Fox Hunt Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Second Skin

The crystal globe sang with reverberations as it rattled, the spotlight glinting off its surface in the darkness. Strong yet diminutive fists collided unrelentingly with the globe’s interior wall with force enough to crumble mountains, but found pure diamentium giving no quarter. Perspiration began condensing on the taut sinuous muscles of the woman’s defined back as she lashed out at the walls of her prison, her breath quickened, but steady. Silver Fox gritted her teeth as she threw herself into every punch, every ounce of her energy committed to her liberation, but diamentium proved itself more than a match for any force in the universe- even the greatest of all Foxes.

Red-faced and breathless, Silver slammed both fists angrily on the unbreakable crystal, growling in frustration. Exhausted, she leaned on the wall of her diamentium cell and shivered with rage, panting in silence until pointed words pierced the quiet…

“Undisciplined cow”

Silver’s snow-white locks whipped around as she quickly turned to see a slim Asian woman dressed in green. “Bleeding chi all over the place- you spend so much energy and accomplish so very little.” Jade Fox stood erect with her hands behind her back, one sharp eyebrow raised inquisitively, her mouth curled into a sneer. “It’s so frustrating to see such power go to waste.”

“You!” barked the captive heroine. “Let me out of here! I will not be treated this way!” she blustered as she crossed her arms over her naked breasts, her embarrassment feeding her seething anger.

“It seems like someone is shy…” grinned the Asian villainess as her black eyes caressed every inch of Silver’s nakedness “Don’t be…your body is quite a sight to behold.”

“You twisted…let me out and I’ll show you what my body can do!”

“I don’t think so…as I said before- there are plans for you…”

Silver’s eyes narrowed as it dawned on her that Jade’s attention was no longer fixed on her, but on something beyond her…behind her. Spinning around, Silver’s jaw dropped as she beheld a viscous pink substance bubbling up from the grated metal floor. “The slime!” she gasped, terrified. “You coward!” she roared at the evil Fox, “Are you too afraid to face me yourself?!?”

“Nonsense” retorted Jade, her hands now pressed up against the sphere, breathlessly watching the gelatinous mass growing within, “I’ve simply promised you to another…”

No sooner had the words escaped Jade’s lips, that the slime began to shift and throb, it began to stretch and grow as if some creature within it were trying to escape. With the pulsing mass now a puddle three feet wide, the captive heroine pressed her back into the diamentium wall of her prison. Calm and flat as still water, movement began in the middle of the pink fluid. A small round shape began to rise out of the slime and slowly mould itself into its desired shape- a perfect likeness of the face of Silver Fox herself! Aghast, Silver watched as the pink face rose up out of its puddle to complete the head, then upwards to reveal the neck, shoulders, and onward until a complete impression of Silver Fox stood not five feet from her. But this was no mere statue- this slimy figure’s breasts rose and fell in simulation of breath, eyes blinked autonomically, and as the puddle receded to be absorbed into the legs of this gelatinous being, it took its first step.

Horrified, Silver Fox turned to her captor and pounded frantically on the crystal globe. “Let me out!” she cried “Let me out of here! You bitch- come in here and face me yourself!”

Without warning, Silver felt something cool and wet grab her by the arm and spin her about, coming face to face with her mirror image as the creature clutched the heroine’s wrists in it’s greasy hands. It rammed Silver into the wall of her cell, their bellies touching, their groins grinding furiously as the creature’s tongue slid up and down the heroine’s neck. Silver trembled as her hands tingled with sensation. It felt as if something was under her skin fondling every nerve ending at once. Her body quaked with shameful delight and succumbed to the manipulations of her doppelganger.

It’s will unopposed, the creature spun Silver Fox around, slamming her into the grated floor. The force of the impact shocked the heroine back to lucidity. Beneath this gelatinous beast, the heroine writhed and squirmed, but could not loose the death grip it held on her wrists. Her breath grew to a pant as the creature manipulated Silver’s body chemistry and she found herself unwillingly in heat.

“They call you the greatest of the Foxes” spat Jade, “but all you power and all your training amounts to nothing when it comes to that tingle between your legs. When it comes down to it, you’re just a dirty little whore, aren’t you?”

Her voice quaking amidst her fading resolve, Silver fought to eke out words from her quivering lips.”W-what is it d-d-doing to me…?”

“Not what darling…who. You’re casino şirketleri struggling against the good Doctor’s latest creation; a sentient, liquid crystal automaton. We call her PLASMA….and she’s very happy to meet you.”

