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It was a hot, sunny day in early September. I was on my way to a meeting at Amy & Bruce’s home. I am a realtor and we were going to complete a listing agreement to sell their house as they were being transferred. I was wearing a yellow suit dress with a double-breasted button front. It came to about 5 inches above my knees. It was conservative and very business like, but complemented my blue eyes and blond hair well. I liked this dress, as I did not need to wear a slip. It did require me to wear a bra to support my large breasts. To complete my professional look, I had worn stockings and heels. I had a lunch date with my husband Mike and I was hoping to get lucky, so I had worn thigh-high stockings and no panties. Mike is a serious bicycle racer. When he is in training, he does not satisfy my rather high sexual needs and I was getting really horny. As I dressed that morning, I was thinking more about what I might talk him into at lunch than about my appointment.

As I drove out to their house, I hoped that I would be able to concentrate on my job. I needed to gather information on their house and complete the listing contract. I really wanted to be able to effectively and quickly sell their house, for a good price. Since they were good friends, I wanted to do this well. In the 20-minute drive to their house, I kept thinking about Mike and what I would like to do to him at lunch. This along with the sun heating my legs through the windshield and the car’s air conditioner blowing up my short dress was making me very aroused. I was beginning to question my decision not to wear panties, as I feared my nearly dripping pussy could make a wet spot on my dress. As I arrived at their house I was having a very hard time shifting into my professional mode.

It was 8:30 in the morning when I pulled into their drive. As I walked across the front of their house and onto their beautiful front porch, I felt bad that they had to sell it but I knew that it would sell quickly. It had great curb appeal and it had a great view of the river, with woods behind and with a beautiful waterfall in the stream that ran beside it. Just two years earlier, I had helped Bruce buy it.

Amy answered the door. She is a very beautiful woman with short auburn hair. This morning she was wearing a white sundress. Standing at the door, with the sunlight streaming down from the skylights in their foyer, I could clearly see her beautiful body through the thin fabric. She wore nothing underneath. She appeared aroused, as her nipples were very prominent. I was startled at first, but quickly shifted into my professional mode when she invited me in. Even though she was a friend, this was a business call.

I just loved their house. It was tastefully decorated. Amy was an artist and much of her work was on display. Amy had been one of my best friends since high school. After being away for about 12 years, it had been very good to have her back and to get to know her new husband Bruce.

We sat side by side on stools at the bar in their kitchen and had coffee while I completed the listing forms. As we got started, I told Amy that we had about two hours to get completed, as I needed to return to town for an early lunch with Mike. I told her I was really horny and was going to make him do me. We both laughed as Amy wished me luck. As we went through the forms, I had a hard time concentrating, as I was started thinking of sucking Mike’s cock as I saw Amy’s trim body and still very erect nipples right in front of me. I could swear that I could also smell fresh cum.

The effect on me was electrifying and I found myself now fantasizing about her. I was getting a little uncomfortable and squirmed forward on the stool. As we continued talking about the features of their house, I noticed her looking at my legs, and realized that my movements had caused my dress to slide way up. My legs were exposed above the top of my stockings and I was certain that I had exposed my bare pussy to her. Neither of us said anything, but there was a sexual tension building. I tried to pull my dress down inconspicuously. The look in her eyes made me even hornier than I already was. I was not sure how to react.

After Amy had moved away, we had stayed in touch. When she decided to leave her first husband and be with Bruce, I become her confidant. I had met Bruce when he asked me to help find this house. I had a secret lust for Bruce since I had met him and always wondered what it would be like to make love with him. At a lunch recently with Bruce and Amy, she told me that Bruce had told her that he had woken from a dream where all three of us were in bed together and Amy and I were making love with him. We all laughed it off, but after that a strong sexual undertone developed in our interactions. Recently, because of Mike’s training regimen, I found myself fantasizing about Bruce as I did myself with “Chucky,” my sex toy. Amy and I had always been good friends and we confided everything to each other. Because of my friendship casino şirketleri for Amy, I kept this fantasy to myself.

