Getting Lucky

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Alex wasn’t drunk. He’d had five shots of tequila already, and he wasn’t drunk. He’d been here for a few hours; his wallet was hurting and he sighed, giving up on drinks for the night. He hadn’t had anything to drink before coming to the nightclub, and he inwardly chastised himself for not doing so – he’d needed something more than sober tonight. He had arrived home from a long, horrible day at work, and decided he needed to relax. He hadn’t been out in a long time but he decided that he could spend his evening as he did most Fridays (with leftovers, a weak rye and water, porn, and some lube) or he could head out and enjoy himself. For months in a row he had just done the former but this week he decided he needed to get out. He was sick of being by himself and he was going to go out and have a good time. Moreover, his chances of spending the night alone were up in the air if he went out but were 100% if he stayed in – might as well give it a shot. He treated himself to a decent dinner for once and decided that he would go out for drinks and dancing.

But that was easier said than done. Even though he was only twenty-six, he hadn’t been in a nightclub since he was legally allowed to drink. He was having a hard time relaxing, and was hoping that the tequila shots would help. They weren’t. Sighing, he moved away from the bar and picked a spot on the dance floor. He began to keep his feet in time with the rhythm and let his whole body follow – he really did enjoy dancing. As he moved with the crowd, he encountered many women on the floor. He had been all night, but each time that he smiled politely and slowly began trying to dance with one of them she would appear completely disinterested and move away. He was enjoying the music but he had been really hoping to at least have had a dance partner tonight, or anyone to talk to, even. He thought to himself he would try one more time before heading back to the bar or leaving, when he felt nudges against his side. He turned quickly and took her in with a glance, not failing to notice the expanse of smooth skin exposed by her tank top nor the delicate features that were curled into a mischievous grin. Her nose was small and her eyes were so dark, almost black. They were almond shaped with delicate lashes. Her skin was slightly ochre, smooth, and dewy from the heat of the dance floor. Her straight, dark hair was in a cute pixie cut; it accented her bone structure, and fit with her lithe frame. Her eyes offered a dance and he returned the smile, glad for his change of luck.

He moved to face her and she continued to hold a small bit of distance between them. They immediately clicked. He took in her white tank top and red plaid skirt as she moved with him and he moved with her, knowing she was sussing him out. He kept smiling at her as she very slowly inched her way closer to him, finally pressing herself against him and wrapping her arms around his neck. He put an arm loosely around her waist as her body bumped and swayed against him. Her head came up to his eye level and he felt it lean against his cheek a little bit. Her hair smelled amazing and her body pressed against his was welcome, so he felt his other arm circle her waist and hold her to him, hoping it didn’t scare her off.

He needn’t have worried. She instantly melded herself to him, feeling the music through his body as well as through the floor. To the others around them they were just another couple enjoying a night out, but to each of them it felt like they were alone with each other, electricity snapping along their skin and fluid rhythms moving their bodies. She nestled in a way that just offset him, perching on his thigh and nudging her own against his groin. He bit his lip as he felt her arms grip him and her hips grind back and forth with the beat. Recognizing this kind of dance, he knew how to hit his marks and followed suit, feeling her grip on him tighten the more she swayed on his thigh. She leaned back slightly, her face flushed and her eyes alive to match the naughty grin on her face. He bit his lip, trying to remember not to let his mouth drop open as he took in the sight of her, admiring the red across her nose and cheeks and her eyes half-closed as her body stretched along him and pressed against him. She swayed on his thigh slowly as she gracefully arched along him, reminding him of how a cat moved lithely and, he noted with a tingle along his body, almost predatorily. He was semi-hard and glad she was shorter than he was and perched lower on his thigh. He hoped she couldn’t feel it as she pressed her upper chest against his, curling her arm around his back as she rolled her hips. He was taken aback by her forwardness a little, but also was interested in exploring it if she would let him and was trying to figure out how to cautiously move forward with this dangerously sexy creature. He let a hand trail up her back and was rewarded with one of hers moving down his chest. His hips moved with hers and their body heat melted their clothes onto them ataşehir escort as they ground into each other, staring into each others’ eyes.

