Forest of Dreams Pt. 03

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Part 3 of the saga in our new land. If you don’t know about the origins of Angel, Sorceress and Siren, I recommend you read my story series, “The Angel” which should give you more context for who the characters are and how they got here. You don’t have to. This story does stand on its own.

Love once again to my proofreaders, Eyehawk, Angel, Ash, Jen, Suzy, Mari, Vero and Gina and of course to all my wonderful readers!

Special thanks and deep love to Jodie, Angel, Laura and Jasmine – my muses.

Anna Xxxx


While Angel undid Siren’s dress I took her hair tie out from her straight, blond ponytail, placing it on the side table, and arranged her hair before helping slide the dress down to the floor, revealing her beautiful body. I placed a gentle kiss on her shoulder as Angel undid her bra freeing her beautifully small, pert breasts.

As we were undressing her we told her all about our adventures in the Forest of Dreams. About the waterfall, the cave, the cottage, the amazing toy, Lake Jasmine and the warm snows. For the moment I left out the most important detail: That we were able to fly. I wanted that to be a wonderful surprise.

Of course, our Siren had questions.

“Are you saying this is a real place? That you’ve actually been there? If it wasn’t for you appearing out of nowhere I’d find that hard to believe.”

“I know Siren,” I said, “It is hard to believe but we were there.”

“And you made love,” she said, placing a brief kiss on Angel’s and then my lips.

Angel smiled and said, “Of course, Siren. Our new world seems to have an… electrifying effect on us. You’re not jealous, are you?”

Siren laughed, finally naked. Angel and I sighed, taking in her beauty. Her perfect, small breasts, her bare mound. The telltale puffiness of her pussy lips. I felt my own warmth grow, tingles in my pussy and clit and delicious internal twinges.

“No, Angel. I am never jealous, you know that. You both bring joy to each other and to me all the time, but I want to see this place. What do we do?”

I looked at Angel, “What do you think? Should we start in the glade, or somewhere else?”

Angel thought for a moment, “Oh, the glade. Yes. I want Siren to see and discover our world in the same way that we did.”

I took Siren’s hand and said, “Do you want to go now, my love? Or wait until tomorrow? You must be tired after your day.”

She smiled, “Well, I’m too excited. I want to see this world. I won’t sleep knowing it is there.” She paused for a moment, “Do you think we’ll be able to sleep there? Perhaps we could spend the night…”

Angel jumped in, “Yes. We can. Sorceress and I slept while we were there after we’d used the toy.”

“Right, that settles it. Let’s go now. I have to see this amazing toy.”

I considered this and said, “So, maybe we should start at the cottage, Angel? We can show Siren the rest of the world after that.”

Angel was almost gleeful as she said, “Yes. Yes! Siren can experience the toy.”

Siren smiled and kissed Angel softly before saying, “Well, I want you to be the first to use it with me then Angel.”

I put on a pretend pout, “Oh, so I just get to watch my perfect lovers?” I placed the back of my hand on my forehead, doing a pretend swoon, raising my eyes, “Ever the bridesmaid, never the bride.”

They giggled and both embraced me. I loved the feeling of their bodies pressed to mine. Something I will never tire of.

Siren said, “Oh, I’m sure we’ll find some way to help you Sorceress and, knowing you, you’ll find a way to enjoy yourself with us. Come on. I want to get there!”

I smiled and we broke our huddle with mutual kisses before I said, “Okay, let’s get into position.”

We had meditated together in the past so we took our positions on the floor and naturally went into the lotus position and linked hands.

I looked into the eyes of my two perfect lovers, “Ready Siren? Angel?”

They both smiled and I could see the excitement in Angel’s eyes and the anticipation in Siren’s.

In unison they said, “Yes, Sorceress. We’re ready.”

“Okay. Close your eyes and focus for a moment on your inner shrines.”

I felt my own state come to me easily and then Angel said, “I’m ready,” followed a moment later by Siren saying, “Ready, Sorceress.”

I continued, “Picture the scene. A large, grey stone cottage in beautiful gardens. A large wooden front door. We are sitting just in front of it, on the grass. A warm breeze is blowing around us. There is birdsong…”

I felt the change around me. Angel and Siren’s hands squeezed mine and then I heard a gasp from Siren, “I can feel the grass. I can feel it, Sorceress.”

Angel sighed, “We made it! Open your eyes, Siren.”

