Getting Rid Of Sally

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A quick note from the author

This story isn’t to be taken seriously. It’s just another example of a stupid male doing something stupid, and then wondering how he got himself into an even more stupid situation. Good reading.



Those reading this story probably think I’m an utter bastard. But in truth, I’m not really; I’m just an ordinary guy trying to get myself out of a difficult situation. What follows seemed a good idea at the time, my best mate Pete and I patted ourselves on the back for a brilliant idea to solve my problem. But alas, our success wasn’t to be forthcoming, as you’re about to find out.

Three years back when I was twenty one years old, I landed the job of my dreams. I’d always been interested in computers and later software animation. The job I picked up was for a young animation company, and right from the first day I had a good feeling about the people and the place. The last three years proved I was right as the company quadrupled in size mainly due to the enterprising development team, of which I’m proud to say I’m a part of. The company was founded by a guy named Tony Pritchard, and the best boss in the world. He worked a hundred times harder and longer than anyone of us, he led by example and wore a perpetual smile on his big oval face. Even when someone fucked up badly, he’d shrug his shoulders, tell the culprit to fix it and don’t do it again.

The story isn’t so much about Tony, but his only daughter Sally whom I’ve been dating since last autumn. Now some people might suggest that dating the boss’s daughter ain’t exactly a good idea, unless you were planning to marry her and inherit the family wealth, which I wasn’t. Sally helped out at the company mainly helping her old man out with the day to day things. She just started hanging my desk more and more, then she’d sometimes join me when I went out to the local deli to get lunch. One thing led to another and pretty soon we were dating. Without bragging too much, I’ve always been pretty much a player with the girls. I’m not a bad looking guy; I’m tallish and wiry in build and a bit of a charmer to boot. So when Tony found out that his daughter and I were an item, I got the well deserved lecture about treating his little baby with respect, otherwise I’d be looking for another job pronto minus a few teeth and my arse a little closer to my ears. While it was all said in good humour, I was clever enough to realise that his jest was not without a little danger if you get my drift.

To be fair, dating Sally wasn’t exactly a chore, well not at first anyway. At the ripe old age of twenty, Sally was a tall slender whip of a girl. Her thick curly brunette hair fell loosely to her shoulders, but half way down her back when wet. She was more cute than pretty, with fine facial features and high cheek bones. Her teeth were perfect from many hours of orthodontic work which gave her the almost picture perfect smile. I kinda liked the small splattering of dark freckles around her cute nose, even though she always tried to hide them with makeup. Her breasts were small and pointed, just a mere handful really. She hated them for being too small and always wore padded bras to enhance her figure. I didn’t really mind as I’m more of a leg man than a boob man, but I’ll get to that soon.

When nude, which was quite often, her waist was tiny enough for my hands to encircle. Below, her buttocks were just a nice round two handfuls. Her legs were long and almost too skinny for my liking, as I tend to go for the fuller figure. While she filled out a pair of jeans well enough, her trademark included very short skirts and heeled leather boots. She liked nothing better than to walk down a busy street in a short skirt, and let the lustful male eyes soak up her long legs and imagine what delights were above. Even in winter, she’d wear bright coloured tights under a short skirt to emphasise her long legs.

Sally was reasonably good in the sack, not the best I’ve ever had and certainly no where near the worst. She wasn’t bad at producing a decent blow job, but avoided getting my cum on her face or in her mouth at all costs. She could fuck for hours on a good night and sometimes managed more than one orgasm when in the mood. Her pussy was usually trimmed in a neat triangle, her slim lips nice to kiss and lick. I really liked her clitoris which would grow and harden substantially when aroused, and I enjoyed playing with it as much as she did. Her opening below was tight and required reasonable lubrication before a comfortable penetration could be achieved. But once penetrated, the ride was usually physical demanding as well as rewarding.

Pete and I rent an old house near the city centre; we’re just waiting for the developers to arrive with plans of some new monstrosity and we’ll be forced out to find something else. Great thing about renting an old place is that you don’t have to look out for it, so the parties are numerous and well attended. The next day casino şirketleri clean up can sometimes last a week or even two. At first, Sally was too scared to stay over for fear of her father and my boss, but as time drifted on she gradually got braver and now she stayed most weekends. As most people would agree, there’s nothing like waking up on a winter’s morning next to a nice warm body. Especially one that likes a good seeing to, like Sally often did.