Their move to Atlanta was a great disappointment to me as in addition to again losing this close friendship; I also knew it would limit any possibility that I might live my crazy fantasy with Bruce. Replaying this fantasy gave me a rush. Being with Amy had never been one of my fantasies, but never had I felt the sexual tension between us that was building this morning. With these thoughts, I was glad that I was going to be seeing Mike at lunch. I was becoming determined to make him do me so I could release the sexual urges that were now starting to boil in me. Now I was wondering how I would make it until lunch.

My beeper went off, it was Mike. I used my cell phone to call him. Damn, he couldn’t meet me for lunch. My much anticipated release was now gone. What was I going to do? I told Amy what had happened and that I guessed that I would just have to go home to “Chucky.” We both had a good laugh, but she had a strange smile as we shifted back to the task at hand. What I did not tell her that just below the surface I was beginning to overheat with lust.

With some difficulty, I refocused on the task at hand. After I finished the listing forms, we toured the rest of the house to detail how we would market it. I still had not seen Bruce, and Amy did not say where he was. I assumed he was at work and I would have to come back to get the forms signed when he was home. I was not disappointed about having to come back to see him. We walked all through the house talking about how we should present the house. I was glad that I was able to get back into my professional mode, but the flash of leg and the smell of sex I got following Amy up the stairs continued to ignite an unfamiliar but very exciting wantonness. After admiring the vistas from their dramatic second floor family room, we returned to the main floor and Amy opened the door to their master suite.

When I went through the door I was shocked to see Bruce lying naked in their king-sized bed. It was clear from the look of the bed and the scent in the air that he and Amy had made love just before I arrived. Now I understood Amy’s aroused condition when she met me at the door. As I looked at Bruce in the bed, the sheets were down to his waist, and I could clearly see his cock. I was feeling a new wave of the rush that I had driving out this morning. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He looked straight into my eyes as he reached under the sheet for his penis. I stood mesmerized as I watched him slowly stroke it up and down. With this, the sheet slipped off. I then felt Amy’s hands on my waist.

The scene was now very erotic. I was suddenly very hot and my pussy was getting very wet, in fact I could feel moisture on my leg. Whispering in my ear, Amy said, “I hope you like our little surprise.” She reached around and undid the buttons of my dress. I just let it slip off to the floor still looking straight into Bruce’s blue eyes. Seeing me standing there in just my bra, stockings and heels brought a big smile to his face. Amy then bent down, kissing my neck as her hands reached around front and unclasped my bra. As she began to fondle my tits, I let my bra slip off my shoulders onto the floor. I now stood there nearly naked, with my best friend pressing against my back, kissing my shoulder and gently pinching my nipples as I lusted over the cock that was growing in front of me. My knees were getting weak.

Bruce continued stroking his now very hard cock. Amy moved in front of me, and her mouth covered one of my now very erect nipples. I shivered at her touch. She teased my nipple with her teeth, pulling it lightly into her mouth. Her lips then came up to meet my mouth. As our tongues explored each other’s mouth, our kisses became intense. Her thumb and finger pinching and pulling my nipples caused my body to quiver. She took a step back, looking directly into my eyes she took unbuttoned her sundress and let it fall to the floor. I had always been impressed with her beautiful body. Her tits were so inviting. I reached out, touched them and heard her moan.

I glanced over at Bruce’s penis. My pussy was now really dripping. Amy pulled my head to her tits and I took one in my mouth while I massaged the other one. She moaned as I nibbled on her nipple. Amy pulled my head up toward hers; we kissed again, our tongues once again exploring. She reached around and grabbed my ass pulling me closer to her. I pulled her to me also, grabbing her ass cheeks. Our pussies felt so good pressing together. Amy pulled away a little and started rubbing my hot, wet pussy. I thought my legs would give out. I started to rub her pussy, she was also very wet, and our fingers found each other’s clits and we both shuddered. She kissed her way down my stomach to my pussy; gently moved my legs further apart. Amy’s tongue lightly flicked over my pussy, parting my pussy lips. Her tongue attended to my clit.

I casino firmaları was finding my release.

Bruce came over and stood behind me. Much like his wife had just done, he kissed my shoulders as his he began playing with my tits. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my back. Amy’s tongue was now probing my hole. I wasn’t sure if I could stand any longer. Bruce was grinding into my back, pushing my pussy into Amy’ mouth. She sucked on my swollen clit as her finger was ramming into my hot, wet hole. She then worked her way back up my body, flicking and licking all the way to my mouth. I could taste my juices on her lips and tongue. Then she kissed her husband so he could also get a taste of me. The whole scene was hot.