I opened my eyes to see my two beautiful lovers, Siren in particular, looking around in amazement. We were sitting in front of our cottage, in the middle of the grass, a few metres from the front door.

We automatically unlinked and stood.

Siren casino şirketleri turned slowly, taking in the rock formation in the distance and the tree line of the forest. The rolling landscape to the sides of the cottage.

“Sorceress, it is beautiful. I can hardly believe it.”

She carried on for a moment, just taking everything in, slowly turning and looking.

I eventually smiled, took her hand in mine and drew her near. We kissed and then I felt Angel’s arms wrap around us and we broke our kiss, and in turn, kissed her.

“Come on then, Siren. Let’s show you the bedroom… and the toy.”

We led her to the door and Angel and I let out a small exclamation when we saw the inscription on the door. It had changed. It now read:

The House of Angel, her Sorceress and their Siren – Welcome

Siren gasped, “Oh! You already named the house!”

I said, “No, my love. It would seem that it names itself for us. Last time it just mentioned Angel and me. I suppose because we were the only ones in the world.”

She said, “Well, I love it. Now, who’s going to show me the bedroom and the wonderful toy?”

We giggled and, leading the way down the hall we got to the bedroom and walked in. There, on the enormous bed, was our toy and Siren squealed and ran over, picking it up and inspecting it.

“Can we try it? Now? Please, Sorceress?”

“One minute, Siren,” I said, walking over to the clothes closet, “I want to check something.”

I opened the door and, sure enough, some of the racks of clothes now had Siren labels on them.

She gasped and briefly took a look at some of the beautiful dresses, skirts and tops, all perfectly matched to her.

Eventually I closed the door and opened the lingerie and toy closet. As expected a couple of the drawers were now labeled Siren.

“What’s in the drawer at the bottom. The one without a name on it?”

I smiled, “That’s where we found the toy, Siren.”

She knelt down and slid it open. To our surprise there were what looked like three pieces of lingerie, neatly folded. The material was very sheer but each was a different shade, all flesh tones. There was a darkish one on the left that matched Angel’s skin tone, the one in the middle matched Siren’s alabaster complexion, the one on the right was the slightly warmer colour of my skin.

Siren pulled out the darker one and held it up against Angel. It was some sort of teddy with a halter neck.

“This is clearly yours, Angel. Want to try it on? I’d love to see you in it,” she said, smiling and knowing that that was exactly what she would want to do.

“Yes, Siren! It looks gorgeous.”

Siren and I helped Angel dress. We slid it up her legs and realised there was some sort of shaping around her pussy. It covered her clit perfectly but left her lips exposed, but only just. As we put the halter over her head we watched in amazement as it moulded to her. Once in place it gave her body a wonderful glittering sheen that seemed to extend beyond the borders of the teddy.

She gasped and, eyes wide, said, “Oh god. I can feel… things… going on…”

The garment shaped to her breasts perfectly, giving them a slightly fuller lift which, given she was already deliciously larger than either of us, was wonderful to see. We also noticed there were little holes where her hard nipples were poking through the gossamer like cloth.

Angel looked in wonder down at herself and then back at us. “You have to feel what it’s like. It’s like my nipples are being deliciously squeezed, something seems to be gently pressing on my clit and it feels like there’s something inside pushing on the walls of my pussy.”

Siren reached forward, gently stroked a nipple and Angel sighed, “Oh fuck, Siren. I can feel that everywhere, not just my nipple. On me and in me.”

Siren grinned and, in an almost girlish excitement cried out, “I have got to try this! I want to go next!”

I laughed, “I want to try too but yes, Siren, you should be next. Angel, let’s dress our Siren.”

We quickly picked up the palest teddy and soon Siren was similarly enclosed in the wonderful garment, her skin now had that slight glittering quality. She gasped and said, “Oh god, yes. It feels… amazing.”

I slowly brushed one of her erect nipples and both Angel and Siren moaned and gasped.

Angel said, “Oh god, Sorceress. I can feel it everywhere even when you’re touching Siren!”

Siren moaned and said, “It is heavenly. I feel I could come in minutes.”

I smiled, “And you will, my love. Angel and I owe you many today but first I have to find out what this is like.”

They happily picked up my teddy and helped me with it. As they hooked the halter over my neck I felt it mould to me and I finally understood what they’d been saying. I could feel a gentle squeeze on my nipples. My breasts were lifted and shaped perfectly. There was a soft stroking sensation on my clit and it was as if my pussy walls were being slowly and deliciously casino firmaları massaged.