I suppose the trouble really started in early spring. I love the warm weather when tennis, cycling, swimming, and surfing are on the agenda. As I began to venture more outdoors as the days grew longer and warmer, I couldn’t help but notice that Sally wasn’t too interested in joining me. It was kinda surprising really because I thought she would be interested in the same things too. It took me a while to realise that she was quite a home body, she just liked to watch DVD’s and movies which is fine for me during a cold winter, but not on a warm sunny spring day. I think that Sally was a little disappointed that I was willing to leave her at the house while Pete and I did the things we wanted to do. But we’d keep in contact by texting, and then she’d be around when I returned home so we could at least spend the evening together.

The spring storms were much welcomed by us surfers, as they brought in some good rolling surf for us to conquer. There’d often be a large group of us standing near our cars contemplating and discussing whether the waves were too high or too flat. Some people we knew, others we didn’t, but the contagious interest in the surf made us all friends of varying degrees. And it was there that I met Becky for the first time, it would be she that provided just a little incentive for me to try end my relationship with Sally.

I suppose I spoke to Becky a number of times before I realised that she was kinda interested in me. I found it easy to drift into her space for she was a good looking girl, dark haired, curvy with big breasts and looked just lovely in tight jeans. She was cheeky and sassy as they come and would humorously insult anyone within earshot, which to me was of course, was red rag to a bull. Each time we met, we took delight in teasing each other, continually testing and probing for a weakness which could be exploited.

One warm Sunday afternoon, there were a number of us in the water. The high breaking surf made the use of our boards too dangerous, so we were content to let the waves dump us unceremoniously into the sand. I later found Becky sunbathing face up on the beach in a rather small bikini, and it was the first time that I’d got a good look at her without much clothing. Her skin was still pale like the most of us; her substantial breasts were only just held in check by a clearly inadequate bikini top, and a pair of toned and shapely legs adorned her lower half. She grinned knowingly when my eyes were drawn towards her bikini bottoms.

“And what may you be looking at?” she asked.

“Not much really, just thinking that you’ll look okay once you loose that anaemic look.” I replied quickly while lowering myself beside her.

She rolled onto her side towards me and laughed, my eyes were drawn this time to her well exposed breasts.

“How about I tell your girlfriend that you’ve got wandering eyes?”

“Feel free, there’s no law against looking.” I replied making myself comfortable under the suns rays. “Anyway, how do you know I’ve got a girlfriend?”

“Sally Pritchard, tall, pretty with dark hair.” she answered turning on her back and closing her eyes.

“Never heard of her.”

“Funny, I heard you two were going all the way, you know, engagement rings and wedding bells and all that shit.”

“You’ve got that all wrong.” I replied with a little more seriousness than I intended.

“It’d be a pity if it was true.”

“And why would that be?” I asked with innocence.

“Cause I kinda like to fuck your brains out, if you pardon the expression.”

That stunned me into silence. Under my shorts, my shrunken wet cock gave a twinge of encouragement as my surprised eyes flicked across to Becky. She lay eyes closed facing the sun without even the faintest flicker of a smile.

“And what makes you think I’d actually be interested?” I lied hopelessly.

“Cause I know you want to fuck me as much as I want to fuck you. But I’m not going to get involved while you’re with Sally. So, let me know if you’re interested.”

“I am.” I replied without hesitation.

“Good, cause I think you and I’d have a good thing going.” she said rolling towards me onto her side. “You a tit or a leg man?”

“Leg man.”

“Come closer.” she ordered.

I turned and rolled towards her so that we were close, she looked around to make sure no one was watching; then looked into my eyes. She raised her top leg a little and pushed the elastic of her bikini bottom downwards so that I could see between her thighs. A dark one casino firmaları inch wide strip of pubic hair and the V of her lips greeted my eyes for a few seconds before she released the elastic.

