First Meeting

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Author’s note: Andynes are a species of (anthro) bird-winged people from my Greenbird and CC works. Arthur and Digitalis eventually become engaged in the first book of CC, and this is how they first met, taking place about three years before the events of the first volume of Crimson Changeling.


Digitalis fastened his bow tie, and reached back to check the back of his long blazer; it was backless to accommodate his blunt, bluejay-like wings, with a zipper on the side to fasten it in place. He hurried into the kitchen for a last drink of coffee before he left. It was his first function as an instructor at the City of Rain University, and he wanted it to go well. His stomach was in knots, but there would be at least one friendly face there: his ex-wife, Millicent Lee, who was a professor of Anthropology at the CRU.

Digitalis locked the door to his new apartment and set off to the elevator. He was medium height, with pale skin, curly blue hair that matched his bluejay-like wings, and clear, pupilless amber eyes, which he’d inherited from his human father. His muscular figure was quite dashing in the suit he’d picked, and as the elevator car descended, he preened his feathers nervously.

The walk from Digitalis’s new place at the CRU faculty apartment building to the cafeteria building was short, and he joined other faculty arriving late along the walkways. The crowd around the cafeteria building was very dense – tonight was a large ceremony, honoring both graduates and new initiates into the CRU’s new junior bodyguard training program. Digitalis was set to start directing the program in the coming fall quarter, after the current head of the program was set to retire at the end of the summer.

Once Digitalis reached the cafeteria, he realized how packed it was. However, Digitalis was easy to pick out of a crowd, and soon he was spotted by his ex-wife, who stood up at her table and waved at him, jumping up and down to try to make herself more visible. She was a small, slight haman woman who looked to be in her mid-thirties, but was actually decades older, thanks to years of interworld travel – just like Digitalis himself.

“Digit!” Millicent Lee shouted over the roar of the people crowding around them. “I’m glad you made it! You look nice!”

“So do you, Milly!” Digitalis shouted back. Milly was the sort of person who didn’t usually dress up, but tonight she wore a nice, if a little baggy, sweater and a long beaded skirt underneath.

“Thanks, I promised our daughter I wouldn’t embarrass her by wearing my CRU sweats.”

“Our daught-” Digitalis was cut off. The lights dimmed and the auditorium went quiet, with an announcer testing the microphone for introductions. Milly motioned for Digitalis to sit down at her table, in a seat between her and a very freckly olive-skinned andyne man, with long curly hair and sleek black wings. He wore an odd, ornately-patterned tribal shirt over bottoms that resembled a loose hakama. The man looked a little nervous, but greeted Digitalis with a brief, polite palm touch.

“Hi, I’m Digitalis,” whispered Digitalis.

The man hesitated, and hiccuped, “A-arthur. Arthur Deepuin.” Digitalis could smell the essence of dagger root on his breath – a drink that was toxic to most humanoid and anth species, but which was drunk like alcohol by andynes. Essence of dagger root was sold as a concentrate in small bottles, and diluted with nine parts water to one part essence. It had strong intoxicating effects on andyne users, but also worked as a strong diuretic.

Digitalis poured himself some blueberry punch from the bowl on the center of the table while the Junior Guard Program director announced her retirement, and made her speech for the graduates of the program, about their perseverance and how proud she was and whatnot. Digitalis took a swig of his punch, and found that it was kind of disgusting. He went to set the glass down, and almost dropped it when a hand touched his shoulder unexpectedly.

“I have to go do something,” said Milly’s voice in his ear. “Keep an eye on Arthur, would you? He’s had a lot to drink.”

Digitalis looked up at Milly, then over at Arthur, who was slowly falling asleep with his head propped up on his arms.

“Oh…um…okay,” he said, watching Milly slip away through the throngs of people scrambling to their seats at the last second. Now the valedictorian of the junior guard program was talking, hyping up his class, who stood in neat rows extending past the back of the stage behind him. Digitalis wondered where Milly had gone, until he caught a flutter of movement from Arthur. Arthur’s freckly face was bright red, and he looked upset about something.

“Something wrong?” Digitalis whispered in Arthur’s direction.

Arthur took a deep breath and said stiffly, “I have to go to the bathroom.”

“It’s by the east doors,” Digitalis informed him. Looking determined, Arthur nodded and abruptly stood up. He lost his balance and Digitalis caught him by the elbow and steadied casino şirketleri him. He stumbled a few steps toward the east doors before Digitalis decided to get up from the table and step in; he had a sinking feeling that this was why Milly had wanted him to babysit Arthur.

