Game Night

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“Come on Laura! You only live once!” exclaims Michelle in frustration regarding Laura’s reaction to the idea of male strippers at her bachelorette party.

Blushing more and more Laura shakes her head. She’s always been quiet and fairly shy. The idea of a couple of men dancing around and taking off their clothes all in her honour absolutely horrifies her. She shifts her attention to the pool table before her trying to hide some of her discomfort.

The four friends are gathered at Steve and Michelle’s place for their monthly dinner and game night. Dinner went well with good food, good conversation and a few drinks. Everyone typically balances each other out. Michelle and Steve are loud, wild and crazy making for a great contrast to the quieter, slightly shyer Laura and Jack. Being long standing friends everyone gets along well but sometimes Laura and Jack need an extra little push.

“I’ll come strip for you if that makes you feel better.” Steve says to Laura with a wink and suggestive little dance with his hips making Laura blush even more and reach for her wineglass.

Laughing he motions to Jack to signal that it’s his turn at the pool table. They’ve been playing since dinner couple vs couple with Jack and Laura taking the majority of the wins, this game being no exception.

“Let’s make this more interesting.” Jack states getting bored of playing just for fun. A bet or two always manages to sneak it’s way into game night, usually ending with Steve digging in his wallet and grumpily handing over a stack of cash.

“What do you have in mind?” inquires Steve knowing there will be a dollar amount presented to him but he has a thought of his own after watching Laura down glass after glass of wine and seeing her pretty face turn a darker shade of pink at his suggestive comment.

“$100 a game?” suggests Jack.

Steve winks at Michelle and strolls over to her. Bending his head to her ear he whispers something to her causing her to giggle and shrug. “How about we make things really interesting?”

“Shirts! Let’s play for shirts.” Michelle pipes up eyeing Jack’s chiseled, muscular chest remembering all the times she’s seen it at the pool and the beach.

Steve casts a look at Laura, a glint in his eye. After seeing her bending over the pool table all night and catching the odd glimpse down her purple scoop neck t-shirt spying her shapely, smaller breasts he thinks this is a fabulous idea.

Laura and Jack look at each other. “Uhhhh” Jack stammers, his eyes not leaving his fiancee’s.

“I don’t think so!” exclaims Laura.

“C’mon guys! Its just us. No different than being at the beach in a bikini top Laura.” Michelle encourages.

“Let’s go for it honey.” Jack adds while eyeing the buttons on Michelle’s white blouse straining to stay closed as her breathing increases in anticipation making her chest press against them. “Besides, I always win.” he adds.

Feeling more confident with Jack’s reminder and all the wine she’s consumed aiding her decision she nods her head and agrees. “Alright, just shirts.”

Steve has graciously been granted the opportunity to break to start the game off. With the heightened stakes of the bet hanging in the balance the sexual tension builds and builds. Everyone is more focused on the bodies bending and stretching over the pool table. Breathing gets heavier and heavier as imaginations start to wonder and excitement builds. A few close calls happen due to the sexual distractions around them but in the end Jack and Laura indeed win 8 – 4.

Steve and Michelle look at each other and shrug. “Good game guys.” Steve congratulates them as he begins to pull off his shirt.

As he’s removing it a gasp can be heard coming from Laura. He’s a well built man. Firm and muscular. His chest is covered in just the right amount of hair. Laura’s gaze follows it down from his chest to his stomach and finally to where it disappears into his pants. Unconsciously her lips part, her tongue slips out between them flicking over her top lip as her gaze moves back up Steve’s body and spies his hard nipples showing some of the sexual desire he’s starting to feel.

Laura can really start to feel the dampness between her legs as she gazes at Steve. Nothing she hasn’t seen before but in this setting it seems so much more erotic than the causal beach setting she’s accustomed to seeing him shirtless in. Her reaction takes her by surprise. “Maybe letting go isn’t such a bad idea.” she thinks.

Jack’s attention can’t be pulled away from Michelle. As she watches the effect of her boyfriend on her best friend she grins and slowly fondles the buttons on her blouse slowly undoing them. “Yes, things really are starting to get interesting.” she thinks to herself.