“So if you want to play with that, you know what to do. I love to fuck and you can do anything you want with me, and I mean anything.” she said rolling over to face the sun again. “By the way, I swallow, just in case you’re interested. But the downside is that I don’t share my man. I require full commitment from you and you’ll get mine in return. It’s a no bullshit, plenty of fun and fucking kind of relationship. Any part of that you don’t understand?”

I lay still in stunned silence, for it was the best proposition I’d ever heard. A few seconds later, her hand crawled over the warm sand and took mine. It was the first time we touched; hopefully it wouldn’t be the last.

“Sorry if I was a little brazen, but why mince words.” she commented a few seconds later. “Truth is that I want you. I’m not normally like this.”

“Hey, don’t worry; its okay.” I replied.

Not much else happened between us that afternoon, mainly because there were always people around. Becky’s proposition tormented me for a few days after that, for I had a difficult choice to make. Thing was, I was more than a little enchanted by Becky, I liked her looks and her sassy attitude, we had a lot in common in that we were both outdoorsy type people. I also found her tremendously erotic and sexual, and I knew that she’d be a great lay. While I liked Sally also, I knew in my heart that I was loosing interest in her. She was never going to be the love of my life, and if it wasn’t going to last forever, why not end it here and now?

My problem was that if I just dropped her suddenly, I knew that it would have a detrimental bearing on my employment. It’s not that Sally’s father would fire or anything, but the overtones would be hard to accept in a normally happy workplace. When I spoke to my best mate Pete, he just shrugged his shoulders and suggested that I should get her to drop me. Just do something that would make her hate me enough so that she didn’t want to date me anymore. What a great idea I thought to myself, the answer to my prayers.

Thing is, that I’m not a horrible or vindictive person; I could never hit Sally or hurt her in any way. But I knew that I wanted to end the relationship, especially after fantasising about Becky while making love to Sally over the next week or so. I just couldn’t come up with an idea on how to tell her that I wanted out.

I think it was Pete who suggested the threesome idea, but thinking back I’m not sure. Anyway, the idea was for me and Pete to try and seduce Sally into a threesome. The idea being that Sally would be so disgusted that she’d slap my face a hundred times for wanting to share her, and then she’d run home to daddy not wanting to see me anymore. The great thing about the idea is that Sally, no matter how angry she was, would never tell her old man about the threesome idea. She was too much of a goody, goody when it came to her old man. So over the next few days, Pete and I hatched a cunning little plan.

On the following Friday night, Sally came over just as she’d done a hundred times before, Pete made sure he was there too. We watched a couple shoot it up type DVDs while we downed a few beers, then an adult DVD which Sally frowned at, but watched anyway. Then we all headed for bed.

Sally has this bed time ritual which involves undressing to her panties and bra, she then hangs or folds her clothes neatly before heading to the bathroom to remove her makeup, clean her teeth and do all the other things that women do. After a few minutes, she would then return to the bedroom, flick the light off and crawl into my bed. Sometimes it would be to fuck, other times just to cuddle up together and drift off to sleep. She felt comfortable enough around Pete and had no qualms about wandering around the house in her underwear.

Only this Friday night was to be just a little different. When Sally returned, she found Pete in the bedroom telling me a cock and bull story about a car he was thinking of buying. Sally frowned when she found him there, I just smiled.

“Mmmmm mmm, she looks pretty damned good eh Pete? What do you reckon?” I commented.

“Wow, she does too.” Pete agreed.

Sally couldn’t help herself but grin as she walked towards the bed; I took her in my arms and pulled her in tight kissing her on the lips. She melted in my arms and kissed me innocently, for she wasn’t yet aware of what was about to befall her. My hands slipped to panty covered buttocks and squeezed them gently while at the same time pushing seductively against her. After a few seconds I broke the kiss and turned Sally round so that she was facing Pete, I nibbled her neck just how she liked it as my hands roamed over her breasts.

“Do you think her tits are too small?” I asked Pete who was standing just out of arms reach.

He güvenilir casino smiled, “Nah, I reckon she’s got nice tits.”

“I’d like bigger ones.” Sally laughed.

“Waste of time.” Pete replied. “They look good to me.”

“Can I take your bra off and show Pete how nice they are?” I asked.

She hesitated before answering, “No, I don’t think so.”