After a little while, she backed away slightly so he could see her smile at him. He watched her eyes travel again over his own dark cinnamon complexion, deep brown eyes, dark brown hair, and what he could already feel was his shadow coming in. She winked and leaned back into him and continued swaying with the music, moving her lips next to his ear.

“You’re a great dancer,” she offered. “What’s your name?” Her smile was disarming and her body’s swaying was intoxicating.

“Alex. And you?” Alex closed his eyes and breathed deeply, willing the tingling in his crotch to go away. He didn’t want to get too ahead of himself. She probably had a horde of girl friends who were going to whisk her away anytime soon.

“Naomi. Nice to meetcha,” she smiled and gave him another eye-over. Alex smiled back, a little uncomfortable at being examined so closely. Finally, she nodded at him a little and leaned forward once more. “You with anyone tonight?”

Her question was blunt and caught him off guard. “Um, no, actually… are you?”

“Nah, I’m just here by myself,” she pressed against him and smiled again as his arm returned to wrap around her waist. She gave his shoulder a little squeeze and began to back him up a little. Alex danced and moved with her, trusting her sense of direction, when he felt his back nudge up against one of the walls supporting the deejay’s cockpit. Before he could say anything else, she smiled at him and flipped around, nudging her ass into his crotch and grabbing his wrists to wrap them around her waist.

The white tank top was loose and buttoned up in the front from neck to hem, with enough buttons undone that her cleavage and bra were peeking through the gap in the neckline. Just below her plaid miniskirt were two knee-high leather heeled boots. Alex was gaping at his turn of luck, and had to force himself to keep his hands still and only where she put them, on her hips. He frowned as the bulge began to grow rather than shrink in his pants, and shifted, embarrassed, as he knew Naomi could feel it clearly. She turned her head to look at him and he made an apologetic face. She just smiled mischievously and wriggled her skirt-clad behind more firmly into him.

Alex’s small choking noise was unstoppable, and he regained his composure before leaning forward to speak into Naomi’s ear. It had four piercings on it in various places all over it and he couldn’t think of a more attractive ear at that moment. “Sorry about that,” he apologised, trying to do whatever he could to make him seem like he wasn’t a creep. He had a hot, obviously interested woman pressed up against him, and he wanted to make sure he didn’t ruin his chances even remotely.

He felt her laugh. “Sorry about what?” She looked over her shoulder at him, smiling innocently as she watched Alex colour darker shades of red visible even in the dim light. “You didn’t think I noticed while I was grinding my clit into your thigh?”

He stammered a little as she smirked at him and turned to face him, this time guiding his hands to stroke up and down her sides. This woman knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to tell him about it – he was thrilled that he didn’t have to do any more guesswork. He followed his brief instructions precisely and when she let go of his hands to wrap one of her arms around his neck, he kept stroking her torso and rocking along with her supple body to the loud music in the club. She pressed against him firmly, teasing him with her fingers in return. They traced up and down his shoulders and neck before moving down to his chest, putting light pressure on her fingertips at times. He smiled into the other ear – only noticing because this one had five piercings spread out over it – as her hands moved down to stroke his own sides, mirroring his movements on her. She spread her legs slightly and leaned over to his left side, moving into the position they had both enjoyed earlier. Her hands began to move downward, beginning to stroke the outside of his thighs. One began working its way around to circle his butt, moving slowly between him and the wall. Alex’s hard on was throbbing and he gasped as her hand slid along his body between them to run over it a little bit. She was watching him carefully to gauge his reaction, and it was all he could do to try and not look too far gone.

They danced and swayed for several songs. She kept them positioned firmly against the wall and would turn to face him or away from him periodically. Alex loved to dance and he gathered she did too, so he wasn’t afraid to lead her in his own movements and sways. If she was going to keep him against the wall where she could control him, he was happy to follow along. His erection had not gone away since she had conjured it up, but he was no longer embarrassed. She seemed to enjoy avcılar escort the feel of the bulge pressing against her tartan-covered ass or top of her thigh. Eventually Alex asked her if she would like a drink, and nodding, she grabbed his hand and led him towards the bar.

