Friday Night Fun Ch. 02

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“What the hell is going on here Alyssa?” the mystery voice asked. Alyssa’s eyes were trying to focus on the silhouette in the doorway. “You know the rules during the season; no guys!” the voice said as it moved into the room.

Neither Alyssa nor Colin could move. Both were frozen in silence with thoughts of how they had just been caught fucking. It was like a scene out of a hardcore porn, with Alyssa on her knees, face splattered with cum that was dripping down her chin and onto her tits which she was gently kneading with her hands. Colin was standing there with his rapidly deflating dick in his hand just above Alyssa’s face. The two coeds slowly turned their heads to see who had caught them.

“Beth?” Alyssa asked quizzically.

“Of course it’s Beth, who else would it be?” Beth asked sarcastically. “And look at you, you look like a slut on your knees like that!”

“Wait, I can explain!” Alyssa pleaded.

“Shhh!” Beth hissed. “Don’t explain anything. I just have one question. Was he any good?”

“Mmhmm!” Alyssa purred. “He really knows how to eat pussy and was a great fuck!” Colin blushed at Alyssa’s comments.

“Does he eat a better pussy than me?” Beth asked with a stunned look on her face. Colin’s blush turned to a look of disbelief as he looked at the two women.

“Well what did you think I meant when I said no guys?” Beth said to Colin. “I didn’t say she couldn’t get off, so during the season we’re only supposed to fuck around with each other!”

Colin just stared at Beth with his jaw on the ground, not sure how to react to what was being said. Beth just looked at Colin with a smile on her face and reached for Alyssa’s hand. She helped Alyssa to her feet and led her to the bed and had her lay down.

“But since you and your cock are here, we might as well include you!” Beth said. “But it looks like we need to get your cock ready again!” With that she got on the bed and started licking Alyssa’s tits, tasting Colin’s cum as she did. “Just let me clean Alyssa off first,” she said. She continued licking and kissing Alyssa. She cleaned up both her tits, then moved up to her neck and finally cleaned the globs of jizz off her cheeks. Then she gave Alyssa a passionate kiss on the lips, sharing the taste of Colin’s cum.

Colin still hadn’t moved since Beth first walked in, but his cock had started to move as he watched the two women on the bed. Beth looked over to Colin and saw that he still wasn’t hard.

“Well, that could be good or bad,” she said gesturing towards Colin’s dick. “Hopefully it means you’re going to take awhile, because I’m gonna need some lovin’ too.” With that, Beth pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a very perky set of tits.

“I know they aren’t as big as Alyssa’s, but I think they’re OK, don’t you?” she asked Colin as she started squeezing and caressing them with her hands. She looked down as Colin’s cock continued to grow.

“Mmm, almost there,” she cooed. She quickly reached down and slipped out of her jeans, revealing a cleanly shaven pussy. “We have a rule in this house. Only clean shaven pussies get eaten! What do you think of that rule Colin?”

“I… Umm,” Colin stammered.

Beth laughed and put a finger to her lips to quiet Colin. “Your cock did the talking for you on that one!” she said as she pointed to his now engorged prick. “Does he know how to use that Alyssa?”

“Oh yes!” she cooed as she licked casino şirketleri her lips. “I can’t wait to feel it in my ass!”

Colin rolled his eyes and moaned and the thought of ass-fucking Alyssa.

“Well you just wait your turn babe, because I haven’t gotten any yet,” Beth said. “So Colin? Do you want to prove to me how good of a pussy-licker you are?” she said as she ran her middle finger over her pussy lips. Colin just stood there and nodded.

“Then don’t just stand there!” she said as laid on the bed next to Alyssa. “Get to work!”

Colin got on his knees in front of the bed and threw Beth’s legs over his shoulders. He pulled her legs moving her pussy up to his face. He reached up and parted her lips revealing her womanhood. Her clit was already poking out and Colin couldn’t help himself and begin licking it hard.

“Oh!” Beth moaned. Colin shoved a finger in her tight pussy and started making the come here motion, trying to pleasure her G-spot. He pumped his face in and out as he licked her clit, his chin rubbing against his hand that was massaging Beth’s insides. Beth continued moaning and started licking her lips as Colin ate her pussy.