With Silver only faintly aware of Jade’s words, the creature firmly and effortlessly pressed the heroine’s arms to the floor above her head. There, with the Silver’s wrists tightly in its grip, the slimy hands oozed and melted, until the heroine’s hands were securely stuck to the grated floor. Satisfied that it’s prey was properly restrained, the creature pulled it’s arms away, while leaving the hands manacled around Silver’s wrists, the creature’s arms forming new hands in their place. “Plasma” was now free to have her way with Silver Fox, and the heroine could do nothing, her hands adhered to the floor.

Plasma gazed down on her captive with translucent eyes, her gaze pouring enviously over Silver’s body. The creature’s hands cupped its breasts and slid down her torso in anticipation, imagining how it would feel with a body of her own. Her hands drifted down to her crotch, gliding back and forth across her groin teasing the spot, manipulating it, until suddenly, a point began to stick out. A single spot between her legs, further and further out it sprouted until Plasma had formed a fully erect 10-inch cock.

“NO!” screeched Silver Fox “No! You wouldn’t!”

“Calm down- In order to have a smooth transition, Plasma needs to relax you” cooed Jade Fox cryptically

Positioning herself at the mouth of Silver’s pussy, Plasma carefully slid the slick head of her cock inside the heroine, and began to thrust. Silver instinctively tugged on her bound hands, but succeeded only in arching her back as waves of pleasure washed over her. Plasma’s smouldering passion grew into wildfire as her hips rocked back and forth with increasing speed and aggression. Silver, her arousal matched only by her shame, uncontrollably wrapped her legs around Plasma’s round, pink ass and pulled the creature deeper into herself while the greatest (and proudest) of all Foxes moaned like a whore.

Translucent hands slid up the heroine’s body to her shapely tits, flopping back and forth as they were with every push. Cupping one breast in each hand, Plasma squeezed and fondled Silver, her fingers playing with the Fox’s nipples as her slimy essence oozed into Silver’s pours, further stimulating her from the inside out. The eroticism now at a fever pitch, the doppelganger lowered her face to her original and brought Silver’s desperate mouth to hers. Their tongues frantically caressed and massaged each other, Silver’s hips undulating as she hungrily pushed Plasma’s member deeper into her sex with every fuck.

Her fingers interlocked, Silver felt the gelatinous cuffs around her wrists dissolve and disappear into her skin as the stimulating effects rushed down her arms and throughout her ecstatic body. Her lover’s arms now free, Plasma sat back on her heels and grabbed Silver’s left leg, swinging it over the right, rolling the heroine onto her side before pressing herself into Silver’s back and continued thrusting as she fucked the pacified Fox in the spooning position. Gripping her lover’s generous tits, Plasma massaged the bountiful mammaries while Silver’s hands found their way to Plasma’s and gripped them, squeezing her breasts even harder while she leaned her head back to eagerly kiss her doppelganger. Their lips playfully wrestling, Silver felt a tingle on her tongue as if kissing a battery.

Pulling loose from the liplock, Plasma hugged Silver’s body tightly as she pumped her hips harder and harder with each thrust while Silver raced towards orgasm. Her excitement growing, Silver’s breath grew more rapid, the tingling inside her spreading until finally her body granted her the release she so desperately craved and climaxed, the heroine crying out as she came.

Breathless, Silver panted as she wriggled in Plasma’s embrace, her protestations now wholly forgotten in the post-coital glow. Her nose nestled in Silver’s neck, Plasma enfolded herself into the heroine, the two spooning tightly on the grated metal floor. Enjoying the sensations that her double had evoked, Silver suddenly noticed Plasma hugging tighter, and closer. But they were already belly-to-back, Silver thought, how could the embrace get any closer? Then, puzzlement gave way to panic as Silver realized that Plasma had once again become liquid, and was now enwrapping her! Pink slime oozed around Silver’s body from back to front, the heroine was terrified but unable to move- having trickled deep into the young Fox’s biology, Plasma had immobilized Silver’s body, leaving her petrified. Unable to lift a finger to repel this assault, Silver’s terror gave voice to a scream.

As the slimy form of Plasma encased Silver Fox, the heroine could feel the automaton seep into her pours and push deeper into her anatomy- into her skin, her organs, and through her bloodstream. The pain casino firmaları was unimaginable, but then hijacking one’s nervous system is no gentle procedure. One by one Silver could feel her synapses fall to this invasion. Gradually, sensation returned to her, and the pink coating around her felt as if an extension of her body.