I kicked off my shoes and we all lay down on the bed. Bruce laid on top of me and started to kiss me. I had yearned for this since I first met him two years earlier, now I was lying under his naked body while his hands explored my body. He then moved back and carefully removed my stockings as Amy sucked my tits. As he caressed my legs, I opened them wantonly to him. Showing him my pussy, I reached down, ran my finger across my clit and slid it inside. I then licked my juices from my finger as I invited him to have his way with me.

Bruce then lightly kissed me up the inside of my leg. Wow! Amy had told me that he was a master of her erogenous zones and now they were both finding mine. Amy continued sucking one of my nipples, as Bruce by-passed my pussy and trailed kisses up my side. He found a delicious spot just under and on the side of my breast. I had no idea how good this could feel and began to moan. He then kissed his way down my belly, down my thighs to the inside of my knees and the inside of my ankles. I never had any idea I had so many delicious spots. As he moved back up to the area around my pussy, I started to have an orgasm. I had never had an orgasm without touching my pussy. As my orgasm built, Bruce still did not touch my pussy. I was going nuts. I started squirming hoping he would kiss my pussy. Amy had told me that he was very good and I was finding this out. He still did not touch my pussy. My clit must have grown to be an inch long as it yearned for the touch of his tongue. Amy continued to concentrate on my breasts and as Bruce had done earlier, and she began to explore my spots on my breasts and my neck. I was becoming delirious as the two of them brought me higher and higher. My orgasm started to become so intense that I was afraid I might have a stroke. I had never experienced anything so intense.

Just as I thought it could not be more intense, Bruce lightly kissed my pussy and I saw sparks. As he started to explore my pussy, I learned why Amy was so satisfied. My orgasm continued in waves. I could feel my pussy contracting wildly as it was looking for something to be inside. Bruce then started flicking his tongue rapidly on my clit. I was a goner. I started screaming and thrashing. I was completely at their mercy. Amy was driving me crazy with her kisses and exploration of my upper body spots, Bruce’s head was between my legs, and his lips and tongue were pleasuring me in ways I had never known. I was so out of control that they both backed off a bit and let me settle back to earth a bit. I was glad, if Bruce had given me his cock when I started begging for it, I might have really had a stroke.

As I started to come back to earth, Amy moved up so I could suck her tits and eased my hand to her pussy. Bruce was still licking juices from my pussy and gently began fingering my hole. I did the same to Amy, feeling her wetness on my finger while my thumb massaged her clit. Bruce moved up to straddle my chest, Amy moved down and we both started flicking our tongues over his cock. I took the head of his penis in my mouth and sucked it in slowly while Amy nibbled and sucked on his balls. Bruce placed his hand on the back of each of our heads, gently pulling us closer. Amy moved back up and we took turns taking it in our mouths, sucking and licking his hard throbbing cock.

Bruce then licked and kissed his way back to my pussy while Amy and I kissed and played with each other’s tits. He sucked my clit while pushing my legs up and shoved a finger in my hot wet box. As he sucked harder, his finger rammed in and out of my hole. I begged him again to put his cock in my pussy. This time he complied. Bruce placed my legs over his shoulders and positioned his cock at my entrance. I moaned as Bruce’s cock entered my pussy. Amy straddled my face, facing away from Bruce, so I could taste her sweet juices. I flicked my tongue over her hot, wet pussy; then sucked her clit. She moaned and pressed herself closer. I could taste her juices and Bruce’s cum from their earlier romp.

Amy held her pussy lips open for my mouth, and I pulled her closer to me. Bruce reached over and grabbed a big black soft rubber-vibrating dildo from the bed drawer. They called it Sergeant Pepper. He started using the Sergeant on my güvenilir casino clit while he fucked me. The closer I came to ecstasy, the more I sucked on Amy’s clit. She was moaning and grinding her pussy on my face.