“Aw c’mon Sal; let Pete have a little peak.”

“No.” she replied again, but a little less convincingly.

“Just for a second.” I suggested while unclipping her bra from behind.

She stood still as I pushed her bra over her shoulders and arms, and then let it drop to the floor. I cupped her breasts and fingered her hardening nipples for a second or two before releasing them for Pete to get a good look.

Sally sighed, “Go on, a quick look then.”

“Jeez Sal, they’re real nice.” he mumbled.

My hands traced her curves downwards over her waist and down to her panties; then to her thighs, but for the time being staying away from her pussy.

“I like how big and hard her nipples get.” I commented. “I just love to suck on them.”

Sally chuckled, “I kinda like that too.”

Pete smiled deviously, “I’d sure like to try it.”

“And why should I let you do that to me?” Sally argued. “You’ve plenty of your own girlfriends.”

“None have got nipples like that, c’mon let me have a little nibble on them.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“How about if I let you look at this?” he suggested pushing his shorts down.

Now, I’ve seen Pete in the buff plenty of times before, but never in an aroused state, he’s burly, wide shouldered and powerfully strong from all his physical activities. Between his legs hung a large thick cock, it was the girth and the large pink head more than the length that made both Sally and me gawk. Even in a semi-erect status, it hung heavily downwards at a forty five degree angle. By now I thought that Sally would have brought the whole proceedings to a stop, my face would have slapped and she’d have walked out in a huff. But she stood wide eyed looking down at Pete’s cock.

Sally laughed, “What the fucks that thing for? A baseball bat or something?”

A grinning Pete took himself in hand and stroked himself, “I’ll let you play with this if I can lick your nipples.”

“Oh no, there’s no way I’m having anything to do with that thing.”

But Pete wasn’t taking no for an answer, he simply leaned forward and flicked his tongue over Sally’s left nipple, then lowered his mouth over it. He suckled it for a few seconds before moving to the other. Standing behind Sally, I could feel her breathing deepen as Pete suckled on her breasts just how she liked it. My hands slipped around her thighs to caress the front of her panties and then between her thighs. She trembled as my hand rubbed her pussy through the material and I could already feel her dampness. Kneeling behind her, I placed my fingers under the top of her panties and eased them slowly downwards.

“Hey, hey hey, you guys, stop this. I don’t wanna go any further.” she pleaded as I removed her panties over her feet and discarded them.

From my kneeling position, I saw Pete guide Sally’s hand to his cock; she gingerly took hold of the shaft and gave it a squeeze. I kissed my way up her thighs and buttocks; then stood behind her kissing her neck and ears. Sally was now pinned between us, our four hands and two tongues were now busy tormenting her. She squirmed and moaned as my hand slipped between her thighs to her wet pussy.

“No, please no.” she whispered. “Hey guys, this isn’t right, please stop, please stop now.”

“Just relax, let’s have some fun.” I replied.

For the next minute or so, Pete and I worked all resistance from Sally; her body was trembling under our endeavours and responding to our touches. I then eased her sideways towards the bed, and she almost seemed thankful to take the weight off her feet. Pete immediately positioned himself near her pussy and began kissing and licking her thighs, which opened as he got closer to her pussy. Taking advantage of her seeming willingness, he rolled between her thighs and lowered his face to her pussy. It looked strange to another mans face between Sally’s thighs, the familiar trimmed triangle of curls parted with another pink tongue sliding up and down. At first Sally lay still and compliant, but soon began to rock gently under Pete’s face. I felt extreme arousal at the sight before me and watched unashamedly as Sally writhed before my eyes. I leaned forward and lowered my lips to hers, and her arm pulled me in tight to secure the embrace while her tongue plunged eagerly into my mouth.

We kissed passionately as her free hand travelled up my leg and fondled my cock; I quickly pushed my shorts down and freed it for her attention. Her hand took hold and stroked it gently as we kissed. We broke the kiss only when we felt Pete move on the bed, our eyes moving to where he was now kneeling between her open thighs. He was gazing down at her pussy while he stroked his thick cock, and his intentions were obvious to both Sally and I. She twisted slightly towards me, the angle of her thighs now denying Pete’s ability to penetrate her.

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