For My Wife

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As I walked into our darkened bedroom, I could see the rise and fall of her pert round breasts with each deep breath she took. She is laying there peacefully curled amongst the satin sheets and piles of pillows, sleeping. Her lips are curled in a pretty little smile, and I know she dreams about something ever so hot and probably very, very naughty.

I stop for the briefest of moments and wonder to myself if I will be able to tease her beautiful, responsive body as she dreams of hands running over her there inside her mind. After all I know how much she loves to be touched.

I lean in and ever so gently run my finger tips over her long, blond, silky hair brushing it side so that I might lean in and lightly kiss the edge of her ear, then letting my breath pour from my lips and she responds with a soft sleepy contented sigh.

With her mind traveling the dream world, I bring the edge of one of my fingers to my lips and I flicker my tongue to taste the salt of my own skin. Then carefully, and with no hint to rush, I trace her casino şirketleri already rock hard little nipples, letting the light slipperiness of my finger slide and tease.

You see, there is an art form to tormenting a sleeping, sexual woman such as my wife.

I slide into the bed behind her, wrapping my arms around her and placing both my hands firmly on her round, beautifully curved hips and arched my back in one complete movement to pull my body hard against her firm supple ass.

The movement wakes her from her dreams instantly, with a deep moan escaping her warm parted lips. I press my head to the crook of her neck as it meets the curve of her shoulder, my tongue flickering frantically along her skin before I graze my teeth along her those same paths again watching the goose bumps rise on her flushed skin. Hearing her breath catch in her throat I bite hard that little secret spot along her slender neck. Mind and body I delight in the sweet tormented cries that force her to gasp for air.

My hands reach up casino firmaları and cup her full breasts into my hands and I stretch my finger tips to grab her nipples mercilessly, twisting as she arches back against me, sobbing at the mixture of pain and pleasure I want to create within her like a sweet cocktail coursing through her hot, trembling body.

I use my foot to forcefully nudge my one leg between hers, working her legs apart enough that I can slide my desperate fingers over her hips, along her warm, quivering thighs, tracing my fingers over the outside of the beautiful tattoo that covers her pussy lips in the beautiful colors of the delicate flower that it is.

Hungrily I flicker my finger tips over the edges of her swollen pouty pussy lips. I want to push her to that edge, over and over without actually even parting those hot swollen flower petals. I want to hear the gasping of her breath, as it catches in her throat and that moan that makes her want to beg that one touch that will bring her over, crashing over which güvenilir casino is just that soft pressure along her clit. She squirms in my arms, and I revel in the sight of her, arching hard against me and I want to keep her there, just on that sweet edge, sobbing and trembling, wanting that second in time to never end. But her body tightens and I know, this is that moment, this is when it will cause her to loose contact with this plane and bring her to that one known only as bliss.

I drive my fingers, three of them tight together, into her sopping wet sloppy pussy and press my thumb hard against her clit, thrusting in and out of her. She bucks and cries out, screaming loud as I finally push her over, forcing her cum long and hard.

I brush back her sweat damp hair from her face and lay there to enjoy the glow to her face and her skin. I watch as her eyes slowly flicker open and look over at me. The smile of contentment one her face reaches deep into my heart. As she slowly returns to the planet earth from the heavenly bliss called orgasm, her smile changes to one of wickedness and I know soon enough she will turn the tables and return the favor.

Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, I am looking forward to that moment with baited breath and warm hot dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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