Foot Fetish Fridays Ch. 04

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AJ and my date was so wild and crazy, I was concerned that he would once again feel awkward when he returned to work on Monday. I had some juicy details in which to tell my friends upon arrival. When I walked in, Starla and Tina were already waiting for me at my desk with anxious smiles on their faces. I was the receptionist at a growing internet fashion company and AJ was our shy, husky tech guy with a strong foot fetish who we had been teasing with our feet for quite some time. He had short dark black hair, round cheeks and the lightest brown puppy dog eyes.

Starla had auburn hair to her shoulders with hazel eyes and full cheeks. She was average height and leggy but drew attention with her “girl next door” look. Tina, on the other hand, was shorter with blonde hair, bright green eyes and large natural breasts while my hair was a darker blonde and my eyes were hazel. At 5’6 and an athletic, toned 120 pounds, I was about the same size as Starla but looked more like Tina. The guys, including AJ, always called us the triple threat girls.

They began bombarding me with questions before I had even put my purse down. “So what did you guys do?” Starla interjected.

Tina trumped Starla with her question, “Did you guys have sex again? How was it? Did you…”

I stopped both of them and confessed with a huge smile on my face, “Let’s just say, I turned him from a shy puppy to my shy little tiger.”

“Britt, you can’t keep hogging him!” Tina proclaimed.

I thought it was cute how both of the girls were fighting over him. Starla then turned to both of us, “I deserve the next shot at him. I haven’t had good cowgirl sex in months or any type of sex for that matter. It’s my turn! After all, he loves the way my feet smell the most!”

Tina then raised her voice towards Starla, “You had fun with him in Britt’s car, I haven’t seen him since the basement!”

I stopped both of them, “OK…OK. Stop already. Both of you will get a shot. There is enough of him to go around. I have a great idea.”

Both girls stopped talking to listen to what I had to say as I continued, “Each of you need to have a date with him and we need to video it so he can enjoy it over and over. Wait. I think you both should have a date with him at the same time.”

Tina thought then answered, “I like that idea. We can have so much fun with him. Do you think he will mind?”

I giggled, “Not at all. We all need to go shopping first so he can pick out what type of pantyhose you will wear. He will love and appreciate that. Then you two will wear them every day all week so when Friday gets here, they will be extra musky for him.” I looked at Starla, “Girl, we all know that your feet get so smelly, your hose might just be able to walk on their own from the stiffness caused by the dried sweat.” I laughed as I amused myself with my little comment.

Starla’s feet were always pungent when she wore shoes for any amount of time and she gave me a wicked grin in agreement as I continued, “We just have to be sure we aren’t in my car so he doesn’t mess up my ceiling with his missile shot like he did the other day.”

Starla excitedly rambled, “I know. I loved that. I couldn’t believe how my feet made him shoot that high! Who would have thought that they would be good for something. Oh my God, that made me so wet seeing that! He also was so hard I could feel the heart beating through the big vein on the side. You are right Britt, I want to feel that in my pussy.”

I lifted one brow and assured both of them, “That fat, six inch cock has so much thick foreskin, you will love feeling it sliding back and forth up inside you. He might be shy but he is learning to fuck quite well. I like to think I had a little to do with that.”

Tina leaned in, “Speak of the devil. Here he comes. I wonder if he will stop and say hi.”

Tina was wearing fashionable opaque white hose inside her black pumps and under her red, black and yellow plaid pleated skirt. She knocked one shoe off and pointed her nylon clad toes at him while sitting on my desk, “Hi AJ. Did you have fun on your date with Britt this past weekend?”

AJ usually walked with his head down but lifted it up and shyly responded while blushing, “Yes…yes…I did.” Then surprisingly asked me, “Britt, did you have fun?”

I winked and gave him an air kiss, “You know I did Tiger. I think the girls want to have just as much fun as I did. What do you think about that?”

The bulge in his pants gave us our answer and Tina insisted on teasing him further, “If you agree, I think you should get down on one knee and kiss my foot and suck my toes through these pantyhose.”

We didn’t really expect him to do that right there in the office. He looked around and a few workers were setting up shop at their computers but not really paying attention. AJ was thinking about it so I had to give him a verbal nudge, “Go on. Show her foot some love like you did mine Friday night. Nobody is looking. You can do it sweetie.”