We immediately fell together onto the bed, Siren in the middle and, as Angel and I took one of her nipples each in our mouths I felt it as a rush through me. I could feel my own mouth on one of my nipples and Angel’s on the other and it felt as if they were both licking my clit and inside me with their fingers.

We lay and kissed and stroked each other. Every touch feeding doubly back into us. I felt my nipples being squeezed, my clit being licked, my cunt being filled, my little spot was throbbing and I was lost in a love-filled haze. It seemed that even kisses on each others’ lips were transferred to other parts of us. It was so intense and so beautiful. I felt my own orgasm start to rise but it was everywhere. Not just on my clit or inside me but on my skin, in my nipples, on my lips. I felt the kisses and the touches.

I heard moans and soft sighs coming from Angel and Siren. There were no hurried movements, just intensity and fire.

I managed to moan, “I’m going to come, my loves.”

Angel let out a growl, “Fuck, yes.”

Siren sighed, “Oh god. Yes. Heaven.”

And then it hit.

It was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was like I could feel not just my orgasm but those of Siren and Angel. I was in their bodies and they were in mine. I felt their tongues on me, their fingers in me, I felt my fingers in them, my tongue on their clits and their lips as the orgasms peaked further. Every single touch multiplied, lifting us all up further. It was almost an exquisite agony.

Slowly, very slowly, we drifted down from whatever new, powerful place we had just been. I could feel all of us as if we were now more than just the three of us. We were one and many.

I was finally able to open my eyes and look at my two beautiful lovers, their perfect faces that beautiful contrast of the dark Angel and the light Siren. They had beatific smiles on their faces that I was pretty sure was reflected on mine.

Siren was the first to find her voice, “Oh… my… god… that was… amazing,” she managed to get out between deep breaths, “Did you feel like you were in me? Part of me? I… felt your orgasms… does that make any sense?”

Angel and I both smiled and Angel said, “Yes, beautiful Siren. It was the same. We’ve reached a new height.”

Pushing up to prop myself on my elbow, my body still tingling from our intense orgasms, I took in a deep breath so that I could speak and was filled with the wonderfully evocative and familiar scents of our lovemaking.

I shuddered in delight before saying, “Exactly. A new height. A new place. God I love you two so much.”

Siren looked from Angel to me and said, “And I love you. So much. Both of my perfect lovers.”

Angel said, “And I love you. Now… there’s another thing I think we need to show our Siren, don’t you think, Sorceress?”

I wondered for a moment what she was talking about and Siren said, “Oh… don’t tell me there’s another toy you didn’t tell me about? And I still want to try that one at some point,” she said pointing at the abandoned toy on the bed.

Angel kissed Siren gently and we all felt the tingle through us. She smiled and said, “And you will, my love, but first,” she looked at me and winked, “I think we need to go outside?”

I suddenly realised what Angel was talking about, “Yes! Yes. Oh, Siren… you are going to love this…”

She giggled, “More than our wonderful lingerie?”

Angel and I shared a conspiratorial look, “Well… we can also use that at the same time.”

“Okay, you two. What have my naughty lovers been hiding from me? There might be smacked bottoms.”

We both giggled and I slowly pushed myself up and, on wobbly legs, held out my hand and said, “Come and find out. And if you want to smack our bottoms we’ll happily submit, won’t we Angel?”

Angel smiled and nodded and they both slid off the bed and I led them down the hall and out into the still warm, fresh air.

We stood in a triangle, facing and took each other’s hands. I said, “Now, Siren. Don’t be scared, okay?”

A worried look crossed her face, “I… what… I should be scared?”

“No!’ I said, “Just… okay let’s do it. Ready Angel? Just a little way?”

She nodded and we slowly all lifted off the ground. We hovered a couple of metres in the air.

Siren gasped and then laughed, “Oh my god! You can fly?”

Angel said, “And so can you, love. Let go of our hands and just think about being where you are.”

I saw, reflected in her, my own trepidation from when I had done this earlier and realised I needed to reassure her. “Really, Siren. The same happened with me. It works. Trust us.”

She slowly let her hands relax and her grip lessened until we were all just touching fingers. Finally she pulled her hands away and laughed.

“This is… wonderful!” She said, “How far can we fly?”

“As far as we know, anywhere,” Angel replied.

