Footfucking Fun Ch. 03

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Bianca could hardly believe that, already, a week of her Spanish holiday had passed. She gazed out to the pool through the large kitchen window and smiled to herself. It was going to be another hot one today, she thought.

“Bianca?” her mother called from the dining room.


“Your father and I will be gone most of the day,” she said. “Do you have plans for going out later or…?”

“No,” Bianca called over her shoulder. “I’m just going to have a lazy day by the pool. Might call Stephanie later to come over.”

“Ok then,” her mother continued. “Just remember the pool cleaner will be here at midday. I’ve left money for him on the refrigerator.”

Great, Bianca thought to herself. Carlos the pool cleaner. That fat fuck gave her the creeps – always leering at her in her bikini or making lewd jokes whenever her parents were out of earshot. He knew she was only 18 years-old too, but still seemed to get a cheap little thrill from making comments that bordered on obscene. She would generally go inside whenever he turned up, taking a nap for the 45 minutes it usually took him to do his thing and leave.

“Ok honey,” her father called, “We’re going to Bill’s place now.”

Bill was a business associate and friend of her father’s. Bianca liked Bill, but not enough to justify spending a day such as today cooped up in a hot car, driving for two hours to get to his place, as upmarket and luxurious as it was. Let the adults have their sophisticated time together, she thought to herself.

“Ok dad,” she replied. “Have a good time. Tell him I said hi!”

“Ok sweetie. Enjoy yourself!” her father replied. “See you tonight!”

She heard her mother also saying goodbye, followed by the sound of the front door closing.

Bianca loved getting her parents’ exclusive Spanish villa all to herself, even if just for a few hours. She genuinely had a good relationship with her folks, and holidaying with them wasn’t a huge problem (apart from those instances when she wouldn’t mind some sex out by the pool but can’t because her mother is hovering around). But she always loved to know that she had the entire villa – house and pool – all to herself for a few hours. Such knowledge gave the young, fit brunette that familiar tingle of excitement between her legs.

Bianca opened the door to her bright and airy bedroom. She had been wearing her bathrobe, but now that ma and pa had left for the day, she discarded it upon her bed to reveal the flattering little two-piece bikini underneath. She opened the top drawer of her bedside cabinet and, underneath various magazines and jewellery, retrieved her essential ‘Bianca Time’ item.

Just the sight of it made that naughty tingle between her thighs intensify. She slowly ran one of her cool, young hands along its length, delighting in the anatomically correct veins and deliciously bulbous head. She clicked the control into the ‘on’ position and held the throbbing rubber cock tightly in her fist. There was nothing like a mind-blowing orgasm by the pool, she thought to herself. She had demonstrated self-control and restraint all week and now it was time for a reward.

She placed a generous glass of wine upon the table by her sun lounger and kicked off the flip-flops she was wearing. Looking down at her beautiful bare feet, Bianca giggled to herself, knowing that those toes of hers were directly linked to her love of poolside dildo masturbation!

What Bianca’s parents didn’t know was that their daughter was an Internet foot sex queen. Back home, she ran her own website which was loaded with pics of her delectable young feet in various arousing scenarios; some in nylons, some with painted toenails, LOTS of pics of her fine, wrinkly young soles (the male fans who wrote to her seemed to love those the most) and some involving her rubber friend.

The demand to see those feet of hers wrapped around a cock was phenomenal. She got twenty, sometimes thirty emails a day asking to see her in the throes of a glorious footjob. One particular fan wrote to her, saying that he would gladly lick her toes, soles and ankles clean of cum, if only she would post pictures of a man cumming all over her feet. Her operation, however, was limited. Seeing as how she ran the website by herself, from her bedroom with only a PC and a webcam, shots like these would be hard to ‘cum’ by. So she bought herself a highly realistic vibrating cock and used it to simulate the foot fucking scenarios as requested by her adoring foot-fans. No one complained. And now the dildo was as essential to her as sunblock or aspirin.

The sun lounger felt warm against her bare skin as she sat down. She adored the feel of the concrete on her bare soles, and made fists with her toes against the hot stone of the poolside area. This made her feel naked and free. She undid her bikini top and removed it from her firm young body.

The gentle breeze against her bare skin made her nipples hard. She lay back on the sun lounger, lazily kneading her hard little nipples with casino şirketleri her thumbs, savouring the sensations this created deep within her.

