First Time In the Pool

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“Excuse me,” came a voice from right behind my head. Startled, I nearly fell out of my chair. It wasn’t because the voice was that loud, but because I had been drifting off for several minutes and had almost fallen asleep. I turned around to see a middle-aged woman with light bronze skin and dark brown hair. She had a concerned look on her face. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you,” she said.

“No, no,” I replied groggily, “You didn’t frighten me. What do you need?”

“I just wanted to know what time the pool closed at. I wanted to get a few laps in before heading home.” I turned around and glanced at the clock on the wall behind me. It read 9:45pm, 15 minutes before closing time, which I told her. “Thank you,” she said with a large smile, “I’m Julie, by the way.” She stuck her hand out. I reached out with mine tentatively. The people who swam here usually weren’t this friendly. She grabbed my hand and shook it enthusiastically.

“I’m Melissa,” I mumbled. I still felt half asleep, and her peppiness was starting to get on my nerves.

“Well Melissa, I’ll be in the pool. I will try to keep an eye on the clock but if I swim past closing time just let me know, okay?” she said, still wearing that huge smile on her face.

I was finally beginning to come back to my senses. I was a lifeguard working at the Day and Night Fitness center, a curious name since the place closed every night at ten. It was a Friday night, and the pool had been dead for almost the entirety of my five-hour shift. The pool area consisted of a medium-sized lap pool with a small whirlpool off to the side. For the past hour there had been just one man sitting in the whirlpool, but as long as someone was in the pool area I was required to sit and watch. It was no surprise that I was having so much trouble staying awake.

Julie sauntered passed me on her way towards the pool, and only then did I notice the rest of her body. My mouth fell open in shock. She was wearing a thong! The women who came here usually only wore one-piece swimsuits. It was rare to even see somebody wear a bikini. But here was Julie who not only was wearing a maroon-colored string bikini that left little to the imagination, but she was also wearing a matching thong!

To my dismay I found that I could not stop staring at her. She got to the edge of the pool, set a towel that she had been carrying down on the ground beside her, and started to do stretches. She had the best body that I had ever seen on another woman. I was 19 and was just out of high school. I had been friends with some of the more athletic girls, so I was used to seeing women who were in shape, but Julie was something else! She didn’t appear to have to have an ounce of fat on her, but she was not skinny. She was muscular, but not nearly muscular enough to look grotesque. She has the body that I have always wanted, I thought to myself. I had never gotten into sports while I was in school. I wasn’t overweight by any means, but I still had a thin layer of baby fat that I had yet to get rid of. I continued to watch her. Her breasts were average in size, but very perky. She had wide hips and her butt was wonderfully round.

I stopped. What was I doing? I turned away from her quickly while she was still in the middle of her stretches. I had never found myself admiring another woman like that before. What is wrong with me, I thought to myself, I shouldn’t be looking at her like this! But I couldn’t stop. I was entranced. I slowly moved my gaze back towards her. She was bending over and touching her toes at an angle so that her butt was pointing right towards me! I began to feel a warmth between my legs, and before I could react she slowly stood up straight. She then looked in my direction, gave me a wink, and jumped into the pool.

While she swam laps I tried to make sense of the way that I was feeling. I never had any kind of sexual feelings for a woman before, but there was just something irresistible about Julie. I wasn’t really experienced with this kind of thing either. I had plenty of friends in high school, but they were almost all girls. I became shy and awkward whenever I was around any guys, so I have never had a boyfriend. I continued to try to interpret my feelings until I noticed the man who was originally in the whirlpool get out and dry himself off. He walked towards the locker room leaving Julie and I alone in the pool area. I turned around to look at the clock and saw that it was ten. Julie was still swimming laps and seemed to be oblivious to the time. I realized that I would have talk to her. My stomach sank, but the warmth between my legs returned. I will just tell her she has to leave, and I’ll never have to see her again, I told myself. I slid out of my chair and made my way to the end of the pool. She swam with her face in the water, and as she approached me I could tell that she didn’t notice me. I crouched down and stuck my arm into the water to get her attention. As she reached the end of the pool and my arm she stopped swimming. She lifted her head out of the water, then looked at me and smiled.

“Melissa,” she said in a friendly voice, “is it time for me to get out already?”