“Thanks,” panted Arthur, leaning on Digitalis as they made their way toward the bathrooms. “I c-can’t hold it much longer.”

The hallway at the east entrance was mercifully deserted when they got there. The men’s bathroom door was closed, with a sign on it saying “out of order.” Digitalis stuck out an arm to push it open anyway, but it wouldn’t budge. It was locked. Next to Digitalis, Arthur gave an agonized moan.

“No, no, nooo, I’m renting these clothes, if I pee in them I’ll have to pay a dry cleaning fee,” whined Arthur. He clamped one if his hands over his crotch and whimpered pathetically.

“I’m sure there are other bathrooms in this building,” said Digitalis. He looked around; they would have to go back through the darkened cafeteria to get to another bathroom. He didn’t know where the bathrooms were though, so he tried to think of other options: being so new to the CRU, he only knew of one other bathroom on campus.

“How long have you known Milly?” Digitalis asked Arthur seriously.

Bouncing up and down on his toes, Arthur gasped, “What? Why?”

“The only other bathroom I know of here is mine,” said Digitalis. “In the staff apartments – it’s about a five-minute walk-“

“At this point I’ll take anything,” grunted Arthur. “Let’s go! Please!”

“Alright, come on,” said Digitalis, hooking Arthur by the elbow. Digitalis kept a brisk pace all the way to the back corner of his building, trying to ignore Arthur’s whimpers of desperation. Digitalis found a side door he’d used earlier to bypass the building security and hurried Arthur into the elevator, where he pushed the fourth floor button.

“Oh no,” gasped Arthur. Digitalis heard a small rush of liquid, and a small wet spot appeared on the front of Arthur’s pants.

“You alright?” asked Digitalis.

“I think I am now. I can hold it,” Arthur breathed, clutching at his lower belly. His black wings were twitching uncontrollably at random, occasionally pushing against Digitalis’s.

Digitalis marched Arthur out of the elevator as soon as the door opened. It was a quick dash to his front door, and he leaned Arthur on the wall while he got his keys out. There was another quiet rushing noise next to him, and the sound of water slapping the wall and thin hallway carpet. Digitalis found his key, wrenched his door open, and yanked Arthur inside, just in time for him to leak again.

“N-no!” gasped Arthur. Shaking and unable to stop the slow, steady stream trickling out of him. The wet spot on his pants was spreading rapidly, and a puddle was beginning to form around his feet. “I c-can’t stop,” Arthur moaned. Digitalis pulled him into the bathroom.

Arthur leaked in small spurts on the way to the toilet, while he pulled at his clothes to get his pants off. The wet spot in his clothes began spreading faster, and he yanked on the knots fastening his pants.

Digitalis tried to reach over and untie Arthur’s pants for him when Arthur yanked on them again. This time the fabric tore near the seam on the right side, halfway down to his knee, and fell to the floor around his ankles. Arthur wasted no time in waddling to the toilet, dribbling through his soaked briefs. He pulled them down when he reached the toilet, spraying everywhere, then dribbling into the bowl.

“Ahhh!” Arthur stretched his hips as he pounded the toilet bowl with a heavy flow of piss. He was thin, and about four inches taller than Digitalis. Digitalis felt a little bad for it, but he couldn’t help admiring Arthur’s butt, waggling slightly while he relieved himself for over a minute straight.

“I’m s-so s-sorry about your floor, w-whatsyourface,” said Arthur guiltily as his stream slowed to a trickle, slurring his words a little. “I swear I’ll clean it up.”

“How much have you had to drink tonight?” asked Digitalis. Arthur was clearly in no shape to go back to the graduation/initiation ceremony, and Digitalis made a mental note to text Milly about it.

“Two bottles…” Arthur hiccuped, and the noise in the toilet stopped for a split second before resuming again. “Maybe three. It was the good stuff, Kannar Dagger Root essence…where’s your mop?” Arthur’s flow slowed again, and he pushed the last of the liquid out in small squirts.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Digitalis. “If you like you can take a shower. You can use my bathrobe until your clothes are dry.”

Digitalis changed into his sweats and mopped up the urine in the bathroom while Arthur was in the shower. He didn’t have as much luck with the trails of it in the carpets, though, and left a sticky note for himself on the freezer to rent a steam cleaner. Digitalis had a pitcher of ice water on the living room table ready for Arthur when he came out casino firmaları of the bathroom, to help sober him up. Arthur’s long over-the-shoulder ponytail was damp, and he sat down heavily on the couch next to Digitalis, who was watching a Friday night marathon of Star Cops: Deep Space Fines. Arthur’s face flushed bright red when he made eye contact with Digitalis, and he mumbled an apology for wetting himself in the entryway.