With a broad smile, Jade Fox removed a small device from her belt and tapped the touchscreen. With an audible swoosh, a section of Silver’s spherical prison slid away and the evil Fox stepped into the glass menagerie and knelt down to the subdued heroine. Gently laying hands on the young woman’s body, Jade tenderly ran her fingers through Silver’s snow-white hair while soothingly shushing.

“There there” the villainess cooed, “just relax.” Taking Silver’s now-pink hand in hers, Jade sat up and placed another hand on her back. “We’ll take it slowly now, just try to stand up.”

Shattered, Silver whimpered as she looked up at the evil Fox. “I…I don’t think I can…”

Jade’s thin lips hardened and pursed as she looked down upon the fallen heroine. “I wasn’t talking to you!” she snapped.

Startlingly, Silver’s limbs began to move with no effort on her part. Her alarm grew when her body seemed to move with a mind of it’s own while lumbering shakily to her feet. “Wh-what’s happening?” she blurted “Why can’t I control myself?!?”

Only half-listening, Jade grinned from ear to ear as she admired Silver’s new exterior. The pink film covered the heroine’s body from the tips of her fingers all the way up her arms and down her torso, with most of her front exposed save her breasts and crotch. The film then tapered off around her legs, leaving her legs bare, until covered again by pink film in the style of stilettoed thigh-high boots. Plasma had bonded so completely to Silver Fox that it formed a second skin. To rip it off her body would be akin to tearing flesh from the bone. Finally at rest, Plasma was no longer a slime, but crystallized into a prism or jewel. Nonetheless, it still moved with fluidity and grace as if liquid. Jade’s hands glided over Silver’s new form, groping every facet of her body as she circled her- Silver making no attempt to recoil, only a small tensing of her muscles being the best she could manage.

“I’m sorry, Silver” purred Jade Fox, “But your magnificent body is simply too valuable to do away with. I’m afraid it’s been repurposed.”

“What are you talking about?” Silver stammered “What have you done to me?!?!”

The villainess cuddled up to her captive and brought her face inches away from Silver’s- staring hungrily into her eyes while the heroine stood paralyzed, her gaze locked straight ahead.

“You see, Silver” Jade continued, “Plasma can take any shape she wants, but it’s like tensing a muscle- she can only keep it up for so long before she has to relax back into her liquid state. She needs a proper container…and she’s grown quite enamoured with you!”

“M….ME?!” squeaked the heroine.

“Yes, Silver. When Plasma first engulfed you during your capture, she probed every crevice of you, creating a perfect mould. And now that she’s got you all mapped out, she’s moving in! While she manipulated your body chemistry she’s molecularly bonded with you! Seeping into you, right down to your marrow and saturating every cell in your body…which will- in the immediate future- become her body!”

“NO!” shrieked Silver Fox “No! You can’t do this! It’s my body!

“It’s already too late!” giggled Jade, “She’s asserting control over every biological function, and you’re being squeezed out! She’s fast at work augmenting you! Increasing strength, speed- and you’re powerless to lift a finger! Think of it…my very own Fox Golem!”

Silver Fox’s mind raced with terror while her body stood submissively at attention. Supremely satisfied, Jade clasped Silver’s hand and stepped out of the opening in the holding cell, leading Silver’s body obediently along. Try as she might, Silver Fox could offer no resistance- her body had a new mistress. Now out in the open, Jade stood Silver still, holding the heroine’s face in her hands, and smiled.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about not being in control” mused the villainess, “You won’t have to suffer the indignity long.”

Pulling Silver close to her, Jade nuzzled into the heroine, one hand on the nape of her neck, and one on the small of her back.

“When Plasma seeps deep enough into your brain, she’ll begin to assimilate your thoughts. One by one, she’ll devour and absorb your memories until she is all that remains, and there is nothing left of you- murdered in your own mind.

“No!” Cried the heroine, “Goddess NO!”

Franticly, she tried to summon every ounce of willpower to command her limbs to lash out- run away- anything! But to no avail. There she stood, unable to break free of the Asian villainess’ loving embrace.

Pulling her face away from her captive’s, Jade slid her one hand from Silver’s back güvenilir casino to her abs, and then downward.

“Soon, Plasma” cooed Jade, “Soon your life will be your own. Until then…” Jade’s fingers found Silver’s crotch, and began messaging her pussy “…allow me to give you a housewarming present.”

