First Date

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The web cam was nice but it is good to meet in person. We meet near Canobie Lake Park at a Starbucks for coffee. I just flew 1500 miles to meet you. I have anticipated what this would be like based upon our e-mails. You are even more beautiful in person than in your pics. You are polite but I can see you are disappointed at first glance. I know I am closer to a Keven Farley or John Goodman look alike than a Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson, but just like Keven or John there is more to me than meets the eye. Despite the response I know if given the opportunity our time together will be treasured so my confidence is not lacking and I smile undauntedly. I comment on your eyes. They are Hazel and strikingly exotic and very alluring. Not one for giving in without a fight. I challenge you to look past my looks and take a chance for an experience that we will not forget. I tell you that right now I could get back on a plane and leave and you could be on your way. If that happens, you will never know what an amazing experience we would have shared. I know what I can do and if given the opportunity you would be amazed. I promise. You would be boasting to your girl friends about our little get together. I offer that we go someplace a little more private. That you grant me an hour of your time. We will be in public and all you have to do is listen. If when I am finished and you have heard what I have to say, if you wish we will go our separate ways. If you like what you have heard then we will go somewhere much more private to continue. That is unless you enjoy the rush of being in public where we might be seen.

I can see the gears turning in your mind. Well, I will give him an E for effort. Is this a trick? What could he possibly have to say that would entice me? He seems to believe he can. Could it really be worth it? You sit sipping your coffee as though you are making a real effort on your decision. I however sense that you are curious and the curiosity is growing. We had chose to meet here in a casual setting and we both had dressed casual. You are wearing a white strap sleeveless top with white chiffon lace trim, black denim button fly Levi’s and a pair of Emmo 3/12″ dark calf wedge heels. Your shoes matched your handbag, a Nine West Vintage America Collection Karma Leather Shopper. I am dressed in a Camel Polo shirt and Dark Charcoal Dockers slacks and Alfani Diego Loafers. You look back at me and finally say that you can spare an hour after all we had planned to spend the day together, as well as the night. Your smile confirmed that you were intrigued. We leave Starbucks and cross the street. There is a Park with a creek running through it and into Canobie Lake. We find a bench with a view of the lake. There are people scattered throughout the park but this bench is rather secluded. It has the creek on the east end where it runs into the lake, a hedge behind it giving those seated a wall behind them and it is facing lake. So unless someone is looking for it most would never know the bench is even there. We have sufficient privacy to talk and to…get comfortable.

We sit down and I tell you to close your eyes and to focus on my voice alone. You look back at me suspiciously. I tell you if you are willing to proceed with an open mind this will be fun. I can see the walls that were built at first sight have begun to crack here and there. I give you a few minutes to become comfortable. While waiting I look you over taking in every detail. You are a most beautiful woman. I would say about 5′ 6 and 110 lbs. Your nails are long manicured and painted a Burgundy Frost and your toenails match. You have a pair of Jude Frances White Topaz Medieval Cross Earrings and wearing a Lori Bonn Oval Turquoise Cocktail Ring. The sunlight glitters on something at your belly and I realize you have a belly ring as well. As I look back up into your face I see you have succumbed to your curiosity and closed your eyes.

It is time to begin. I tell you that I am going to give you multiple orgasms. Each will be more intense than the one before. If at anytime they become too intense to let me know and I will stop. For me to do this will require you to do just as I say. You must not open your fatih escort eyes at anytime. No matter how incredible and realistic the sensations become. You must listen to the sound of my voice. If you open your eyes the magic of the spell will be broken and lost. I promise the sensations will feel very real. You may find your body responding to my voice uncontrollably. Does that bother you being in public. You smile and but say nothing. Reading between the lines what you really said was I don’t believe I am going to respond at all.. I begin.

We are here on this bench. I must be honest with you. You are a gorgeous woman. If we were alone I would not be able to keep my hands off you. I would start with a soft kiss on you sweet lips but that would grow from sweet to hungry very quickly. You face twitches as though something touched you. You ask if I did that. Did I do what? Did you try and kiss me? If I was trying to kiss you I could not be talking to you. Now please relax. Lets begin again and focus on my voice. Block out all other sounds except for my voice. Everything you see, hear, and feel is my voice. Push out everything but my voice. It is guide to lead you on your journey and that journey will feel very real. The more focused you are the more real it will be to you. So we begin again.

