Festival Girls

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I met Irina in college, and despite not really being friends, she seemed to orbit my social life for years after. She was blonde and european, about 5’9″ with a beautiful body. I remember the way the guys in school would talk behind her back about her breasts, which she always seemed to proudly accentuate with plunging necklines and tight sweaters. I would sit around with my guy friends and watch her pass, the guys marvelling at her outfits while trying to use polite language around me.

I often wondered what was said, if anything about my body.

I’m Kate. a 6″ tall, gawky brunette tomboy. I liked my teacup sized breasts, and my long legs, but I didn’t think that apart from my height – that I really stood out. Having grown up with two older brothers, I was keen on more guy things, like sports and dumb movies than all the usual girly girl stuff. I had, since college finished, begun to grow my hair out – and was proud to get it down to my shoulders before the summer.

I had made some great friends in college, including a guy in the engineering program named Nelson. He too was tall and skinny, a quiet creative guy who was a bit of a stoner. Though busy with our respective lives, we would sometimes catch a free night and hang out, often leading to a lingering fuck session in his parents basement where he still lived. I was totally jazzed when he invited me to one of those big weekend festivals out of town, and I just so happened to be free.

We arrived with a handful of his friends to the little campground beside the venue, and set up a couple of tents. I wondered about whether Nelson and I would get any time together, it had been awhile for us, and I was beginning to see sex everywhere. So in a way, I shouldn’t have been too surprised when I felt a delicate twinge down below when I saw Irina at the festival.

Standing in a pair of torn denim shorts, her breasts filling out a crocheted top, she was a vision. She had flowers in her hair, and big round sunglasses. I just barely made out the lines of a tiny nude bra underneath her top. I had a flash of what she might look like naked, then, what she might look like while fucking. I shook my head. Irina saw me and waved.

Awkwardly, I smiled and waved back.

* * * * *

The day had started off well enough, with some great bands. The group of us had headed back to the tent to have a rest and smoke a joint about mid-afternoon. casino şirketleri I lay across Nelson, my hand resting on his stomach, wanting nothing more than to grab his cock and bury it in me. When one of Nelson’s friend talked about going back to the main stage, I thought I might get an opportunity to have some alone time with Nelson – but was hugely disappointed when he excitedly went along with them. I grumpily begged off, and lit another joint as they left me in the tent. I took a drag as I rubbed myself through my shorts. I should get some water, I thought, putting the joint out and putting it back into the tin. I collected our water bottles and headed out to the community spout.

I was just filling the last of our bottles when a shadow fell upon the grass in front of me. I looked up. Irina.

I could barely remember our small talk, but I recall her sniffing at me and asking if I still had some weed. I nodded, and she helped me back to the tent with the water bottles.

We knelt in the tent, about a foot apart, passing the joint back and forth. As my brain turned off, I found myself getting lost on her lips. She would take the joint between them, sucking in the smoke, and when she opened them, they almost bounced. When it was my turn to take a puff, I could taste her cherry lip gloss.

My eyes fell to her breasts, watching them lift and drop as she inhaled and exhaled. I spied the flesh between the braided yarn of her shirt, and felt my mouth opening slightly. I must have lingered too long on her chest, or I must have been sending out a signal of some sort. Maybe she could smell my pussy, which was starting to leak and tingle as we sat in the tent – but Irina leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips.

She breathed into me, and I accepted her tongue with my own. Her hand came around, up under my hair to caress the back of my neck, and from the moment she touched me – I was lost to her intent. We continued to make out as I put my hands on her chest. I squeezed her tits, feeling a sense of relief from a long pent up curiosity. They were two magnificent handfuls, and I suddenly had an urge to taste them. I slipped my hands up underneath her crocheted top, finding the top edge of her bra, pulling it down and feeling her cool, raw flesh against my fingertips. She broke out kiss and rose on her knees, looking down at me. I could see my stunned reflection in her sunglasses. Irina casino firmaları took the hem of her top, and stripped it from her torso, her tits hung out, tangled in the tight bra. One snap later and they fell out in front of my face, her pink puffy nipples looking like candy to my mouth. She reached out to the back of my neck once more, but this time, pushed my face in between her breasts, shaking her shoulders while I licked her skin and inhaled her scent.

