Fishing Buddies

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I’m an avid fisherman. Although avid might not be strong enough sometimes. Fortunately, my best friend shares my inclination to structure life around the best times and places to fish. He and I have been friends since we were kids and our lives have seemed to follow something of the same course. We went to high school together, then college. He married shortly after college and then I did as well. We both were married happily for some time, though he was divorced a couple years before me, we were each married more than ten years.

We had often made sexual jokes towards each other, particularly on the many occasions that we shared a tent or some such cozy sleeping arrangement, but there was never anything sexual between us and we’re not “closet gays”. We both had always been with women and had no real interest in anything else, but after we each got divorced, sex suddenly became not quite so taken for granted anymore. Neither of us wanted to get into another relationship and that made things a little difficult with members of the opposite sex. Consequently, it had been some time since either of us had had sex when we set off on our latest fishing trip.

As is often our custom, we were heading straight out after work and were therefore hitting the road around 6:00pm. We usually drive to wherever we’re fishing and get there late at night and are up early to fish, so neither of us is inclined to pay for a place to sleep for just a few hours. We usually just climb into the back of the car to sleep for a couple hours ( big SUV’s are good for something). This sleeping arrangement, of course, leads to even more jokes and sexual innuendo than usual. It seemed that night though that the joking took on just an edge of seriousness, almost feeling each other out. It had been so long since I’d had sex that I was considering all my options and I knew, with his sex drive, that the thought had to at least have occurred to him. There was considerable sexual tension as we were packed into the back to go to sleep. I lay there with a hard cock and a knot in my stomach wondering if I dared to ask him if he was thinking the same thing that I was. I’d always been straight, but I’m pretty open minded too and I’d had fantasies about other guys before, never any specific guy, just some other guy. I’d sort of alluded to this fact in front of him before and it was probably pretty evident that I’d at least consider sex with another guy even if it were just me servicing him. I casino siteleri just couldn’t get up the nerve to make the first move.

The next day, we got up and hit the river. We had a good day on the water and the usual banter was thrown about, stuff like, “It’s been so long you’re starting to look good” which would be followed by “Sounds good to me”, but all with a joking tone of voice as always. This kind of thing went on all day and through dinner. After dinner, we were sitting around the motel room, having a couple beers and just talking. I’d asserted that I’d caught the big fish of the day and he’d replied something like “Oh yea, blow me and I might agree with you”.

I replied, “Not right now, but I will after lights out.” After I’d said it, I realized that much of the joking tone was missing from my voice. He clearly noticed it and the conversation reached an awkward silence for a minute. We moved along without any more mention of it and the sexual innuendo was noticeably missing from the conversation after that. I couldn’t be sure if I’d gone too far or if he was just feeling awkward, as I was, with what seemed to be happening. Finally, after talking about what time we’d get up to start fishing, we both said we ought to get to sleep.

I had that knot in my stomach again as I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. I got into bed quickly to try to hide my growing erection. He turned out the light and got into the other bed, naked, I noticed, which was unusual. I lay there feeling almost sick to my stomach with tension. I so badly wanted to just get up and go over to him, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. After a few minutes, with a bit of a joking voice, but also the obvious quake of nerves he said, “Well I’m waiting”.

That was all I needed and whether he was half joking or not, I no longer was. I got out of bed and walked toward him. He could see me in the dim light of the room and said nothing. I knelt beside the bed and slid my hand under the blankets finding his bare hip. Still he said nothing. My hand slid over the skin of his hip and found his hard cock and a short gasping breath escaped him. As my hand wrapped around his cock I heard a low moan and I was no longer feeling anything but lust that had been pent up too long. With my free hand I reached up and started to pull the blankets down and he was pushing them down as well.

I’d seen him naked before, over the years, but I’d never seen his cock hard. It wasn’t slot oyna unusually long but I’d known that it was thick and it was really nice looking. I closed my mouth around it and moaned with the pleasure of having it in my mouth after so much tension. I wanted to just devour it and I quickly began sucking and stroking it like I’d been doing it my whole life. You could tell it had been a while for him, because I hadn’t been at it very long when his moans started increasing and he croaked, “I’m going to cum.”

