Friends Become More Ch. 07

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***Alex’s Point of View***

My parents stayed with me and Ben the few days before Christmas. On Christmas Day, we all went to my sister’s place, mainly because that way the kids get to be home.

Seeing Ben with my sister’s kids is the best thing. He’s so good with them, has always been even when we were just friends. I can’t wait to have our own kids one day.

Ben is so incredible. He fits in so well with my family, and gets along well with my brother-in-law, whine he playfully jokes with about being outsiders to the family and not understanding our ways.

The day was great, the kids wanted me and Ben to put tuck them in, so we did.

When we got back to the living room, my sister was making malt wine. “Thank you both for being so great with the kids.”

“Yeah, they love you guys.” My brother-in-law chimed in.

“They’re incredible kids.” Ben said. “They’re so smart! Seriously, anytime you need a night out, and I’m not working I’m more than happy to take care of them. Even if Alex is working, just let me know.”

“Thanks Ben, we may take you up on that.”

The six of us relaxed in the living room and watched a movie, Miracle on 34th Street.

The four of us eventually headed home, going straight to our bedrooms after saying goodnight.

Ben and I started brushing our teeth before bed. Having two sinks, we stood at our respective sinks and gave quick glances towards each other.

He caught me looking at him. With his toothbrush still in his mouth, he poorly said, “What?!”

I took my toothbrush out, trying not to spill, “Nothing.” I smiled.

He moved towards me, jumping up to sit on the counter right next to my sink. His eyes locked on mine, as if daring me to make a move before he does.

I finished brushing my teeth, rinsing out my mouth and putting my toothbrush on its station. He spit out into my sink, finishing up himself. He leaned over the counter to put his toothbrush in its station before returning to face me.

I leaned forward and kissed him. “You were incredible with the kids tonight.” I whispered, kissing his jaw.

“They’re so sweet, and besides, I love seeing you with them.” He said.

“Makes me excited to have our own one day.”

“Yeah?” He smiled at me.


“A perk of no kids is being able to have sex whenever we want though.” He whispered.

“Mmm, we should take advantage of that perk right now.”

“You’re parents are here, so maybe we should wait until tomorrow night after they leave?”

“Ugh. You’re right, but the nerve of you to tease me like that.”

“Hey, it’s a struggle for me too. I promise, tomorrow when they leave you’ll find me right back in this room…on my knees.”

“God, you’re so sexy.” I kissed my neck.

“Take me to bed.” He whispered.

“As you wish.”

I scooped him up in my arms and carried him through the doorway. “It’s nice being carried to bed, we should make this a nightly thing.” He teased. I tossed him onto the bed, not very softly. “Never mind!” He exclaimed.

“Hey, can’t be too consistent here, gotta keep you on your toes.” I got into bed with him.

He pulled me in for a kiss. “Merry Christmas, Alex.”

“Merry Christmas, Benny Boy.” I smirked. A new nickname.

“On my toes.” He smiled.

After my parents headed home, we had a snack and watched tv for a little. About an hour after they left, he got up and announced his actions. “I’m going to the predetermined location I mentioned last night.”

“Alrighty, I’ll just take a nap here for a few hours.” I teased him. He smacked my arm. “I’ll be you a two minute head start.” He gave me a teasing look before heading upstairs.

I decided to bring a few things with up with me. I grabbed a glass of ice, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a can of whipped cream.

I decided using these on towels on the carpeted floor would be better than in the bed or on marble floors in the bathroom would be best, so I left the items out of sight of Ben.

I took my my clothes off, tossing them on the bed before moving into the bathroom. He sat on his knees, naked, just like he promised.

“Grab some towels you don’t care about getting dirty.” I ordered him.

He smirked, getting up and grabbing some older towels from the linen closet. I led him to the bedroom and laid the towels on the floor in front of the bed, lots of room for us.

“First, lets take a shower. I just want to be extra clean before we get dirty.” I said.

“Alright, weirdo.” We took a quick, but very effective shower before drying off and returning to the bedroom.

“Lay on your stomach.” I ordered. He obeyed. I got bahis firmaları right on top of him, grinding my soft cock and pubes against his ass. “There’s a reason I had us shower first…” I whispered in his ear. “Clean bodies make for fun places to eat food off of.” I moved to the other side of his head and kissed his cheek.