Silver was startled at the unfamiliar feeling rousing in her loins. Plasma was now a part of her body, and she could feel what she felt, just as intuitively as her own skin. The heroine felt the sensation grow until it felt as if it would spill out of her…and then, it did. To her disbelief, the viscous fluid around her womanhood shifted and swirled until it protruded and grew- forging itself into a 10-inch cock!

A pleased Jade took the phallus in her hand and began to firmly stroke the shaft. Silver, disgusted as she was, was no less overpowered by this stimulation as Plasma expertly manipulated her pleasure centres.

“Enjoy this, Hero” Jade said breathily as she slid down to her knees before the subdued heroine, “It will be the greatest rapture of your life…” pulling the geisha sticks out of her hair, Jade’s raven locks tumbled down her back, and the evil Fox looked up at Silver’s terror-stricken face. “And it might just be the last!”

With that, Jade took Silver Fox’s long pink cock into her mouth and went to work. Horrified as she was, Silver was overcome by such ecstasy, and was carried away by the bliss of her first blow job.


A cold, sharp pain shot through Violet Fox’s jaw as it slammed onto the grated steel floor. Her head swimming, she still had the wherewithal to make out the giggling of her assailant over her shoulder. A shaft of light from the open doorway illuminated Jade Fox standing over Violet with arms crossed.

A self-satisfied smirk on the villainess’ face, her eyes poured over every inch of Violet’s naked body. Having spent over an hour beating the young heroine, she now admired her handiwork, studying Violet’s muscles as they quivered and strained while she slowly pushed herself off the floor. Gleefully, Jade took note of what parts still remained in good shape- making mental notes to work over those areas next session.

“I hope you didn’t get too carried away…” came a voice from the doorway. Jade looked back over her shoulder to spy a tall black figure, adorned with a snow-white bustier standing just inside the shadowy holding cell. One hand was sliding the white silk of her glove across her clavicle, while the other held a black leather medical bag in front of her. “…I know how much you enjoy your work.”

“Pearl Fox” Jade answered inquisitively, her head nodding towards the bag in her cohort’s possession. “Don’t tell me you’re growing concerned for these whores’ well-being?”

“Orders, I’m afraid” chimed Pearl, “Vanessa wants to stretch their misery out as long as possible, so I’m to see to her minimal needs.”

Jade let out a humph as she looked back to Violet, shakily getting to her feet, her arms wrapped around her battered body. “It would be kinder just to put her out of her misery…” the Asian Fox said snidely as she leaned in closer to her prey, “You hear that, cow? We’re setting you back up just so we can knock you down again tomorrow.”

Spinning on her heel, Jade strode back the way she had entered, leaving the captive Fox in Pearl’s charge. As she passed, Pearl noticed that Jade was wearing her hair down today, and had a little spring in her step. Things must have gone well with Silver, she thought, and the cell door slid shut behind Jade as she made her way back to her quarters to rendezvous with her new girlfriend.

Violet Fox grimaced as she fought to remain vertical, her eyes full of fury as they met Pearl. “Whatever you’ve got” she choked “you can keep it…I won’t have-” Without warning, the heroine’s spiteful words were cut off, as her strength gave out and she stumbled. She momentarily lost her balance and would have fallen flat on her face again, were it not for the waiting silk hands of Pearl Fox. Deftly grabbing Violet by the arms, she managed to steady the heroine and keep her upright. Her soothing touch immediately placated the injured brunette, who compliantly walked as the villainess led her to the prison cot in the corner. Sitting Violet down, Pearl perched herself beside her and unclasped her leather bag. “I’m serious…” Violet eked, “I don’t want anything you-” Her words were cut off again, but this time by the ivory-clad Fox.

“Quiet” Pearl gently said. It was not an order. “Please listen, we don’t have a lot of time.” Reaching into her bag, Pearl removed a clear plastic container the size of a Dixie cup. Unscrewing the lid, she thrust it into Violet’s hands. “Vanessa’s been milking Butter nonstop, she’s been giving us all doses…this is all I could spare without being noticed.”

Placing one hand on the heroine’s shoulder, she brought the container to the heroine’s mouth. Confused, Violet was in no condition to resist and drank the milk obediently. The Sweet taste of Fox milk sent a tingle through her lips and a warm feeling through her body as she swallowed. Gradually, the dull pain throughout her body eased, although it did not disappear.

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