First Meeting

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I still felt a little silly, sitting here in this club in the middle of downtown Atlanta all by myself, waiting for someone who may or may not show up, whom I have never met, only talked to over the phone…blah, blah, blah.

The fact of the matter was, I was here, nursing an iced tea – which the waitress had brought me with a look that said, “that’s all you’re going to have?” Well, it wasn’t like she was going to get much more out of me. I don’t really drink and never more than one. But I digress. It happens when I’m nervous.

Perhaps I should back up. I’m waiting for Toni. Toni is a woman I ‘met’ over the Internet. I know, I know, still a risky proposition. But, we’ve talked quite a few times on the phone, so I know she’s not 12 or a man. She lives in Florida, and I live in Canada, but my parents live here, so we agreed to meet when I came down for Christmas, and here I am.

Just then, I see her come in. Her eyes home right in on me and her smile – what a smile! – is a beacon in the dark club. She cuts through the crowd, her strawberry-blonde hair dancing with the lights from the club. I stand on nervous legs, hoping my smile doesn’t look like I’m nervous. My cock has arisen, like it’s saying, “She’s here? Where? What’s she wearing?”

“Hi, I’m…” Her finger pressing against my lips cuts me off. “Hello, Jason. Don’t say anything just yet.” She takes my hand and I let my gaze wash over her for the first time, fiery red blouse straining to contain a set of mouthwatering tits and a short black skirt that frames and encases a dynamite ass, topped (or bottomed) by a set of amazing legs clad in stockings and matching red heels. She looks fabulous!

I’m thinking we’re heading to the dance floor, but I am wrong. We move through the crowd towards the back. Now I’m curious.

She leads me to a little hallway off to the side by the bathrooms. It seems to be a utility area, with brooms and mops hanging around. She stops and taksim grup yapan escort turns, looking up at me. Her smile dazzles me in the darkness. I look behind and notice that you can’t see the rest of the club from here, and can’t even see the bathrooms. We’re tucked away from prying eyes.

She reaches up and grabs the back of my head, bringing it down into a tentative kiss. Our lips part, and her tongue dances past my teeth into a duel with my tongue. We melt into each other, our lips pressing deeply and wetly into each other, hands moving, caressing, mapping…

She presses into me, her hip grinding into my rock hard cock. I let my hands drop to the ass I have been waiting to touch for months.

“Lift up my skirt,” She whispers breathlessly to me. I bunch it up in my hands, revealing to my wandering fingers that she is going commando. No underwear. I knead her firm ass in my hands, letting my fingers move around front to find her dripping wet. She moans as I run a finger up and down the sopping length of her pussy.

I hear a buckle, and realize that she is undoing my pants feverishly. I feel the cool air hit my stiff cock as it springs free through the hole in my boxers.

“Why are there boxers here,” she whispers. “Aren’t you supposed to be ready for me?”

“I-I’m sorry, Toni,” I reply. “I wasn’t sure…”

“Shhh…don’t worry. At least they are boxers.” She moves my cock around until it is poking completely from my underwear. I can feel the precum drip off the head.

She locks her arms around my shoulders, lifting up slightly. I feel her squishy pussy rub over the length of my cock, and a soft moan escapes her lips. I cup my hands under her ass, lifting her up to get her in position.

“Hard, Jason…remember? You have to fuck me hard the first time.”

I feel the head of my cock split through her lips and work the length into her slowly…I taksim masöz escort hear her intake of breath become a deep moan as she lets herself slide down the length of my turgid member. I finally feel her mound come to rest against my balls, and she sighs.

“As nice as I imagined…now fuck me, please?”

I can’t believe this is truly happening, but I’m not about to argue. I lift her up almost off my shaft, and then let her drop back down. She locks her legs around my waist and helps thrust my cock back into her furnace of a pussy.

I lean in and kiss her neck, making her gasp. Her hands are flat against my shoulders, giving her leverage to bounce up and down on my hard cock. “Fuck…me…fuck…me,” she says, chant-like. I keep her ass cupped in my hands, making sure she rises all the way up my cock, just to slam all the way down again.

Her moans get louder and for the first time I wonder what would happen if someone heard us. I can imagine calling my dad to bail me out for indecent exposure…Merry Christmas.

That image fades as she yelps when our bodies slap together hard. I don’t care about jail suddenly.

I move forward, so that her back is pinned against the wall. She locks her ankles around me and just hangs on, allowing me to pound her pretty little pussy against the wall. She practically rips her blouse open, and her big tits bounce free. She pulls down the cups of her lace bra and moans, “Suck them, please.”

I lick her pointy nipples fiercely, nibbling and biting them, sucking them deeply into my warm mouth. I can feel the juices from her flaming pussy running down my cock onto my balls. I grab her hips and start trying to drive her through the wall. Her moans have become shouts.

“Hey, look at these two,” I barely hear over my shoulder. I keep fucking but cast a glance back over my shoulder. A couple has heard us and moved down to watch. I look taksim otele gelen escort into Toni’s eyes, but the pair mesmerizes her.

I hear them whispering behind us, but I’m too far-gone to care. All I want is to dump a load of cum into this volcano of a pussy.

I hear Toni whispering, “He’s licking her pussy. Oh, god, she’s playing with her nipples…” I feel her pussy spasm around my cock and know it won’t be long before she cums.

I slam my cock harder and deeper into her, listening to her describe the man’s tongue as it snakes into his companion’s snatch. “Oh, he’s licking her little clit, ohhhh…oh!” With that, I feel her start to spasm and cum all over my cock. I hold my breath, hoping I last.

I do and let Toni’s feet find the floor again. I turn her around, and then turn us around, my cock finding her pussy from behind. I see our couple, she is now on her knees, sucking and licking his cock. As I start to pound Toni from behind, the other woman rises up and bends over, facing us. The man takes his cue and sinks his tool into her pussy.

The two women and bent over, face to face, softly moaning as we bang them both hard. Both of us guys trying to fuck his woman harder than the other. Soon, both women are holding hands, moaning loudly as we fuck them silly. I won’t last long at this rate.

Luckily, it seems, neither will he. His head rolls back and he starts to moan. I feel the cum boiling in my cock, shooting through my shaft and blasting my seed deep inside Toni’s churning pussy. I vaguely hear her moaning and crying out that she is cumming. My movements become jerky, erratic as I dump what feels like a quart of cum into her. I open my eyes and notice that the other guy has his cock out of the woman and has dumped his load all over her ass and back.

My back finds the wall as my legs feel a little weak. Toni stands up and leans against me, our eyes still watching the other couple. They stand, straighten up, and smile at us before walking away hand in hand.

I hold Toni close for a few minutes, feeling the last bit of my cum drip from my cock onto the floor. She finally speaks after a long silence.

“Now, you can buy me a drink and we can get on with this visit.”

I laugh, wondering what other adventures lay before us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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