“Mmm.” He moaned. “What kind of food?”

I got off of him and rolled over to where I left the items. I rolled the syrup and whipped cream towards him and carefully held the glass of ice as I rolled back.

“You’re so lazy it’s actually hilarious.” He remarked, making me laugh.

“Hey, I’m saving my energy for what’s gonna happen soon.” I kissed his shoulder.

“Oh, I bet… by the way, I love the food choices.”

“Even the ice?”

“Well, don’t I get to use that on you?” He smirked.

“Oh, how innocent you are.” I sighed dramatically to tease him.

I got back on top of him, taking an ice cube out of the glass and putting it in my mouth. Fuck it’s cold. I lowered my head, kissing his beautiful, smooth shoulder blade, letting the cold, melting water tease his hot skin.

He flinched slightly. “Don’t move.” I mumbled with the ice in my mouth. I slid across to kiss his other shoulder blade, then moved to the center of his back. I slid down his spine, letting the water stream down the natural curve of his back.

The ice fully melted by the time I reached his tailbone. That didn’t stop me from moving down, kissing his beautifully round cheeks. My lips made their way to his hole, kissing closer and closer. Reaching his hole, I kissed him softly, rubbing his ass cheeks in circular motions over my face.

“Mmm. Ugh, fuck that feels good. Yes, just like that!” He moaned. I didn’t want to stop, but I have more work to do.

“Flip over.” I said, getting off of his legs. After flipping over, I got back on top of him, reaching for the whipped cream. I shook the bottle and stared him down, popping the cap off. “Hungry?” I asked.

“Very.” He responded. I sprayed a drop of whipped cream on his cute nose.

“Oops, missed your mouth. Let me get that.” I leaned down and cleaned his nose. “Let’s try that again…” I sprayed more whipped cream in his mouth, letting him swallow before spraying a skinny line down the center of his chest and abs.

I licked my way down his body, taking time to explore more than just the line I made. I reached his cock, kissing the top of his shaft softly. “Already tasty.” I said. “But maybe some of this won’t hurt.” He watched me spray a good amount of whipped cream on his cock. I took him in my mouth, opening wide to take all of it in my mouth. I felt his cock grow in my mouth as I began sucking him.

I made quite a mess over his cock as I worked his shaft, eventually spreading the whipped cream to his delicious balls. “You like that?”

“Yes.” He breathed. “Very good.”

I pushed one finger into his ass. “How about that?” I pushed my face back over his cock as my finger did the same in his ass.

“Oh, ah! I like that!” He smiled.


I finger fucked him slowly, matching the rhythm of my mouth as I glided up and down his shaft. My finger became fingers, adding my index finger to join my middle finger.

I crawled back up, leaving his cock to kiss him. My fingers continued slamming into his hole as my lips pressed against his. “Mmm.” I moaned into his mouth.

“You taste like whipped cream.” He smiled at me.

“How curious…” I scrunched my face. I kissed him again, wandering down his jaw and over his neck, enjoying the smell of him as he moaned.

“How about you get on your back and let me take care of you now?”

“Please.” I kissed him. I slid off of him and onto my back, he got on top of me. I ran my hands up his abs and over his chest. “My my my… you are quite the sight.”

He stretched, giving me an even better view of his body. “It’s all yours.” He said sweetly. “And my side-flings, of course.” He has to add the joke.

“Naughty boy, gotta punish you for that.” I laughed, gripping his hips and grinding hard up and down, slapping my cock and balls against his ass playfully.

He leaned down and kissed me. “You’re just like the teenage boys on the bus in high school. Horny as fuck. And loving grinding up and pretending to jerk off.”

“I can do a lot more pretending if you’d like…” I quipped.

“Oh, we’re both grown adults, I think we can do a little more than pretend.” He kissed down my jaw and neck. I didn’t notice him grab the chocolate syrup, but he did. “However, this chocolate is only for me.” He said seductively, flopping the lid open and pouring some in his mouth.

“Not kaçak iddaa even a little for me?”

“Hmmm. We’ll see.” He smirked.

He turned around, letting me rim him a little as he poured chocolate syrup on my cock. His precious lips devoured my cock, making me grow hard in seconds. He cleaned my chocolate covered cock up before sucking on my balls, fuck he’s good at that. I couldn’t help but moan in his ass, my tongue vibrating in him, as he swiped his tongue over my balls.

