Football Widow Ch. 05

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Tuesday blended into Wednesday as the snow continued and Sue’s depression grew. Thursday dawned, clear and cold, and her spirits lifted a bit when she realized the kids would be home.

Since their ‘welcome back’ fuck, Bernie’s interest in her seemed to have flagged again, and Sue counted it a blessing. For better or worse, she realized now that no man’s touch would ever do anything except make her skin crawl. Coming to grips with being gay hadn’t been as traumatic as she had always expected, though. The knowledge kind of snuck up on her, but she didn’t doubt it anymore. The difference in the way her body reacted to Christa’s touch and to Bernie’s made it glaringly obvious that her body had accepted it, even if her brain was behind the times.

Her workday went by in a flash and she was pleasantly surprised to find only light traffic on way home. Her heart lifted when she pulled onto her street and saw her mother’s van. Sue rushed into the house and was immediately mobbed by her children. She took them both in her arms and hugged them tightly, feeling at peace for the first time in days. Once she released them, they were both off like flashes, playing with the seemingly endless number of toys her parents had purchased for them. Sue stayed to ohh and ahh appreciatively at them for a few minutes and simply to watch her little angels play, and then moved towards the kitchen.

Sue found her mom in the kitchen with hot coffee brewing, and dinner already on the stove. She could tell from the aroma that it was spaghetti sauce. Sue casually tore off a small piece of bread and dipped it into the bubbling sauce. It was a little sweet, so she added a touch more garlic and then fixed herself a cup of coffee. Her mother was already sitting at the kitchen table, so Sue joined her.

“How were they?” Sue asked after sipping her coffee.

“Perfect little angels, as if you had to ask,” her mother said with a smile.

“You and dad really need to quit spoiling them.”

“Nonsense. That’s what grandparents are for,” her mom retorted, but she cocked her head and looked hard at Sue.

“What’s wrong, honey?”

“Nothing,” Sue replied instantly. Her mother frowned and shook her head.

“I may be getting on up there in years, but I’m not senile yet,” the old woman replied.

“Nothing, mom. Really.”

“Are you and Bernie having problems?” her mother asked, ignoring her protest.

“I… I just realized I’m not in love with him anymore. I guess it happens to everyone.”

“Horse feathers. I still love your father and he still loves me. A marriage doesn’t have to end as a strained friendship. That’s all these modern day mumbo-jumbo doctors talking,” she said dismissively. “It doesn’t surprise me though. I don’t think you ever did love Bernie.”

“Of course I did!” Sue exclaimed, even as she realized that her mother was right.

“Did you?” she asked, arching her eyebrow.

Sue didn’t want to discuss this now, especially with her mother. But… She felt a very strong compunction to just come clean. She glanced into the living room, but both kids were out of view. She could hear explosions and laughter and realized they were playing something on the Playstation.

“No, I guess I never really did,” she finally admitted.

“I always wondered why you married him. He’s a nice boy, but really, he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, and you were always so bright. What happened to make you realize you aren’t in love? Are you seeing someone else?”


“Oh, cut the outraged horseshit. I’m too old to play games or mince words. Just think of me like your best girlfriend,” the old woman said, smiling conspiratorially.

Sue smiled back, glanced again at the living room and lowered her voice. “Yes, I met someone.”

“Tell me about him,” her mom said while chuckling. Sue considered for just a moment and then made an impulse decision.

“It’s not a him, mom. It’s a her,” Sue said in a whisper. Her mother went from amused conspirator to complete shock in the blink of an eye.

“Are you telling me you’ve turned gay?”

“Not turned, mother. I have been since college,” Sue replied carefully.

“Enough. I don’t want to hear anything more about this,” she said as she stood and went into the living room.

Sue stared out the window, feeling alone and small.

Bernie came in a little later and joined the kids, playing videogames until dinner was ready. The meal was strained, with Sue’s mom refusing to speak to her and Bernie regaling the kids with tales of the game.

Sue had never felt so alone, so much an outsider among her own family. She cleaned up the dishes alone, while the others returned to the living room and to the videogames. When she finished in the kitchen, she said her good nights and went up to the bedroom.

Sue pulled on her flannel nightshirt, the faded one with Winnie the Pooh on the front, and curled up in bed. Alone, the tears began to fall. They went from quiet tears to muffled sobs that she fought casino şirketleri to control. Sue was so distressed that she didn’t even hear her mother come in, and was startled when the older woman sat on the bed and took her into her arms.