Turning her attention to Jack she locks eyes with him for a moment as she exposes most of her breasts. His eyes travel down the path her fingers are blazing. His breathing increases as she pulls her blouse off one arm at a time. Her tits bounce casino şirketleri in the confines of her black, lacy un-padded bra. Jack can clearly see the outline of her nipples pushing and straining against the lacy material. He groans ever so slightly in approval. His cock twitches it’s agreement in his pants. He’s only ever seen and experienced Laura’s boobs before so being so close to Michelle’s and seeing her dark, hard nipples enveloped in lace is having quite the effect on him.

“Now let’s play for pants!” Steve boldly suggests. “This time you two won’t be so lucky!” he adds eyeing Laura up and down.

Feeling a little anxious, Laura again reaches for her drink and drains it as she takes in Michelle’s brazen display of her large barley covered breasts and her fiancee’s drooling reaction to them. Her gaze shifting to Steve’s bare chest she answers the unspoken question targeted to her.

“I guess that would be okay… but it stops after that.”

Everyone agrees, stunned that it took no convincing to get Laura to agree.

Giddy and excited about the next round Michelle bounces over to the table, her tits jiggling as she moves. “I’ll rack.”

Laura has lost all her concentration. She can’t manage to sink a single shot. The half naked bodies, the alcohol and the wetness between her legs are all a distraction. “Thank God Jack has managed to keep his focus.” she reflects not wanting to have to lose her pants.

Jack doesn’t disappoint her despite the distraction he faces with Michelle’s chest and the resulting bulge in his pants. Seeing Michelle down to just her bra and panties is a strong motivator for him to win this game. With a score of 8 – 2, no thanks to Laura the game ends quickly enough.

Jack grins at Michelle. “Guess that means we get to keep our pants.” he states.

Steve saunters over to Michelle. Reaching for the button her well fitting jeans he undoes it with one quick fluid movement moving his hand to her zipper and pulling it down as well. Jack and Laura can’t be certain as everything happens so fast but they are fairly sure they see Steve’s index finger disappear into Michelle’s fly before he moves back from her. Michelle finishes wriggling out of her jeans under Jack’s watchful eye. With a wink at him and a final tug she stands before the group dressed only in her matching black lace bra and thong. Jack feels his cock grow even more as his imagination starts to take over thinking about what he would love to do to her.

Michelle sashays over to Steve to return the helpful favour of ridding him of his jeans. Undoing the top button she teasingly slips a finger behind the next button of his button fly as she works it free. Moving onto the next in the same manor she continues until all five of his buttons are undone. Moving her hands to his waistband she pushes Steve’s jeans down his legs moving back to let him step out of them. Feeling extremely aroused and a little bolder than she expected in front of their shyer friends she reaches over and lets two of her fingers trace over his raging hard on over his boxers.

Seeing this display, Laura starts to feel more uncomfortable despite her arousal and, what else is that feeling? Lust? at seeing the outline of Steve’s hardness. “Alright, I think I’m done.” Laura announces.

“Awww! Laura don’t be such a baby.” Michelle taunts. “Things are just starting to get fun. If you keep going I’ll let you cancel the bachelorette party strippers.”

“When does this end?” Laura asks looking over at Steve part of her wanting to finish the game off to see that cock of his free of it’s final covering but the other part of her wanting to run.

“When the losing couple is naked. Steve and I are almost there.” Michelle informs and reminds Laura.

Reflecting on how well Jack played the last game under the distractions in the room and knowing how good he is at pool in general Laura agrees fairly confident that there will be one more game played.

“Ok. One more, for your underwear and then we’re done.” she gives in as she reaches for a new bottle of wine, opening it and filling her glass.

It’s Laura’s turn to break and she misses to no one’s real surprise at this point. Michelle is up next and has a better turn, managing to down two balls before she misses. Jack is up next. Taking a deep breath he grabs his cue knowing that Laura is counting on him to make sure this is the last game but also feeling the pressure from himself to make these shots count. He really wants to see Michelle’s boobs free of their lacy prison and he wonders what her pussy looks like without that thong in the way. Not disappointing anyone, except maybe Steve who would love to see Laura’s tits in just her bra Jack manages to make four shots.

Laura smiles at Jack. “Good job sweetie!” she exclaims.

Jack misses his fifth shot which makes it Steve’s turn. Steve manages to only sink one.

“Careful of the 8 ball.” Jack advises Laura as she steps up to take her next turn.

