Filling up

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I saw you pull up as I was pumping my gas. My dress was blowing in the breeze, whipping around my bare legs. With the sun behind me you couldn’t help but notice I wore nothing under the dress. I caught your eye as I was replacing the nozzle in the pump and gave you that smile that can only mean one thing. You got out of your car as I walked towards the building. On the outside was the door to the ladies room and I headed that way. I turned back to catch your eye again as I reached for the knob. Another sexy little smile and I walked inside. You wasted no time in making your way to the door I had just disappeared behind. Inside was dimly lit and before your eyes had a chance to adjust I grab your shirt and pull you into my arms. I smother you in kisses before you have a chance to say a word. Stepping you back into the room I pull your shirt off between kisses.

“Take down your pants and SIT!” I command as I back you towards the toilet. You do as you’re told and your raging hard cock bounces into view. I drop to my knees as you take your assigned seat. My fingers wrap themselves instinctively around your hard cock as I start licking at the base of your balls. I stroke slowly as I nibble your balls şişhane escort and nudge them with my nose. Your fingers run through my hair as you fight to keep your moans low. I run my tongue from the base of your balls to the very tip of your engorged shaft, flicking the tip and swirling my tongue around the sensitive head….teasing you. I let it slap against your stomach as I stand and begin to undo the first few buttons of my dress. My bare tits come into view and you start to stand to get a better view but I shove you back to your seated position. I raise my dress above my hips and straddle you as I sit on your lap.

My bare, wet pussy rubs against the top of your thighs as I kiss your neck and run my fingers through your hair. I bury your face in my cleavage, grinding myself against you leaving a wet spot on your thigh. I stand, placing one leg on the handicap rail giving you easy access to my wet snatch. With one hand on the back of your head and the other parting my smooth, wet lips I bring you closer to my sweet spot. I gasp as your tongue comes in contact with my swollen clit. My moans echo off the walls as I rock my cunt back and forth against your hard working şişli anal yapan escort tongue. Your fingers slide through my wet lips seeking out the tunnel between. Once found you plunge 2 fingers deep inside while keeping up the rhythm on my clit. My screams are getting louder as you bring me closer to the edge. Just when I think I can take no more you slide a finger deep in my tight asshole taking me plunging into a mind-boggling orgasm.

When my knees recover I drop my foot to the floor and resume sitting on your lap. This time I make certain to impale myself on your hard shaft. I lower myself ever so slowly as I kiss the nectar from your lips. My tongue slides into your mouth as I bury you to the hilt in my silken honey pot. Your hands reach up to grasp my hips and encourage me to rock back and forth. My inner walls are still trembling from the earlier excitement as we set up a pleasurable pace. With my hands clinging to your strong shoulders we grind ourselves along. You reach under my thighs and pull my feet up to rest on the back of the toilet to give you better penetration. With my hands now wrapped around the rails we get a serious motion going.

Before şişli bdsm escort I allow you to cum though I stop you and stand before you dragging my dress up and over my shoulders. Now standing before you, naked, I turn and bend forward at the waist. I use the rails once again for support and you need no encouragement as you stand and take your place at the entrance of my beckoning pussy. With one swift stroke you drive deep into my quaking cunt bringing forth a deep guttural growl. Your hands on my hips give you traction as you slide all the way out and back in with each stroke, driving me mad. I feel your balls slap against my clit with every in stroke sending sensations to the core of my being. Every few seconds I explode in a new orgasmic experience.

I can almost feel the boiling that is building in your balls. You are getting so close. I need to feel your hot cum showering inside of me. You can feel the walls of my cunt milking your hard cock, begging to be sprayed. With one final thrust you throw your head back and coat the walls of my pussy with your creamy spunk. The walls of my pussy clamp down as, I too, reach the final destination. We shiver together for a moment enjoying the aftermath.

When our senses come back to earth we part and put our clothes back on. A quick kiss before you duck out suffices as good by. I give you a couple of minutes to get to your car as I re-do my hair and check my dress. Then I stroll out as if I had been up to nothing more than powdering my nose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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