The nail varnish on her toes, a shimmering, metallic purple, had become chipped and a little scraped. She inspected each of her toes in turn, delighting in the smooth-as-silk feel of her heels and soles in her hands. Bianca loved this look. To her, it looked sluttish and worn-in, as if some toe-crazy guy had almost sucked the colour straight off her toes. At school, she enjoyed exposing as much of her feet as possible, as she would undoubtedly always catch some guy staring as she slid one of those feet of hers out of her sandal or stiletto or pump. Naturally, she would put on a show for him – this little foot slut making the boys’ dicks hard by flexing and bending her fine toes and exposing those pink young soles. She knew for sure that she had been the focus of many a fevered adolescent jerk-off session (and suspected that certain of her male teachers had a thing for her wonderful young feet too!)

Thinking about this (not to mention the nipple play and the feel of the dildo) was making Bianca horny. Revelling in her privacy, she slipped her bikini briefs down her long, smooth legs and kicked them off the end of the sun lounger. The feel of the sun on her thighs and abdomen thrilled her immensely. She spread her legs so that her bare feet were on the hot concrete either side of the sun lounger.

Bianca masturbated three times a day. Sometimes more. Usually the first one of the day was upon wakening, when she felt most horny. One of her favourite fantasies was waking up to a guy eating her pussy. Visualising that made her cum in a matter of moments. The second varied. Sometimes she would do it when she arrived home from school and had the house to herself, sometimes she made herself cum during school. The third time was usually in front of her webcam while she sucked greedily at her own toes or foot fucked her dildo while fingering away at her tight young pussy, much to the delight of the foot freak on the other end of the cam.

Bianca switched the vibrator on to the second speed. She held it against one of her nipples and felt her clit suddenly throb to life. She sighed, her free hand feeling out her own wetness as she held the vibrator to her breast. Slowly, she slid the buzzing, fake cock and balls down her smooth, hairless body until it passed over her navel. Further down she went with it, to that dark, perfectly trimmed strip of hair. Again, her bare feet made fists on the ground beneath her, the breeze caressing each sweet young toe.

She could feel her tongue on her lips as its tip made contact with her erect clit. Oh, it felt so good! Slowly, she slid the cock back and forth, up and down the length of her hot young pussy, teasing at her labia, working the vibrator between those pink folds, stroking every inch of her private parts all the way round to her tight little anus and back again. Such ripples of desire she felt deep inside herself when she did this! Sometimes, when she pressed the throbbing tip of the dildo tightly against her asshole, she had the most astonishing orgasms, especially when she sucked hard on her own toes. Some lucky fan of hers had watched that particular show on her site one night not too long ago. Bianca often wondered if he had come nearly as hard as she did.

The vibrator was glistening with her juices, and slipped in and out of Bianca’s pussy with ease. She could feel her climax building.

Suddenly, a noise from behind her.

“Buenos dias senorita!” a male voice said.

Bianca let out a scream of surprise.

Habitually, from averting parental discovery of her masturbation on countless occasions, Bianca quickly hid the vibrator behind her and sat down upon it. She pulled one of the towels from the table over her and stood to scream her annoyance at Carlos, that fat prick of a pool cleaner.

Only it wasn’t the sweaty, stubbly, overweight bulk of Carlos who stood before her. Instead, it was a rather handsome young Spaniard.

“I sorry, senorita!” he said, apologetically. “I ring doorbell, but no-one come!”

I was fucking just about to, Bianca thought to herself. She looked at him. This guy was a dream. Short, dark hair with attractive features. She took in the sight of his tanned, muscular arms and legs. He must have been around 19 or 20 years-old, she thought to herself. She quickly inspected his tanned feet, also in flip-flops, unable to quash her own foot fetish.

“It’s…. It’s ok!” Bianca stammered, her heart still racing after the shock of hearing this Spaniard’s voice behind her. “Who are you? Where is Carlos?”

“Oh, Carlos?” the young man replied, “He no work today. Is sick. Send me instead.”

“And you are…?” Bianca asked.

“My name is Mathias” he replied, stretching out a hand to Bianca, still holding a towel against her naked body.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mathias,” she said, enjoying the firm grip of his hand. “Maybe next casino firmaları time we meet, you won’t give me a heart-attack by sneaking up on me?”

Mathias laughed.

“Well, maybe you no be doing naughty thing on sun lounger next time,” he replied with a grin.

Bianca’s heart rate went up again.

“Excuse me?!” she replied.

