First Day of Summer

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Thanks to Erosite for the edit.

I plan on making this a series.

I love ~constructive~ criticism.


The first day of summer was finally here. Although I’m not who you might think as modelesque, I was proud of the weight that I had lost since the beginning of the year, thirty-two pounds, to be exact. I had gotten down to a size 6-8 dress. When I realized this from the scales and my clothes, which were fitting looser now, I resolved to rush down to Dillard’s and buy the two-piece swimsuit I had seen online. I never buy clothes online. I’m LaTawnya, b-t-dub.

Some friends of mine planned on having a day at the beach as soon as it got warm enough and school let out. We were officially seniors, and I was officially nineteen. If you were paying attention to the weather during the winter of 2011 in the states, you remember the snow that assaulted us. My friends are not snow people.

So, anyway, I had the swimsuit I had stalked all season. I put it on under my casual clothes. I know, you never know who you might meet, but I did dress very properly every day of the week. Today was about hanging out. From middle school to today my weight had fluctuated constantly. But even with my recent weight loss, it seemed that my breasts were fuller. I got a professional fitting and found that I was a small D cup. Over the last few years, I had worn a large B or small C, depending on the brand. With this discovery, I decided to wear my top open to the upper edge of my swimsuit top.

I texted Jason that I’d be outside of my parents place. Jason was my ex-boyfriend. We broke up a year or so ago. There were signs that Jason would be the last ex-boyfriend I would have. It was casino şirketleri clear that these signs were what ended our relationship. He always told me dating a girl who was bi would be terrific, but he found out that a girl who wasn’t into you is a girl who isn’t into you. It doesn’t matter who she is into. It was weird to have heard him say that I helped mature him. That’s why we could be friends today.

Jason drove his pick-up truck with Shawnda in the passenger seat. I could never tell if she knew that Jason and I had dated. Every once in a while I thought I saw her looking at me as though she found me threatening. I was completely convinced that if she had known we had dated, she had no idea why we were not together anymore.

Jason’s brother, Sam, and best friend, Nate, rode with me back in the bed of the pick-up. Sam knew I was into girls. That didn’t stop him from staring at my cleavage when he thought I wasn’t looking. I appreciated attention from any gender. Nevertheless, I enjoyed nonchalantly assaulting Sam for ogling. I could only assume Nate never tried to date me because I was a tomboy — as an example, or besides, my having recently punched a guy who was a foot taller than me.

After a 40-minute ride we got there, specifically, Lisa’s parents’ beach house. The three of us recuperated from the ride in the unlined truck bed as fast as possible without ruining the joy of being here. Lisa’s father, Troy, had just started the grill. We had a little while before we would have dinner. Her parents had told us not to eat before arriving.

My refined side of “refined tomboy” was reserved for work and school. I was on vacation from both. I spotted Troy’s football and suggested casino firmaları a game of touch. I found out how literal that was after a few downs had brought me into the end zone. “Good game!” Sam said, as he patted me on the butt. “Okay,” I thought. At the first opportunity I tackled him. This was not the best idea. I would have considered it one of my biggest mistakes in a while if it hadn’t made the day turn out so well. Everyone huddled around me when I had trouble getting up. That was the end of the game. I finally managed to stand up on my own. I felt a little better as Lisa hooked my arm over her shoulder and helped me inside.

I found Lisa breathtaking. She’s Nate’s cousin and was a freshman in college at the time. I knew I was more attracted to women than men. But I had never actually dated a woman or girl, let alone had a sexual experience with one. If I was going to start, I would definitely want Lisa to be my first. She was the type that would be there regardless of who I was with, if only as a fantasy.

This fantasy lady led me through the beach home and up the stairs. Even through my aches and pains, I couldn’t help but admire the beauty of my surroundings. A vacation home shouldn’t be this classy, I thought to myself. I was guided to a massage table. Lisa had me take off my clothes and lie face down. The discomfort from football was joined with the discomfort, and excitement, of being naked with and touched expertly by a woman I found so amazing. All of my discomfort was slowly erased. I all but forgot the excitement as she massaged me to sleep. I couldn’t be sure if it was my imagination. I thought I felt her lingering around the bulging sides of my breasts, my ass and güvenilir casino thighs. I racked it up to just a lovely dream.

She woke me shortly later, telling me to turn over. Lisa walked over to the window facing our friends and her family with her massage oil in hand. I was in love with this woman’s touch independent of attraction. She could have done anything with me, and I was pretty sure she could tell that. She worked her magic on one arm at a time followed by each section of my legs.

“Come here, to the edge,” she ordered.

I obeyed immediately. Now that I was awake, it became clear that her motions were intentional. She moved from my thighs to my torso, taking an eternity to move past my ass. My back massage was a back massage. Now on my back, her rubdown seemed more like foreplay. I became more aroused as she cascaded her fingers over my upper body. There was no way I could rationalize her kneading my breasts and rolling my nipples with her thumbs.

I wanted Lisa — I wanted her to fuck me, to kiss me, to make me cum before I exploded. She applied a little more oil to her hands and rubbed them into my upper chest and neck. I thought she would kiss me then, for sure. Then she turned and took one more look down at the crowd of family and friends, who had apparently forgotten about us, and grabbed a stool to place before me on the table. Her face was now right in front of my pussy. She snaked her hands around my thighs as she moved them and her face closer to my pussy. Her nose was about two inches from my glistening lips. The heat from her breath was all I could stand. I had an orgasm that was so earthshaking that it woke me up.

Disoriented, I looked around my dark room. My clock read 8:45 pm. My face filled with tears from the onslaught of every possible emotion. My cell phone rang out, “Call from Jason,” my boyfriend.

“Hey! Are we still going to the beach tomorrow?” he asked.

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