I must be honest with you. You are a gorgeous woman. If we were alone I would not be able to keep my hands off you. I would start with a soft kiss on you sweet lips but that would grow from sweet to hungry very quickly. Your face twitches as though something touched you again but this time you say nothing. I continue. The desire to embrace you, to know you, to melt into you is so strong. I am a magnet fighting the attraction of iron. I am gazing into your eyes and the depths of these two pools are unfathomable. They are a mystery, the sirens song of seduction. I am intoxicated staring into them. I glance back to your lips having had but the slightest taste of them. They are red the color of passion. Swollen like ripe fruit ready to be picked. They are wet glossy as though covered in honey and taste just as sweet. Now gazing at them my hunger is stirred. I begin to breath deep panting as though in deep need of oxygen. You have captivated me and I am a prisoner of lust and love. You have seen my gaze and can hear my breathing and you are aware of my hunger. Though I am not a Greek god your body begins to respond by releasing pheromones to excite and entice me. Even though you already posses me.

I examine you head to toe. Though you are dressed it is easy to see you have a beautiful body. As my eyes leave your face I focus on your breast. Just the thought of them begins to arouse my passions and like you my body begins to send messengers to you. Your breathing is still slow and steady but as you take in my pheromones, my little cupids arrows, they will fuel your desire. I see a twitch of your eyebrow and your lips move as though to embrace another pair of lips. I kiss your neck and begin to nibble lightly on your right ear. I hear you sigh and I suddenly am very aroused. I cup your left breast and you gasp. You lay your head back against the bench and allow yourself to succumb to your body’s desires. I again kiss your neck and slowly begin moving down toward your succulent bosom. Sliding my right hand under your blouse I reach up and squeeze your right breast through your bra. You begin to take shorter rapid breaths and your face is beginning to flush. You are so beautiful and I WANT YOU sooooooo bad! I slide my hand between your breast in attempt to remove your bra but find the clasp is in the back. For the moment I rest my hand there listening to the choo choo of your heartbeat. You are growing more aroused each second. I raise up and kiss you firmly on the lips with a deeply passionate kiss. Our tongues begin the mating dance and as the dance continues I slide my left hand under your blouse across your back and unclasp the bra. Fortunately for me the bra itself was strapless and having unlocked the barrier I eased it out from under the top that blanketed it.

Having completed it special assignment my left hand now worked its way to cradle your fındıkzade escort neck and stroke behind your right earlobe. Our lips part and I prepare for my next assault. You turn your head allowing me to slide my fingers underneath and massage your scalp. At the same time my right hand has now cupped your right breast. A soft moan is released from within you. Being without the bra I now hold the sublime flesh in my hand and I force myself to breath shallow breaths. You are exquisite! Pivoting my right arm and rolling my thumb I expose perfection. Round firm, not to big, not to small, with a beautiful swollen nipple, aching to be suckled, tit. I answer its demand and torture the nipple with flicks, nibbles, and bites. You emit small cries and sighs as pleasure and pain tease and tickle you. I release my hold on you with my left hand and slide in front of you. Taking your right breast in my left hand and your left breast in my right hand I begin torture your nipples back and forth. I suckle and nibble and kiss. Lifting each tit I caress its underside and kiss it there as well. Releasing the left breast with my right hand it makes it way toward the fly of your jeans. My mouth stays to entertain your nipples while my left hand squeezes, teases and caresses them. Having reached its destination my right hand carefully unbuttons the first button. I sense no alarms from you and I continue to work on opening the vault. Having picked all your locks I need to open the vault door.

I slowly bring both hands to your belly. I continue to suckle one breast then the other. You have your hands in my hair tugging and running your fingers though it. I begin to massage your belly in a swirling motion that circles from the center outward and down your sides. I repeat this over and over. I begin to lift your bottom during each stroke after a few times you lift with me and on one stroke I pull your pants down past the bench on which you sit. I had envisioned you wearing the pair of black crotchless panties pictured in an e-mail you sent me, but you had a set of leopard skin on instead. I remove your shoes and pants setting them under the bench. I now begin to massage your legs and my tongue begins weaving its way down your abs. They are lightly toned giving a slight hint of definition and are very sexy. I find the belly ring has a warning sign that says slippery when wet. I smile and prepare myself to loose traction.

