First Thirst Ch. 14

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Chapter Fourteen: First Full Day

I was a girded sausage stewing in its own juices, unable to do little more than sizzle. I was a tied sirloin of beef in a pan, browning slowly. I was a well-fed, over-stuffed and trussed turkey, roasting in an oven. My mind had surrendered hours ago and given up eluding the voice. The voice was a mop that swabbed its meaning into every crevice of my cranium. Like a dry sponge, my mind sopped up every rule and memorized it. It categorized every wet nuance and moist innuendo. My mind became the rules and the rules became my mind. I was one with the rules, but the voice was a knife that sliced ever deeper, to plant deeper yet.

The voice continued wall-papering my mind with the rules, long after the head phones had been removed. I looked up to Nutte, praying she would say something in her real voice just once, though at the moment I’d settle for more of her fake German accent. I needed to hear a word or a sound, some tiny inflection, something. I needed something to knock the voice in my head off track, and looked up to my tormentor with tears in my eyes. My own noises were futile attempts at escape, rendered useless long ago. Nutte was laughing openly as she unbuckled the cassette player. After putting it aside she took my organ with both hands.

I felt one hand take my balls while the other commenced stroking my already over-extended hard-on towards an orgasm. I was yet bound tight and could barely move, but my mind latched onto the hand and began riding it. My body bucked along with the hands tempo the best it could. Every belt continued cutting into my body and yet my cock didn’t care. He needed to orgasm and that was all that mattered, I was simply a host.

Nutte used long slow stokes that traveled the entire length of my hard-on, from head to base and back with calculated precision. Her hand and fingers were warm wet and expert. I was ready to do anything for an orgasm and Nutte understood that only too well. I withered around in a pitiful display, with my body arched over my arms, as she brought me to the brink of exploding over and over again.

I could feel my sperm bubbling in my tube awaiting the prostates spasm. Nutte kept the sperm simmering without allowing it to boil over. She kept my testicles producing and churning out seed like there was no tomorrow. She allowed the sperm to build-up as pressure that became unbearable and then she worked to make it worse. She wanted me to explode inward and fill my body with my own sperm.

Her other hand worked on my testicles in a very indelicate manner. My balls were squeezed until I screamed in sputters that sprayed from the corners of my casino şirketleri mouth. My screams erupted from behind the ball as a misty fountain, that caused Nutte to burst out in laughter and try for more. She squeezed me so hard and brought me so close to orgasm, I went up on my heels and back of my head. I arched instinctively, in pursuit of the pain and pleasure now denied. I was totally out of control with desire, a tethered worm in heavens bed and breakfast. I was totally controlled by the great succubus and my need to orgasm. My natural need, to send my seeds out into the world, into Mother Nature, was now denied by love.

The belts holding me tight and from which my body bulged, weren’t enough for Nutte. She also kept my body arched and contorted in the most unpleasant ways, while she kept me bubbling to the surface. She didn’t want to stop, or let me relax and seemed to be having a good old time. She was laughing a lot and finally laughed herself over in a fit, releasing me suddenly. I dropped to the floor on my wrists, and in tears, still humping for nothing. Nutte’s roaring almost started her rolling on the floor, but she brought herself under control and held her gut. She staggered to her feet, arms wrapped around her belly from laughing and stood uneasily. She came close and looked down at me. Giant tears of laughter fell from her cheeks and she aimed them to land on my face.

The salty drops landed on my forehead, cheeks and chin in drips that splashed and splattered about. My face was wet and sticky, but like my body and soul, always ready for more abuse. That was the way Nutte wanted it and the way Colleen wished me to be. It was in the rules and it was in my nature. Nutte bent over me enough to reach her target with another leather collar. Tears of laughter continued falling over my abdomen as she girded my cock and balls with the leather. She took her time and cinched the belt as tight as she could. She finally attached the end of a chain leash to the collar and stood. She looked down at me and I awaited her first word. That one ‘word,’ I now needed like an orgasm to combat the unsilenced voice in my head and its recital. The voice and the rules I’d memorized inside out and upside down. Nutte had other plans though and yanked on the chain. I looked up to her in askance. I wandered what it was she expected me to do, trussed like I was?

Another tug and a look of astonishment, all in exaggerated pretense, told me. With Nutte’s help I began inching along the floor, slithering forward in my slime. Moving like a maggot was not easy and Nutte’s aid was not appreciated. She hurried me along with the aid of the leash. She used it for lifting casino firmaları me by my organ and dragging, or carrying my carcass. She was strong and lifted me easily, but put me down after every step. I hoped she did so out of pity for me and out of concern for my painfully swollen organ. Her laughing fits could have been the real reason though.

