First Time Experience Ch. 02

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The short drive to Simon’s house only took about 5 minutes, but to me it seemed like an age. My cock was aching for this moment, my heart I’m sure was beating so hard that he could hear it, the butterflies in my stomach where fluttering at 100 miles an hour, my lips were dry and my mind was racing.

We arrived at Simon’s house; he parked the car in the drive of his nicely presented semi-detached home. We both exited the car and walked to the side door; Simon opened the door and invited me in.

We walked into his kitchen come diner, no sooner had he shut the door than we were both locked in a long passionate kiss, my hand went down to his crotch and started to rub his cock through his shorts. My lips and tongue stifling the moans of pleasure escaping from his throat.

Simon broke the kiss and said, follow me.

Ok, I replied.

Simon led me through the kitchen diner, into a long narrow hallway, up his stairs and into his bedroom. The bedroom was a good size and well presented, his king size bed had been neatly made, the rugs covering the hard wood floors felt soft under your feet.

Lets get out of these wet clothes, said Simon.

I couldn’t wait, I un did my boots, and took off all my clothes. My erect cock standing proudly to attention, this was the moment I had dreamt about, the moment I had ached for, sex with a real man and not just the fantasies I had previously lived out.

Simon stood facing me while he slipped out of his own clothes; his own cock was hard and thick.

We both walked over to the bed and started to kiss and rub our hands over each other, our bodies grinding against each other in a dry fuck motion.

My hand searched out and found his big thick juicy cock, my fingers reached around his girth and gently stroked him, my thumb rubbing the top of his big purple head, the small smear of pre cum allowing me thumb to glide over it with ease. I lifted my thumb up to my lips and tasted a man’s cum for the first time, it was sweet and salty and I knew I wanted to taste more.

Do you like the taste, Simon asked me.

Mmmmmm, Taste’s fine, I replied.

Why don’t you have another taste, said Simon.

I think I will, I replied.

I lowered my head down to his big cock, my eyes drinking in the size and girth, my mouth watering at what it was about to do. As I approached the head of his cock, I let my tongue flick out and lick the underside of his cock; I could hear Simon moaning in appreciation. I licked the last of his pre cum from off his cock. My fingers wrapped around the base of his cock and I slowly started to take the head of his cock passed my lips and into my mouth, my tongue probing the slit of his pee hole. The feeling was even better than I imagined, the smooth skin of his cock started to slide easily casino şirketleri and out of my mouth I could see the trail of wetness left on the shaft of his cock from where my mouth had been and was going to return to.

I began a renewed urge on his marvellous cock, sucking his cock up and down and in and out my fingers wanking him at the same time, I soon settled into a good rhythm as I found I liked it more and more. I could clearly see Simon’s face from where I was, his hips were raised and his eyes where shut, moans escaped his open mouth as he lay there licking his lips and telling me of his approval at how much he was enjoying having me suck his cock.

Oh fuck yeah, fuck my cock with your mouth, it feels so fucking good.

Hearing Simon’s words drove me on more, I wanted to try to take as much of his cock into me as I could, at first I tried to force more of it in, however I found that this just made me gag, and I didn’t like that much, so I decided to try to relax myself to see if that would help. To my surprise I soon found that by doing that I could manage to take a little more into my mouth and heading down towards the Back of my throat, as I started to take more into my mouth, Simon’s moans became more frequent and louder.

Fuck Fuck Fuck, Take all of my cock into your hot mouth, you’re such a good cock sucker.

I was really enjoying sucking Simon’s cock, my jaw was getting a little sore but the pleasure out weighed the pain.

Simon must have wanted to get into the action also, because he was soon saying that he wanted to suck my cock now, but I was in no way ready to let go of his magnificent cock so I decided to position myself so that he could suck my cock and I could still suck his.

This seemed to please Simon because he soon had my cock buried deep in his mouth only releasing it long enough to suck each of my balls into his mouth, this sent a shiver throughout my entire body and I thought I was going to shoot my cum right there.

We both soon got into a good rhythm of slurping and sucking, I released Simons cock from my mouth and licked and sucked his balls into my mouth swirling them around in my mouth and flicking them with my tongue.

The next thing I felt was Simon licking at my hole, his tongue licking and probing at it my eyes rolled back in my head and my mouth released his cock from it as my head tilted back and a loud moan of OH MY FUCKING GOD rushed from my lips.

Simon continued to lick my hole while he gently wanked me off, I had to really concentrate while I took his cock back in to my mouth, I really attacked it, sucking and licking the length of it taking more of it into my eager throat.