I tasted sweat and coconut suntan lotion. I reached at her wide hips and grabbed her by the shorts to pull her closer. She mounted me, and hugged my head, burying me further between her pendulous breasts. It was here that I felt like a dam broke, and was no longer conscious of my desires. I was physically intertwined with this beautiful woman, and in a growing state of bliss. Irina pulled her torso away, allowing me to gasp for breath, my face hot and blushing. She pushed me onto the ground, straddling my belly, and reaching behind her to rub the crotch of my shorts. My eyes narrowed and teared as I felt my body flex at her touch. She looked down at me, wearing her sunglasses and bare breasted. With my affirmative response, she moved downwards until she was between my long, skinny legs. I watched as she made quick work of my shorts, exposing my soaked panties and filling the tent with my musky scent. Soon, my panties cleared my ankles, and my pussy was exposed beneath her gaze.

At this point, my cunt felt like a tender wound in need of treatment, the gust of air that hit it made me twitch and writhe. Irina ran her hands over my knees, and across my inner thighs, driving the blood to an already sensitive space. She removed her sunglasses and lowered herself to my crotch. I could feel her breathing on me. Instead of diving right in, she slowly began to lick and nibble at my inner thighs. Her hand moved to the top of my pubic hair, flattening out and putting pressure on my public bone. I moaned out loud. Irina closed in on my pussy, kissing and licking around it and heightening my sensitivity. My hands flew up to cover my eyes, I couldn’t take the teasing any longer!

Then, like lightning, Irina’s tongue swiped quickly at my pussy lips, I jumped and let out the loudest yell I could. Her tongue passed over me again, and my body bounced against the ground. She was deftly pulling the pleasure out of me with her mouth in a torturous fashion. güvenilir casino Her lips buried themselves in my wetness and she wildly moved her face around. I felt a finger go up inside me, then two – sawing in and out as her tongue stiffened and sought out my clit. Pushing past the hood, she found my nub, engorged and raw and began flicking it.

My brain was exploding as the sensations rocked my body, tremors of pleasure spreading out from my pussy. I was being finger fucked and licked, as Irina pressed down on my public bone. I had never felt anything like this before in my life. I was a whimpering, shivering mess when she pulled away, and I barely had time to recover before I opened my eyes and saw her own sopping pussy moving towards my face.

Having never been with a woman before, I was at odds with what to do – but I had a strong desire to taste her pussy. She planted herself over my mouth, and I tried to copy all that she had done. I licked, I lapped, I nibbled and bit. I straightened my tongue to stab in between her labia, and I moved my face around while she moaned into my cunt. Feeling that incredible sensation, I hummed while I ate her out. Irina had continued her efforts on my nether regions as I worked sloppily away. My hands came up to grip her thighs, in an attempt to rock her back and forth over my mouth. I had trouble catching my breath, but learned to breath through my nose. Irina sat up on my face, and began to speed her hand over my clit. Under her weight, I began to cry out and lick. I felt the beginnings of an orgasm as my body trembled. I came hard as I moaned into her pussy, weeping and wet beneath her.

Irina gently turned her body, her mons pivoting on my face. I could look her in the eyes now as she rode my face. I watched as this beautiful blonde girl accepted my efforts, bouncing softly on my tongue while grabbing her tits in handfuls, pulling at her nipples. Her face was an artwork of arousal as I wrestled my arms from underneath her, to get a hand on her clit. I rubbed it in crude circles as she squealed, pushing her breasts together with her hands. Soon, her own hand replaced my own, and she massaged herself to an orgasm while I continued to slurp away on her labia. She continued touching herself for minutes after her body stopped shuddering, lazily falling away off of my face and curling into a ball on the ground.

Unsure what to do, I removed my shirt and bra, fully naked for the first time this afternoon – and I crawled behind her body to spoon her. I slid my arm around her waist, and her hand gripped my wrist. We soon fell into a satisfied slumber.

And that’s what Nelson saw when he came back to the tent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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