It must have taken an hour to reach the door and Nutte kept me moving in contortions most severe. I was in love for the first time in my life, suffering pain as never before and sweating profusely. I needed to orgasm or be castrated immediately. My head was filled with the rules explaining my pre-orgasmic obligations. I tried to help each of Nutte’s ill-timed lifts, by moving like a worm, in hopes of lessening the pain. The pain that fed me fears and provided me nourishment. I let myself go, slip from my mind and become one with Nutte, then I slipped and tried again. This was my goal, to be one with my handler. Things went better with obedience.

The long corridor was shear murder and the fact it widened did nothing to help. My pains caused me to cry hard. My body rubbed and chaffed along the rug and I was a retching gasping mess by the time we reached its end. I was unable to see any longer and felt little reason to. Thankfully, Nutte stopped pulling on me and helped me to my feet, but then she stooped and draped me over her shoulder. I couldn’t believe how strong she was, and I became tense as I went up. Nutte took hold of my boner, in a strong sure grip and bounced me into a position comfortable to her. My head nearly reached her ass and I virtually hung from my cock with my legs almost in the air. Nutte kept me from falling, though I feared I would.

Like a sack of potatoes I was carted through several rooms I didn’t care to look at. Nutte hauled me all the way to the front door and dropped me. I was gasping for breath through my nose in loud nasally sounds that spoke of my desperation. Nutte stooped down beside me and began unfastening the belts. Every time a buckle came loose I sighed with a relief that was quickly covered by the voice in my head and its rules. It never failed, there were several belts, an equal number of sighs, and an excess of rules. Soon all but the last belt came loose and I laid on my back, arms and legs wide. I was in a state of total surrender, awaiting orders while going over the rules. Nutte motioned me to my knees and I struggled to comply. I yet sported the ball-gag.

I was wobbly and my limbs were yet without feeling or blood. Nutte reached down to work the last belt from my head and the rubber ball from my mouth. She used her hand to lift my face to hers and she smiled wickedly. güvenilir casino I worked my jaw in wide opening and closing movements meant to loosen them up. Little helped, but I continued stretching anyway. All of a sudden everything felt so good and I tingled all over. I still waited for a word to break up the continuous stream of rules, but Nutte said nothing. I was thirsty again and my smacking mouth must have given it away.

Nutte picked up a tumbler from somewhere and put it to her lips for a long leisurely sip. I looked on with my dry mouth opened and filled with cotton. I waited, knowing what to expect and when Nutte turned to look down at me, I went up on my knees with mouth opened wider. Nutte took a moment to stifle more laughter and then came down to me, in order to deliver her load. She let me drink until sated and the front of my body was drenched. A pool had formed on the floor under me. I was breathing easier and coming to my new senses. The ones ruled by the rules that continued scrolling through my mind. The rules were far more important than the Ten Commandments and pledges to country and flag. The rules were my every thought. These rules were the essence of all love, as I’d been taught by the woman I loved.

Nutte went to the door and opened it wide. She stepped outside and motioned for me to crawl out to meet her. I was surprised to find it dark outside and quickly realized it was very late. I moved without hesitating and came to kneel beside her.

It was a cool night and the brisk air felt good against my skin. The feeling more than compensated for the rough stones I knelt on. Nutte looked to the heavens and I felt compelled to follow. Again stars filled the clear sky and I wondered where the day had gone. I had been locked away for the entire day, forced to endure an endless rendition of rules that yet stomped through me. I knelt where I was, dumfounded and unconcerned about having neighbors see me. I was beyond caring for myself, except in relation to Colleen and the rules.

Nutte looked at me and I at her. She reached over me and flicked a switch that turned on an over head lamp. The beam was bright and very direct. It lit up a two foot high pedestal situated to our right. She signaled with her head and I made to climb up on the stone and under the beam. She flicked another switch and directed my attention to a statue on my left. I hadn’t noticed it before, but now it too was illuminated by an over-head lamp. It was a statue of a kneeling male in a very proud and upright pose I felt obligated to mimic. I could tell Nutte was pleased and I felt proud, sick, but proud.

Nutte pointed to another camera set to the side and positioned to watch me. It wasn’t difficult for me to understand I was waiting for Colleen. Nutte began laughing again and went inside, slamming the door behind her. This would be the first of many many times I’d wait up for my future wife.

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