I güvenilir casino watched as Siren, her beautiful body shimmering with the glitter from the teddy as the sun caught it, rose up into the air. Angel and I rose with her. We watched and smiled at each other as she twirled, arms out, giggling and laughing as she flew, taking in the breathtaking beauty of our world, adding a little running commentary.

“Oh, god, it’s amazing. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Everything.”

We got up to a few hundred metres and I was about to suggest we head to Jasmine Lake when I watched as she rose further and, looking out past the waterfall rocks, gasped.

“The sea! You didn’t tell me there was an ocean nearby! Definitely smacked bottoms for my loves.”

I looked at Angel. We hadn’t seen an ocean but then we hadn’t gone this high. We looked and, sure enough, over the hills there was the very clear sight of the sea.

I said, “Well, I’m happy to get a smacked bottom my love but… we really didn’t see it before. Why don’t we fly there? We could get a lovely swim to refresh ourselves.”

Siren looked thoughtful, “Yes. Let’s go. Umm… I wonder if we can make love while flying?”

She clearly saw the look that passed between Angel and me.

“Oh, right. It’s smacked bottom time!”

I squealed as she flew towards me and stuck my bottom out. Angel flew next to me and we held hands, grinning at each other as Siren came up behind us and applied a smack first to me and then to Angel. I felt both of the smacks and giggled when Siren said, “Hey! Ouch!” and we all started fits of giggles. Realising that, with our lovely lingerie we were going to share everything in a much deeper way than we already did.

We slowly circled and kissed, which sent delicious thrills through all of us.

Eventually Siren said, “Come on then my deliciously naughty lovers, let’s head for the ocean.”

We flew, speeding up because it was such a long way, and as we flew we kissed and teased. I watched as the wind blew through my perfect lovers’ hair. Happy with the smiles on their faces. Getting warm tingles every time we touched.

I suddenly had a thought and reached down between my legs and started stroking my clit through the material of the teddy. I heard the gasps from them and the feedback of the feelings everywhere once again.

Siren moaned and said, “Oh god. That is… amazing. Okay, stop a moment…”

We all came to various different stops and then regrouped so we were all just a couple of metres apart, slowly circling in the air.

Siren said, “Copy me…”

She tilted slightly back and I watched as her hand went between her legs. She stroked her clit and I felt it reflected in mine. Angel and I instinctively moved into a similar position and started stroking ourselves. It was wonderfully erotic. It wasn’t the first time we had watched each other but it was the first time with our new link. I watched, mesmerised as we floated there and played with ourselves, the feelings more than tripled and I could feel myself getting close.

Angel groaned, “Oh god. I know your touches and mine so well it’s… like… all of us. I’m going to…”

Siren sighed, “Me too…”

I felt the rush out from my clit, inside me, up over my breasts. My nipples seemed to be vibrating. The air was filled with our screams of ecstasy as our orgasms filled us. Once more it took a time for us to return to ourselves and the peace of our tranquility suffused us all.

We calmed and, somehow still circling, came together to kiss and hug.

Siren eventually whispered, “This is heaven. Every second of being here. I feel like I never want to return to the normal world.”

I smiled, “I know exactly what you mean my love, but it seems we always have the option of being here. Come on, let’s get to the ocean. I want a swim.”

We headed over the final hill and slowly dived towards the beach. It was beautiful white sand and the sea was not too far out, the waves were large enough that it talked of a tide on the turn. We landed on the warm sand and, holding hands and laughing, ran towards the shoreline and into the perfectly temperate water. Wading in it got a little cooler but never so much so that we were cold. We giggled as the water from the waves splashed over us, sending delicious thrills through our bodies. Finally up to our waists in the water we ducked down and started swimming. I gloried in the cleansing nature of the salt water. We eventually stopped and placed our feet down. We were now just about shoulder deep in the water, at least for Siren. Angel and I are a little taller so it came to our nipples. I felt the warm currents washing around us and realised that, of course, they were being amplified by our link.

It was at that moment Siren said, “Oh god… what…”

Angel and I both moaned as we felt something entering us.

It felt warm and I felt it slide in me. I screamed. Was there some sort of horrible sea creature attacking us in our paradise?

“What is it, Sorceress?” Angel asked. Fear and panic in her voice.

“I… I don’t know. Oh god.” Whatever it was was now engulfing my pussy. I was suddenly reminded of the feeling of putting the magic toy in. I was now feeling a mixture of fear and desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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