don’t know if I should say this or if you want to hear it.” “I’m a doctor for Christ’s sake. I hear . . . things, all sorts of things all the time. You can count on my confidentiality.” “Okay, anyway we’ve been very active sexually of late and she called me . . . um, she was extremely horny and said I had to do something about it and soon.” “So you invited her to my hospital.” “No!” Dutch winced, embarrassed, but still wanting to be honest and candid with his benefactor. “No, I didn’t invite her here. I know better. But I couldn’t leave the hospital and she couldn’t wait, she came here and confronted me.” “A rather aggressive stance for a woman to take even in these days,” Van Sciver said to himself, for he was not concerned what Dutch thought about him. “I imagine that her period, or rather her oncoming menstrual cycle was compelling her to act irrationally.” “You’re right doctor,” Dutch said. “She was acting strangely the whole time. First being lovey dovey, then cursing and biting and snarling and then reverting to being nice again. It was confusing. I mean, I never knew esenyurt escort about this . . .” he pointed to the splattered blood on his slacks.” “Well, grab a fresh pair of skivvies and whites from my locker,” Van Sciver said benignly, causing Dutch to breathe a sigh of relief. “But there still remains the matter of my taking some disciplinary action against you.” “Shit!” Dutch said under his breath. “I didn’t hear that,” Van Sciver said with a slight smile. “I think a three day suspension should suffice. I have to cover my ass too you know. You’re not hurting for money are you? If so, I’ll lend you something . . .” Dutch had removed his slacks and had one leg in the fresh pair of whites. He looked at Van Sciver a moment before answering. “No, no, I’ll manage,” he said, realizing just how good a friend Van Sciver was being to him. “Good,” Van Sciver said. “It’s effective immediately. I’d tell you to go home and bang the daylights out of your girlfriend, but she’s indisposed for the next few days. Sorry about that. That will be all. Now I’m pretty busy and I’ll leave you to finish dressing. Not a word to anyone. Just leave, I’ll handle anyone asking about the . . . um, incident. I think you can rely on those who witnessed that debacle in the closet to keep it to themselves. Then again, you may find this incident makes you a celebrity around here. I saw the way those nurses were looking at you; and where they were looking.” He laughed, “Gotta run. Take care of yourself and I hope your girlfriend doesn’t die of embarrassment.” And he left Dutch to finish dressing. Dutch waited another five minutes before leaving. Several nurses and technicians gave him concerned looks as he passed silently by them. No one spoke a word. In the parking lot, Dutch forgot to give his Volvo a whack or kick. He slipped behind the wheel and drove off, not speeding or recklessly, but without regard for anyone or anything in his path. Luckily the street was clear and soon he was lost in thought, driving unconsciously, until he came to a familiar crossing, took a left and parked in front of a restaurant and grill where he was known, went inside and ordered a drink. ***

“So you got suspended,” Robert said, pointing to the Chivas Regal on the back of the bar for Stu, the bartender’s edification. Turning his attention back to Dutch as Stu prepared his drink, he continued, “Hey man, don’t get so down on yourself. He didn’t fire you; and you of all people know you deserved it.”

His drink arrived and he swirled it drink around, “A man can’t get enough pussy anyhow, so don’t concern yourself about it, enjoy the hell out of it.”

“Yeah, but she’s special,” Dutch said eyes cast down at the bar. He glanced up at his friend. “I mean, Marilyn was great, at least during the early stages before she started to drink so damn much, but Rosa . . . Rosa is great to talk with, or just to sit quietly with. And sexually, Jesus! I mean we’ve had sex in my place, every room; in the backseat of the Volvo like teenagers; in the ladies room at a club . . .”

Laughing, Robert said, “Yeah I know about that one.”

“Well we also had at it in her office and in a closet at the hospital, but you know about that too,” he added sheepishly.

His friend took a sip and smiled knowingly, “I just bet people can smell all the strong, sexual activity went on in that broom closet. You just became a celebrity in the workplace. You’ll see. All the ladies will be congregating around your office, waiting to get a look, or even hoping for a date as soon as you return. The thing is . . . you will be going back. It’s best to shrug the whole thing off. Don’t worry about rumor or innuendo. Fuck it man, you took Rosa into a broom closet. How does that compare to what you did back in the Navy?”

That brought a smile to Dutch’s face. “Yeah, well, those nurses were sex starved.”

‘You damn well made sure they went home with no hunger pangs,” Robert laughed and held his empty glass up to catch the bartender’s attention.

As if speaking to himself, Dutch continued. “I’ve asked Rosa not to wear a bra, you know? Jeez, her nipples are so . . .”

“You know Alice and I are looking forward to next Saturday.”

Dutch slapped his forehead. “Jesus, I’ve forgotten all about her. How the hell is she coping with all that’s happened? Here I’m acting like a miserable bastard, feeling sorry for myself. Shit, I got off light, what’s poor Rosa thinking? She had to have been totally humiliated.”

