First time in a swingerclub

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First time in a swingerclub
In high school I hated nothing more than the famous essays. That is why I am so amazed that I am trying to write a story fully voluntarily,

Dear readers, be a little lenient with me, because it is my first story and I need to further practice. Furthermore, english is not my mother-tongue.

Now I will start with my first story with the usual disclaimer that any similarities to existing places and people are purely random.

My name is Peter and I am so happy to play the lead role in this story. I’m a professional officer in a medium-sized advertising agency. Ah, yes, my age is 39 and my size 180 cm with a slender stature and a short haircut. I dislike to have to wear glasses. I have a strong fetish, I really love body and intimate piercings.

One morning about one month ago, I woke up and I remembered that I had dreamt something nice…, step by step I remembered my dream. Dimmed light, love moans, beautiful women and nice music. What on earth had I dreamed? After the impressions came one by one like individual pieces of a puzzle to form a complete picture, I realized that I had been in a swinger club.

The whole day I had trouble concentrating on my work in the advertising agency. And sometime in the afternoon, I came to the decision that I wanted to realize this dream literally! On the train ride home, I thought about how best to do this. What I really wanted to avoid was meeting acquaintances or neighbors. So it was reasonable to travel to a swingers club in a foreign and anonymous big city a few hundred kilometers from where I live. For the next few days I made some research about real swinger clubs with the help of google and looked especially for good reviews and positive comments of the visitors. Finally I decided to go to güvenilir bahis siteleri the “Swingerparadies” in Munich. I decided to go there in two weeks and booked my trip and accommodation in the old town of Munich.

Two weeks later I travelled to Munich and moved into my hotel in the bustling city centre of this big city. It was just before six o’clock when I left the hotel with my sports bag. It was a very warm summer day with temperatures around 30 degrees. With Google Maps it was a breeze to find the “Swingerparadies”. After the main entrance door to the right was a further a door with palm trees and an island painted on it and labelled in large letters with “Swingerparadies”. Ah, this is what paradise looks like, I was smiling! Please ring and enter, stood over a bell. I did this and stepped in. The rooms were very bright and air-conditioned.

Behind a counter, was a very sympathetic young man with a large tattoo on his arm, he greeted me with the following words: “My name is Patrick, I think you’re the first time here? You are welcome.” I just nodded slightly with my head, it was a special place and in this environment I was just extremely shy. Patrick said: “I’ll show you the location, the wardrobes and showers.” He smiled mischievously, adding: “And there you can certainly put on something lighter. Today it is relatively quiet, there are only a few guests here.” I nodded again to show that everything was so far clear. He showed me the men’s wardrobe, bar, a currently empty private room as a retreat and the fitness oasis with sauna.

Patrick added: “We attach great importance to adhere to the safer sex rules and a no remains a no.” In the meantime we had reached back to the welcome desk. I paid the entrance fee and received the unilateral perabet giriş house order with an overview of the internal rules.

On the way to the cloakroom, I skimmed the 10 house rules and I noticed the wording of rule No. 1, which was already mentioned by Patrick: “Safer sex is very important to us. Please use without exception the condoms provided free of charge,” and the number 9 was almost funny: ”A shower from time to time is highly recommended and increases the chances of a successful day with us!” They had really thought of everything.

I pushed open the door to the cloakroom. These were clean and provided with enough lockable boxes. There was a slight smell of an indefinable men’s perfume in the air. I undressed and followed the ninth rule, enjoying a lukewarm shower. Then I slipped into my red thong panties and put on a sleeveless, red net top. With a comb I tamed my wild short hairstyle in front of a mirror. So I looked quite passable. By now it was already 6:30 pm when I was out of the dressing room, thinking about what to do next. I was still deep in thought when a blonde, attractive woman at the bar waved me and pointed to the empty seat next to hers. Yes, why not, after all, a drink was a good idea. I walked the few steps to her and sat down on the assigned barstool. We introduced ourselves briefly and the bartender took my order.

I am rather shy, but we got into conversation very easily. She said that she was married and had three adult c***dren, and once a month, she had permission from her husband to go to this place. She lived only about 150 km from Munich. I must stress again that she was really very attractive and I’m trying to describe her briefly for you now: she had mid blonde, smooth shoulder-length perabet güvenilir mi hair, dark red painted fingernails and a slim body and I estimated her about 45 years old. Actually, she looked younger, but due to the adult c***dren, she was probably older than she looked. She had a small nose, light blue eyes and sexy dress with a black mesh top, including a black brassiere and a thong panties. She was really nice, although her family situation in this place seemed special to me. She looked at me so nicely so that I was about to fall in love with her and that was certainly not the goal of tonight. She told me a little about her life, she worked as a secretary 3 days a week in a bank and loved extremely sex. She could never get enough of sex, she had a nymphomania. This was in fact the only reason for this special deal with her husband.

Seconds later our eyes crossed and I could not help kissing her impulsively. She returned the kiss and it was a long heartfelt kiss, which finally resulted in a kiss from the tongue. She could definitely kiss extremely well, and she had, as I noticed there also a piercing. So this kiss was an unusual and very special experience.

I told the bartender that I would take the drinks. The bartender winked at me briefly, and he seemed to have a great experience of real life due to the special circumstances here. We went to the back of the club, we could not leave each other and held hands like teenagers. And I was sure now that I was madly in love with her, although I barely knew her.

As mentioned earlier, there were very few guests. So I was a lucky guy as l had at least a sympathetic and good-looking partner for the evening. We looked for a quiet corner and lay down.

Now our kisses were wilder and more demanding. I stroked her breasts so that the nipples were immediately harder and I felt to my joy that she wore nipple piercings on both sides. Suddenly, in the midst of a kiss, she paused briefly and pulled off her top as well as the brassiere. She had really nice, medium-sized, firm breasts and on

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