He might have expected me to stop, but I sucked and stroked him even more urgently in response.

Suddenly, his back arched, his cock throbbed and he erupted in my mouth. He came in huge torrents of cum, filling my mouth faster than I could swallow it. I sucked and swallowed and licked as quickly as I could. I loved the feeling of his cum filling my mouth and loved even more the feeling of him writhing with orgasm under my mouth and his cum shooting onto my face and chin as I tried to keep up with it. I kept sucking and licking at him, very evidently starved for it, until he pushed me away, his cock finally too sensitive for my touch. I slid to the side of the bed and lay along side of him, still lightly stroking his cock. He made no move to reciprocate and I didn’t care since I couldn’t seem to take my hand from his cock anyway and he didn’t seem to be getting softer despite having just cum like a man that hadn’t had sex in a long time.

He had made reference before to being able to go multiple times a night and as I lay there continuing to stroke his cock, I could feel that he wasn’t quite as sensitive as he had been just after cumming, but he was no less hard. I brought my mouth back to his cock and he moaned a low growling moan in response. I straddled his legs and began sucking him again. This time I felt his hands go to the sides of my head, at first just feeling the rhythm of my head moving up and down on his cock, then holding it more firmly and fucking my face. I moaned loudly around his cock stuffed in my mouth and he knew I wanted him to use me. My cock throbbed from the erotic thrill of sucking him and I reached back trying to slide my sweat pants off. As I pushed my pants off, he could see my ass sticking in the air and it seemed to cause him to fuck my face more roughly. He could see now that I was stroking myself and he knew how turned on I was.

Finally he felt me push back against his hands and pull my head off his canlı casino siteleri cock. When he felt me sliding forward, my knees on either side of his hips, he knew what I wanted. I reached behind me and took his cock, slick with his cum and my mouth, and rubbed it against my tight virgin hole. I didn’t think I could possibly take his fat cock into my ass, but I knew that I’d do anything to try. I pushed back against him and felt the huge head push into me. I won’t say it didn’t hurt, but I just steadily worked it in, slowly forcing it deeper until it finally pushed through and sunk the final inches to its base. I held still, getting used to it and the pain slowly passed and I began gently rocking back and forth, moving his cock just an inch or two in and out of me. The urgency built slowly and I ached to feel the full length of him sliding in and out of me. My rocking slowly changed to lifting up onto my knees and then sliding back down onto him. The more I slowly fucked him, the more I wanted to feel it harder. Before I realized it, I was rising quickly until his cock was almost out of me and slamming myself down onto him. I rose and fell furiously, trying to ram more of his cock into me when he finally gripped my hips and rolled on top of me.

“Fuck me.” I panted without even realizing, as soon as he rolled on top of me.

I lifted my legs back, exposing my ass to him. He started to fuck me hard and each breathe that was forced out of me as he slammed into me came out as “Yes”, “Fuck”, “me”, “yes”, “oh”, yes”, “fuck me”. I reached down and stroked my aching cock as he fucked me.

He rammed his cock into me and I felt it throb inside me and then could feel the hot splash of his cum filling me.

My own cock pulsed and my cum shot all the way up to my face and chest. His pace slowed and he emptied himself into me as I shot out onto my chest and he finally collapsed sliding onto the bed beside me as he did so.

We both lay exhausted until we fell asleep. I woke in the night and sucked his cock until he woke and then sucked him until he rewarded me with another load of cum.

The next day we went fishing as usual and nothing else was said, but when we went back to the motel, we both had just one quick beer before he turned out the light and got into bed. I didn’t need him to spell it out for me, I quickly got his cock into my mouth again.

The whole trip went much the same, fishing by day and as much sex as we could fit into each night. We never have talked about it but it seems that it’s like they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” if you know what I mean. I’m looking forward to continuing to help him bridge the gap to his next girlfriend.

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