“It’s alright, we’ve all been there. How’re you feeling?” Digitalis asked him.

“Parched, actually…” Arthur took the glass of water Digitalis offered him and chugged it. “I…I won’t have an accident in your house again, I swear,” said Arthur.

“Relax, I meant it when I told you it’s alright,” sighed Digitalis, pouring Arthur another glass of water. “Did you come here with Milly? Is she driving you home?”

“I d-don’t know.” Arthur took a drink of his water, shuffling his wings uncomfortably behind him. “Your daughter was one of the initiates today, that’s why Milly dressed up.” he said. Tears stood out in his eyes suddenly, and Digitalis braced himself. “I made you miss it! I’m so sorry! How could I do this to Milly’s hot ex-husband?!” he sobbed into Digitalis’s shoulder.

“There, there,” said Digitalis, a little flattered. He patted Arthur’s arm, not really knowing what else to do. Arthur continued crying quietly, and Digitalis let Arthur lean on his shoulder. Strangely, he settled down as soon as the intro for Deep Space Fines came on the television.

As the next hour went by, Digitalis texted back and forth with Milly, who was sad that he’d missed their daughter Chrysanthemum’s junior guard program initiation ceremony, but glad that Arthur had someone to babysit him.

“Don’t let him watch any sad movies,” said Milly over text message. “He’s the whiniest drunk I’ve ever met. He’ll cry for hours.”

“Too late,” Digitalis snorted aloud. It made Arthur flinch; he’d been asleep on Digitalis’s shoulder for about twenty minutes.


“It’s nothing, just a funny message from Milly,” said Digitalis, patting Arthur’s shoulder. “You can stay the night here, if you want. I haven’t lived alone since my bachelor days, so it’d be nice to have a guest,” he added earnestly.

Arthur sat up, leaving a puddle of drool on Digitalis’s sleeve. “I’m so sorry,” he gasped.

“Oh, never mind that. I’m a dad, it takes more than a little saliva to gross me out,” said Digitalis. “How are you feeling?”

Arthur drained his glass and filled his cup with the last of the water in the pitcher. “My head is pounding,” he said quietly.

“Want some aspirin?”

“Please,” replied Arthur, holding his head.

Digitalis retrieved the aspirin from the bathroom and brought it to Arthur, who took it gratefully with the rest of the water. Digitalis sat back down, and Arthur resumed leaning on his shoulder. It was on a commercial, so Digitalis decided to make conversation.

“So uh…how do you know Milly and Mums?” asked Digitalis.

“We’re in the same department. We play mahjong once a week with my friend Rabb, and sometimes Chrysanthemum comes with her and she does homework, or she plays if one of us can’t make it…” Arthur gave a soft snort; he was asleep again. Digitalis wasn’t tired yet, and sat back and settled in for a few more episodes of Deep Space Fines.

Digitalis was feeling a slight need to pee after the end of the second episode, but when he looked down at Arthur, he had such a peaceful expression that Digitalis didn’t want to disturb him.

Another three episodes went by, and Digitalis regretted drinking the blueberry punch at the ceremony, even though he’d only really taken a single gulp. It was nearly 2am, and he needed to pee so badly that he couldn’t pay attention to what was going on onscreen. By now, Arthur was draped across Digitalis, drooling a little on his chest, and he couldn’t get up without either waking Arthur, or Arthur falling off the couch.

Digitalis’s eyes fell upon the pitcher on the living room table in front of him. It was empty. He reached carefully for it, squashing Arthur’s head a little between his arm and chest. It didn’t seem to bother him, though one of his wings had twitched a little. Digitalis set the pitcher on the couch in front of his crotch while he maneuvered the band of his sweatpants down. His blue pubic hairs stuck to the condensation still on the pitcher as he lowered it awkwardly into place, and the cold droplets of water on his cock made him jump a little, but it also spurred him to let go.

Digitalis relaxed, leaning back and letting the pee flow out. The sound was loud and satisfying inside the large clear pitcher. He noticed Arthur’s wing was twitching again: he was waking up.

Arthur opened his eyes slowly, pushing his hair out of his face as he carefully sat up. He looked blearily at Digitalis, and down at then the pitcher he was still pissing into.

“Oh…Um…Arthur. Hi,” said Digitalis sheepishly.

