First Plane Ride Alone Opens Doors

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First Time Flying?

So it was time for take off. The attendants and the captain announce the normal flight procedures and the safety precautions. Just to be clear, this wasn’t my first plane ride. I’ve been on tons of flights. Just that this was the first time I was flying alone. I’d been really nervous this morning about this. Especially cuz my first transit was at one of the busiest airports in the world. I wanted to jerk off early morning. But didn’t really have the time. I sexted this girl online though. Sent her a pic of my morning wood and had been horny ever since. She sexted me the whole car ride to the airport and it was pretty uncomfortable cuz I had a raging boner in my jeans and was travelling with a friend.

Anyway, I got to the airports and through the gates and had more than enough time till the flight was going to take off. I used the restrooms and then decided to go out and sit somewhere while waiting. The closest seats were right in front of the men’s restrooms. So I saw a lot of men going in and out. I don’t usually get horny at the thought of men even though I was bicurious and really wanted to know what it felt like having a dick logged up my anus and what one tasted like. I’ve fingered my ass before and I’ve stuck many things up there to get the same simulation. But I really wanted a dick in me. I was sitting and working on my laptop when a guy, probably in his mid forty’s, sat in the seat next to me. I was deleting some of my dick pics on my phone and I’m sure he noticed it. I started giving him looks and so did he. I started at his dick for sometime trying to send him some sort of signal. I thought it was going pretty well until he walked away with his wife. And damn she was a hot piece of ass.

Moving back to casino oyna the flight, it was take off and the flight was in the air. I had some pics I had to get off my phone and I was looking at them. They were basically a lot of nude women. And it got me hard and so fucking horny again. I looked around for women to think about but found none hot or busty enough. That’s when I started noticing the middle aged guy next to me. A bald man, of about thirty-five who was well built, in baggy jeans and a long sleeved shirt. I was always bicurious bet never made any move on a man before. But now I was so horny and I really wanted him inside of me.

I had to come up with a seduction method and so I decided to look up some dick-pics on my phone and make sure he noticed. It took a while but he did notice and then while he was looking at my phone I started rubbing my dick through my jeans. He noticed that too and looked at me in the eye. I looked back and started licking my lips and biting my lips also. I didn’t know if I saw right but I saw a slight movement between his fucking gorgeous legs. I moved closer and looked back at him and this time left my phone away and put my hand in my pants. Winked at him. He nodded slightly and I took this as the green light I needed. I put up the armrest that was dividing up and moved a closer again and left my hand freely between his leg and mine. He took my hand and put it on his leg. That’s all I needed. I went on to rub his crotch through his pants. I felt it grow in my hand and boy was it big. It must’ve been around 8.5-9 inches long and it was driving me crazy. I took off his belt button and pulled down his fly to reveal his grey boxers with a wet spot right where the tip of that gorgeous dick was. I started playing with slot oyna his thick penis and it was absolutely amazing.

I never bothered to look at his face or top body after that but went on to pull down his boxers. And got my first look at that amazing cock. It was going to be mine for the next hour and half. Meanwhile I felt his hand trying to fondle with my ass. I’ve been told that I had a round, big ass and a couple of guys I exchanged pics with went crazy over it. And I myself liked it. It was firm but fleshy and plump enough to grab. So I let his hand slide into my pants and sat on it. While he fondled with my ass I continued to play with this pole, which was mine for the time. This went on for sometime until I tried to put my mouth on it. I wanted it so bad. To taste it. Eat his cum. He pushed my head away and whispered to me to join him in the toilet. I got up and left without another word. Went to the washroom and left the door unlocked. Two minutes later he walks in on me nude. He didn’t say a word just pulled down his pants and sat down on the toilet. I wanted to make out so I sat on him and started making out with him.

Our dicks were rubbing together and his was gigantic compared to my 6.5 inches. I knelt on the floor and started sucking that magnificent cock. I gave it my all. Sucked it. Licked it. Played with it using my tongue. Bit by bit. He didn’t mind. He started fingering my hole. I then put my hand into the toilet and reached his asshole from under and started fingering him while sucking his shaft. He started wriggling and I knew he was gonna cum. I was gonna taste the juice of this amazing cock. He pulled me up then. As disappointing as it was, he had other ideas. Turned me around and put his lips on my ass while playing with canlı casino siteleri my cock. I felt my stomach rumbling with a lot of gas. I then told him I had a lot of gas in me and didn’t want it going in his face. He just smiled and told me to give it all. Boy did that turn me on. I always wanted to taste and fart on someone. This beautiful man was giving me it all. I farted all of it out and he took it all in while still playing with my dick. I was about to cum. I told him to put his dick in me. It was going to be tough to fit that monster in my teeny hole.

Fortunately for me he lubed my ass and stretched it well and I spit on his cock and it was glistening majestically. He bent me over. Pulled my legs apart and put it in me little by little. I took it all in and he sat on the toilet with me again. I turned around to face him and his hands went back to my fat ass while I held him tight and started showing my tongue in his mouth. This went on for sometime until he was about to cum and so was I. He went to work on my dick with his hands. We came together and it felt so good. It wasn’t done. He had my cum all over his face and I had his inside of me. With him still inside me, I started licking my cum of his face and cleaned it all and kissed him giving him all of it. Took my ass off his shaft, which was now limp and covered in cum, and sucked all his cum off it. And kissed him again mixing both our sperm and saliva in our mouths using our tongues. I ate my part of the share and didn’t wait to see what he did. Kissed that huge monster of his one more time, put on my clothes and left. He joined me at my seat a bit later and was looking at his phone screen. It was a picture of my ass and his dick logged up it. For the next 15 mins till the flight landed, I played with his shaft while he massaged my ass. We ended what we started in the airport restroom.

Not bad for a first time alone flying experience. I’d do it over again every time I fly if I had the chance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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