I tried to tell her yes, but casino şirketleri my voice caught in my throat. What came out sounded more like a squeak than a word, so I just nodded my head. She then pulled herself up and stepped out of the pool before I had a chance to move back and give her some space. I was still crouching, and she had gotten out so quickly that water splashed all over my face. Instinctively, I closed my eyes and wiped myself off. When I opened my eyes again I found myself staring once again at her beautiful butt. This time she was bending over to pick up her towel, and my face was level with it and only a few inches away. My jaw hit the floor. It was the most magnificent thing that I had ever seen. I tried to look away, not wanting her to catch me staring, but I was too transfixed. After what felt like an eternity, but must have only been seconds, she grabbed her towel, stood up straight, and turned around to face me. This left me staring straight at her crotch. Once again I was overcome with her beauty.

Before I had the time to admire this side of her she said, “It was wonderful meeting you Melissa, I hope to see you again.” She held out her hand again.

I finally managed to stand up, but I couldn’t keep my legs from shaking. They felt like rubber. I reached my hand out to grab hers. As we shook hands I managed to say, “You too, Julie.” My voice was wavering and I could feel myself start to blush. I knew that she must have been able to see how nervous I was, and that knowledge only made things worse. Thankfully, with a small wave and another smile she turned away from me and began to make her way towards the locker room. As she walked away I continued to stare; at her legs, at her butt, at her back, at everything. The way her hips swayed, and the way water was running down her body was just intoxicating. Finally she got to the door leading into the women’s locker room and went inside.

I staggered back towards the lifeguard’s chair and sat down. This was just too much too bare. I had never felt this way before, not even with a man let alone a woman. The warmth between my legs was back, this time accompanied by wetness. Oh god, I thought, I can’t do this. But I couldn’t help myself. Female lifeguards were required to wear a one-piece swimsuit covered by a pair of board shorts and a tank top with a lifeguard emblem. The pool area was also completely enclosed, and there were only a small set of windows that looked out on the lobby, which was empty, at least for the moment. I took off the shorts and tank top and made my way to the whirlpool. It wasn’t unheard of for a lifeguard to use the pool for a short while after closing. I turned on the jets and got in. I couldn’t believe that I was actually considering this, but I could no longer deny how turned on I was.

I sat down, facing away from the windows, and quickly moved my swimsuit out of the way. My fingers found my vagina instantly and I shoved them inside. I was too aroused to bother warming myself up first. I pumped my fingers in and out as fast as I could while simultaneously rubbing my clitoris. The pleasure I felt was indescribable. I stopped for a moment to ease the top of my swimsuit down, exposing my breasts. I started to rub them with one hand while I continued to masturbate with the other. The entire time I was thinking about her angelic body; her butt, her breasts, her crotch, they all were flashing through my mind. I continued on for several minutes until I finally felt an orgasm tear through me. My body was on fire. I couldn’t think. It was the best orgasm that I had ever had. Not until I finally came down off of that unbelievable high did I begin to think about what I had just done.

I have just masturbated in a public pool, I thought to myself. Since I had never had a boyfriend I was no stranger to masturbation, but that was always in the privacy of my own room. What I did felt wrong, even if the pool was empty besides me, but as I thought about it more I could feel myself getting hotter, so I pushed it out of my mind. Then I finally remembered what had started all of this in the first place. It was Julie; she was the one who turned me on. I just brought myself to an orgasm while thinking of a woman! Does this mean that I am a lesbian now? No, I still want to be with guys, but then why did Julie affect me this way, am I bisexual?

These thoughts continued to loop around in my head until I finally told myself out loud and with conviction, “I am not a lesbian, I am not bisexual, and I am not a pervert,” I was beginning to feel a little better, “This was just a one time occurrence, and it only happened because of her body. She had the body that I had always wanted, so it was only natural for me to react that way when I saw it.” I had a nagging feeling that my excuse was a weak one, but I pushed that thought out of my mind.