“Please senorita! Is nothing to be ashamed of,” the young man explained. “I take off my clothes to work on day like this too.”

“Really?” Bianca replied. “That sounds interesting.”

Under normal circumstances, she would be on the phone to the cops by now (or if it was Carlos, she would have loaded her father’s gun and be aiming it at his fat ass!) but it’s as if she was watching herself from the other side of the pool! She had seemingly lost control of herself and was being guided by the heat from her loins.

The boy peeled his tight blue T-shirt off his muscles and tossed it on the ground.

“See?” he said, “I show my body for you.”

Bianca giggled playfully, inspecting the boy.

“Hmm, yes! Very nice!” she commented, her eyes on his muscular chest and abdomen. For a moment she fantasised how those muscles might feel under the palms of her hands while she rode him. She wondered if he would yelp as she pinched his nipples, his hard cock deep inside her.

“I suppose it’s my turn?” Bianca said.

“Oh, si!” the young man said.

Slowly, Bianca pulled the white towel away from her 36 D-cup breasts. Her pink nipples were as hard as before. She watched Mathias eyes caressing every inch of her shapely tits, his grin signalling his lust to taste and tease each of her nipples in his mouth.

“Oh, senorita!” Mathias said, grinning wildly, “you are very hot girl!” He began to envision the sight of his hard cock between those tits of hers while she knelt before him. He felt his penis hardening rapidly inside his shorts.

“Why thank you,” Bianca replied. “Take off your flip-flops for me.”

Mathias seemed puzzled.

“My flip-flops?” he questioned.

“Yes!” Bianca replied. “I like nice guys with nice feet. You have to show me yours.”

Mathias had heard of guys who love girls’ feet, but not the other way around.

“My feet?” he again asked. “Ah, ok. I show you.”

Bianca watched as the young man kicked off his flip-flops and stood barefoot in front of her. She noted that he had finely trimmed toenails, very little hair on those tanned toes of his and absolutely no dry skin on his shapely heels. She imagined his toes on top of hers as they fucked. She wondered if he was flexible enough to suck his own toes, jerking himself off to the taste and sensation with his other hand.

“Oh, beautiful!” Bianca remarked. “Beautiful feet. Tell me,” she continued, “do you want to see my feet?”

Mathias thought that this young hottie was just about perfect. He figured that her feet would be pretty gorgeous too.

“Oh si!” he replied. “Show me your feet, senorita!”

Bianca turned the sun lounger around to face Mathias, dropped the towel she was holding around her waist upon it and sat down. She swung her legs up onto the lounger so that her bare feet were now resting upon the towel underneath her. She reached around and once again took the vibrator in her hands.

Now, Mathias, up until this point, had never really been a ‘foot man’. He had always loved the feel and flavour of a beautiful, firm young lady’s thigh, but had never paid much attention to anything below the knee. Until now. He gazed at the perfect toes laid out before him. It was like seeing unashamed nudity, deeply arousing like the nakedness of virginal vaginal skin, yet authoritative as sweat on an erect penis, for the first time. He watched as the girl moved her right foot up the front of her left bare leg, her painted toes tracing their way up her flesh. He felt his cock suddenly become intensely hard as he realised that he would have given his soul to taste those toes of hers. Shocked at the new sensations he was experiencing, Mathias began to masturbate through the fabric of his shorts.

“Mmmm, you like them?” Bianca asked, now resting her left leg across her right, her bare sole exposed directly at Mathias.

“Senorita!” Mathias replied, beads of sweat on his forehead, “You have… beautiful… feet.”

Mathias pulled down his shorts and kicked them off, easing the pain of his erection against the tight nylon fabric. He drew the nearest sun lounger to him so that it faced Bianca. He sat down and swung his leg over, so that his feet lay either side of it, on the ground. He continued to masturbate, Bianca’s mouth suddenly becoming dry at the sight of his beautifully large, circumcised penis.

Mathias’ eyes flicked between that moist, pink slit between the girl’s thighs and the soles and toes of her bare feet. For the first time in his life, he was unsure of which he desired more. He watched as she brought that realistic-looking vibrator across and placed it on the sole of her foot. Jerking his cock, güvenilir casino he hungrily ached to know what that bare sole felt like. He imagined his face pressed tightly against it, sliding back and forth, breathing in the scent of the girl. Those toes of hers – space enough to get his nose, perhaps his tongue between them. He almost came as he pictured his aching cock pressed up against that bare sole, his balls on her soft heel, her big toe nuzzling dangerously at his moist slit, coaxing his seed out. He wondered how long it would take for him to climax if both of those succulent young feet were wrapped around his penis, caressing and squeezing, stroking and fucking until he erupted with sperm.