She casino firmaları eyes it tittering on the edge of the pocket but the warning does no good. She misses sinking her ball and with the barest of clicks she catches the 8 ball and it disappears from the table and into the pocket.

“Hahaha!” cackles Michelle with glee.

“Off with those shirts guys.” Steve joins in.

Jack pulls his shirt off with a nervous ease. It’s not so bad, no different than anything he would show at the pool he comforts himself. Looking up he sees Michelle eyeing him. As her eyes move down his chest to his pants where his cock is hard and straining against the material her breathing increases making her boobs rise and fall, jiggling as they do. A slight moan escapes him as he watches her watching him.

Laura nervously crosses her arms in front of herself, grasping the hem of her shirt. With a nervous sigh she looks around at the group. Seeing her fiancee ogling her best friend as she stands there in her underwear she starts to feel annoyed. Moving her gaze over to Steve she blushes deeply. He’s just standing there staring at her one hand gently over his cock as he watches her. With a deep breath she quickly pulls her shirt up and over her head.

Steve doesn’t take his eyes off Laura as she stands there in her plain white slightly padded bra. “Wow, is he ever checking me out.” Laura thinks to herself wondering why he would be so taken with her when Michelle has bigger boobs and is dressed a lot more sexily than she is.

“Alright, next game guys.” Jack says excitedly as he racks the balls thinking it should be easy to take this game and then he will finally be able to see Michelle in all her glory.

Michelle breaks and manages to sink a ball off the break and then follows up by sinking two more. She smiles at Laura and Jack saying “Looks like I’m starting to get better.”

“Watch this.” boasts Jack, his eyes flicking over Michelle’s body motivating him to give the game all he’s got. Sinking three balls he ties up the game.

Steve steps up for his turn, winking at Laura he laughs at Jack. “No way are you winning this one buddy.” he grins and Laura blushes yet again as she looks at Steve’s toned, partially covered body. Trying to cover her embarrassment yet again she reaches for her wine glass.

Steve sinks a couple more for his team and moves aside to make room for Laura at the table. He’s so close to her she can feel the heat radiating off his body. Her hands start to shake as she lines up her shot but she misses.

“Oops.” She giggles, letting some of her shyness break away for a moment.

As Michelle steps up to the table Jack comes over to Laura and wraps his arms around her. Kissing the side of her neck he can feel her start to relax further. Everyone will have more fun if she relaxes, lets go and just has fun. Michelle sinks the next two balls leaving them only with the 8 ball. Sensing a pending defeat Jack tries his best but after watching Michelle bend and stretch over the table showing off her bare ass thanks to the thong and the physical touching he just indulged in with Laura his focus is off. He only manages to sink three balls.

Grinning like a mad man Steve steps up. “Corner pocket.” he declares easily and enthusiastically pockets the ball. “Ooooh the tables are starting to turn.” he gloats.

Laura and Jack glance at each other. A small shy smile works it’s way onto Laura’s face. The thought of actually removing her jeans and standing in front of the three of them in her plain white bra and bikini cut panties is oddly arousing. All of these new sensations are starting to overwhelm her. She’s never done anything like this before in her life.

“C’mon Laura! No different than a bikini” Michelle encourages her friend.

“A deal’s a deal sweetie, we can’t welch.” Jack chimes in.

Watching Steve leer at her causes a sensation to ripple through her that only Jack has managed to bring out in her before. It makes her feel more confident and she becomes wetter and wetter under his intense gaze as her fingers move to the button and then zipper of her jeans. With a shimmy of her hips her jeans fall to the floor. With shaking legs she steps out of them and turns her attention to Jack. “Your turn.”

The two girls watch Jack as he scrambles out of his pants. The shyness he had originally felt is long gone. Steve’s eyes keep moving between the two girls taking in their very different bodies. Both girls are attractive, Laura is just more petite than Michelle. The sexual tension in the room is really on the rise as all four of them stand there in their underwear staring at each other. Hard bulging cocks, erect nipples, wet panties, heavy breathing and the odd gasp, moan and groan are really taking their toll on everyone.

Michelle is the first to break the silence. “Guess this is the last game no matter what.” she observes.

Steve beckons Michelle over to him. Jack and Laura exchange looks wondering güvenilir casino what he’s up to now. Bending down Steve whispers something in Michelle’s ear for the second time that night. With a mischievous gleam in her eye Michelle nods while eyeing both Laura and Jack. Steve makes another proposal, “How about we make things even more interesting?”