Returning to my cock, he worked me up and down. I throbbed as he flattened his tongue along the underside of my shaft. He bopped his head up and down, using his hand to massage the base.

Knowing I was close, he pulled away. I let go of his sexy ass, letting him turn around to fax me again.

“Now, your chest is a little too hairy for me to comfortably eat off of, but that won’t stop me from pouring it all over you and sliding against you. And maybe getting a nice taste when I kiss you.”

“Fair enough. Still don’t know if I’m ever gonna get a taste.” I stared him down, begging for a taste.

“Alright, you’ll get a taste.” He held out his left hand and squirted chocolate on each one of his fingers. “Here ya go.” He moved his hand down to hover right over my lips. I started with his pinky, holding his hand near the wrist with both of my hands, lifting my head and sliding my mouth over his finger.

Our eyes locked on each other’s as I moved from one finger to the next, taking my time to suck each one clean. The sexual tension kept building, rising as I moved along his hand.

“Happy now?” He raised his eyebrow.

“I’m not unhappy.” I said matter-of-factly.

“Good.” He pulled his hand away. “Now, we are far too clean, wouldn’t you agree?”

I love how he’s taken control of the food aspect tonight. I mean, I don’t think anyone else could so smoothly go with something and take the reigns so well. “I concur.” I grinned, putting my hands behind my head.

I watched as he leaned back, stretching his torso as high as he could. Taking the bottle in his hands, he held it above his chest, high in the air, and started squeezing. A full stream of chocolate started drizzling over his body. Fuck, he’s so hot.

Soon, the chocolate reached his cock, so he moved the bottle over me. He made zigzags over my chest, covering me in chocolate.

“I’ve finally realized just how attractive you are. I mean, you were good looking before, but with chocolate you’re undeniable.” He teased.

“Ah, so glad the chocolate is keeping you from dumping my ugly ass.” I laughed.

“Close your eyes.” He ordered.

“You’re not gonna pour chocolate over my eyes, are you?”

“No, I’m not. Chill out.” I closed my eyes. “Open your mouth.” He ordered, so I obeyed.

He dropped a little chocolate in my mouth. “Mmm. More, please.” I opened my mouth again, keeping my eyes closed.

“As you wish.” Next thing I knew he was dropping at least three ice cubes in my mouth, giving me a brain freeze.

“Mmm-mmm!” I groaned in protest as he laughed. They’re almost melted anyway, but still freezing.

“Don’t spit them out.” He instructed.

I swallowed them. “Jackass.” I said.

“I mean, I have an ass for you to fuck, if that’s what you mean…” Damn he’s good. He leaned down, pressing his chocolatey chest against mine.

“I guess I’ll take that as a sign.” I moved my hands to grab his ass and guided my hard cock into his hole.

“Ah! Yes, just like that.” He moaned as my cock slid up into him. “Fill me with that big cock!” He gasped.

I held onto his hips, bouncing him up and down as I thrust my cock in and out of him. “Take Daddy’s cock, that’s it! Fuck!”

He reached for the whipped cream, spraying my balls and the base of my cock. “Your little bitch doesn’t feel dirty enough.” He explained with a wink.

He got off of me, getting on his knees, spreading them wide, making his ass pure heaven. “Get behind me and fuck the hell out of me until all of this chocolate is gone.” He said, making eye contact with me as he poured chocolate all over his ass, letting it fall over his hole. “What are you waiting for?” He dares me.

I immediately got on my knees behind him and slammed my cock into his ass. “Ah, so sexy baby.” I groaned.

“Fuck, you’re so big! Fuck me daddy! Give it to me!” He begged. I have reached a new level of horny, he’s made me so fucking horny I need to fuck the hell out of this sexy being.

I aggressively pulled him up, off of his hands. I wrapped my right arm around his body, and put my left hand out in front of him. “Pour syrup on my hand. Now, bitch.” I ordered. He kaçak bahis obeyed, realizing the power has turned again. “You’re gonna suck on my hand until it’s clean, all the while I fuck your little bitch of a hole.”

“Yes, sir.” He agreed as I slammed my groin against his ass.