I make my route with light kisses circling around your belly.. Your hands are still in my hair. I look up and see you biting your lip and can tell you are enjoying the moment. I begin to kiss you outside your panties and I can feel the swollen hot lips beneath the wet cloth. I slide my hands under the outer edge and lightly kiss your lips with my right finger tips. I gently caress and tease you as you sigh and moan. I slide my hands around and under your bottom and lift just enough to slide the leopard skin down past the first bench board. I slide your legs over my shoulders and massage the underside of your knees with my thumbs. Sliding my hands down the inside of your thighs coming together I tease you at your perineum. My tongue begins to tease your labia in long flowing strokes. I look and notice just on either side of the is a tattoo. A pair of Chinese Dragons guarding the Temple Doors of sacred nectar. With my lips covering my teeth I bite down and tug on your outer lips. I playfully flick and then lick through to the inside.

I teasingly ring the bell and hide awaiting for the maid to arrive. Its not long and I can see her head. (I know it’s your little man but I don’t whip and tease men so for me she’s your hot little Maid) My tongue tickles and teases her. I repeat this over and over. I then decide she has been a bad girl and must be punished I begin to thrash, whip and flick her. I become a mad man and I can hear you as you begin to take charge. Your legs dig into my back. Your nails into my scalp your panting has gone from gasp to screams. I know you are close to releasing a flood and then all of sudden there is a silence. You have a death grip on me. As I look up and your eyes are open and you repeat “Fuck Me!, Fuck Me!, halkalı escort Fuck Me!” Well, that was my I plan when I finish with the oral darling. Then with a sudden jerk you begin convulsing as waves of torturous pleasure erupt through you. You erupt spraying me with squirts drenching me as you cum all over my face hair back and everywhere else as you shriek with each wave. Held in the vice of your hands and legs all I can do is shudder as you trash me. I watch the uncontrollable spasms as one after another after another flow through your body. I see the contractions rippling through you like wakes from a ship at sea. Though they are quieter now I can still hear you say “Fuck Me!” repeatedly.

After what seemed like several minutes but probably less you begin to regain your composure. Your breathing slows from the rapid gasp to a lite pant. There is no doubt that you have had your share of orgasms but between the shrieks and the shock on your face I can see that you never experienced anything like this before. As you let go of me the shock fades to a glare. You are hopping mad. I look around quickly to see if anyone was responding to your screams. Across the creek on the south end of the park two men appear to be searching for something. Other than that nobody seems to have noticed. Just what the fuck do you think you are doing? You demand. Well I reply, I thought I was passionately and quite skillfully (if I may say so myself) taking you to ecstasy. Did you not just experience a point of passion that you never felt before? ( I want to smile because I know I am right but being that my bank is in hopes of doing more business you, such that I hope to make a personal transfer of my holdings, depositing them into your private vault so I will keep my poker face on.)

Why did you really want to stop in the middle of that? I ask. You look at me and point out that we are at the park. You then inform me, “I do not exhibit in public because I am very…..vocal. I can not control myself when I get excited.” I then realize you are a true screamer. I had not even thought about this. You ask for your clothes and I reach under the bench and hand them to you. You get dressed and sit back down. After a few minutes you look at me and ask if I have any respect for you at all. How could I take such advantage you and undress you in public? I can see a genuine hurt in your eyes. That was not expected at all. From our emails I had painted you as a free spirit and an exhibitionist. You remind me that all I was going to do was talk and that you were going to listen. That any sensations were going to be from listening to what was being said. (I had done this before and it appeared that most women feigned to be entranced or they just knew what I was doing and went with it at some point. It appears you actually were in a semi state of consciousness. Wow this was powerful stuff and I will have to explore it more deeply at a later time.)

Well, yes I did tell you that. I thought if I was able to show you what amazing sex and intense orgasms we would have that you would find my actions…cocky,… confident,… kinky and most enjoyable. Listen nobody saw you. I was in front of you shielding your body while you were undressed. If someone had walked upon us they would have seen your feet and the back of my head. I can see that I hurt you and I am truly sorry. Please let me ask you this. When I got here and you saw me were you not ready to leave? Don’t answer that. I know the answer. Instead let me ask this. Before you realized what was happening was real, were you not in the throes of passion? Was it not at least some of the most erotic and intense sex that you ever experienced? Even in an abrupt halt by your choice. Your body gave in to its desire and did you not experience some incredible multiple orgasms? I acted based upon the person that I thought your were from our emails. I can not take that back and make it not have happened. All I can do is promise you that no more deceptions , unless mutually agreeable for role playing fantasies. Now …. do you want me to get back on that plane, or do you want to go somewhere that is truly private get to know one another and have some serious fun?. We were just getting started and that I promise is not a lie.

I sit gazing into those beautiful Hazel eyes and again I see the gears turning. I know your answer. I keep on my poker face, sit back and act as though I awaiting your answer.

Lick Lick

Hope you enjoined it!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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