Laura is the first to speak, “What are you thinking?” she asks.

“Well, I was thinking, and Michelle agrees, what if the losers of this next game don’t lose their underwear but instead have to do whatever the winners ask of them for the next hour?” Steve responds.

Laura, being the naive, sheltered, shy girl she is asks, “Like what?”

Michelle responds to her friend with a quick wink at Steve, “Oh just silly little things. Nothing to crazy.”

Jack looks to Laura, “I’m breaking this time. They’ve only won twice all night. We’ve got this.”

“Alright, we’re in.” agrees Laura.

Jack breaks and spreads out the table nicely. With a smile and a wink at Michelle Steve saunters up to the table. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. All the balls go down one after the other in a display Jack has never seen from Steve.

“Look at that, guess we win.” Steve laughs as Michelle joins in.

Steve wonders over to the stereo in the corner of the room and puts on some soft, slow music.

“How about an innocent little dance?” he asks Laura extending his hand.

She takes his hand and moves towards him groaning a little as their bodies touch. Steve runs a hand over Laura’s back and Laura responds by closing her eyes, sighing contently and moving into him grazing his chest with her covered breasts.

Michelle walks over to Jack and immediately wraps her arms around his neck. Jack’s eyes travel down Michelle’s body and he feels his cock twitch being so close to her and seeing her large tits and hard nipples. Wrapping his arms around Michelle’s waist Jack moves closer to her so her breasts press against his chest and his cock is very close to her pussy. Both couples begin to move to the music getting lost in the moment.

The first song ends and everyone pauses for a second before the next one begins. Laura and Jack look at each other checking to make sure each is alright with this and silently seeking permission from the other to keep going. They smile at each other and begin moving with their separate partners as a new song starts.

Michelle moves in much closer to Jack pressing against his cock as she begins to nuzzle his chest. She feels his heart beating frantically in his chest and she smiles. “This is really turning into quite the night.” she thinks to herself as her tongue darts out of her mouth to flick over Jack’s nipple. Jack’s hands move over her back inching closer and closer to her bare ass. Michelle starts to suck on Jack’s nipple as his hands play with the tiny cloth of her thong before finally giving her ass a firm yet gentle squeeze.

Steve lowers his head to Laura’s. “Fuck, even her hair smells all sweet and innocent.” he silently observes hoping he can change that innocence before the night is over. Laura looks up at him, her eyes wide and nervous but her smile is encouraging. His hand moves slowly up and down her back once more while they hold each others gaze. He knows he can’t rush her or he might scare her off and it’s taking all of the restraint he’s got to not give into his primal urges. Her hands move into his hair as a small moan escapes her. Feeling her encouragement, Steve’s hand moves down to cup Laura’s ass. When no resistance is met he gives it a gentle squeeze while pulling her ever so closer so she can feel his cock and how excited he is to be so close to her.

The song ends and Steve reluctantly pulls away from Laura. Michelle and Jack separate as well. The sexual tension in the air is even stronger now as everyone is practically panting with desire, lust and need.

“What’s next?” Jack asks with enthusiasm.

“Ever play that game 7 Minutes in Heaven?” Michelle asks.

Of course, being the shy couple they are Jack and Laura both shake their heads.

“Let’s give it a shot.” Michelle continues before running off to get the timer from the kitchen.

Returning she looks at Laura “Steve, you and Laura start.” she suggests not wanting to give her friend to much to over think it.

Smiling broadly Steve grabs Laura’s hand and leads her to the closet just outside of the game room for a bit of privacy. Hearing the door click closed Michelle starts the timer and grins mischievously at Jack as she sits down on the couch with Jack joining her. Reaching over Michelle rests her hand on Jack’s thigh.

In the closet Steve can hear Laura’s heavy breathing and feel the heat coming from her petite body. Moving closer to her he takes her face in his hands and places a gentle kiss on her lips. After a slight pause she responds to his kiss with an eagerness and passion that surprises him. Obviously feeling more confident in the dark Laura runs her hands over Steve’s well toned chest. Pausing at the waistband of his boxers she seems to be trying to gather some courage. Finding it rather quickly her hand moves down the front of his boxers and feels his hardness.

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