Foursome for Breakfast

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Like any good son, I was helping dad out by doing up the breakfast dishes and putzing around the kitchen trying to make the house look more liveable when I heard a car drive up the driveway. I saw that it was Raymond, Dad’s work partner, a mason by trade. Raymond was always welcome here, Dad and he had been friends since I can remember, and when he was around, I just stared at his moustache and hairy chest.

Raymond knocked at the back door and I let him in with a smile, and told him Dad was in the shower because he was expecting the insurance man this morning to go over the life insurance policy that had changed recently.

Raymond sat at the kitchen table and we bullshitted for about 10 minutes when I looked back and he had his hand on his crotch feeling an obvious lump in his work pants. I just chuckled and told him he was just “a horny devil”, which I liked about him, especially since our first encounter with Dad and me.

He asked if I wanted to quickly make his lump go down, and of course I jumped at the chance. He stood up, and I took his place in the chair, which was the perfect height for having someone stand in front of you and give them head. Dad should know, he took advantage of that perfect height many times.

Raymond undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor, and I fished his 8 inches out of his boxers and went to town, lapping up some pre-cum which casino şirketleri had formed already. I lifted my arms up to feel the carpet that was his chest, and that gave me an instant hard-on. Raymond’s masculinity was overwhelming sometimes. I started out slowly and made sure his cock touched the back of my throat, and I gave a little gag sound (because that makes a man feel good) as I swallowed a bunch of my own saliva.

Raymond was in a rhythm of working his meat back and forth and I moved my hands from his chest to his ass, and just held his hairy ass while he bucked in and out of my face. He kept telling me I had a perfect mouth for fucking, whatever that meant, and I responded by telling him it’s his whenever he wants it. I certainly get enough practice living with Dad.

Speaking of Dad, I couldn’t hear the water running any more, and was a little nervous about that, but given the history of the three of us, the nerves went away quickly. Dad came into the kitchen stark naked with his nipples hard as erasers and his dick swaying in the breeze, stopping at the site of his buddy humping his son’s face, to which he gave a hearty laugh.

“You fuckin’ asshole, who do you think you are using my son like that?” Dad barked at Raymond. I thought he was serious for a minute, until the two of them broke into laughter. I couldn’t take my mouth off Raymond’s cock, but Dad casino firmaları insisted we go into the bedroom, so he could get in on the action before the two of them left for work.

Dad and Raymond laid side by side on the bed with two cocks pointing to the ceiling, and I laid sideways so I had access to both cocks. While those two were frenching each other and moaning, I managed to get both cocks in my mouth a little ways and started a double blow. Raymond was close to being finished off and I asked if they could time it so I got both loads on my face at once. I concentrated on Dad’s dick then and went to town when I heard this voice calling from the living room.

“Bob? Bob? You home?” boomed the voice. Holy fuck, who was that?

I had forgotten about Clint the insurance man coming, and he was so used to coming to our house, he let himself in when no one answered the bell.

Clint wasn’t only our insurance man, he also was the mall Santa at Christmas, making perfect use of his massive white beard and jolly demeanor.

Holy shit, could this be true? When Clint found us, Dad wasn’t even phased. I later learned that Clint was Dad’s first sexual conquest and the three of them (Raymond included) had had many wild times before.

Well, this morning couldn’t get any better. I was still lapping up Dad and Raymond when Clint disrobed and started eating out my ass, güvenilir casino and the feeling of his beard on my asshole about put me into orbit. I asked Clint if he could time his orgasm with Dad’s and Clint’s and give me three loads at once, and he said he would try.

Dad and Clint got into a 69, and Clint came around and as I hung my head off the edge of the bed, teabagged his Santa balls into and out of my mouth, and then started fucking my throat. Several minutes later, Dad said he and Raymond were about ready, so I maneuvered myself toward the middle of the bed and the three of them gathered round my face as I watched them jack off, and amazingly enough, their timing was near perfect. Santa Clint exploded onto my face first and Dad and Raymond followed shortly thereafter, and my face was a portrait of man cream, and I was in fucking heaven. Clint leaned over and gave me a huge tongue-laden kiss, gathering up his, my Dad’s and Raymond’s cum and then french kissing me again.

Raymond left for the job site while Dad and Clint discussed the new policy. Then Dad left and I was so fucking horny, I went over the Clint and just started kissing him and putting my hands down his pants. He got hard again, and I gave him his final send-off for the day as I got my fourth load of spunk, which Clint lapped up and had for his breakfast.

I asked him if he was shocked when he saw what was going on when he arrived and he said “I would be shocked if I walked in and NOTHING was going on. Your dad is one hot fuck and he and Raymond and Ted have been fucking each other for years.


You’ll meet him in the next story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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