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Max and Karly had lots of kinky things they liked to do. One of their favorites was for Karly to wear some slinky clothes, and flash her boobs at people approaching her. Max would be back a bit, watching the expressions of mainly the guys, and snapping a few good ones with his small but powerful camera. Some days she would just hurry along the pavement, and her boobs would jiggle and shake, to the delight of most male passerby’s.

It was just after the lunch period, when they started, and Max had got some great shots. Karly saw a smartly dressed business lady approaching, and wondered what her reaction would be when she flashed her.

The woman walked up to her. “Nice , very nice breasts. Do you do this often?”

Karly was a bit taken back, not quite expecting this. “Um, yes, actually, we do it every couple of weeks, it’s fun seeing the expressions on people’s faces.”

The woman smiled. “Yes I can imagine. Anyone else ever chat to you about it?”

Karly shook her head. “No.”

“Is it a sexual turn on,” the woman asked. “Does it make your pussy wet?”

“Um, a little bit,” Karly said. The woman was very attractive, and intimidating.

She ran her hand over Karly’s shirt. “Nice nipples, erect. You see you’ve come across a pro.”

Karly frowned. “A pro?”

The woman smiled and nodded. “I would love to fuck you, now.”

Karly groaned inwardly. She was coming unglued, this woman was making her so horny.

“Are you alone?” the woman asked, taking her hand.

“No, Karly shook her head and looked at Max, who was walking towards them.

The woman, Katherine Marchant, smiled. “It just gets better.”

“This is my boyfriend Max,” Karly gave him a what the fuck look.

“I’m Katherine, Max,” she said. “We’re going to have some fun, come with us.”

Max and Karly had been doing their thing outside a small bar, which as it turned out worked well. She had Karly ‘s hand and took her through thte front door to the rear, where the rest rooms were.

She went into then ladies, and when Max walked in behind them, she turned and bolted the door.

“If you take photo’s, they must be very private, only for your use, and mine of course,” she told him, pulling Karly’s top over her head.

“God they’re beautiful,” she said, squeezing Karly’s breasts. It was Max’s turn to be gobsmacked. “Sit on the toilet.”

The girl sat, and Katherine pulled off her skirt and g-string. Then quickly stripped herself. In about one minute, she had them both nude, and was between Karly’s legs, licking her slit.

Max got over his stunned amazement and sprang into action, camera clicking wildly.

Later they would drool over Katherine’s fingers deep inside Karly’s pussy, her tongue busy in her slit.

“Is this good?” Katherine looked up at Karly.

Karly nodded. “Oh yes, very.”

“We have to be quick, someone will probably need the toilet,” Katherine said, her thumb now on Karly’s clit. “Will you come?”

Karly nodded again. “Oh yes, definitely, I can feel it starting.”

“Really?” Katherine giggled. “Wow you’re quick.”

Karly came, and then swapped places with Katherine, and fingered her cunt hard, also casino şirketleri using her thumb on her clit. “Will you come?”

“Probably,” the woman said, strain showing on her face. “Tell Max to drop his pants and stroke his cock, that’ll help.”

A few minutes later, she stood up, and walked to Max. She put her left leg up on the washbasin, and he pushed his cock into her wet hole.

“Oh God yes,” she moaned. “This will do it.”

Karly kissed her and rubbed her clit.

“Oh baby baby,” Katherine moaned. “This is so good, fuck me, I’m coming.”

Karly put her arm around her waist, and ground her cunt against the womens arse.

“Oh fuck yes,” Katherine spat the words out, thrusting and grinding.

Just as the door knob rattle, Max shuddered and delivered his load of cum into her.

“I think we’re out of time,” Katherine groaned, still jerking and gyrating. “You and Karly take that stall, “I’ll grab this one.”

She flicked the lock off the door, closed the stall door and dressed. Her body throbbed, and she had trouble not touching herself, the job wasn’t finished.