Bruce pulled out of me just before I was about to cum again. Amy and I moved to a sixty-nine position, while Bruce watched for a while. I was on top. We ate each other’s pussy with abandon; then Bruce started kissing and licking my ass cheeks. I felt his warm tongue flicking over my ass hole as he spread my cheeks. His finger entered my pussy, moving it all around, in and out. Then his well-lubricated finger pushed into my ass. Again, the combination of these two doing me brought me to another intense orgasm.

Amy continued focusing on my clit, while Bruce came up behind me. His cock entered my pussy doggy style while Amy and I continued licking each other’s clits. He started out slow, moving his cock in and out of my pussy. In this position, his cock was against my G spot. I began to have an indescribable deep vaginal orgasm. I started to squeal from this new stimulation. All of this was having quite an effect on Amy and I could feel her building to a climax. As Amy and I got closer to cuming Bruce moved faster. I have never felt anything so good. I took the vibrator and put it in Amy’s pussy. I moved it with the rhythm of Bruce’s cock in me, faster and faster, harder and harder. Moans were coming from all of us. Bruce rammed his cock in me harder, slapping against my ass. Amy ground her pussy on my mouth. I wasn’t sure which I liked better, Amy’s mouth on my pussy or Bruce ramming his cock in my hot, wet cunt against my most sensitive spot. Bruce grabbed my hips so he could fuck me harder. I rammed the vibrator in Amy’s pussy while I sucked her clit. We all climaxed together. As I felt Bruce cum, I could feel his cock pulse as he was filling me. Amy had told me how much she like feeling of his hot cum as it gushed inside of her vagina. Having his cock blasting cum against my G spot while Amy swallowed my clit ignited a string of multiple orgasms and caused me to ejaculate my silky cum all over Bruce’s cock into Amy’s mouth. She drank it as if it was nectar. This caused her to gush her cum into my mouth. It was indescribably delicious. All of this made me nearly delirious. As we collapsed in a puddle all three of us held each other tightly while we savored the extreme experience we had brought to each other.

None of us wanted it to end.

I took the vibrator out of Amy and handed it behind me to Bruce. He pulled his cock out of me and inserted the big black dildo into my pussy. His cock was still wet with my plentiful pussy juices and his cum. Amy started licking this erotic cocktail off his cock. Bruce began to squirm as he pumped his cock in and out of Amy’s mouth. I could tell that Amy was quickly making him hard again. After probing my G spot with Sergeant Pepper, I felt the now well-lubricated dildo pressing against my anal opening. I was not sure what to expect, as it was big. Gently, Bruce started to press it into my ass. The vibrating dildo relaxed me and I took more and more if it in. It felt great! But what I really wanted was Bruce’s cock in there. He understood and pulled it out and gently slid his cock in where the vibrator had just been. I grabbed the vibrator and eased it into Amy’s ass while I continued to lick her clit. All three of us were moaning as we again neared orgasm. Sounds of wild moaning filled the room. Fingers, vibrator and tongues were probing faster and harder. We all tensed and shuddered as orgasm came to all of us at the same time. As we recovered, Bruce pulled out of me and then laid down between us.

We continued exploring each other until mid afternoon in ways that still makes me shudder. Amy and I then slept peacefully like contented kittens in Bruce’s arms.

When I awoke, it was time that I needed to be home. As I dressed, I fantasized about Mike eating me and tasting Bruce’s cum, which was still oozing from my pussy and ass. This would be a new experience for him and I fantasized how I could offer it to him as a hors devours before dinner. I wondered if he would recognize this new taste. As I thought about it, I decided that this would not be a good idea.

As I was leaving their room, Amy opened her eyes and purred that she hoped we could do this again before they moved south, maybe the next time with Mike. The thought was terrifically erotic, but I really doubted that Mike would understand the passion that could be possible. As I kissed her, I reached over and stroked Bruce’s sleeping cock, flashing on what it had just done to me and imagining what it would be like again. I said, “How about inviting Bob the next time.”

Bob was a single friend that Amy and I both had fantasized about often. “I am sure he will join and we will enjoy him as much as we have enjoyed Bruce.” Amy agreed.

As I got into my car and headed back home, I reached between my legs and fingered my still oozing pussy imagining what it would be like with Bob and Bruce together. My finger and the thought of both of their cocks in me at the same time caused me to have another orgasm. I had to pull to the side of the to keep from driving off the road.

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