She ordered a beer, and he followed suit, knowing that it would be more thirst-quenching than a cocktail or shot. He paid and tipped the bartender and she thanked him, leading him once more, although this time to a quieter corner table she had spotted as being vacated. They sat facing each other and sipped at the cool liquid, both sweating from the exertion of dancing.

“You’re a good dancer,” she repeated and smiled at him. “Not many guys know how or like to dance.”

“I don’t know. I’ve always enjoyed it. You’re not so bad yourself,” he smiled at her and took a swig. “Do you come here often?”

“Mmhmm. I like it. I just come to dance and enjoy myself, but I get some creeps sometimes. Usually everyone is polite and keeps their hands to themselves, or at least where I put them. You’re a perfect gentleman.”

He laughed. “Does the fact that you’re keeping me against the wall have anything to do with the fact that you’re worried?”

“Yeah,” she admitted, and grinned apologetically. “You can’t be too careful, you know. I’ve gotten my panties taken away from me because some guy pushed me against a wall.” She smiled at him and tipped the last of her beer down her throat. “Ready for some more?”

He raised his eyebrows at her comment but when she said nothing more he eyed her up and down briefly, and smiled in approval. “Absolutely.”

He let her lead him back to the floor, but noted she chose a different place. She led him to a dark corner, moving along the wall, and he let her press him up against it. She faced him and undid a button more on her shirt. She stepped back, raised an eyebrow at him playfully and gave him a long look up and down while biting her fingertip, as if she were considering something. Alex’s pants were straining as she cocked her hip and let her breasts push against the fabric encasing them. She looked sexy, and he bit his lip and took her in unabashedly. She smiled at him and pressed up against him firmly, pulling his head down to hers and giving him a deep kiss.

The kisses Alex remembered experiencing in the past had always been playful, gentle, sweet kisses shared with a lover. These were hot, passionate, urgent, and filled with lust. The lights in the club were low, and the music was loud in their ears as their tongues duelled for what seemed like ages. Alex somehow was not surprised to discover she had a tongue piercing. When Naomi broke the kiss, she smiled wickedly and pulled Alex to her, leading him into a corner that was especially dim. She backed up into it, and bit her lip at him, snaking one hand down to touch the bulge in his jeans and squeeze it softly. She grinned playfully at him as his eyes closed and he swallowed hard. Their means of communication was with expressions and fingers now, and Alex caught on quickly. He cupped her thigh and ran his hand up it under her skirt to squeeze her hip and then her right butt cheek. He was pleased and surprised to find only a thin string running in between the tight orbs of her ass. It was his turn to smirk at her as she responded with a wink.

Naomi’s hands went up around Alex’s neck as he pressed her further into the corner walls. His hand slid forward and tucked into the front panel of her small thong, feeling smooth skin against it. He let out a low moan that was almost a growl, and Naomi felt his chest vibrate with the noise. She looked left and right quickly, and deciding nobody was watching them, worked her fingers into the seam of his jeans and unzipped them. Undoing the button swiftly, she released the pressure on his cock and backed into him, tucking the swollen, throbbing organ that emerged between her thighs. Alex let out a sharp gasp and grabbed her hips roughly, feeling the damp material of her panties and the smooth skin of her inner thighs press against his cock. She turned to look over her shoulder at him and grinned slyly. Leaning up into his ear she nipped it. “How many condoms you got, Alex?”

His brain short-circuited at the question. His first thought was to look around in a panic, still not believing they were unnoticed. The other bodies in the club paid them no mind – they looked like two people making out in the back corner, probably not an unusual thing that happened in here. His eyes finished scanning the room and he almost lost his grip again when he looked back at Naomi’s face. She smiled wickedly and ran her tongue along her lips as she squeezed her thighs together, pressing his hard shaft into the soft skin of her legs. He gripped her shoulders as he caught his breath and had to close his eyes for a moment to collect himself. She waited patiently for him to respond with, “Ungh, two. I have two.”

