Fiona’s First Time Ch. 01

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Fiona was excited – she was going to finally meet the guy she’d been chatting with on the net for months, and he’d promised that she’d have a great time.

For some time, she’d been having fantasies about a magazine she’d read, and this was going to be her opportunity to live them out for real – the excitement was building as she tried to guess what might happen.

Ever since the day she’d found that old copy of Splosh magazine, she’d been aroused by the idea of getting all messy in her clothes – and in particular by having them all filled up with food and similar gungy stuff. She had thought about just doing it by herself, but it felt too silly to do, and so she’d decided to wait until she met someone she could try it with. Today was the day!

She’d dressed sensibly – a brown cord skirt, blue top and some smart shoes; nothing too sexy, nothing too plain. She wasn’t really sure how well the clothes would survive the treatment they were about to get, but she had brought a spare outfit along in her bag, just in case.

As she neared the house, her excitement was building to a peak – sexual arousal was making her stomach turn flip-flops, and her breath was coming more quickly. As she pressed the doorbell, she wasn’t sure if she should turn and run, or just stand there and hope for the best – eventually she convinced herself to stay, she was so turned on she’d never forgive herself if she backed out.

The door opened and she saw the guy she was going to give up control to for the next few hours – he looked just like the photo he’d sent, but in the photo he’d not had a thick cream pie in his left hand! Before she could stop him he pulled his arm back and pushed the whole pie right in to her face, blinding her with cream…

As the topping and filling smeared over her face and began to drop onto her formerly clean top, she reached up and wiped her eyes, so she could see again. Looking down, she could see the dollops of pie clinging to her shirt, over her breasts casino şirketleri – as she stood there completely surprised, she felt it begin to soak through her top and her bra underneath, on to her skin.

He reached out and pulled her inside by the arm, closing the door behind her. She got her first look at the kitchen next to the front door…. Every available surface was covered in various types of messy food stuffs: custard, eggs, rice pudding, chocolate syrup, baked beans, she couldn’t take it all in.

The anger she’d felt at being pied on the front door evaporated in a wave of arousal as she realised that all her fantasies were about to come true – no matter what happened, she was going to be absolutely covered in the contents of that kitchen, there was too much of it to be a limited mess…

He took her overnight bag from her, put it safely in the living room and lead her straight back into the kitchen. She realised there was going to be no escape, no delaying the inevitable. Her stomach was in knots as he reached for a large carton of custard, ripped the top off and approached her… She held her breath as he reached out to pull her top away from her chest, and glanced down at her breasts encased in their lycra bra. She gasped as he moved the carton over the top of her chest and slowly, slowly started to pour….

The custard seemed to take forever to slide gently out of the carton, as he tipped it over her waiting chest. Eventually the first drips of cool yellow gunge began to slide out, and dropped onto her breasts and the lycra fabric of her bra, chilling her and bringing goose-bumps to her flesh. Her breath came in short gasps as the fulfilment of her fantasy began. Suddenly he squeezed the carton, squirting a jet of cold custard into her cleavage, where it pooled and began to trickle down between her heaving breasts across her tight belly.

He released the fabric of her top, and let it slap back against her messy chest, but kept pouring the custard over casino firmaları her, so it soaked in from the outside too. Thick yellow trails of slime oozed over her bust and bright-coloured stains spread from inside as the custard worked it’s way through… It pooled around her waist, prevented from sliding into her skirt by the tight waistband.

Next he reached for a tin of beans.

She paused, wondering where they’d be going – and she didn’t have long to wait to find out. He lifted her skirt at the back, revealing her tight black knickers and she expected to feel the lumpy gooey beans cascade over her buttocks. She was surprised therefore when he spanked her once, not too hard but it was so unexpected that she squealed – and jumped slightly; Henry smiled as she thrust her messy chest out towards him. Next he pulled out the top of her panties, and gazed inside at her perfect ass. Telling her what a nice bottom she had, he upended the entire tin of beans into the back of her underwear in one go, missing with some which then trickled down her bare legs towards her shoes. Most of them went inside though, ran down the crack of her ass and quickly pooled against her pussy. Fiona moved her legs apart to allow them to slide against her, and let out a quiet moan of pleasure. The lumpy beans were caressing her like a million tiny fingers, and she loved how they popped as she moved around, splashing tiny puddles of tomato sauce against her flesh.

She had no idea what he had planned for her next, but wasn’t too surprised to see him reac into a bag and pull out a carton of eggs. She was surprised at how many there were though – first one dozen, then another full dozen were removed and placed on the counter in front of her. Henry opened both boxes and selected her first egg. He cracked it against a glass, and held the two halves in his hand – some of the contents began to drip slowly through his fingers as with his other hand he pulled her custardy top open again. This time though, he decided güvenilir casino not to simply mess up the outside of her bra.

This time, he reached in with his hand and pulled open the left cup of her yellow stained bra so he could see her naked breast, pulling quite hard to see the pink nipple so that the strap of the bra cut into her back slightly. Before she could complain, though, he dropped the contents of the egg into the gap he’d opened up, gently released the bra-cup to squeeze her boob against the messy egg, and let her top flop back into place to cover the lot. For a finale he wiped his eggy hand on her skirt, which had so far escaped untouched. Fiona was in heaven as the slippery mess oozed over her breast, and soaked into the already messy bra. Her nipples began to harden; partly because of the chill from the eggs, and partly with the pleasure of the sensation.

While Fiona enjoyed the feeling of the egg against her bare skin, Henry was busy at the counter top. Another egg was selected, cracked, and palmed – he pulled her top open again and pulled back the right cup this time. Just as Fiona braced herself for the cold slimy mess against her hard nipple, he dumped the entire contents over her head! She couldn’t help but let out a scream as the slimy gunge oozed down her gorgeous red hair, some of it dripping down across her face, dislodging some of the cream which hadn’t been cleaned off, but most of it slithering down the length of her hair and then across her butt, messing up her skirt at the back.

Fiona looked over at Henry, she thought she should be angry, she’d not wanted her hair messed up, but then she remembered how much he liked it – and she realised how much he was enjoying this experience. Almost as much as she was!

He took another three of the eggs, cracked them into a bowl, and poured the lot over the back of her head, she could feel her hair soaking up the slime as it slopped down her back, and she gave up caring – this was too intense an experience to leave to thought and worry, she would just submit to the pleasure and let him take control of her for the rest of the session.

And then he grabbed the chocolate syrup, and she realised it was far from over…

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