Fun in the Tub

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after closing a large account, pete decided to reward himself with a day off from work–without his wife’s knowledge. it was tuesday and the kids always went straight to day care after school until his wife picked them up after she got off work so he had the entire day to himself. he dropped the kids off at school and headed home, knowing that his wife would have already left for work.

changing out of his work clothes, pete sat on the couch and flipped on the TV to see what was on and was disappointed that nothing good was. frustrated, he stalked to the window to peer out over his back yard and over the fence into his neighbors. the couple next door were in their twenties. the husband in his late twenties and his wife, mel just had her 21rst birthday bash last week and with out a doubt the most stunningly sexy woman he had ever met.

the four had been neighbors for about eight months and pete had been secretly fantasizing about mel every single time he and his wife had sex for the last six. mel had a classically stunning face–green cat-like eyes, full sensuous lips, flawless skin, and jet black hair–his weakness. she was about 5’6 with long legs an athletically trim and tight body and had the most amazing set of jugs he had ever seen…they had to be a EE cup or larger! and from the way they giggled, you could tell they were real and had yet to sag an inch.

as he approached the window, he could see mel in a brightly colored skin tight leotard that barely covered her tight ass and left her back bare.

and aerobics program blared from the portable tv on the deck and pete watched for the next hour as she bent and twisted and jumped to the program feeling his dick grow hard as he saw her ass wiggle and her tits bounce as she moved.

disappointed when the show ended and mel went inside, pete decided to strip and relax in the new hot tub he’d had installed last month.

turning on the jets, he relaxed in the hot water closing his eyes and leaning his head back against the side.

images küçükçekmece escort of mel’s massive tits came into his mind. he moaned at the thought of burying his face between them and sucking on her large nipples as he pounded in and out of her cunt…it had to be tight just like the rest of her. as he fantasized, pete’s hand grasped his swollen dick tightly, jacking it faster and faster with each picture in his mind until he was almost ready to cum.

“HI!” mel said brightly. “i saw you drive back this morning. playing hookey from work?” she asked knowingly.

it took pete a minute to find his voice and another minute to figure out what she said. “yeah, but dont tell my wife.” mel smiled and giggled, her tits bouncing slightly.

“can i join you for a soak in the tub? i would like some company…im the only housewife on the block it seems.” she asked.

“sure, hop in.”

opening her robe, revealing her heart-stoppingly beautifully nude body, she climbed in tub on the far side. smiling at petes dropped jaw and stunned expression, she sat with her breasts out of the water and said, “i knew you were home today and decided that now was my chance. did you like my little exercise show earlier?”

“uhhuh…” pete said still staring at her tits.

“good. i also watched you jacking off that big dick of yours and when i heard you moan my name, i knew i was gonna get to fuck you today. i’ve wanted to ever since we had that first pool party and you wore those speedos that showed that big package of yours. my husbands dick isn’t that big and i want to be fucked by a real man. do you think you’re up for the job?” she asked provocatively with a lustily coy look in her eyes.

“oh yeah baby…come here!” pete said, yanking her on his lap, kissing her hard. “ive waited so long to do this…fantasized about those amazing tits and that tight body of yours while i fucked my wife for so long!”

their tongues darted and played kurtköy escort as pete cupped the melon sized globes in his hands and lifted them high before burying his face in them, breathing in her scent. mel’s hands clawed in his hair mewling in pleasure as pete sucked on her big nipples as hard as he could. her legs straddled his hips and she could feel his big dick against her pussy. lifting up slightly, she rammed it in deep, crying out in ecstasy. “oh yesssssss!!!” she cried.

pete’s hands curled into her hips, yanking her down as he thrust up into her pussy. her hands clawed at his back as he continued to suck and bite at her nipples. cries and moans and lustful urgings to fuck her harder escaped mels mouth with each sensation. her pussy muscles contracted like a vice around pete’s dick and the head hit the back of her cunt with each thrust into her pussy.

suddenly, mel stiffened and screamed in joy as she clenched her pussy muscles painfully tight around pete’s dick as she came, making him cum too…

collapsing breathlessly on top of pete, mel could feel his heart beat thundering in his chest and could hear his labored breathing. she still wasn’t satisfied, however, and couldn’t wait for pete to recharge.

“float on your back,” pete said. “just do it” when she looked at him in confusion.

laying back on top of the water, she felt pete’s arms wrap around her legs and felt his lips and tongue dive into her pussy making her gasp in surprise. she writhed as he sucked their cum from her pussy and moaned as he sucked her clit and screamed in rapture when he bit and nibbled on it. she came again and again as he ate her pussy until finally, out of breath and needing to rest, she made him stop.

amazed at his ability to make her cum so much from just his tongue without him cumming yet she sat on the bench in total amazement until she saw the small patches of white floating on the water. smiling in satisfaction, she told him to sit on the side maltepe escort of the tub. when he did, she kneeled before him on the bench and licked her lips as she looked at him.

mel ran her tongue over pete’s chest, sucking on his nipples like he did to hers before trailing her tongue down the center of his hard stomach and down his happy trail. pulling back, she ran her tongue over each of his balls before taking each one into her mouth, sucking gently.

as she sucked, pete’s hands tangled in her hair holding her to his dick.

he urged her to suck his dick–even pleaded but she was going to have her fun. gently, she slowly nibbled up the ridge of his dick from the base to the head before nibbling along the rim of the head. she could hear pete’s moan of painful pleasure overhead.

taking mercy on him, mel opened her lips and took just the head into her mouth, sucking it hard like a lollipop as she flicked her tongue rapidly over the tip. as she sucked, one hand massaged his balls to the rhythm of her sucking while the other hand wrapped tightly around his shaft and jacked it to the same rhythm, driving pete so wild that he rammed his dick all the way down mel’s throat and began fucking her face like he had previously done to her pussy.

she gagged but recovered as he rammed his dick in and out of her mouth.

she used her now spare hand to grasp his hip to gain more leverage as she kept up the massaging on his balls. soon she felt them rising and knew he was close to cumming.

pete couldn’t believe he had this sex goddess’s lips wrapped around his dick and the sensations she evoked were unlike any hed ever felt. the need to cum in her mouth made him fuck it like an animal. as he felt himself get close to cumming, he felt her lips tighten even more around his dick and she stepped up the massaging on his balls in both strength and speed.

with a loud roar, pete buried his dick down mel’s throat and shot cum like a river down it. his hands clenched painfully in her hair as he convulsed in ecstasy. mel was able to swallow most of his cum–she couldn’t believe a guy could cum so much–but some had dripped from her lips and with a groan, pete licked it up as he kissed her, already wanting to fuck her again. after all, they had another six hours…and they made the most of them…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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