“Shhhh, just let it all out,” she said in a very gentle tone.

Sue did, crying hard and nonstop for a few minutes, before the tears finally ceased and she relaxed, feeling totally drained and dead inside.

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean…”

“No, I’m the one who should be sorry. After thirty-seven years, you can still shock me. I’m glad you told me now. Another couple of years and I might have needed my nitro pills. I didn’t really know what to say and I’ve thought about it a lot and I still don’t.”

“You don’t have to say anything, mother.”

“Yes I do. You’re thirty-seven and a mom yourself, but you’re still my child. And perhaps that is what I should have remembered. Being old doesn’t necessarily mean being wise. It took me a while, but given time, I can usually see. You’re my child Suzanne, and I will always love you no matter what. I hope you can forgive me my shock.”

“Of course I forgive you, mom. I’m sorry I dumped it on you so suddenly.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, whatever you decide, you know your father and I will be there for you,” the older woman said as she kissed Sue’s brow and quietly left the room.

By the time Bernie joined her in their bed, Sue was sound asleep.


Friday dawned cold and nasty, with the string of school and business closings on the radio growing so long that Sue couldn’t keep up. She called the office and got one of the secretaries, who told her they were still going to be open, but not to worry about getting in before eleven. Given a couple of hours reprieve, Sue declined Bernie’s offer to take her to work in the truck with him, and crawled back into bed. She was just closing her eyes when it dawned on her that she was supposed to go down to Trina’s shop today.

Hopping back out of bed, she realized that Christa had kept the receipts from the shop, so she padded down the stairs and found the yellow pages on the telephone stand. She took the book back upstairs and surreptitiously shut the door to her room. Once locked inside, she fished out one of the boxes she had kept to remember the name of the place. Despite knowing it was over with Christa, she felt deliciously naughty as she found the listing and dialed the number.

“Thank you for calling the Pampered Lady,” the clipped British voice responded after just one ring. “This is Ms. Wellington. How may I be of assistance?”

“Hello, Trina. This is Sue…Sue Prescott. I was supposed to come in today for my corset. I was just wondering if you would be open.”

“Of course, child. We never miss a day just due to weather,” Trina replied.

“Great. Umm, how late will you be open?”

“I expect to close early. There is more snow on the way, and the plows are already behind schedule.”

“Could I come in on my lunch break? I mean, I won’t need to be there long, will I?”

“No longer than it takes to try it on and make sure it fits, child,” the old woman said in an amused tone of voice.

“Great, I’ll see you around noon, then.”

“Of course.”

Sue hung up and took a quick shower. When she got downstairs, her mother was up and making coffee. Sue was relieved to see she was still wearing her nightgown. The old bird was stubborn, and Sue feared she might still be planning to try to drive home in this mess.

“Morning,” Sue said brightly as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

“Morning. Nasty weather to be driving in,” he mother observed.

“I know you need to get home, but would you mind watching the children an extra day for me?” Sue asked.

“And just where are you going?” her mother asked archly.

“Work, we’ve been auditing marketing all week. Why? Thinking I might be sneaking off to meet someone?”

“Hoping more than thinking,” the old woman snorted as she turned her back on Sue and opened the fridge.

Sue laughed, partially at the joke, and partially at knowing her mom was on her side, come what may. It was a greater comfort than she would have ever expected.

Sue made it into the office before ten-thirty and got to work. The audit was almost done, but with the truncated workday, it was possible it would run into next week, and that would mean having to hire a sitter. She tried hard to concentrate, but she was restless and soon found herself glancing at the clock every five minutes. She was nervous about going back to Trina’s shop and decided to ask Wilma if she would like to ride along.

Wilma was acting as coordinator for the audit. Officially, she was too inexperienced to handle her own section of records, but the real reason was that she had such a short attention span. So, she sat outside Harry’s office, collating reports and combing through them for information when Harry, Denise casino firmaları or Betty called for it. Sue came in about twenty minutes before lunch and handed the young woman a stack of printouts.

Wilma looked up with a bored expression that almost screamed ‘get me outta here’. She dully took the printouts and tossed them into the in tray with Sue’s name neatly stenciled on it.

“You look enthused,” Sue said with a smile.

“Oh yes, another stack of paperwork and I’m going to have chocolate orgasms,” Wilma replied and Sue laughed out loud.

