Getting Into Frat: Ch. 01 – Rush

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Duncan was a freshman at Virginia U. He had come from his home town and knew no one in the university. But, Duncan wanted a true college experience, and decided to join a fraternity. Rush began early in the fall semester and Duncan went to as many frat houses as he could, applying to each that he liked. Hoping to get in, Duncan went to some of the events that the fraternities held during the Rush weeks. Duncan went to all the events he could, and slowly started to gravitate to a few people, the three heads of the Pi Kappa Alpha frat, Brother Charles, Brother Harrison and Brother Jacob, three beefy, preppy frat boys who looked and acted like the knew what was what. So Duncan started to socialize more and more at their events.

Duncan got to know a few of the freshman hoping to pledge, but what he really wanted was to meet the heads and make an impression. And finally, towards the end of the Rush period, Duncan got close to one of the heads of the frat, Brother Charles. Brother Charles was shorter than Duncan had thought, he was a beefy, hairy guy with hair coming out of his shirt in a seducing kind of way that made Duncan uncomfortable at first.

“Who are you?” Brother Charles asked looking at Duncan with a piercing gaze.

“Um, Duncan Reynolds” Duncan said extending his hand.

Brother Charles took it and shook Duncan hand.

“Old school.” Brother Charles said “Only old men shake hands.”

Duncan was embarrassed. All he wanted was to get into the frat, and he had made himself look like some old man in front of the head of the frat.

“I like you. Good manners.” Brother Charles said “So you want to join the Pi Kappa Alpha?”

Duncan was relieved. Brother Charles’ ruthless charismatic character had fooled him.

“Uh, yeah.” Duncan said “I do.”

“Why?” Brother Charles asked dryly.

“Uh.” Duncan said a bit shocked “Well, I want the college experience see, and a fraternity is the perfect way to get to know people, get involved and…” Duncan struggled to find a third thing casino şirketleri to fill out his speech.

“And party!” Brother Charles said, giving Duncan a hard slap on the shoulder “Have a beer my friend!”

Relieved, Duncan let himself go and took a beer, a Budweiser, which impressed Brother Charles. Duncan partied with the frat boys, seeing Brother Charles every so often, and composing himself to look straight and sober. But by the end of the night, everyone was drunk and Duncan was saluting the ‘captain’ instead of ‘brother Charles’.

Finally, Rush was coming to an end. And Duncan got a formal bid from brother Charles. I was a small card that was pushed under the dormroom door. It read The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha extend to you their warmest congratulations to Duncan Reynolds who is hereby in association with the fraternity of Pi Kappa Alpha. And signed with brother Charles’ signature. Even before he could celebrate, Duncan got a letter from the fraternity, also stuffed under his dormroon door. It came in an envelope with red writing, like on the bid. Dear Duncan Reynolds, The fraternity of Pi Kappa Alpha request your presence at the frat house on the 4th of November at 8 p.m. We look forward to seeing you, The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha.

Obeying the instructions in the letter, Duncan presented himself to the frat house at the time indicated. There were the three heads of the frat, brothers Charles, Harrison and Jacob, dressed in red togas, and the other fraternity brothers in white togas. A line of plain clothed guy, the pledges to be, stood waiting. Duncan joined the line. He waited a bit longer until the last of the pledges to be came in and two fraternity brother closed the house doors and went back in line.

“Welcome.” Brother Harrison said “Welcome to Pi Kappa Alpha.”

“You have received, from one of the heads of our great fraternity, a bid.” Brother Jacob said.

“We have summoned you here tonight to begin the pledge process.” Brother Charles said.

“Brother Dan, bring the list.” casino firmaları Brother Harrison said.

A fraternity brother in a white toga came forward and handed a paper list to brother Harrison. Brother Harrison took it and read off each name, taking attendance. And every time a name went unclaimed, he would scratch it off and declare the missing unfit for the fraternity. When he was done brother Harrison called the fraternity brother back and gave him the list.

“Now.” Brother Jacob said “Before we begin the pledge process, we will teach you about our great fraternity. Brother Charles.”

Brother Charles stepped forward and looked at the pledges to be. He nodded to a few, including Duncan, most likely the ones he had sent bids to.

“Our fraternity was founded in 1868! At this very university… You walk on hallowed ground brothers. These floors have been walked y many greats. The vision of our fraternity! Is to set the standard of integrity, intellect and achievement for our members, host institution and the communities in which we live. Do you think you can live up to that!?” Brother Charles yelled. Brother Harrison stepped forward and brother Charles back.

“Before you are allowed to pledge!” Brother Harrison said, also yelling “You must… pass two tests… One! is of intellect… The other… Is of integrity!”

“First!” Brother Jacob said “Brother Dan, the list.”

The fraternity brother brought the list to brother Jacob.

“I have here, your G! P! As! from high school.” Brother Jacob said with a torturous smile “Samuel Adelaide, 3.4 David Asner, 2.5, oh… 2.5… That’s not so good.”

Brother Jacob read through the whole list, insulting those who had bad GPAs. When he got to the end, he gave the list back to the fraternity brother Dan and stepped back. Brother Charles stepped forward.

“All of you who have a GPA of 3.0… and lower, are no longer deemed fit to enter our fraternity.” Brother Charles said.

“What!” a pledge to be yelled out.

“We regret it, güvenilir casino but rules are rules, and those of the fraternity are sacred.” Brother Charles said.

And with that, the guy who had been insulted for their low GPAs left the frat house, leaving only 11 guys in line, hoping to be in the fraternity.

“Now” Brother Harrison said, stepping forward to take Charles’ place “take a paper from this hat”

The fraternity brother Dan came forward with an inverted top hat.

“You will have one of two options task or Act. If you pull out task” Brother Harrison said as the pledges to be pulled from the hat “Your test of integrity will be something to do. If you pull Act it’ll be something done to you.”

Duncan had pulled Task.

“All the task people on my right, and the acts on my left.” Brother Harrison said.

The room separated. Duncan and two other guy went onto brother Harrison’s right, the rest on his left.

“Brothers!” Brother Jacob said to the Task guys “Come and take an other paper.”

They stepped up and pulled from an other top hat that the Dan brother was holding. Duncan’s read 4.

“Does one of you have the 1?” Brother Jacob asked.

The guy beside Duncan put his paper in the air “I do brother.” he said.

“Oh! Safe card.” Brother Jacob said. “Go with your brother on the act side. Number 2? No one? Number 3? No… Number 4?”

Duncan put his paper in the air “I have number four brother!” he said trying to seem confidant.

“Our first Haze.” Brother Harrison said. The brothers laughed.

“You, brother…” Brother Jacob said, waiting for Duncan’s name.

“Duncan.” Duncan said.

“Duncan, will have to! Make love!” Brother Jacob said. And ripples of jealously ran across the room, people talked and looked “To an other man!” and with that, the jealousy turned to mockery.

Duncan didn’t know what to do. He had to go through with it to be in the frat! But to fuck a guy.

“Do you accept this task brother, as proof of your dedication to being part of our great fraternity?” Brother Jacob asked.

Duncan froze for a few seconds thinking it over.

“Yes brother!” he said with all his might, which wasn’t much now.

The brothers in togas roared.

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