First Things First

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Your sleep was pretty rough: not sure if that is typical, but it made me want to pull you to my breast and rest your head there. I’d like to stroke you face with my fingertips, gently touching each and every inch of skin. I’d like to kiss your eyelids, and butterfly kiss you with my eyelashes. Maybe you’d be dozing, waking as some things felt better than others. Maybe you’d just be resting, needing to gather strength for your god like assignments in life, or for more play with me. I’d stroke out all the tension in your forehead, pressing purposefully, but not too hard.

I’d like to pet your hair softly and feel the coarseness between my fingers. I’d like to let my fingers slide down your throat thinking about how that is where your moans originate. Maybe you would start to moan a little, kind of like a purr. You’d start to whisper my names out hoarsely. This would make me smile, and laugh softly. I’d massage your neck and shoulders, taking away all tension from you holding up the world like Atlas himself. I’d like to dig deep into those knots that are holding all your tension, helping them unwind, and you to unwind as well. Soon your thoughts would unwind, and you could let your body go, your mind go, and your desires go.

Then I’d let my hands glide down your back, scratching lightly with my nails. I know how ticklish you can be, and yet you’d enjoy this. I’d tickle my fingers down your chest, twirling them around, finding your nipples, and gently tugging on them. I’d start to roll first one and then the other between my curious fingertips, soon making them hard and aching. You’d start to moan and in a whisper ask for me to suck them, but I wouldn’t just yet. After all, when I start sucking on you, I want to have full range of your body. I’d return to your hair, your face, your ears. Maybe I’d start to massage your ears as well, rubbing out the acupressure points on them, healing your body from inside out. You would be relaxed, yet ready to pounce. You’d feel light and heavy all at once. Still you would be resting your head on my breast, letting me smell you, breathing your hot breath mecidiyeköy escort onto my nipples.

Soon you’d turn your head and start to suckle from my breast. At first you’d be gentle and sleepy, playing with my areola with your tongue. Then you would become more insistent, pulling my hardening nipple into your mouth. Finally you’d start to suck and bite, making me squirm with pleasure. But I wouldn’t yet want you to move away from my breast, my heart, my center. You’d turn your head and start to play with my other hardening nipple, not wanting one part of me to be more spoiled than the other. Now my pussy would be juicing up, getting ready for your tongue. I’d let you suckle me while I slipped my hand down between my legs. I’d start to stroke myself softly at first, just pushing on the outside, on my mound.

But soon, with all that sucking, I couldn’t resist, and I’d have to start to slide my fingers back and forth over my slit. The juices would really be flowing now, and I’d be getting wetter by the minute, making a puddle right between my legs. I’d slip first one finger and then two and finally three into my dripping cunt. While you suckled from first one breast then the other, I’d start thinking about you filling me up. You’d reach down and move my hand in and out of my cunt, controlling the stroking and the timing. Then you’d move my hand away and I’d bring it to your lips where you could suck each finger that had plunged into my sweet wet hole like a little cock. You’d start to stroke me with your hand, starting to let me know what you’ll be doing soon. You’d start to stretch my hole, getting me ready for that huge delicious cock of yours to stretch and pierce me.

Still you’d have your head on my breast, your face resting softly against me, your skin soft and smooth on my tit. The feeling would be so languid, like moving slowly through water. You’d get more insistent in your moves, but still unhurried. After all, we have all night, maybe even all weekend. Slowly you’d start to lick your way down my belly and toward my dripping nişantaşı escort hole. I’d be sitting up, touching your hair, your neck, your back as you slipped closer and closer to my waiting cunt. You’d start to nuzzle your face between my legs, gently moving them apart. I’d be wide open, exposed, wet, and swollen, but you would be in no hurry to arrive. Not that you wouldn’t want to taste me: quite the contrary. You’d just be stretching out the waiting, the wanting, the desiring.

Finally, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I’d order you to lick me, to eat me, to devour me. You’d start hesitantly, then quickly become insistent. You’d slip your tongue across my slit, then start to press in, parting first my outer lips. Then you’d suck my inner lips, before plunging your tongue into my hole like a hard cock. You’d start to fuck me in and out with that long hard tongue of yours, juices dripping out onto your hungry tongue, my legs widening, trying to get your tongue as deeply into me as possible. You’d slow down the tongue fucking, lapping at my sweet cum, then bring your lips to my bud of a clit. You’d press your lips around my clit, sucking it like a little dick, chewing it almost, mashing your mouth onto my little phallus. I’d be moaning and squirming like mad, but you’d have your hands pinning my hips, not letting me get away from you. I could buck and fuck your mouth, your face, but you wouldn’t let me get away, or stop the pleasuring. I’d be so sensitive, and yet I’d want more.

My pleasure would be reaching deep into my loins, making me cum and cum, squirting sweet honey onto your tongue, into your mouth, filling you with the taste of me. I’d be so pleased with your efforts that I would want to reward you. Of course you’d let me choose just what I’d like to do and how. I’d first want to stroke your engorged cock, cum dripping out of the tip. I’d slip my fingertips over the little slit in your head, catching the droplets of your jism. I’d bring me fingers to my lips and first just smell the salty heat of you. Then I’d slide my fingertips into otele gelen escort my mouth, tasting your delicious precum, wanting more on my tongue. I’d start to suck my fingers like I was going to suck your cock: slow and sure and hungrily.

This would make me impatient, and I’d move down to your cock with my starving mouth, sucking you in all the way to the hilt. I’d feel you almost choking me with cock, with manliness, with meat, with delicious dick. The cum would be trickling out of your slit, and down my waiting throat. I’d deep throat you wanting to feel you in my mouth so deeply that you would almost be reaching my cunt from the other end, or maybe as if you were going to come out my ass. I’d start moaning the more you fucked my mouth, feeling almost like cumming again, like you would be fucking my cunt. You’d start bucking, really jamming your cock all the way into my hungry mouth, into my waiting throat, forcefully, violently fucking me. I’d want to taste you so badly, but I wouldn’t want the fucking to stop. I’d be feeling your fucking in my cunt, like you were in my hole stretching me when you’d really just be in my mouth. I’d start cumming then, juices dripping out, your hands reaching for me, your fingers wanting to fill me, keep me stretched and ready.

And finally, like a volcano, an avalanche, an earthquake, you’d start to shake from the very root of your cock, from your insides out, from the deepest regions of your prostate, and your fantastic divine delicious cum would flood my mouth and my throat, spilling out over my lips, seeming like gallons of jism, of you, of your essence. And then we’d kiss, deeply, passionately, passing our juices back and forth, you tasting that salty jism of yours, me tasting that sweet honey of mine. And soon it would all be a new flavor, our flavor, our cum, making us each hungry for more, each aching to deliver more into the others’ mouth and hands and holes.

But we’d need rest, time to build up energy again, and so you’d return to my breast, your wicked smiling face resting next to my heart, getting ready for the next round, promising to do to my cunt with your cock what you just did with your tongue and mouth, and me promising to do to your hard and glorious dick with my tight aching cunt what I just did with my mouth. And maybe we would doze a little, wondering if it were all a dream, and waking to find out, no, not at all: this is glorious real life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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