“Call her. Call her this minute,” Robert said, his large black hand pushing some change toward his friend. Dutch scooped up the change, nodded his thanks and found the phone. He got a dial tone. ‘Of course,’ he thought why would she be home?’ Trying again he dialed the office and Cynthia picked up.

“Sunshine Realty!” Her voice rang out with false sincerity.

“Cynthia, this is Dutch . . .”

“Ohhh, hi, I was just . . . thinking about you,” she said and squeezed etiler escort her thighs together. “Any chance you’ll be in the neighborhood this afternoon?”

“Um, I’ve had some thoughts about you too, but right now I’ve got kind of an emergency. I need to talk with Rosa. Do you know . . . I mean, is she there?”

There was a pause as Cynthia wondered what was so important, but then she reacted quickly. “No, she’s not here, but let me give you her cell phone number.”

She answered on the fourth ring. “Hello?” Clearly this was not the woman he had grown to know and love.

“It’s me,” he said, trying to add brightness to his tone that he didn’t feel.

“Oh,” she said and her voice told him that she was happy to hear from him. “How are you?” She asked quickly, “I . . . I left in kind of a rush.”

“I understand and can’t say that I blame you. Now answer me this, are you okay?”

“I’m so sorry Dutch . . . I had no idea . . .”

“It’s all right Rosa. Everything worked out.”

“You didn’t get fired?”

“No, Doctor Van Sciver is a friend of mine. He’s probably a better friend than I deserve. He told the crowd to cool it and say nothing.”

“He carries some weight at the hospital then?”

He laughed. “Some. He’s Chief of Staff.”

“Oh, my God! What kind of trouble are you in, Dutch?”

“He gave me a pair of his underwear and white slacks to wear.”

“Shit, shit, shit!”

“All right, I’m on three days suspension. I’m still working, but no more fooling around at the hospital. Now are you okay?”

“No, no, no. I mean yes . . . all right, no more broom closets.” And to his relief she giggled. “I’m fine. I had no inkling my period was coming on, but it does explain why I was acting like a nutcase.”

They continued talking for a few more minutes, made a date for dinner and ended the call with relieved smiles on both faces. He returned to find Robert preparing to leave. “Sorry Dutch, we have an engagement that really can’t be avoided, but how is she?”

“She’s fine Robert, thanks for asking.”

“Hey, we’re buddies; I’m supposed to worry about you and yours.”

“Well, thanks . . .”

“You helped me out big time before my wedding. If there is anything we can do for either one of you just say the word.”

“Thanks again, but we’re going to be fine. In fact we’ll be having dinner in an hour or so.”

Robert clasped Dutch’s hand in his. “That’s great, just wonderful. Now, speaking of dinner, about Saturday night, Alice and I will understand if you two want to call it off . . . .”

Shaking his head negatively, Dutch responded, “I know, I know. It’s just that I wonder if she’s ready for it. I want to be careful. She means too much to me to screw this relationship up with a swinging session before she’s been prepared.”

“All right,” Robert conceded, “I agree with you, we’ll take it slow. I can keep Alice reined in if need be.”

“Try,” Dutch said, meaning it and not being sarcastic. “Now, let’s see, I believe I owe you a scotch.”

“Next time, Dutch, I really have to run.”

“All right, I’ll let you know about dinner and please give Alice a good fucking for me will ya?”

The big black man laughed heartedly and slapped him on the back, then walked out. Dutch followed about five minutes later.



At dinner they acted like young lover’s sitting with a chaperone. Over a glass of Merlot, Dutch said, “We had a real scare today . . .” Her hand drifted into his lap and her finger lightly traced his member along its length.

“Hey, you’re out of commission remember?”

She pursed her lips and looked at him through smoky lidded eyes. “You can put it up my ass if you want,” she purred.

“Your place or mine,” he said hoarsely.

Rosa gave his swollen cock a tender squeeze before answering. “My office, Kathy will be home.”

“What about my place?”

“No good. I prefer the office. Look at what happened there the other day.”

He pictured Cynthia nude astride him.

Reading his mind, she smiled and said, “She won’t be there.”


“I’ve already called to check. She’s gone home to her vibrator.”

“You’re cruel,” he smiled and caressed her cheek.

“A girl’s got to look out for her interests.”

“I guess,” he said and stood up, his erection obvious to anyone interested enough to look his way.

At the office, Rosa called out “Anyone here?” Then checked the adjoining rooms before ushering Dutch inside. They were quite alone.

Rosa sat on the edge of her desk, licked her lower lip and asked, “Want to get laid, sailor?”

He laughed, “Take a gander at my dick,” he said, “I’m up for it.”

She looked and licked her lips again, “Ummm, so I see.”

Dutch moved to her and caught Rosa off guard by stepping behind her.


He placed both hands on her shoulders and massaged them for a moment before dropping them to her ass. As he’d suspected, she wore no underwear. He snuggled up against her luscious butt and pressed his stiff cock into her crevice. She spread her legs as far as her skirt would allow and placed her hands behind her, seeking to fondle his cock. Striving to remain calm and in control, Dutch rubbed his hardon against her palms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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