“Oh good,” Arthur güvenilir casino mumbled. He pulled himself over to Digitalis on the couch, lifting the borrowed bathrobe to reveal his large penis. Arthur angled himself so that he was almost straddling one of Digitalis’s knees and pulled his long foreskin back, aiming the blunt head. Arthur grunted as his bladder released into the pitcher alongside Digitalis’s smaller, circumcised member. It made Digitalis a little self-conscious, but it also made him think a little bit of Arthur’s cute butt. Digitalis pushed the thought away: Arthur was still fairly intoxicated. This wasn’t the time.

“So, where am I?” asked Arthur quietly. There was a short pause when Digitalis had finished emptying his bladder. He pushed the last out in spurts, some of which crossed Arthur’s hard stream.

“You’re at my home, in the faculty apartments,” said Digitalis after a long pause.

Arthur blinked at him. “I know you from somewhere…”

“Do you remember the graduation ceremony?” asked Digitalis mildly.

Arthur’s green eyes widened. “That was today.”

“That’s where I met you. You were very um…-“

“Oh no.” Arthur groaned. “How many bottles?”

Digitalis smirked. “You first told me it was two, I guessed it was closer to three, and Milly told me over text you’ve had five since ten AM yesterday.”

Arthur groaned again. “Ugh! Dammit, drunk Arthur! Five bottles of Kannar! Right in the bank account!”

“I’d like to add that you woke up and decided to piss into a pitcher with a complete stranger,” said Digitalis.

Arthur gave Digitalis a long, puzzled look. Digitalis looked down; Arthur was still peeing. The pitcher was over half full, and it was starting to get very heavy, with Digitalis holding it in such an awkward position in the first place. Digitalis took a deep breath to ask Arthur if he was almost finished.

“But I do know you?” Arthur yawned, politely covering his mouth with his free hand. “You have a weird floral name…” Mercifully, Arthur’s stream slowed, and he shook out the last drops of urine smartly into the pitcher. He shambled to his feet. The pitcher held three liters of liquid, and was almost two thirds full. “Here, Whatsyourface, I’ll dump it.”

Arthur carefully took the pitcher from Digitalis. “Whew, this is heavy!”

“No kidding,” yawned Digitalis.

“So where do I dump it?”

Digitalis directed Arthur to the bathroom, where he carefully dumped the contents of the pitcher, after which Digitalis took it and rinsed it under one of the shower heads. Arthur followed him into the kitchen, watching him curiously while he washed out the pitcher at the sink.

“How’s your head doing?” asked Digitalis.

Arthur paused. “It’s…better. What happened to my clothes?”

“I’m washing your shirt and your underwear now, but you ripped a big hole in your pants trying to take them off.”

“Just great,” said Arthur discontentedly. “Was I cringey?”

“Well…” Digitalis hesitated, and thought involuntarily again about Arthur’s butt. He busied himself with scrubbing the inside of the pitcher. “You were very emotional. There was a lot of crying.”

“I am so sorry,” sighed Arthur. “I can call a cab-“

Digitalis turned around to grab a dish towel. “Listen, Arthur, if you apologize one more time I’m going to start keeping a tally. I regret that I missed Mums’s initiation, yes, but I didn’t want to leave you passed out somewhere on campus in a puddle of your own piss.” Digitalis set the pitcher upside down on the drying board.

“Thanks. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, Daffodil.”

Digitalis turned to stroll out of the kitchen and brushed Arthur’s shoulder. “You’re doing it again. One.”

“S-sorry, Delphinium-“

“That’s two. And that one’s closer, but my name is Digitalis,” Digitalis called back from the living room. The Deep Space Fines marathon on the television was still going, and Digitalis stretched out his wings before plopping down on the couch. Despite having been up for almost twenty-four hours, he didn’t feel tired at all.

Arthur came in after about another minute, and sat back down on the couch with Digitalis. “Are you alright with me being here tonight?”

“Yeah,” said Digitalis.

“Can I lean on you again?” yawned Arthur. “Just while you’re still up. I have an old wing injury, and it helps me to sit at an angle.”

Digitalis nodded, and let Arthur cuddle up to him on the couch, this time with a blanket.

“Digitalis. That’s a nice name,” said Arthur.

“Thanks, I guess,” said Digitalis. “I didn’t pick it though.”

Arthur snorted. “Wouldn’t we be lucky to choose our own names…I’d go with something better than Arthur.”

“Arthur’s a nice name too,” said Digitalis. He tried and failed to stifle a yawn before continuing. “It’s dignified. You’re a professor, right? Seems like it fits.”

Arthur blushed. He was about to reply, but the television switched back from commercial to Deep Space Fines.

Arthur and Digitalis watched the next episode of Deep Space Fines on the couch. Digitalis felt much better after peeing, but it only took about ten minutes for Arthur to start squirming restlessly: he needed to pee again.

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