“That’s it, good boy. And when you’re done, you’re gonna put more syrup on my hand.” He cleaned me off, then poured more on my hand. “Atta boy.” I groaned. “You’re not gonna lick this one clean though, it’s for your little neck.” I grunted as my hand wrapped around his neck, chocking him hard, but not dangerously.


“You alright? Let me know if you need me to stop.” I loosened.

“I’m fine, don’t stop. Fucking hot.” He breathed.

“Don’t tell me what to do, bitch!” I spat, back into the aggressive side and resuming the pressure on his neck.

I thrust my hips back and forth, filling him with my thick cock. “Yes! Fuck me! Yes!” He moaned. “Give it to me! That’s it, fuck yes!”

I pushed him back down on all fours. I slapped his ass hard, some chocolate syrup on his ass splashing onto my stomach. “You’re so tight, fuck! Take that cock, that’s it, Daddy’s good little bitch!”

I got off one of my knees into a kneeling position. My left leg bent next to his body, and hands on his hips, I had a new angle to slam into his ass.

“YES!” He screamed. I hit his pleasure spot. “Right there!” He cried out. I slammed into the same spot again, letting out my own groan as I did so.

I continued thrusting in and out, hitting the right spot. I don’t want him to cum just get hough, so I paused, pulling out. “On your stomach.” I ordered.

He got down on his stomach and I pushed my cock back in his ass, giving no time for him to adjust to the new position. I grabbed his hands and held both of his wrists together behind his back. In control of him, I lifted one foot onto his back, pinning him down.

“Yeah, that’s it. Let Daddy Hold you down and fuck you brains out.” I groaned. At this point I was incredibly sticky and sweating like crazy.

The repetitive thrusts against his ass made the syrup all over him stick to me, thinning out and eventually disappearing. I wanted to be closer to him, so I laid my chocolate covered hairy chest against his back. I wrapped one arm under his chest, locking his head in place. With my other hand, I pulled his hair, just long enough for me to grip.

I started whispering in his ear. “You like it? Do you?” He moaned in agreement. “Yeah, take that cock. Take that cock in your beautiful tight ass. You love it, you little slut. Oh love being my little bitch, you love getting your ass ravished by Daddy’s cock.” He moaned again, almost a cry. I started kissing his temple. “You’re all mine, don’t forget that. I’ve got you now, and you’re stuck here. Stuck taking my cock like the little bitch you are.”

The entire time I slammed up and down, my hips slapping into Ben’s ass. The sound of that mixed with his moans and cries filled my ears, sounding so hot.

I got off of him, flipping him over abruptly. “I want to see that cute little face of yours when I make you cum.” I smirked, making him blush.

“And I get to see yours when I make you cum.” He echoed.

I leaned down and kissed his lips. I reached for the whipped cream and put a bunch on my mouth, then topped it off with the syrup. I returned to Ben’s lips, kissing him and making a mess between us. I moved to kiss each of his cheeks, making him giggle under the playful food.

My cock returned to his hole, filling him once more. Our lips kissed as I pounded into him. He moaned into my mouth as I hit his pleasure spot, thrusting in and out, back and forth. “Cum for me, Ben.”

“Fuck me, Alex!” He breathed. “Ah, ah, ah-ah!”

I took that as a challenge. I leaned back, bringing him with me. Now on my back, i wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him down close to me. I slid down a little, giving me a better angle to fill him. “My baby gets what he wants.” I got lost in his eyes as I made him mine. My balls slapped against his ass with every thrust upwards into him.

“Yes! Yes! I’m gonna cum, Alex, ah!” He moaned, his ass tightening over my cock as he reached climax.

“I’m gonna cum! Fuck!!!!!”

“Fill me, Alex! Yes! Yes! Oh, GOD!” He shot rope after rope of cum between our stomachs as I unloaded in his ass. My load was so big it fell back down over my cock as I remained inside him, giving smaller, still intense, thrusts.

We both came down from our highs, breathing heavily. “Guess we have to add chocolate syrup and whipped cream to the shopping list.” He joked.

“That’s why I love you.” I kissed him.

“We should be careful when we get up on our way to the bathroom.”

“I’ll wipe off my feet, then I’ll carry you there. How’s that?” I offered.

“Once again, you’re carrying me, I love it.” He kissed me.

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