Fun With Lisa – Car Sex

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It’s a hot, sunny summer day. We climb into my car and I pull out of the driveway, grinning that grin you know so well. You know something’s up, but you’re not sure what. I look over at you. Our eyes meet and once again you see that devilish gleam. I’m guessing your heart started beating a little bit faster at that moment because when I look at you that way, you know naughty things are about to happen. And naughty things always make your heart race.

This particular day I’ve told you that we’re going for a ride. I don’t say where we’re going or why. When I don’t tell you, you immediately–and rightly–suspect that I’m up to no good. Ten minutes later, we’re entering the highway. It’s the middle of a weekday, so there isn’t a lot of traffic, but this is a road that’s never empty. I move into the center lane and set the cruise control at several miles per hour below the speed limit, resulting in cars passing us on either side.

I reach over, take your hand and place it on my crotch. I’m already a little aroused by the thought of what’s going to happen. When your hand begins to caress me, I stiffen a little more. I look over at you and you know what I want you to do. A smile and a blush cross your face as you look around at the cars passing by us. You know what the game is now and I can tell by you’re reaction, I’ve managed to catch you by surprise. You thought I was taking you somewhere for our mischief. But this time the journey is the destination.

You bite your lower lip as if you’re hesitant. But we both know that’s at least partially for effect. If you seemed too willing, it might make it less fun for both of us. To prod you still further, I slip my hand under yours and unzip my fly. Then I slip my hand out and place it on top of yours, maneuvering you into my pants. That’s enough encouragement to get you to wrap your fingers around my semi-rigid member and extract from my pants.

You stroke it for a moment, your eyes locked on it as it grows in response to your touch. I can hear your breathing now, even over the noise of the road. You’re eager now, practically panting with desire. Still you hesitate, casting glances around at the cars passing us on either side. They’re about to be treated to the sight of your head in my lap and I’m thinking you’re every bit as turned on by that thought as I am. But still you pretend to be reluctant, and by doing so, you definitely add an extra thrill to it.

“Well,” I say expectantly, “are you going to sit there just licking your lips?” A fresh blush colors your cheeks as you shake your head smiling. You take your hand off my cock long enough to unfasten your seat belt. Then, with a last glance around at the traffic, you lean down across the console and take my cock in your mouth.

The sudden warm wetness of your mouth around me almost causes me to swerve. I let out a low, earthy groan as your lips and tongue quickly bring me to a fully aroused state. A moment later, you’re bobbing energetically up and down on my straining erection.

“Whoa! Slow down!” I breathe. “We’ve got another hundred miles of highway. What’s your hurry?” You moan in apparent agreement and begin to go more slowly, more pendik escort sensuously, the way you know I love it. And although it’s not easy for you to do in a car boucing along the highway, you take me all the way to the back of your throat each time.

And damn does it feel good. Sure, your naughty streak, the enjoyment you get from playing these games with me, is hot, but the fact of that matter is, you’re an incredible cocksucker. You balance so perfectly your energy and enthusiasm with the sensuously erotic touch of your mouth, lips and tongue. Sure, it’s exciting driving along the highway, letting people see us this way, but with your skills, you could turn my balls inside out anywhere.

I look over at cars and trucks passing by us. My car sits low, so just about every other vehicle on the road can look down into it. About half of the people passing by appear to notice what’s going on. Some quickly look away, others flash a thumbs up to me. Still others attempt to steal furtive glances, as if to get a better look without appearing to be looking. I just flash them a grin that says, “Yeah, she’s sucking my cock while you watch. What of it?”

A landscaping truck pulls up beside us in the left lane. The guy in the passenger seat looks like he’s about twenty. He leans out the window yelling something and banging his hand excitedly on the outside of the truck door. With our windows up, I have no idea what he’s saying, but he’s very obviously enjoying the sight.

“Do you know that guy?” I ask you. You hesitate. You heard me and you know what I want you to do, but maybe you think I’ve set something up? I haven’t. The guy in the truck is a random stranger. But you don’t know that as you lift your head and look out the window at him. His excitement quadruples as he sees your face. Now he knows exactly what you look like and he’ll have that clear picture in his mind tonight when he’s fucking his girlfriend or jacking off.

You seem to enjoy his reaction as much as I do. You look right at him for a long moment, a naughty grin on your face. Then I look at the guy, give him a shrug and, putting my hand on the back of your head, guide you back to sucking my cock. I don’t have to apply any pressure. You respond immediately to my touch. But to the guy watching, it looks like I pushed your head back into my lap. His eyes bug out and he laughs and gives an enthusiastic if inaudible cheer.

The truck stays along side us for several miles. A couple more times I encourage you to look up a the guy, let him look at your face and watch you drop back into my lap and resume bobbing on my shaft. He quite clearly enjoys the show, but eventually, the truck speeds up and leaves us behind.

Of course, all the cars that were stuck behind the truck now make their way past us and all of them are curious to see what the cause of the delay was. I prompt you to poke your head up a couple of times as the stream of traffic files by. One driver appears not to notice, another grins at you. Another car goes by with an old lady in the passenger seat. She stares at you as if in total disbelief and we both crack up. As the old lady sefaköy escort is looking at you, I put my hand on your head and push you back down. Her eyes get so wide I’m afraid her eyeballs will fall out of their sockets.