After casino şirketleri scanning the room repeatedly, AJ went down to one knee like a man ready to propose to his gal. Tina held her foot up and he took it in his hands. We could see her cute red toes though the thin white nylon. He was very gentle as he held her foot up to his mouth. He showered it with chaste kisses before inhaling the top of it. He sighed as he enjoyed the aroma and then kissed each wiggling toe before placing the large one in his mouth. AJ was getting into it and for a moment, forgot where he was. He was a slave to his foot fetish and his hard cock pressed against his zipper like it was trying to escape.

Starla instructed him, “Don’t forget her other foot AJ. That would be rude to only love on one of them.”

Tina held up her opposite foot while still wearing her shoe. AJ politely took it off, inhaled it and sat it down next to his knee. He began his ritual all over, sniffing, kissing and finally sucking her sexy hose covered toes.

When he put all of her toes in his mouth simultaneously, Tina pulled her foot away, “That tickles and somebody’s coming. You better stop.”

When AJ looked up, Starla added jokingly, “Somebody will be cumming alright.” She continued, “I need to get me some of that. Look at how hard he is…and…is that a spot of precum I see surrounding his crotch area?”

AJ stood up and adjusted the front of his pants so that his hard-on would not be so noticeable. Tina slipped her shoes back on and everyone dispersed back to their work stations. AJ walked over to a new employee’s computer and began adding some important updates.

Later that morning, I was having my lunch in the breakroom, eating my usual salad with a small bowl of soup. AJ walked in and sat down at the table which was unusual because he usually ate his lunch in the basement alone. He pulled out a sandwich with a couple of other items and began eating but not saying a word. He was slowly coming out of his shell but still very shy.

I tapped on the table a couple of times and cleared my throat, “Hey. You can say hi can’t you?”

He looked up above his bite and smiled, “I thought we already did that this morning at your desk.”

“You have a point. I’m glad you didn’t do something goofy and take off like you did after we all had a little fun in the basement that day,” I said.

He responded, “Nah. As long as you girls are cool with me being your foot boy, I am cool with it. But…I do want to ask you something. Do Tina and Starla really want to take me out or are they just teasing me?”

I assured, “They really do. I think you guys will have fun.”

“Are you mad or jealous?” He asked.

I assured again, “Not at all. I want you to experience all that you can. We have had so much fun with all our foot sex and real sex for that matter. It is time for you to spread your wings and experiment with others.” I smiled and added, “We need to go shopping for your big date, don’t we? But, before we do…I have to admit I got pretty excited seeing how hard you got with Tina’s feet. How about we go somewhere right now and I’ll take care of that for you.”

I took the shy cutie by the hand and guided him up while he asked, “What…are you serious? Where? I mean, what did you have in mind?”

I snickered, “Never mind that. You just follow me.”

I grabbed his crotch and held onto his hard-on through his pants in order to lead him. He was so hard with anticipation! I could feel him throbbing with every clunk of my high heels on the hard floor. I knew the perfect place. There was a small storage room where the company kept an assortment of items ranging from tables and chairs to unused desks to a couple of antique sewing machines.

I was wearing calf-length navy blue slacks with a matching blouse and the cutest closed-toe business lady pumps with a thick 2 ½ inch heel. Those leather shoes were so comfortable and I loved the metal buckle on the tops of them.

We walked in and I closed the door behind us. The room smelled of dust and I turned on the light by pulling the chain. It was very shadowy as I hopped up and sat on one of the old desks. I sat there smiling at AJ. He was nervous but excited. There was an awkward silence before I gave him my seductive look.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” I asked.

He was confused because he wasn’t quite sure what I had in mind when I crossed my legs and instructed, “You know what to do sweetie. Take my shoes off of me. You need that thick prick massaged don’t you?”

He gasped from hearing my words but continued to freeze. I had to coax him, “Pull em down AJ. Show it to me.”

He slowly unbuckled his slacks and pushed them down to his ankles. When he came back up, he hooked his underwear, and down they went, bunching up on top of his slacks. His cock was rock hard and pointing toward the ceiling. From the glaring light, I could see precum glistening in the hole with a stream oozing down the bottom casino firmaları of the head, which had popped free from its thick foreskin.