“What ya doing for lunch?”

“Cafeteria. You know Denise, once she got in there with those numbers freaks, I knew I wouldn’t see her again ’til quitting time,” Wilma said petulantly.

“Well, I am going down to a really nice lingerie shop to pick up something, if you want to come along.”

“Oh, hell yes! Count me in,” Wilma said, jumping up and grabbing her coat off the coat tree. “I’m going to lunch,” she practically shouted as she stuck her head into Harry’s office.

“Pick me up a salad, if you can,” Denise called back, but Wilma was already out of the office and Sue suppressed a smile as she hurried to catch up. Once they were in the elevator and on the way down, Wilma breathed a sigh of relief. She seemed very much like a kid getting to go to recess unexpectedly.

“God, thanks, you saved me. I was going stir-crazy. Wilma, I need the 213’s from Adda. Wilma, I need the numbers for Bert on advertising. Wilma, can you get me the combined numbers on salary? I’ve been wanting to scream, ‘Fuck no, you can’t have them’, for the past hour,” she said laughing. Sue joined in. Her imitations of the various team leaders were uncanny.

Once in the garage Wilma said, “Let’s take my car.” Her car turned out to be a brand spanking new BMW with all the bells and whistles. Sue fastened her seatbelt, and was glad she did when Wilma tore out of the garage and into the packed street.

“Where we heading?” she asked as she lit a cigarette.

Sue gave her the address and Wilma turned to face her and arched an eyebrow.


“Yes,” Sue replied, grabbing Wilma’s cigarettes and lighting one. The way the girl took her eyes off the road, but continued to push mach two unnerved the older woman.

“Don’t fret. I always bring ’em back alive,” Wilma said, laughing gaily. She shot past a double-parked delivery truck, cut off a gypsy cab, and ran through a red light in the space of twenty feet, and Sue felt her heart leap into her throat.

“Why Harlem? If you want to go shopping for fuck-me’s we can hit Sax,” Wilma said as she leaned on the horn and flipped off a bike delivery guy.


“Yeah, you know. Lingerie, the stuff you wear that just screams ‘fuck me’,” Wilma said laughing.

“This isn’t really a shopping trip. I’m picking something up,” Sue said as she took a deep drag on the cigarette and tried to ignore the pedestrians, whom Wilma seemed intent on turning into pancakes.

“Pick up? Like custom-made or something?” Wilma asked, looking at Sue.

“Yes. Well, custom-fitted.”

“Damn, made-to-order fuck-me’s. So what is it? Like a catwoman suit or something?”

“No,” Sue laughed. “It’s a corset.”

“No shit!” Wilma said excitedly. “I saw one in the Dream Dresser catalog last week I wanted, but Denise wouldn’t get it for me, and that’s one purchase on the ole card I don’t wanna explain to my dad.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t wanna explain this one to my husband,” Sue responded.

“Is that hot-assed girlfriend of yours getting it for you?” Wilma asked.

“Yes. Yes she is,” Sue said thoughtfully.


They found the shop and made their way up the icy streets. Inside it was very warm and a small black woman came out from behind the counter. She had flaming red hair and wore several pieces of body jewelry. Her body was compact and muscular, but her face was soft like a child’s.

“Good afternoon, ladies. Can I do something for you?” she asked in a gravely voice with a Jamaican accent. She was speaking to them both, but staring at Wilma as she spoke.

“Yes, my name’s Sue, Sue Prescott. I’m here to pick up a corset.”

“Prescott? Oh, right, you’re the one Trina told me about. Give me a few moments and I’ll ring her,” the woman said. Her eyes were locked onto Wilma’s, and Sue could almost see the sparks flying. A few weeks ago she would have missed it entirely, but now it was as obvious as the nose on her face.

The black woman turned and sauntered towards the back room. She wore black leather pants and her heavy ass moved seductively as she walked. She returned after a few moments.

“Trina will be right down. Just make yourself comfortable,” she said deferentially to Sue.

“And what about you darling, is there something I can do for you?” she said to Wilma. Her voice was lower, sexier and the question was dripping with innuendo.

“I’m sure you can,” Wilma said, and they both moved off towards the back of the shop, güvenilir casino speaking quietly.

Trina came out from the curtained area and approached Sue.

“I’m glad you made it, child. The weather is frightful,” the old woman said as she hugged Sue.

