Feuding Neighbors

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The chill of the winter air bit at my skin as I headed out the door. A quick trip to the store was in order before my dad came home. I turned and locked the door to my apartment and noticed that my neighbors had left the their screen door open again. The wind blew it into the side of the building, the resulting “thump” echoing through the walls. Just great.

My dad and I lived in simple apartment on the northwest side of the city: three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two floors, and one extremely annoying set of neighbors. They had first moved in just after I turned 18, about a month after I headed off for college. While I spent those early months away I heard the horror stories from my father. They were loud. They always had guests over. They were loud. I laughed and said I’m glad I don’t have to deal with them.

Then, finances caught up with me. I just couldn’t afford the expensive private college that I was attending, so after my freshmen year I dropped out. I had always planned on getting back into school, but I knew that it would take a few years to make enough money to ensure that I didn’t have trouble again. And so I moved back home. Little did I know that moving home meant dealing with the maelstrom that was our neighbors.

They lived in the second of two apartments, set side by side, on the property. Theirs was a mirror of ours. But whereas we had two people inside and plenty of space, they had a small circus. Two parents and six kids shared space with a large dog and three cats. The kids were almost all girls, there was only one boy, and they were all younger than I was.

The friction started almost immediately. Their guests had a bad habit of parking in such a fashion that we couldn’t move our cars. Their youngest kids were out at all ours of the night and seemed to enjoy knocking on our windows at eleven o’clock at night. And so the arguing began.

We argued with the parents, we argued with their son (the second oldest of their children). We had to reprimand their children for damaging our property. We had to put up with the noise and the parking despite our protests to the landlord. And so it went for years.

They had managed to improve their behavior somewhat, and we hadn’t had many problems for a while, when their oldest daughter turned eighteen two weeks ago. I don’t know how they squeezed all the visitors for her party into that apartment, but I needed six cars moved just to get out of our driveway. As a result, I was late for work. I’m sure you can understand my frustration. But I thought I had again made my position clear to them.

Yet, sarıyer escort there it was. A repulsive green Volkswagen blocking in my car. I saw red. I had honestly had enough. These people were interfering in the day to day operation of my life, and I had reached the limits of my patience. I stormed back to their door and rang the bell. I waited patiently for a moment, but nobody answered. I rang again, but still got no response. So I pounded on the door. Finally she answered.

She was the oldest of the family’s daughters, and freshly eighteen at that. A few inches shorter than my own 5’6”, with long, flowing, dishwater blonde hair, she answered the door with a look of impatience and annoyance on her face. “Good,” I thought. “I’m being an inconvenience.”

She didn’t say a word she just glowered. “I need you to move your car,” I told her. She grimaced and ducked back into her family’s apartment. She reappeared a moment later wearing a black leather jacket and made her way out to her car. I followed her, wanting to make sure that she didn’t block my dad’s parking space. She walked with a grace that I wouldn’t have expected from a member of her family and I caught myself looking at her ass. Her wonderful, shapely ass.

I shook off the thought but my mind was strangely fixated. For the first time I was looking at her not as the annoying neighbor, but as a woman. She had long, athletic legs leading up to curvy hips and a slim waist. My eyes lingered on her backside again, her tight jeans leaving nothing to the imagination. I caught the subtle curve of her ample breasts beneath her tee shirt as she climbed into her car. Her front really was just as attractive as the back.

She moved the car and climbed out. My ire had subsided somewhat both with the obstruction gone and with the stirring in my pants. This girl was hot. How had I not noticed this before? But the frustration returned as she walked by muttering, “Is that good enough?”

I snapped. “Hey, don’t go muttering at me. If you and your family didn’t act like a bunch of complete morons maybe we wouldn’t be knocking on your door so often.”

She rose to the bait. “Yeah? Well I was only inside for a minute. How was I supposed to know that you were going to leave?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you should have just parked in one of the THREE empty parking spaces that don’t block anybody!” Adrenaline pumped through me as I raised my voice.

She stopped at her door and turned, angry. “You do it to us too!” she shouted.

I stopped at my door. “Like silivri escort hell we do! Our guests park in the street, like normal, intelligent people.” The insult clearly hit home as she took two steps towards me. We were inches apart.