I continued to coax, “Go on. Take my shoes off me. They are starting to get a little sweaty in them.” As he was moving slowly, I reminded him, “We only have so long for lunch and that door isn’t locked. You better get going if you are going to fuck my feet.”

Hearing those words, AJ gulped and his cock twitched. He slowly removed my first shoe and it thumped to the floor as he accidently dropped it. When I held up my second foot, he removed the heel and softly sat it on the desk beside me. I was wiggling my purple toes to air them out. I could see that the bottoms of my bare feet were slightly darkened with wear and I knew AJ loved that.

I further seduced my shy tech guy, “Do they smell OK? You know how musky they get in leather so you better check and see.”

With both feet locked side by side, I held them skyward and pointed my toes. AJ cupped my ankles and secured them in place. He put his nose on the bottom of my arches and instantly became my bloodhound puppy trying to find that perfect scent. “Oh Yeah,” he sighed in pleasure. Each inhale was irregular as his foot fetish and lust were controlling what should have been voluntary.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. My feet were sore from the shoes and not only was AJ smelling every inch of them, he was pampering them like they were his pet. In my mind, they were. His precum had transformed from oozing to a full drip.

I gently pulled my feet away from AJ’s face and lowered them to his balls. I was careful to keep my toes pointed and lifted his sack before whispering, “Here I thought I had drained these over the weekend but they are full once again.”

I played with the skin with my toes, wiggling, kneading, wanting to feel every inch of his testicles. I love saggy balls and his were huge and hanging downward. While I continued to caress with the top of one foot, I used my other one to rub his precum around the head. There was so much of it! He was a faucet and I needed to coax out as much as possible to use as lubrication.

I looked him in the eyes and seductively ordered, “Listen AJ, I’m going to need you to fuck my feet. They are warm and tender, perfect for your cock. You know you love them and I need you to show me just how much you do love them.”

Using the top of one foot and the bottom of the other one, he carefully placed them around his hard-on, pressed them together like his own personal pocket pussy and began to slide his member in and out before I stopped him.

“Hold on Tiger. We need more lube. Let me get some more right there,” I ordered as I used my toes to gather as much leakage as I could.

I was smearing it all over including the tops and bottoms of both my feet just in case we switched them around. I added my spit when I allowed a long drool of saliva to escape my mouth and land on my left foot before I cooed, “There we go. Now they are ready. Let’s start again.”

I could tell the difference when he, for the second time, manually wrapped them around his thick dong. It slid with ease and AJ now was able to acquire the perfect friction for his thrusting cock. He was breathing harder and I knew he might not last long. He gave me an impatient grunt when I stopped him a second time.

“Hold on! I want you to use this,” I offered as I took the cloth headband out of my blonde hair, allowing it to flow forward.

Using my flexibility, I leaned down and wrapped it around my feet that were already clamped around his cock. I tied it and now it was secure. His cock was perfectly packaged and he was ready to fuck them once again. Holding onto my exposed bare calves, he began pumping again.

I spoke louder, “Do it baby! Fuck my feet AJ! Fuck em faster! I want to see you blow your load all over them!”

His hips were moving quickly. His powerful thrusts were causing the desk to scoot a little each time. His lust was on high alert fueled by the scent of leathery sweat coming off my feet which permeated the room.

He announced before grunting, “I’m gonna cum! Fuck! Here it comes! Oh! Oh! Agghhhhhhhh! Agggghhhhhhhh! Agghhhhhhhh!”

When feet were involved, AJ was a big shooter when he came. The first shot hit the desk underneath me and the following spurts splattered on the floor, with some of it landing on his bunched up pants around his ankles. When the ejaculating had ceased, my left foot and ankle was covered with his gooey seed.

AJ exhaled, “Damn! That was…let’s just say, I needed that! Whew!”

I giggled, “So did I. It was nice feeling that throbbing cock of yours again. I’m sure Tina and Starla will enjoy it as well. We better get out of here.”

AJ withdrew his cock and as he pulled up his pants, he suggested, “We better clean the mess up.”

I was putting my headband back in and slipping on my heels when I laughed, “Nah, leave it. They rarely clean in here güvenilir casino so we will leave it just a little messier.”