The blonde hugged back and smiled.

“Is it ready?” Sue asked.

“Yes, if you’ll follow me back, you can try it on,” Trina said and led her back through the curtained doorway. Sue didn’t fail to notice Wilma leaning over the counter and the black woman doing the same. Their noses were practically touching and the dark skinned woman held a big blue dildo in her hand.

The back room was filled with boxes and bags, shelve upon shelve of stock, as well as multiple bins with transparent doors and sizes neatly labeled on them. A door opened in the back wall, but Trina turned and led Sue to a small open area. A single brass pole, as the ones firemen were always seen sliding down, ran from floor to ceiling.

“Go ahead and strip, child,” Trina ordered as she took a box from the small table and opened it.

Sue quickly stripped down to her bra and panties. She wore red today, one of the sets Trina had picked out for her, and the old woman smiled appreciatively.

“You do have a lovely body, but I’ll need you naked to properly check the fitting,” she said.

Sue blushed crimson, but removed her bra and panties. Trina held up the beautiful corset and pressed the soft material to Sue’s body.

“Hold it up, please,” Trina said in a business like manner as she took a spool off a wooden rack on the wall. It looked to Sue like an extremely large thread bobbin, with a thick black cord rather than thread. Sue used both hands to hold the satin material to her body as Trina went to work behind her, lacing it up.

With sharp tugs and occasional pulls, the material began to get tight.

“Hold these,” Trina ordered as she walked around Sue and handed her a pair of laces. The tall woman eyed her and then caught the front of the corset and gave it a sharp tug up. She then pulled the cups away from Sue’s chest.

“Bend at the waist, dear,” she said. Sue did so and felt her breasts fall away from her body. Trina then let the corset go.

“Straighten up now,” she commanded. Sue did so and felt her boobs settle into the soft cups of the corset. Trina eyed her critically and gave the corset a few tugs until the black lace borders were symmetrical.

The tall woman walked behind Sue and took the laces out of her hands. With a few solid jerks on the laces, Sue felt the corset begin biting into her body. More tugs and the tightness grew uncomfortable.

“Lean forward and grab the pole,” Trina grunted. When Sue complied, she felt the old woman’s knee in her back and then a heave that squeezed the breath from her lungs.

“Take shallow sips of air. Don’t try to breathe deeply,” the old woman instructed as she pulled a corset hook from behind her ear and went to work. After another few minutes, she finally helped Sue to stand.

“You look edible, child. Would you like to see?” the old woman said with a smile.

“Yes,” Sue managed. She felt as if she was being cut in half at the waist and her back was ramrod straight, causing her to hold her shoulders back and thrust her tits out. Trina motioned for her to head back to the shop, and followed as Sue made her way down the aisle. The corset forced her to stand straight and it was hard to breathe. She stepped through the curtain into the shop and froze in her tracks. Trina, who was right behind her, bumped into her, pushing Sue forward two paces.

“Is there something…” she began.

Sue couldn’t believe her eyes. Wilma was bent over the glass display case with her skirt flipped up over her back and her jade green panties around her ankles. Her blouse was open and her matching bra was pulled down below her breasts. The black salesgirl had a harness on over her pants and was deep-fucking Wilma with the blue dildo. She had her arms around the slim girl and was tugging on her nipple-rings.

“Damn it, Rita,” Trina said, but there was more amusement than anger in her voice.

“Not my fault. She wanted a demonstration,” the girl said innocently, or as innocently as she could while reaming Wilma’s pussy with the big dildo.

“You had better make a sale. I don’t pay you to fuck the customers,” Trina said as she gently pulled on Sue’s arm. Sue was still staring. Wilma’s face looked so beatific, like she was in heaven. Sue wondered if she wore that same expression when Christa was fucking her. Remembering the tingling pleasure the little butch’s hands could bring her, she was sure she did. Sue felt herself getting aroused and was glad she couldn’t actually see the big cock stroking into Wilma’s pussy from this angle.

Trina guided her to the changing room, and when she stepped in, Sue momentarily forgot about the scene in the shop. The corset nipped her waist, thrust her breasts up and framed her hips. She couldn’t believe how sexy she looked in it. The garter clasps were hanging free, but she could just imagine them attached to dark stockings and how she would look.

Trina stepped in to the booth behind her and smiled.

“You look absolutely shaggable,” she said.

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