I felt my cock come to life in her presence. I could smell her hair. I could feel the lust rising within me as we continued to argue. I noticed a light in her eyes and suddenly realized that she was enjoying this as much as I was. She started to retort, but whatever she was about to say was stifled as I pulled her to me and kissed her. She tried to pull away at first, but after her initial impulse she leaned into the kiss, throwing her arms around my neck and pulling my lips down to hers.

I felt her tongue against my lips and opened my mouth to let her in. My hands cupped her sweet little ass as passion swelled in us both. I pinned her to the wall as I reached for me keys. Her hands danced across my back. I managed to get the door open and we stepped inside. My rapidly hardening cock strained against my jeans as I felt her hand at my crotch. I kicked the door closed behind me. I directed her up the stairs, our embrace breaking for a moment. I followed her up and swept her up in my arms again, our kiss deep and long. We stumbled our way to the bedroom, her hands darting under my jacket, running across my chest. She slipped my coat off my shoulders and I let it fall to the floor. I felt her tugging at my shirt, and then the warm, soft touch of her hands against my bare chest.

Our kiss broke again as she pulled my shirt over my head. I pushed open the door to my room and pulled her inside. As our lips met again, hungrily, I slipped her jacket off. As I pulled off her shirt and kicked off my shoes, I pushed her and she fell back onto my bed. She quickly undid her bra and let her breasts fall free. Her hands went to the fastenings of my jeans as I approached, and she quickly had my pants open. She tugged them down and slipped a hand up through the bottom of my boxers. Her eyes were fixed on the tent formed by my hard cock.

I moaned as she wrapped her hand around my shaft. She stroked it gently as she brought her other hand up to my waistband. My shorts joined my jeans on the floor as I climbed on top of her. My hands worked the button on her jeans, then the zipper. I yanked both jeans and panties down to her knees in one smooth motion and she giggled. Her laughter was intoxicating and my eyes locked on hers. Lust filled the room, as the temperature seemed to jump. She lay on her back with her şirinevler escort legs in the air; her heeled shoes and jeans still on. She purred as I slide my hands down her long, bare thigh. Her smooth skin sent electric shivers through my body as I worked my down her thigh and between her legs. I teased her clit with my finger before running it down the length of her slit. I was surprised at the wet heat of her already moist pussy. My finger slide inside her and she gasped.

She wriggled at my touch, trying to shed her jeans. “Yes… oh yes,” she whispered. “Fuck me… please fuck me.” Impatient now, I pushed her legs back and up and moved to put my shaft against her warmth. I ran the head up and down, her moans driving me crazy with passion. Finally I could take it no longer and pushed inside. Our moans filled the room as the satin touch of her tight pussy enveloped my cock. I pushed in and out slowly, lubricating my shaft. I slipped into her to the balls and held myself there.

“Oh god yes!” one of us cried.

We took a moment to pull off her shoes and slide her jeans off, throwing them to the floor. She spread her legs wide, wrapping them around me as I leaned into her. I began to pump slowly as her hands moved across my chest, exploring. We kissed hard, all lust and fire. I was lost in the moment, thrusting into her tight pussy with long, slow strokes as she begged me to give it to her harder and faster. I suckled at her nipple as we fucked, our rhythm matching, our pace quickening. I could hear unintelligible whispers mixed with moans of pleasure as our bodies gave in to the frustration and ire.

I accelerated my thrusts, pounding into her now. The wet slapping sound of flesh against flesh filled the air as our bodies slammed together in a fury of lust and rage.

“Oooooohh,” she cried as I felt her body shiver. Head thrown back in ecstasy, eyes closed, her orgasm washed over her. Her pussy squeezed at my shaft, begging me to release. But I resisted.

I slowed my pace to ward off the release. She wriggled in pleasure at my thrusts. I slipped a hand between our bodies and my fingers found her clit. I ran light circles around it with a finger, and her back arched as pleasure tore through her. As I flicked lightly, my thrusts growing faster yet again. I felt her tense and knew she was on the edge. I slammed into her, bodies slapping, and she came. She cried out once more as she shook, her muscles tightening, her pussy clamping down upon my cock. I could feel my orgasm coming on and I buried myself inside her as my cock throbbed, spewing semen deep inside her waiting cunt.

I collapsed on top of her, our bodies heaving as we tried to catch our breath. I rested my head on her breasts as she stroked my hair. Lying there, naked and in her arms, I realized something. This was the best argument I’ve ever had.

To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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