First Time Bi Experience

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I am a regular guy in his mid 40’s.

Over the several past years I have been having bi thoughts and fantasies. Not sure what sparked the interest as I for the most part I am very much hetro and love everything about women and sex. But for some reason the thought of stroking and sucking another man’s cock has been on my mind. Funny thing is I get grossed out with the thought of kissing and hugging other guys and have no interest in watching gay porn or things like that.

From time to time I would take a look at the men looking for men ads on my local CL just to see what kinds of things guys were putting out there. For the most part the ads were stupid one liners with comments like “hey – come suck my cock” or “let’s do it” which are total turn offs for me. Then one day I saw an ad posted by a guy about my age who was having bi curious thoughts and just was looking for someone to email to explore his desires. He sounded a lot like me as he was happily married, had a white collar job, nice house, athletic and was a stand up guy in his community. So I figured what the heck it won’t hurt to have some email dialogue with this guy just to talk about our feelings and tell each other our fantasies and stuff like that.

So I sent him an email and after a couple of days he responded. His name was David and he lived not too far from me in a nice neighborhood. He was 42 and been married for 16 years. We started out just talking about work stuff, sports and stuff like that.

After a week or so we started describing our sex lives with our wife’s, telling each other what kinds of things the wife likes in bed, frequency of sex, strangest places we had sex, etc. All pretty vanilla stuff. Then of course we started to talk about our fantasies and bi feelings. For me all of my fantasies were surrounding the desire to stroke another cock while watching porn. I was always curious on what other guys cocks looked like and felt like up close.

I also said I have been developing a cum fetish over the years and really liked watching porn videos where the woman would let the guy cum in her mouth during oral. Not sure I would want to do something like that but maybe under the right circumstances. For David his desires were similar to mine except that he had a huge desire to suck a cock all the way to completion. So we would email each other back and forth which went on for about a month.

Then one day at work he emailed me at work saying he was bored and wanted to IM so I was not too busy so we set up a chat session and started chatting for a while. After about 30 minutes he started to really get dirty and was telling me how much he wanted to kneel down in front of me and suck my cock. I too was saying things I wanted to do with him and boy was it hot having this chat session.

I had a huge erection and could feel constant pre-cum dripping from my cock to the point where it was starting to develop a wet spot in my pants. Then casino şirketleri he dropped the bomb and just came out and asked if I was willing to meet up with him one night at a hotel so we could explore a bit more. I didn’t know what to say as I never expected to cross the line – but I was so hot and horny that I wanted to meet David so badly I caved in and said I would love to meet him. We agreed to meet that evening as we both told our wife’s that we had late meetings and would be home later than normal. We agreed to meet at a hotel and split the cost. He said he would get there early and just email me the room number so we wouldn’t be seen in public together.

So as planned I arrived at the hotel around 5:30 in the evening. My heart was pounding when I got to the parking lot and I was shaking a bit and was not sure what to do but I just kept thinking I need to at least meet up with David to finally meet him in person and if things were just awkward and strange once we met we didn’t actually have to go through with it. So I got out of the car and made my way to room 202 which was the room he emailed earlier. I did a quick knock and the door immediately opened and David stuck his hand out for a good hand shake. He was a bit taller than me but was more on the thin side. He looked pretty much as I envisioned as he was well dressed, smelled nice and was a lot like me.

It was still a bit strange inside the room as we were both very nervous so we just sat down and he put the TV on Sports Center and we just shot the bull for a while talking about work and stuff. He then suggested we check out the x-rated movie listing on the tv and that particular hotel had a long listing of movies. We went through the list and picked out a few titles that we both showed interest in and we finally agreed on a video which was based on amateur couples as it seemed to be more real than the other professional vids.

So we started the movie and he sat on one side of the bed (King size) and I was on the other with a pretty big gap between us. We watched for about 30 minutes and the couples on the video were pretty hot and I think both of us had pretty big erections at that point. Then I figured I would break the ice and asked if he wanted to get a little closer and he said he was hoping I would ask and he slid over about a foot from me. He then started to rub his erection through his pants and once I saw this I started to do the same with my erection. Then without saying a work he move his hand and placed it over my raging erection and started to stroke my cock through my pants. I took the hint and did the same with him and for the first time in my life had placed my hand over another man’s hard cock. It felt rock hard through his pants and it felt super hot. I was totally turned on at that point and I could feel tons of pre-cum dripping from my tip in my pants. After about 15 minutes of rubbing he got up and removed his pants and shirt but left his casino firmaları underwear on and I did the same.