I still have to close the pool, I realized. It was 10:15 now, and if I didn’t finish putting everything away, locking everything up, and didn’t clock out by 10:30, then I would be in trouble. I rearranged my swimsuit and got to work. I went fast and was finished by 10:20. I grabbed the clothes that I had taken off earlier and headed casino firmaları to the locker room. I kept a towel inside my locker so I could dry myself off there. Unsurprisingly the room was empty, although I could hear one of the showers running. Probably just another employee, I thought. I got to my locker and threw the clothes inside. I still had ten minutes, enough time for a quick shower. Why bother clocking out early? I walked towards the showers, which were in an area partially enclosed from the rest of the locker room, when I saw her. It wasn’t another employee taking a shower, it was her, it was Julie, and now she wasn’t wearing anything at all.

I gulped, the feeling of warmth between my legs quickly returned. My legs, which felt sturdy just seconds before, now felt like they were made of paper. She was facing away from me, and since she was wearing a thong before, what I saw now was not much different. But the simple knowledge that she was completely nude was enough to reignite the feelings that I had from earlier. My hand quickly found my vulva, and I started to rub myself through my swimsuit. Once I realized what I was doing I quickly pulled my arm back. I’ll just clock out now and shower afterwards, I thought to myself. I turned around and was ready to scurry away when I heard her voice.

“Hi Melissa. No need to be shy. There’s enough room in here for at least ten people. I’m sure we can manage with just two.” I slowly turned around. Her body was still facing away from me, but she was looking over her shoulder and smiling. What do I do now? I thought to myself, there’s no way that I can shower with her, what is she even still doing here? But I didn’t know what else I could do. There were no stalls in the shower area, just a series of showerheads positioned on the walls. I slowly made my way inside and chose the showerhead furthest from her. I turned the shower on, determined to go as quickly as possible. I stared at the floor and tried to remember important dates in history. I did math equations in my head. I tried to do anything to keep my mind off of her.

“Come on, we’re not strangers are we?” I jumped. Her voice came from my right side, and it sounded very close. “I’m sorry,” she laughed in a friendly way, “I keep on startling you. I’m not trying to, honest.”

While still looking at the floor I slowly turned my head to the right. Her feet and part of her legs came into my view, and from the position of her feet I could tell that she was facing me. I jerked my head away as quickly as I could, but it took all the willpower that I could muster to keep myself from turning my head back towards her. I wanted to see her. I wanted to admire her. “I’m sorry Julie, but only employees are allowed to be in the building this late,” I said while continuing to stare at the floor. My voice wavered even more than it had the last time that I had talked to her.

“Shh, you won’t tell will you? There is nothing that I love more than a long and hot shower after a workout. I would take one at home, but my water heater is broken.”

I realized that there was no way for me to get out of this, besides just running away, and I didn’t think that I had the courage to just tell her to leave. This is ridiculous, I said silently to myself, we’re both just women. Women shower here together all of the time. I’ve done it too. I lifted my head up and turned it so that I was looking towards her face. I was careful to not look any lower. “It’s not a problem,” I managed to say, “you’ll be fine as long as you finish before the janitors arrive to clean up.” I quickly directed my gaze back towards the floor.

“Wonderful!” she exclaimed. Even though I had only showered for around a minute I decided that it was good enough. As I was about to turn off the shower Julie spoke again. I cringed, but I felt that it would be too rude, and too awkward for me to leave while she was trying to talk to me. “This is a pretty nice place. Have you worked here long?”

“Three years,” I mumbled, still staring at the floor. Julie kept on talking while I studied every inch of the floor around me. I couldn’t take it anymore. The allure of her hard, toned body, covered in water, was too much. I was more aroused than I had ever thought possible, even more so than I was in the whirlpool. It felt like a small gust of air would be sufficient to bring me to an orgasm. My legs began to tremble. I wanted to look at her so bad. Then I felt something on my shoulder. I realized that I hadn’t been listening to a single thing that she was saying. I looked up at my shoulder and saw her hand! “What are you doing?” I yelped.

“Relax,” she said, still sounding cheerful and friendly, “I was just going to ask you why you’re wearing your swimsuit in the shower. You’re not going to get very clean with that thing on.”

“I’m just shy, I guess,” I didn’t know what else to say.