Bianca also was close to a juddering, hard orgasm. She pressed the vibrator to the sole of her foot with one hand and, with the other, she fingered her slippery, hard little clitoris. She pretended it was Mathias’ tongue, flicking and digging and sucking at that little bead of nerves. Thoughts of a nasty ’69’ flashed through her mind; grinding her clit down hard upon the young man’s mouth while she sucked that delicious cock of his, feeling his hands clamped down around her bare ankles, his wandering fingers stroking the soles of her feet.

“Senorita?” Mathias gasped, unable to take much more of the show without participation, “Can I taste?”

Bianca grinned and slowly wiped the juices on her fingers down the bare sole of her left foot, from big toe to heel.

“Mmm,” she purred, “be my guest!”

Mathias sat up and leant forward, letting his erect cock rest against the cool towelling of the lounger. Bianca inched forward and extended her glistening left foot towards the pool guy. Without hesitation, he cupped that smooth young heel in his strong hands and jammed his nose up against that silky naked sole. The sensation was indescribable! The added stickiness of her sexual juices (not to mention the flavour) sent a bolt of lightning to the tip of his penis, and Mathias felt his semen dribbling onto the towel. He gasped and slammed on the brakes, not wanting to waste the unprecedented foot lust orgasm that awaited him. He lustily kissed the sole of the girl’s foot, sending ripples of pleasure straight to her clit. Mathias pressed the ball of her foot to his nose, savouring her scent, revelling in the spaces between those young, pretty toes. He felt her other bare foot suddenly land upon his naked thigh.

She smiled at him and he smiled back, her foot still firmly locked in his hands.

“Tell me, Mathias,” Bianca asked, sucking her own juices from her fingers, “have you ever put your cum on a girl’s feet?”

Mathias kissed each of her toes in turn.

“No, senorita!” he replied, never breaking eye contact. “but I would die for your feet!”

“Die, really?” she asked, the sensation of his lips upon her toes overwhelming.

“Si,” he replied, “Die.”

Bianca slid her bare foot along the inside of the young man’s hairy thigh. When she did this, his grip on her heel and toes tightened somewhat. It was driving him crazy. Bianca knew it too, and delighted in it. Slowly, she traced a line with her sweet toes down to the neatly shaved pubic hair and let her soft heel gently rub against the top of his veiny cock. He moaned blissfully through the toes in his mouth. Bianca had never had her feet worshipped like this before – the reverence and passion of this young man was completely unparalleled. Slowly, she slid her silky young heel back and forth, back and forth, along the length of his penis. She watched, transfixed, as his sweet milk glistened on his slit. She caressed that creamy tip with her big toe, smearing his juice back along every inch of his cock to his balls. He moaned, his senses intoxicated.

“Your cock loves my bare foot,” Bianca teased, “Doesn’t it?”

“My cock loves every inch of you,” gasped Mathias, his tongue carefully caressing the fine pink flesh of her heel. “Especially your feet, senorita!”

“Mmm, I love to hear that!” Bianca replied, “Now I want you to put that tongue to good use.”

Bianca pulled her foot away from Mathias’ mouth. He looked at her.

“Eat my pussy,” she commanded.

Mathias grinned as she spread her firm young thighs wide. She lay flat on the sun lounger as he leaned forward, his strong hands cupping her perfectly smooth ass. Bianca slowly put each of her bare soles on the young man’s muscular shoulders as he began to eat her pussy. She tasted so fucking good, Mathias thought to himself, driving his tongue hard against her swollen clitoris. The taste combined with the heat from her perfect wrinkled bare soles on his skin kept his cock almost painfully hard. He watched as she, eyes closed and moaning like a whore, sucked on the head of the dildo, licking and sucking the faint scent and flavour of her own feet. He pictured his veiny, hard cock in that sweet mouth of hers, going deeper and deeper as her throat accommodated him. Would the taste of her own feet on his cock drive her insane, he thought to himself.

He spanked her ass while he sucked her pussy, making her yelp with delight. She dropped the vibrator and it rolled down her body. Mathias caught it before Bianca had a chance to reclaim it. He switched it to the third speed setting.

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