The woman apologized to the guy. “It must just have been stuck. Seems okay now.”

As soon a she heard the door close, Katherine signaled Karly and Max to come out. “Hurry,” she whispered.

“I need a drink, badly,” Katherine said, picking a table next to the wall, and sitting down. “Drinks are on me.”

The waiter brought the drinks, and after he was gone, she smiled. “Well that was a first for me, how about you?”

Karly and Max nodded.

“I’ve never walked up to anyone in the street and hit on them like that before.”

“Yeah, well we’ve never been hit on like that before,” Max replied. “And I have to add, it was really something.”

“You might say that,” Karly chipped in. “I had a great orgasm, Katherine did as well, in the end, and I think you gave her something to think about as well.”

“I’m plugged,” Katherine said, but I think I’m leaking a bit.”

“Plugged?” Karly frowned.

Katherine laughed. “Always carry a med. If something like this happens, and your lover leaves you a deposit, it stops it running down your legs. G-strings stop nothing, and even panties are hopeless, particularly if the guy is virile and delivers a big load.”

Max gave her a rueful grin. “Sorry about that.’

She smiled. “Don’t be. For me, that’s one of the best parts about sex, particularly if the guy comes hard, and I feel it shoot into my uterus.” She hesitated, then laughed and said. “I think we’d better change the topic, or we’ll be back in the bathroom again.”

Several drinks later, they all knew a bit more about each other, and it was arranged that they would meet up at Max and Karly’s apartment the following weekend.

“I really want to have sex with you guys in a better enviroment than a bar toilet. Even though it was really erotic, it was a bit sleazy.”

Karly grinned at Max. “Maybe we should invite Katherine on one of our picnics.”

Max nodded. “Sure if she would like to.”

“I’m not much of a picnic person,” Katherine said.

“Oh this is not one of your normal picnics,” Karly explained. “This is one of the casino firmaları other kinky things we do. We have this park we got to, it’ s a bit out of the way, but still has a few walkers passing by. We set up the table, food and wine, and then I sit topless and just have a, Max calls it a wide belt on, and Max wears just his running shorts.”

“Yeah she wore the wide belt out here one day, and almost caused a riot,” Max chuckled.

“It’s a piece of stretchy loose weave fabric,” Karly told her. “It’s five or six inches wide, so doesn’t cover much, and if I sit down it covers nothing.”

“You must wear it for me,” Katherine grinned. “I’d love to see it.”

“Anyway, as soon as we start desert, Max takes his shorts off, and I take off my wide belt,” she laughed, looking at Max. “We finish our meal naked, nude.”

“After desert,” he took up the story. “Sometimes we throw a ball around, or play shuttle cock, after that we have sex, on the table, or sometimes on a rug on the grass.”

Katherine grinned, ear to ear. “And people see you, nude, playing whatever and then having sex.”

They both laughed and nodded.

“And you haven’t been arrested?” the women frowned.

“Haven’t even made the local paper,” Max said.

“Because you aren’t allowed to do anything like that, it makes it more erotic,” Karly said. “Maybe people haven’t said anything because they like what they see, or don’t care.”

Katherine shook her head. “You two are the limit, hilarious.”

She looked at her watch, and pulled her iPhone from her bag.

“Jess, hi,” she said into her phone. “Yes, I’ve been held up, I’ll be back later, maybe not until after you’ve gone. If I miss you, I’ll see tomorrow. Thanks. Bye.”

She dropped the phone on the table and looked at them. “My PA Jessica, thought I’d better check in. Even the boss has to do that.”

“What do you do?” Karly asked her.

“Shoes,” Katherine smiled. “I CEO of the company that makes them.”

“What company is that?” Max asked.

“Marchant Shoe Company,” she replied. “We are in direct competition to other companies like Prada. We make a better shoe, for half the price.”

She stood and took her coat off. “Lets do some serious drinking. I’m half drunk, might as well go the whole way.”