“There’s no need to be shy. We’re all girls here.” I felt the hand that had been resting on my shoulder move towards the shoulder strap of my swimsuit. Her other hand found the other one. Shockwaves shot through my body. I thought that my legs were going to give out. “These public pools have so much chlorine in them. güvenilir casino You’ll pay for it later if you don’t shower well now.” She started to slip my swimsuit off. She pulled it down slowly, exposing my breasts. She then bent down in front of me as she pulled it down past my waist and let it drop to the floor.

Her face was right in front of my crotch! From her angle there was no way that she could not see how turned on I was. I had to say something, or apologize, anything! It took me a few seconds to realize that she was looking up at me. I looked down at her and had to suppress a moan. The position that she was in and the way she stared up at me made it look like she was expecting something. It was so erotic. There was only one thing that she could have wanted. I knew what it was even though I had never thought of actually doing it before this day, but I couldn’t stand it any longer. “Well?” she said. I began to spread my legs slowly by sliding my feet apart from each other. I stopped when I thought that she would have enough room. “Your feet?” she asked.

“Wha…” I stammered as I looked down at my feet. I saw my swimsuit bunched around my ankles and realized that she had only wanted me to step up and out of it.

“Wouldn’t want you to trip now, would we?” She smiled up at me, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I had been spreading my legs, and that her face was inches away from my vulva, which was swollen with pleasure.

Before I had time to comprehend any of what had just happened she spoke again, but her voice had changed. It was low and sultry. “Although I really like your idea too, Melissa.” She slowly stood up until her face was inches from mine. She stared into my eyes, then leaned forward and brushed her lips across mine. I instinctively moved forward wanting more, but she pulled herself back slowly while a mischievous grin spread across her face. “What kind of a girl has sex in a public shower?” she said, her voice even more seductive than before. She turned away from me and began to stroll out of the shower area. As she left I stared at her wonderful behind and marveled at the way her hips swayed back and forth. After what simultaneously felt like an eternity and an instant in time she turned a corner and was out of my sight.

Something had happened to me when Julie’s lips touched mine. All of my fear and apprehension disappeared. All that was left was a burning passion and desire that I had never felt before. I no longer cared if I was a lesbian or not. I only knew that I wanted her. I left the showers with enough time to see her head towards the lockers, but she didn’t stop there. She continued to the door that led to the pool and stopped in front of it. She couldn’t possibly mean to go out there, I thought. Both of us were still naked. But that very thought was enough to make me quiver with excitement. Was I becoming an exhibitionist now too? As I saw her standing there facing the door I realized that in my fear and excitement I still hadn’t gotten a good look at her naked from the front. She slowly turned herself around towards me, and I made sure not to miss a thing this time. I took in every inch of her body and paid extra attention to what had been covered by her swimsuit earlier. Her breasts were firm and perky, and her nipples were rock hard. Her pubic hair was slightly trimmed, and I could tell from the state of her vulva that she was almost as aroused as I was.

“I know what you want, but doing it in the shower just feels… tacky,” she said as she moved closer to me. She put her arms around me and pulled me towards her. Her wet body pressed against mine as we kissed. This time it was more than just a peck. It was deep and passionate. I knew that I was inexperienced, but she expertly guided her tongue through my mouth. The feeling was indescribable, but short-lived. After what felt like only a few moments she pulled herself away from me. “There is just something about a late night swim that feels so erotic,” she hinted. I remembered that I had locked the door to the pool earlier.

Before she could say another word I turned around and dashed towards my locker, which is where I had put the key before getting in the showers. I could not control myself any longer. Lust and desire had completely taken me over, but I still had enough sense to think about what I was doing. I passed by a clock and saw the time, 10:40. It was past the time that I was supposed to have clocked out and left, but that didn’t bother me. I began to puzzle everything out in my head as I reached my locker, grabbed the key, and started to head back towards Julie. At this time the only people who should still be in the building are the custodians and the manager on duty. The custodians would probably be cleaning the weight room at this time, and the manager would most likely be in his office finishing up the day’s work. The only windows in the pool area looked out into the lobby, and that should be empty at this time. I came to a stop as I realized what I was doing. Here I was trying to figure out how to get away with having sex in a public pool, and with another woman at that! Even just a few hours ago I never would have thought that I was capable of anything like this. The thought of running away crept into my mind, but before I could act on it Julie drifted back into my view. Seeing her naked body again made all of my fears disappear. I knew that there was no way that I would be able to control myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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