Alyssa couldn’t stand just watching and moved over, straddling Beth’s face. She quickly lowered her pussy to Beth’s waiting tongue and started grinding on her face. Colin continued licking but let his eyes wander upwards and could see Beth’s tits and Alyssa’s ass cheeks. He moaned as he lapped at Beth’s clit.

He really wanted his dick in one of the girls, so he put his hands on Beth’s hips and pulled his face closer, putting as much pressure as he could on her pussy. He started finger fucking her harder and began to hear muffled moans from up on the bed. He could tell they were Beth’s because Alyssa was letting out short little screams as Beth licked her pussy which turned him on even more.

All of a sudden Beth’s body tensed up and Colin heard her scream, but it was completely muffled by Alyssa’s pussy. Colin could feel her pussy walls clench up around his finger as he licked her pussy.

Alyssa was truly enjoying Beth’s tongue and was getting close to orgasm. Beth’s scream was all it took to trigger a mind-blowing orgasm. She took in a deep breath that was accompanied by a high pitched moan and soon she was panting as her body shook uncontrollably.

Colin was more than content to watch the two women orgasm and he continued licking Beth’s pussy as he did. His neck was growing tired and lucky for him, both women had quit cumming and had rolled on either side of the bed to relax. Colin stood up with a huge grin on his face as he stared at the two sexed-up ladies.

Beth looked up. “Apparently you enjoyed that,” she said as she pointed at his cock.

“So did you!” he laughed.

“Yeah, you’re right!” she purred. “Alyssa was right, you definitely know what you’re doing down there!”

“Just giving you what you deserve,” he said as he took a bow.

The two ladies laughed.

“I’ll be right back!” Beth said as she got off the bed and scurried out of the room, not even bothering to cover up.

Alyssa and Colin shot each other a puzzled look.

“Well girl, do you really want it in the ass!” Colin said as he shook his dick at her.

Alyssa grinned at him and got on all fours. “Stick it in me big guy!” she called to him.

Colin hopped on the bed and got on his feet behind her in a squatting casino firmaları position. He stood up a bit and pushed his dick to her opening. “Fuck!” he yelled. “I need to lube it up first!” He looked around not sure what to do. Just then Beth walked back in the room with lube in hand and one hand behind her back.

“Here you go!” she giggled. “I thought we might need it!”

Colin lubed up his dick then a finger so he could get Alyssa’s ass ready. She started to purr as his finger probed her asshole. Colin couldn’t wait anymore and lined his dick up once more. He pushed it in hard causing Alyssa to yelp. But her pain subsided as the pleasure overtook her. Colin couldn’t believe how tight she was and closed his eyes as he slowly slid his cock in and out of her back door.

He opened his eyes and noticed Beth next to the bed sliding a dildo in and out of her mouth. His eyes widened as he watched her sucking the fake cock. She took it out of her mouth and signaled for him to be quiet. Colin continued fucking Alyssa’s ass, but didn’t say a word. He stared at Beth as she pointed at Alyssa, then ran the dildo down her chest and stomach towards her pussy. She pretended to stick it in her snatch, then pointed at Alyssa. Colin took the hint.

“Alyssa, do you mind riding on my dick for a bit?” he asked.

“No, not at all stud!” she replied.

Colin reached his arms up and wrapped them around Alyssa, just below her tits while keeping his dick planted in her ass. He clasped his hands together and did the old tuck and roll, pulling Alyssa over with him. Much to everyone’s surprise it worked and Colin’s dick stayed deep in Alyssa.

Now Colin was on his back and Alyssa wormed her feet under her so she could bounce using her legs. She leaned back and Colin put his hands on her back to keep her from leaning too far and losing the penetration. Alyssa was so focused on changing positioned that she still didn’t notice Beth sitting on a chair with the dildo embedded in her pussy.

“Mmm!” Alyssa moaned. “I like this angle!”

Because she had leaned back, Colin’s dick was hitting the inner wall of her ass. She closed her eyes and slowly kept her rhythm. Beth was watching the whole time and slowly pulled the dildo out of her own pussy. Colin watched her walk to the bed and quietly situate herself next to Alyssa’s pussy. She slowly guided the dildo towards Alyssa’s pussy lips and pushed it in at angle, so it hit the back wall of her vagina, right where Colin’s dick was hitting from the other direction.