Karly looked at the red welts on her arms. “What happened to your arms?”

Katherine frowned. “Shit, I forgot about those. Nothing to tell.”

A couple more drinks later, and Katherine confessed to her love of sex, after Karly said she was a nymphomanic.

“A nympho,really?” Katherine was slurring a bit now. “How many times a day do you have sex?”

“A lot,” Karly said. ” Ten times with masturbating, maybe more, I don’t know.”

“Do you want to do it now?” Katherine asked, picking up her drink.

Karly nodded. “Yes. I masturbated when I went to the toilet before, and the time before that.”

Katherine rolled her eyes. “Oh crap, I thought I was bad.”

Max went onto full alert. “You?”

Katherine held her hands out. “The welts are from retraints. I go to a BDSM club when I feel the urge. We all have our secrets. A couple of nights ago, I went and performed.”

“Performed?” güvenilir casino Karly looked at her.

“It’s all consensual, you sign a form,” she explained. “And depending what the theme is, you get restrained, then the action starts.”

“I’ve heard about this,” Max said.

“Depending how you look at it,it can be humiliating. I’m usually stoned or drunk or both,” she admitted. “The audience,…..”

“Audience?” Karly interrupted her.

“Yes there’s normally about thirty people that watch, some participate. I have to admit it’s great sex, I just have so many orgasm’s. Of course I was fucked by about ten guys, touched and licked by about five females, and fucked with a strap on by the Dominator. She’s beautiful, in an evil sort of way.”

She looked at Karly. “Now I’ve done it, she’s masturbating, and I bet you’re hard.”

Max nodded. “Right on both accounts.”

Karly was trying to be as discrete as she could, and nobody seemed to be aware of her actions.

“You want to go to the toilet?” Katherine asked.

Karly turned to her, her skirt pulled up her legs apart. Katherine watched her fingers moving her pussy lips, and going in and out of her cunt. She looked around, there was nobody looking, and Karly was facing the wall, so she relaxed a bit and watched.

“God you really are a nympho, aren’t you. I’m a sex crazed bitch, but I can control my urges.”

She moved closer to Karly, and took her hand sucking her fingers, tasting her juices, and then slid her own fingers into the girl.

“Karly’s mouth opened. “Oooohhhhhhh, ah ah ah ah.”

Katherine quickly put her hand over her mouth, as the girl started to thrust. “Fuck!” she muttered through clenched teeth behind Katherines hand. “Fuck fuck.”

“It’s been a while since she lost it like this,” Max said.

Katherine stood up and dragged Karly from her chair. She stumbled behind Katherine into the toilet. Katherine slammed the closet door closed, pushed Karly down and started licking her saturated slit.

“Oh God, I’m coming, still coming,” Karly groaned.

She held Katherine’s head as it moved back and forth along her slit. She thrust over and over, as her orgasm peaked.

Katherine stood up and moved into Karly, holding her skirt up, as the girl peeled her cunt lips apart and licked her. She came shortly after.

Max was looking a bit flushed when they returned.

“You okay?” Katherine asked him.

He grinned. “I am now. I guess we all got our jollies ‘eh.”

“You masturbated here?” she frowned a smile.

“I did,” he said. “I couldn’t control it, after what happened here, and knowing what you two were doing in the bathroom. Check under the table.”

The girls both lifted the table cloth and looked at Max’s cum splattered over the tiled floor.

Karly laughed. “You naughty boy.”

Katherine shook her head. “I think we’re out of control.”

They finished their drinks their drinks, and left. Katherine thanked them for the invite back to their apartment, and grabbed a cab.

“I’ll call you when I print the pictures,” Max said, as she climbed into the cab.

Katherine nodded. “Okay thanks. Don’t post them or anything, just let me know and I’ll come and pick them up.”

Max nodded. “Next weekend?” This, he thought would be a great opportunity for them to get together again, and who knows what might eventuate. Well after today, he did know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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