Getting His Attention Ch. 03

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Cuckold Sessions

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Carl woke up feeling a bit wore out. After spending time with Amy a few days prior, they had to rush to get her dressed and back to her parent’s house before dinner. They shared a deep kiss at the door before they heard Amy’s mother shouting that dinner was ready. As Carl turned to leave, Amy’s mom grabbed his arm and pulled him in also so he could enjoy dinner with them. He sat down as they enjoyed a good dinner together, again with talks of marriage and relationships. As Carl started out the door, Amy kissed him again as her parents looked on.

School became more of a blur as they established a routine where Carl picked Amy up for school every morning. They’d walk to first period together and meet up again in Chemistry. After Chemistry, they go to lunch and then they split until the end of the day when they go to Carl’s house together. It was when they arrived home when Amy brought up college.

“I’m thinking of going to U-dub now,” Amy said.

“Are you sure?” Carl asked. “It’s not a cheap school.”

“It’s cheaper than PLU,” she answered. “Plus it would be closer to home. Depending on classes, we could even commute together.”

Carl smiled at that idea. It was the rejection from PLU that had Amy crying in his arms a little while ago that pushed them together. The thought of Amy going to U-dub did make him smile, but it also popped into his head the uncertainty of a future. Amy saw the look on his face as he thought about this and smiled. She then looked outside in the back yard.

“I never saw your back yard, Carl,” she said as she stood to look out the sliding glass door.

Carl watched as Amy stood up. She was wearing a black top that adalar escort seemed to flow over her. Her leggings were tight around her ass as usual since she liked to show off her ass when Carl was looking. The red scarf around her neck accentuated the look as did the red lipstick and the red hair tie. He started to get up and slid in behind her as she looked out the back yard. His arms slid around her and secured her against him as he kissed her cheek.

She stared outside as Carl came up behind her to embrace her. As she reveled in his warmth, she started to notice the details of Carl’s yard. She saw the blue painted wood shed in the corner just large enough to hold a lawnmower or small amount of storage. She saw an old play set with a swing and slide that was way too small for teenagers. She then saw something that caught her eye. She thought for a second before whispering to Carl.

“Is that cord?” she asked.

He barely heard the question before he whispered back.


“Is that cord over there by the shed?” she asked again.

He looked a moment before he saw what she referred to. It was bright green and wound in a tight bundle next to the shed. Carl tried to remember what it was there for before he felt the glass door open and Amy walk towards it. As she bent over to pick it up, Carl was treated to a great view of her fabric covered ass. He stopped behind her and placed his hands on her hips.

Amy paused there for a moment, relishing the feeling of Carl grabbing her. One of the things puzzling her slowly started to fade. She quietly waited in her mind before she back into Carl, her ass rubbing against the front of his jeans. She secretly hoped he’d get the idea.

Carl slowly started to pull down the leggings anadolu yakası escort before her pink panties came into view. He looked around, knowing that no one was close enough to see anything before he slowly pulled the panties down. There in front of him was her naked rear. It was tantalizing, but felt even more tempting due to them being outside. There was also something he was curious about. He raised his hand slightly and smacked her left cheek.

“Harder,” she whispered. She had no idea where that idea came from. All she knew is that she wanted more.

There was a second slap on the same cheek. She shivered partly due to the cold, but also because of the feeling she had as Carl explored a bit. Amy wanted to feel if this excited Carl, but he backed away before she could. Carl then spanked her left side as well. Amy felt flushed, but turned on as well as she stayed in that position before she saw the swing set again. She noticed the swing as around waist high. She looked at it longingly before Carl noticed.

“Go to the swing, Amy,” he whispered.

Amy loved this control Carl seemed to have over her. She wanted to please him. She walked over to the swing set and looked at Carl. She looked down and saw his pants bulge a bit. This control thing was getting him going, she thought in her head. As she looked at the swing, she heard Carl again.

“Bend over the swing.”

She complied, her ass exposed to Carl again as she steadied herself on the swing. Carl then smacked her ass a few more times before he noticed how pink the skin became. He also noticed how Amy seemed to be enjoying it. The pressure was becoming too much in his jeans though and he slid behind Amy as he unzipped his pants. He slid his cock out just ataköy escort enough before he rubbed it against her warm hole. Amy squealed when she felt the head of his cock rubbing her.

“Please, Carl, fuck me,” she whispered.

Carl slammed into her pussy and started to fuck her. Amy was enjoying this liberating feeling. Here she was, leaning against a swing with her leggings down and her lover fucking her outside in the cold. She started to rock back against him, desiring his cock to take her as she wanted. It wasn’t long until she felt him getting close. She readied herself for the explosion inside her when he pulled out.

“On your knees,” he whispered.

She complied, kneeling on the grass as he started to stroke his cock towards her face. She looked at him with pleading eyes, expecting the torrent of cum to splatter all over her face. As the different shots of seed started to hit her face, she felt dirty. She felt like a slut. But more over, she felt complete. As she felt the shots stop, she slowly looked up at Carl’s face and smiled before she opened her mouth. She slid her tongue around her lips and began to lick the cum off where she could reach. She then leaned forward and took his spent cock in her mouth and began to suck, taking as much residue off of him as she could.

Carl began to feel weak kneed. He put his hand out to steady himself, accidently pushing Amy onto his cock deeper. He felt her gasp on his cock before she moaned. She started to suck him earnestly until Carl begged her to stop. She looked up at him before she pulled her mouth off his cock and smiled.

“Inside?” she asked.

Carl nodded. She got up off the ground with Carl’s assistance and pulled her panties and leggings up before walking in the house. She then turned and saw the cord still on the ground. She turned and walked over to grab it before looking back at Carl. When she noticed him watching, she wiggled her bum a bit teasingly before grabbing the cord and walking back to him.

“What’s that for?” Carl asked her.

“You’ll see,” Amy said, a wicked smile crossing her face.

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