I could feel Simon’s tongue licking and probing deeper into my hole, the feeling was out of this world I had casino firmaları never felt anything like this before. Simon then left my hole and took my cock back into him, I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I shot my hot cum into his mouth, Simon must have sensed this also, because the next thing I knew he was working his finger into my hole, I nearly bucked myself off his body completely as this new invasion sent electric shocks racing throughout my entire body. Simon started to curl his finger deeper inside of me until all of it was inside me, turning in circles and curling it up and around.

I continued sucking on his cock, the moans of my pleasures were being played up and down his cock in loud moans and groans, within seconds my cock twitched and my balls tightened and the first shots of my cum exploded from my cock, Simon took my cock deeper in to his mouth and drank me as I uncontrollably shook and came inside him.


Simon continued to keep my cock in his mouth until every drop of my cum had been drunk and my cock had started to soften. I had completely forgotten about Simons cock as I struggled to keep my senses together mind you I still don’t know how I didn’t pass out from the sheer intense pleasure that I had been experiencing. I sat up on the bed and turned my self around so that I was now on top of Simon and facing him, a look of sheer pleasure was spread across my radiant face.

Fucking hell Simon, that was absolutely fantastic, I’ve never ever experienced an orgasm as so intense as that.

Simon smiled at me with a grin that told me he knew exactly what he was doing, I’m glad you enjoyed it, he replied.

I leaned forward and kissed him deeply, I could just about taste the last remains of my own cum mixed with his saliva.

Simon broke our kiss, smiled at me and said, are you ready for some more?

Oh fuck yeah; I’m ready for anything you have to give me.

Simon reached over to the draw on his bed side table and pulled out a small tube of lubricant, he squirted some on to his hand and moved his hand between us and wiped a liberal amount of it on to my arse.

I wriggled my arse as his hand slipped up and down the outside of it teasing me, then I felt him slip a finger back into me and my body welcomed the intrusion as it easily slipped into me. I placed my arms either side of him with my hands on the bed to support me better. Then a 2nd finger worked its way into me, not as easily as the 1st but still a welcomed intrusion.

Does that feel ok, asked Simon.

Fuck yeah, it feels great, I replied.

Simon continued to finger fuck me as my hole became more accustomed to the fingers probing deep inside it, the feelings where becoming more güvenilir casino intense, my body, my mind and my cock ached for the attention this man was giving to it.

Simon removed his fingers from my now wet gaping arse and started to rub his thick hard cock up and down the hole his fingers had just vacated. I moved my hips back and forth as his cock teased my now eager arse, I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance of my hole and I knew I had to have it inside me, and I wanted it inside me now. I lowered myself onto the tip of his cock and felt the head of it push inside me, it felt huge but I didn’t care I wanted his cock inside me I wanted him to fuck me.

Simon put his hands on the cheeks of my arse and opened them up to him as he slowly and gently pushed further into me, I felt a rush of initial pain shoot inside of me but I knew that this would soon be re placed with an ecstatic wave of pleasure so I helped him push all of his cock into me.

Before long I knew that I was now deeply impaled on top of all his cock, I leaned forward and licked the lips of his mouth as I slowly started to release the length of his cock from inside of me, then back down again to take it all again. Together we started to push and lift in and out his cock filling me and emptying me as we got into a rhythm, up, down in and out both of us moaning and groaning, our words to each other singing around the room as the waves of pleasure washed over us both.

My body was in such a state of bliss that all thoughts of anything other than Simon and his cock had completely disappeared.

Simon’s was now thrusting his cock faster and harder into me my opened arse was easily accepting his attention, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I felt him shoot his cum into me, and although I wanted to continue fucking Simon forever I also knew that I wanted to feel his cum washing deep inside of me.

I felt Simons grip on my arse cheeks tighten as he trusted long and hard into me, then I felt his cock swell and the 1st burst of his cum exploded inside of me, I could feel the hot juices splashing inside of me, waves of electricity shot between our bodies and groans and shouts of FUCKKKKKK YEAHHHHHH echoed around the room.

Simon’s thrusting became less as the last of his cum escaped him, the grip on my arse had been released and Simon’s body grew limp under me. I sat on top of him, my own exhausted body now beaded with sweat and a broad smile was washed across my face.

I leaned into him and kissed him deeply and passionately.

That was absolutely fantastic, I whispered to him.

That was better than fantastic, he whispered back.

Yeah you’re right I said, it was better than fantastic.

We lay there for some time just hugging and kissing each other until we eventually both got up and took a shower together. I spent the night at Simon’s house and needless to say there was more exploring and more pleasures shared between us on that night.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed telling it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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