His avrupa yakası escort foggy brain began to fumble for his wallet and somehow managed to pass Naomi a small silver package. She grasped his shaft firmly, grinning and sliding it on in one smooth movement. The speed at which she gave him a quick kiss, turned around, flipped up her skirt, and sheathed him within her was impressive. The fact that Alex was able to stifle his cry of surprise and pleasure was even more impressive. Naomi leaned back against his chest, allowing him a view of her handful-sized breasts and smooth skin disappearing under the white tank top. Wrapping her arms around his neck and beginning to grind with the music once more, she closed her eyes and began to moan softly in his ear. The feeling of her soft wet walls was exquisite and Alex’s hands roamed over her torso, at this point not caring who saw that he was feeling her up. Luckily, the dance floor was still very alive and crowded and their tryst was still unnoticed. Anyone who might have looked would have no way of telling what they were doing, but could definitely see his wandering hands. His hands moved down to smooth her skirt and squeeze her inner thighs as her muscles began to squeeze him inside her. He made a rough noise in her ear and began to hold her hips close as he pushed into her as firmly as he could while being subtle. His eyes were closed and even though the music was loud, he could still hear Naomi’s faint coos of pleasure making its way to his ears. Burying his nose into her neck, he began to grind more forcefully, beginning to feel the small form in his arms quiver.

One of the hands wrapped around his neck gripped his hair and the other reached back to grab the side of his thigh. They squeezed hard and she doubled over a little, pushing her ass into him as he began to feel rippling muscles working its way up and down his shaft. Her body began to tremble violently and with a shock he realized she was probably cumming. His eyes snapped open and he looked down at her intently, wanting to memorize every detail about what was happening to store in his vault for later. He saw her face and chest flush and saw her eyebrows knit together as her head lolled back against his shoulder. He saw her body arch and her knees tremble and her mouth open slightly. He felt her press into him and heard the sweet noise she made in his ear – his name. He held her close as she rocked against him, biting his lip and enjoying the show. As her trembling calmed, Naomi’s eyes opened and looked dazed for a few moments before clearing and smiling at him. He looked down at her sweet lips and realized they were grinning at him cheekily, too. He wasn’t sure what she was going to do next, and decided his best option to encourage more was to gently pull her closer and to begin moving his hips.

He evidently had made the right choice. As soon as he began to rock into her again, her eyes closed and she gasped anew. He grinned to himself and shook his head at his marvelous (yet rare) luck and odd (but wonderful) circumstances. A beautiful girl had somehow managed to wind up wrapped around his cock, and he hadn’t even seen her fully naked yet. Or left the place he’d met her. He continued to move slowly, smirking to himself a little cockily at the reaction he was conjuring up in this sexy creature. The smile wiped off his face and he gasped along with her when he felt her clench around him again. He buried his nose into her neck and moaned loudly into her shoulder, digging his nails into her hips. It was her turn to give a gloating smile as she squeezed her walls around him, letting him feel her slick and tight pussy squeeze him as hard as it could. His eyes crossed and he moaned his own noises into her skin as she worked his length skillfully.

Her muscles fluttered as she worked her hips on him, grinding his hard length into her deepest, most sensitive spots inside her. He could feel each twitch and spasm of her pussy walls around his shaft, her strong muscles rippling along it and making each part feel her firm grip. That, plus her subtle hip gyrations that made her look like she was innocently dancing dirtily. Ironic that dancing naughtily would have been still more innocent than the magic she was conjuring with her body. He’d never felt anything like it before and it had been so long since he’d gotten laid that he was unfortunately going to last what felt like an embarrassingly short amount of time. He murmured urgently, “Naomi, you’re gonna have to go easy on me – you’re too good and I’m going to be done too quick!”

She barely heard him over the loud thump of the bass but his grip frantically moving all over her body told her everything she needed to know. She smiled, recognising the conflicted look on his face of wanting to cum but not wanting to cum. She began to bob her hips in a more forward and back motion, allowing him to slide in and out. She nodded encouragingly at him as she felt her own need to cum rise again. His eyes shot open and looked at her as she began to clench and relax her walls around him, knowing it must have not been helping him last any longer. She grinned at his panicked look and leaned back again to tell him something; he took his own cue and leaned forward, gripping on her hips tightly and holding her to him.

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