Using my foot, I raked the cum off the top of my opposite one and slipped my slime covered feet into my shoes. It was squishy and sticky but I didn’t care. We both walked out of the storage room like nothing had happened and went back to work.

I was to be gone the next day attending a seminar from our newly hired CEO. Our direct supervisor thought it would be good for at least one person in every department go listen to her speak and I represented the receptionists. Her name was Akari Kimura and she was Japanese. Standing at only 5’1, and 95 pounds, one might have thought she was meek but her small stature did not detract from her shrewd business savvy. She was 45 years old and gorgeous with her long black hair that she wore, professionally, up with flawless bangs. Her father was a Japanese billionaire and she wasn’t far behind as she received her doctorate from MIT at the age of 21.

She walked back and forth on stage, speaking about how to make businesses successful. Dr. Kimura only had a slight accent and when she would come to my side of the auditorium, I noticed she was wearing a very expensive ladies black business suit with three thousand dollar Jimmy Choo four inch spiked stilettos with a thick bottom. Her outfit cost more than I made in a month. I was impressed with her ability to motivate and I was in awe when I got to speak to her one on one after the seminar when she came around to greet all of use workers.

The next day, I was at work and so excited. I needed to find AJ and give him the news. She wanted to meet with us at her office on Friday. She was going to have a limousine pick us up at lunch and drive us over at her building which was about three miles uptown.

When I told AJ about it, he was curious, “Why in the world would a CEO of a company want to meet with a receptionist and a tech guy? No offense but we aren’t exactly high up on the corporate ladder.”

I smiled, “She wants to meet us and I guess she will explain when we get there.”

He shook his head like it was insane but shrugged like he would do what he was told to do. During the week, there wasn’t much going on except typical work things. We girls would flirt with AJ, showing our feet from under our desk or allowing our shoes to dangle when he walked past.

When that Friday arrived, I gathered my purse at 11am when the limo arrived. AJ was finishing up at someone’s computer when he joined me. We got in and marveled at how luxurious the ride was. He still was so confused why Dr. Kimura wanted to see us.

We arrived and walked into the corporate headquarters. The receptionist had us sit in the lobby for a few minutes until the boss called us in. We walked into the spacious, modern office while Dr. Kimura sat in her chair. We were both nervous and slightly intimidated.

Dr. Kimura stood up, walked to us, gave a little quick bow and shook our hands in greeting us, “Hello. Nice to see you again Brittni and you must be AJ? It is a pleasure meeting you. Please, have a seat.”

Even while wearing another pair of four inch spiked diamond studded beige heels, she was slightly shorter than me. We sat down and she sat back down in her chair. She didn’t get to her position by beating around the bush so she just started explaining why we were there even though I already knew but kept it from AJ all week.

“AJ, Brittni here tells me you are very good at taking care of a woman’s feet. She said you know how to worship them properly. In my culture, we respect that ability and I called upon you to worship mine.”

AJ’s eyes widened and he immediately looked at me. I smiled at him, revealing that I had known all along why we were summoned. Dr. Kimura turned her leather swivel chair to the side and commanded, “We must not waste time. Let’s go young man. Get over here and take care of my feet!”

I could audibly hear him gulp. He hesitantly walked over to Dr. Kimura and stared down at her nylon clad crossed legs. Her size two shoes were overtop her tan hosed feet. She lifted both of them straight out, offering AJ to take them off her. Once again, he was down on his knees but reacting very slowly, savoring the opportunity.

He slipped the first high heel off and sat it down carefully. He repeated that action with the second one as he put them neatly side by side on the floor like he was organizing a closet. Dr. Kimura was wearing reinforced pantyhose but you could still see her cherry red pedicured nails through the extra darkened nylon across them.

I giggled, “How do they smell AJ?”

He softly put his palms on the underside of her arches and lowered his nostrils to her feet. After inhaling deeply, he let out his response, “Ahhhhhhh…like heaven.” He inhaled several more times before starting the massage by using his thumbs underneath her toes. He mumbled, “Oh my god! They are so moist … so musky…so…so perfect!”

As he became lost in his desires, Dr. Kimura reminded him, “Let’s go young man. Walking around in these heels make my feet tired and sore. I want to see how well you can caress and make them feel better. Show me your skills.”

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