“I guess she’s not used to seeing a cocksucker out in broad daylight,” I say with a laugh. You moan and bob deep, the way you always do when I say that word: cocksucker.

Was there a time when that word made you uncomfortable? Maybe. But not now. If anything, it elicits an additional surge of heat and wetness in your pussy, doesn’t it? A woman who will suck cock while driving down a well-travelled highway in the middle of a sunny day obviously wears that label with pride.

More cars go by, more people look over and see your head bobbing so sensuously in my lap. Some react, some don’t. Some are surprised, some flash a thumbs up or similar gesture. I’m beginning to get more into it, and as you suck me closer and closer to orgasm, I see less and less of the faces in passing cars.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” I breathe heavily, running my fingers through your silky hair. “Suck it nice and deep like that. Oh yeah… yeah… you’re gonna make me cum.”

You moan and suck a little faster, encouraged by the promise of my sperm in your mouth. Your lips sliding almost to the base of my shaft is driving me wild. The feel of my cock head hitting the back of your throat each time is pushing me right to the edge. I find I have to concentrate to hold back.

“I wonder,” I muse, “who should get to watch when I cum?” You let out a little whimper, but you don’t slow your lips at all. “Who should get to see you lift your head, open your mouth and show them all that cum you’re going to swallow?” I feel your body spasm. I obviously can’t see your face to know for sure if you’re surprised, but your body’s response indicates I’ve caught you off-guard again. You weren’t expecting to have to show a stranger that you swallow cum, were you?

A couple more shivers of sexual intensity shake your body even as you continue to suck my cock relentlessly. I’m getting close, but I’m having too much fun to let go just yet.

“How about this guy?” I ask and you raise your head, peering over the door to look right into the eyes of a guy driving a panel van. He looks down at you with a grin. You’ve clearly made his day. “Nah, not him,” I decide, pushing your head down again.

In the mirror I see a nondescript four door sedan coming up on us. There is a man driving and a woman in the passenger seat. They’re both dressed professionally and I surmise that they’re salespeople, out on the road making calls. “I think I found one,” I say, my voice waivering a little as your lips bring me closer and closer to release. You start to lift your head, but I stop you. “Oh no!” I chide. “It’s gonna be a surprise.”

As the sedan pulls along side us, I look over. At first the woman is looking at a folder she has open in front of her. I begin to nudge the cruise control up to keep pace with them and finally the woman looks over and sees us. Her eyes open wide and then her lip curls up in distaste when she realizes what silivri escort she’s looking at. At the same time, the driver notices, though his reaction is far more enthusiastic.

The woman turns and says something to the man and he shakes his head. Had she just asked him to speed up and get past us? And he said no? Preferring to gawk at us a little in spite of his companion’s apparent discomfort? That’s what I’m thinking as I caress the back of your head and moan, “Oh, yeah, that’s it…. I’m so close… yeah, keep going…. just like that…”

Then I throw my head back, barely able to watch the road through my half lidded eyes. A second later, a thick eruption of ejaculate shoots out of my cock into your slurping mouth. You continue to bob fast as second and third shots burst from me. “Don’t swallow it,” I pant as you continue to bob. A few spasms wrack my body as your lips attempt to wring every last drop from me.

God, I love the way you drain my cock.

I look over at the car beside us. The woman has a look of distain or disgust on her face, but I notice she hasn’t looked away. The man, by contrast, is gawking with unabashed enthusiasm.

“Close your eyes, lift your head and open your mouth,” I instruct, my voice still unsteady from the powerful orgasm you’ve just given me, not to mention the adrenyline running through me at the thought of this endgame. You do as instructed, your cum filled mouth on display for the pair in the other car. “Open your eyes,” I say.

You do and I delight at the way your eyes open wide and you almost close your mouth. But you catch yourself, knowing not to close it before I tell you to. I don’t know what you were expecting to see, but clearly you weren’t prepared to see a man and a woman in business attire staring at you as you showed off the load of cum in your mouth. Your eyes widen slightly and the color rises in your cheeks as the woman looks right at you.

“Swallow it,” I instruct you. Without hesitating, your mouth closes and your adams apple bobs a couple of times. “Open,” I say. You do and the man and woman both gawk in disbelief. There is a look of reproach in the woman’s visage. Like she considers this a vulgar display. But I notice she hasn’t once averted her eyes, so clearly, whether she’d ever admit it or not, she’s getting something out of our little game. The man on the other hand is exuberant in his appreciation of the show we’ve just put on.

I push your head back into my lap so you can finish cleaning me off. Then, with a wave to our new friends, I slow down and drop into the exit lane. The sedan continues on as we decelerate onto the exit ramp. You tuck me back in my pants and sit up before we get to the toll booth. To all appearances, we’re just a couple people on our way somewhere. No one would suspect that, just moments ago, you were sucking my cock and swallowing my cum for an audience. Our eyes meet and we exchange a knowing grin.

“Did you see the look on her face?” I ask. You giggle with that guilty-naughty laugh of yours.

“Yeah, like she was sooo put off,” you say, still laughing. “But I bet she’s going to have to change her panties when she gets where she’s going!” I laugh in agreement. I wonder if the guy she’s with is someone she’s attracted to. And if he is, I wonder if our little display might encourage her to have some fun of her own.

It’s a nice thought and I smile as I make a U-turn and get on the highway headed back the other way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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