First Time at the Beach

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I went to the beach the other day. I went by myself, just to lay out a little. I wore my brown bikini with the flowers on it. I went to South beach and it was kind of empty because it was a weekday. But I did notice this REALLY attractive woman lying out near me. She had brownish blonde hair, and a GREAT body. I really couldn’t help but notice her. I noticed that she was noticing me too.

She was wearing a black bikini that was VERY revealing on top. I really like the way she looked. I can even say that I was getting wet looking at her. When I couldn’t take the sun anymore I decided to go for a swim. I got into the cool water and swam way out. I couldn’t help but think about the woman on the beach so I started to touch myself right there in the water. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I couldn’t help myself. I was so horny and hot. As I stood out there rubbing my clit under my bathing suit with one hand and untying my bikini top with the other, I opened my eyes and noticed that the woman was reclining on her elbows watching me. I know she couldn’t see what I was doing that far away, so I continued. When I got the back untied my bathing suit top was floating over my tits and I started to rub them with intensity as I felt my body start to tingle. I kept rubbing as I came hard, right there in the water.

I knew she was watching and I really didn’t care at that point. I looked for casino şirketleri her and noticed that she was getting up and adjusting her bathing suit. Was she coming into the water? She turned and looked out in my direction. I started to tie my bikini back up as she entered the water and started to swim towards me. I got a little nervous…could she see me? But my nervousness was superseded my THAT feeling again. That feeling I felt when I came into the water.

As I was watching her seductively walk into the water, I reached down and started to rub myself again. What was I doing? Was I really that turned on by her? As she got closer I composed myself and stopped, but I WAS SO WORKED UP! She swam up to me and asked me if she could join me for a swim. I said “sure, it’s a public beach”. I smiled uncomfortably as she swam a little closer. She told me she was from up north and was only in town for another day. After some more small talk, it got quiet

After some small talk, it got quiet and uncomfortable. I knew that she knew what I had been doing, she must have noticed something. What made her come into the water in my direction? She broke my train of thought, by saying with a smile, “I saw what you were doing, it looked like fun.” I felt myself blush and said, “I guess I REALLY miss my husband.” Then she said, “I can help ease your loneliness.” I said, with sincere curiosity, casino firmaları “really, how?” she smiled, moved around towards my back, she smiled, moved around towards my back and started to untie my bikini. I couldn’t believe it, I froze, and just let her. I immediately felt my nipples harden with excitement. What was I about to do? I told myself to stop thinking so much. After she untied my bikini her hands moved from my back to my tits and she started to rub them as she kissed my neck. I froze, her hands felt so good all over my tits. I started to relax and enjoy, when I noticed no one was around. One of her hands continued to rub my tits as the other slipped down into the bottom of my bikini. She reached my clit and started to caress it very tenderly. I immediately started to quiver with excitement. After a few minutes I came so hard, I couldn’t contain myself. I continued to moan with ecstasy as she moved her body in front of me, lifted me and started to kiss my tits. I wrapped my legs around her and continued to enjoy. She raised my body into a floating position while taking off the bottom of my bikini. When I was floating on my back, she started to eat me out. Her tongue felt so good all over my pussy, I couldn’t believe what I was doing on a public beach, but it felt so good, I never wanted it to stop. She ate me out until I came AGAIN! When I was finished coming, she put me down. güvenilir casino I notice she had removed her top and she said,” my turn.”

I smiled nervously and thought, “what do I do?” but before I could finish the thought, she grabbed my hands and put them on her beautifully big tits. I just started to rub them and caress them. She began to moan and I moved one of my hands to her waiting pussy. She moaned, “oh yes” and I started to tickle her clit with my fingers. She turned around and leaned her tight ass into my crotch and whispered “slower”. I slowed down and started to rub her clit, and she started to cum and moan.

As she came, she pushed her tight ass into my body and said “YES!” I almost went underwater. After she turned around and faced me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and said “I want you to fuck me with your fingers.” She took my two fingers, put them in my mouth, I licked them, and then she moved them towards her pussy. I put my fingers inside her and started to move them in and out of her. Her ass started to move to them rhythm of my fingers and before I knew it she came again, she was moaning really loudly this time, and crying out in pleasure.

When she had regained control, she tied up my bikini and I tied up hers, as we talked more freely now. She was in town on business, and frequently visited this area for work and pleasure. We returned to the beach together, and we exchanged phone numbers, she said she would be in town again next week and that she would love to have dinner with me. When I told her my husband would be back by then, she just smiled and said well, why doesn’t he join us. I can’t wait for her call.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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