I now was rubbing his rock hard cock through his underwear and boy was it totally hot! I then couldn’t wait any longer and slid the tip of my finger inside his briefs and for the first time in my life I was feeling another man’s cock for real. His tip was totally slick with pre-cum and it felt amazing.

I was tired of having his briefs in the way so I didn’t say anything but just tugged on his brief a few time giving David a hint to get rid of them. He stood up and pulled his briefs off and I did the same and we both were totally fixated on each others cock. David had a pretty average cock which was about 6 inches, kind of slim but had a really nice mushroom head which was totally slick with pre-cum.

We laid back down on the bed and both really started to explore each others cock. It was really strange holding another cock as it was not at all like I imagined. It was super hard but very soft skin. I then moved down to get a close up view of David’s cock as this is what I was really dreaming of doing for a long time. I slowly stroked him while looking up close studying the shape of the head, the veins that popped out of the side and his balls. It was really exciting. I laid back down and David moved closely to my cock as he too wanted to get an up close view. He really liked playing with my pre-cum and he would place the tip of his finger and smear it all over my head which really felt fantastic.

He laid back down and moved a bit closer to me and we really started to jack each other off very hard. He was really going at my cock and I was going at his cock to the point I started to feel my orgasm build but I was not wanting to cum yet so I slowed him down and told him I needed a bit of a break. I then moved back over to his hard cock to get close up again as I slowly stroked him up and down. The view was totally awesome and his mushroom head was bright purple and he had a nice clear drop of pre-cum at the tip.

I remember thinking to myself whether to cross the line at that point and put it in my mouth. I then figured this might be the only time in my life I would have to suck a cock and know what it’s like so right then and there I decided to go for it and proceeded to take his head into my mouth. As soon as my mouth was on his cock David let out a nice loud moan of pleasure. I slowly pushed his cock into my mouth deeper and deeper until I was pretty much all the way to the base.

The taste was awesome as I could taste the salty flavor of the pre-cum which was better than I ever expected it to taste. So here I officially became a certified cock sucker. I slowly moved my mouth up and down his shaft paying particular attention to his nice fat head. After a few minutes David warned me that it felt so good that he wasn’t going to last much longer before he blew so I wasn’t ready for the fun to stop güvenilir casino yet so I stopped blowing his cock and laid down on the bed again. I knew David would want to suck me now and sure enough he immediately moved down to my cock and took his tongue and ran it from the base all the way to the tip which gave me goose bumps. He inserted my cock in his mouth and really started to work my member with both his hand and mouth.

I have had plenty of blow jobs in my life but David really knew what buttons to push an areas to focus – I have always heard guys know how to give better head than women since they know exactly how it feels on the other end. I can say this is absolutely true! David sucked my cock hard for a few minutes and I could feel myself building to orgasm so I stopped him at that point and told him it was my turn again. So I traded places with David and put his rock hard cock back into my mouth but this time I was not going to stop until he blew his load in my mouth.

So I worked his cock like an expert for a good five minutes and I could tell David was getting close as he started to moan a lot and breath heavily. He told me he was getting close but I totally ignored his comment and just kept on sucking like a man on a mission. David really started to tighten his leg muscles and I could feel his cock head get fuller and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was treated with his seed. I was going at a good pace he started to yell out that he is really close and I then pulled his cock out to where just his mushroom head was in my mouth and I stopped all movement but just sucked on this head with just suction and that’s when I felt a huge blast of cum hit the back of my mouth followed by 3 or 4 more nice spurts which filled my mouth to the hilt. I didn’t move and just held his head in my mouth until he sort of collapsed while my mouth was totally filled with cum. I swallowed the entire load and then moved back to the bed and laid down next to David.

David laid there for a few minutes trying to recover and then he got up and said it was his turn. He then moved down to my swollen cock and once again took it into his mouth and started to expertly work his magic on me. It felt so good and I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I blew my load as I started feeling my balls start to tighten up and slowly felt my orgasm start to build. After a few minutes of David going to town on my cock I told him I was getting close and he didn’t slow down one bit. I got closer and closer as David worked on my cock and knew I was reaching to point of no return and started to tense up and then let out a large moan as I fired my load into David’s mouth.

This is the first time I ever came in anyone’s mouth as my wife would never let me finish in her mouth and boy was it awesome. I have never had such a great BJ in my life and I was completely drained once I was done. David must have swallowed as I was cumming as he wasn’t holding anything in his mouth.

We got dressed, shook hands and parted ways. We kept in contact for a few months after that but never met up with each other again since we both knew we had too much at risk to make this a regular thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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