Fun with Your Neighbor

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It was a Friday night and you were home again while mom and dad where out at a hotel party and they wouldn’t be home till late. You were channel surfing, when your phone rings…you look over at the caller id and it was Ashley the girl from across the street…what does she want? (you knew she had a crush on you but she was only 18 now and your 23)


Hey is Brian home?

This is!

Ohh it’s Ashley, I was wondering if you weren’t doing anything if you wanted to come over and watch a movie?

(you think to yourself ahh why not)Sure I’ll be over in a few.

Hey Brian, could you bring over some beer for us my parents aren’t home and we don’t have any here.


you grab your coat and head for the gas station to get some beer. you buy a 12 pack of your favorite beer. then you head for Ashley’s. When you get there you notice that there are another pair of shoes in the hallway and they are still wet from the snow outside.

Ashley leads you into the family room where there on the couch is her friend a pretty read head named Jasmin. You open the beers and hand one to Ashley.

Hey Ash who’s that?

Ohh Jasmin this is Brian, Brian this is Jasmin.

Nice to meet you Jasmin, would you like a beer? you say as you try to break out of your trance.

Ohh I don’t know, my mom might find out!

Nonsense! You tell her as you are thinking to yourself this could get interesting…

After about casino şirketleri three beers or so you stop drinking and put they put in the movie. Sleepless in Seattle.

Great you think to yourself this is going to suck. then you ask Ashley if she has any cards.

hey ash you know any card games?

yeah i play poker with my mom sometimes…Jasmin do you know how to play cards?

Yeah, let’s play cards!

Now were getting somewhere, one problem we are out of beer and to your surprise Ashley comes down with not just cards but a bottle of JD too.

Alright what should we play? you ask

Jasmin says with a smile lets play strip poker!

Ashley agrees and this is where you start to get that funny feeling like you have been setup for something. Anyway the game goes back and forth till your in your boxers and they have on there panties and their bras.

You win then next hand and they have to decide panties or bras.

Hey Brian do we have to take off our clothes, or is their something else we can do instead? asks Ashley

Hmm…(this could be a trick question, let’s say no and see what they are willing to do) No you girls can keep them on this hand but you have to kiss each other with tongues okay?

Is that all…Jasmin says

okay…as they begin to kiss they looked like they had done this before. You were admiring the sight thinking what it would be like to have those two tongues licking your body casino firmaları and kissing you when you sense that your member had risen out of the fly hole. They stop kissing and look down at you and say

Look’s like somebody got a little excited, didn’t they?

Without a hesitation, they both went down on you licking and sucking on your cock. You try to make them stop but its to late they have already moved in on you. You attempt to get up and Jasmin pushes you to the floor and tells Ashley who’s is still trying to suck your cock that if he moves again, bite it!

Now sensation has turned to fear as the two girls start to pull ropes and candles out from under the couch. Ashley commands you to take off your boxers. You do for fear of what they may do to you if you don’t comply.

Lay on the coffee table! Jasmin says

You lay down, Ashley begins tying your hands down to the legs of the table while Jasmin ties your legs down. Now you are completely strapped down butt naked and your cock is just swinging in the wind…

What are you going to do to me? you ask.

They both take off their clothes and light the candles…you can’t believe how good these girls look. Ashley has b cup breasts and has a firm tone body and Jasmin has a cups pear shaped breasts, both girls have shaved pussies and look like they could be on some sports team or something.

Ashley strokes your cock back to full strength and Jasmin stands above you güvenilir casino with her pussy in your face.

You know what I want so do it! Jasmin commands

You begin to taste that beautiful pussy and you are now realizing that this could be fun. Once hard again Ashley sits down on your shaft and starts to ride you. Faster and faster, you are ready to explode when she slows sown and reaches behind her and plays with your balls releasing the tension build up in them.

Damn these girls were good but only if I could be let undone form these ropes. You decide to ask

Hey girls, could I be let go I promise I won’t run?

Alright lets let him up,

they release you and then Jasmin yells out okay its my turn to have some good fucking…you go to get on top of her and she stops you sand then rolls over motioning to you to fuck her doggie style. You comply, you stick it in her and then Ashley stands in front of her and is being eaten out by Jasmin. You are still fucking her when you decide to slip it out and stick in her ass. she moans with pleasure, as you fuck her ass. Ashley grabs a candle and blows it out and then lies down beneath Jasmin and then inserts the candle into Jasmin’s pussy.

You fuck her till you almost are ready to come then you quickly pull out and both girls suck you off until you erupt shooting hot sperm all over their faces.

As you all are lying their naked, the girls decide to let you in on their secret, Ashley gets up and in the flower pot is a handheld camera that has been taping the whole thing…

Ashley says Did I saw watch a movie I guess I meant make a movie…as you look at Jasmin and you all laugh

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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