“Ahhh!” Alyssa moaned. “My God that feels good!”

Beth kept in rhythm with Alyssa and pushed the dildo in as she pushed down on Colin’s dick. Alyssa could feel the two cocks hitting her inner walls. She opened her eyes and stared at Beth as she fucked her pussy with the dildo. Alyssa gave Beth a sexy smile and licked her lips.

“I’m going to lean all the way back onto your chest Colin,” Alyssa said. “So you can pump my ass hard.” Colin acknowledged her with a grunt and moved his hands so Alyssa could lean back. Colin’s cock slipped out, so Alyssa slid her body down towards his feet, so Beth could stick Colin’s dick back in her ass. Beth wrapped her hand around his dick and pushed it into Alyssa’s waiting ass. Colin didn’t wait for her to brace and started pumping away at her tight hole.

Beth took that as a cue for her to pick it up too and jammed the dildo in Alyssa’s pussy and güvenilir casino pounded away at that hole as hard as she could.

“Yesssss!” Alyssa screamed as she started to orgasm. This was a new sensation for Colin who had never felt a girl orgasm while he was fucking her in the ass. Lucky for him he had already cum once and wasn’t ready to bust, otherwise it would have been all over for him too.

Alyssa started and screaming and shuddering as the two dicks filled her holes. She eventually started to calm down and both Colin and Beth withdrew.

“That dick still good to go?” Beth asked. “Because if it isn’t, I’m going to be upset!”

“Oh, it’s ready to go,” Colin said. “Where do you want it?”

“Just sit on the edge of the bed and I’ll take care of it!” she said.

Colin moved and sat on the edge of the bed with his dick pointed up. Beth walked over and stood in front of him. She slowly climbed onto his lap and sat on his cock, her tits in Colin’s face. Colin knew what to do with them and quickly had his lips wrapped around a nipple and his free hand caressing the other. Beth started bouncing on his dick and Colin did his best to keep his lips on her tits.

Beth started bouncing harder, trying to bring herself to another orgasm. Meanwhile, Alyssa had recovered from the double penetration and sat there watching, getting ready to return the favor for Beth. She got up and grabbed the dildo off the bed and moved to the foot of the bed and stood behind Beth. She gently pushed the two coeds onto the bed so Colin was on his back. Beth leaned forward and got her knees under her so she was just bouncing her body up and down, Colin’s dick sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Alyssa stood there and leaned towards Beth’s now exposed ass. She stuck her tongue out and pushed it into Beth’s forbidden hole.

“Oooo!” Beth cooed.

Colin looked around Beth to see what was going on and could see Alyssa licking Beth’s ass. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes in disbelief. He was trying his hardest not to cum so he could pleasure these beauties as long as possible.

Once Alyssa thought Beth’s ass could handle it, she took the dildo and slowly slid it into her ass. Beth started pushing back, trying to get both Colin’s cock and the dildo as deep in her as humanly possible.

Alyssa started pumping the dildo into Beth’s ass harder causing her to moan with delight. Colin could feel the dildo as his cock hit Beth’s inner wall and started to pump harder, trying to get into a rhythm with the dildo.

“Yes! Yes!” Beth started to scream, getting louder as the pumping got harder. Her inner walls clenched up and squeezed Colin’s cock hard, nearly causing him to lose it. He kept fucking her, deciding it was time for him to cum as well. He looked around Beth to see Alyssa with a tongue licking at Beth’s ass even as she shoved the dildo in and out.

As Beth’s orgasm continued, Colin could feel his balls tighten up. He reached down and was able to pull his dick out and point it right at Beth’s pussy and ass. Alyssa saw him pull and reached down and started stroking his dick furiously. He unloaded all over Beth’s ass and pussy, and even hit Alyssa’s chin.

Alyssa continued licking Beth, but was moving back and forth between her ass and pussy, licking up all of Colin’s jizz in the process.

“Oh fuck!” Colin grunted as he squeezed the last bit of his cum out of his dick and started rubbing the tip of his prick on Beth’s pussy lips.

Beth leaned down and kissed Colin, letting her tongue enter his mouth. Then she pulled back and looked at Colin.

“When can we do this again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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