Fertility Intervention Ch. 02

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As the doctor knelt down and parted your legs you felt her warm skin brushing against yours. Her bosom rested on your thighs and her fingers sent small shivers of pleasure through you as they glide up your body and begin to caress your breasts. Your mind was nothing but a fog of lust and her fingers expertly toyed with your nipples through the fabric of your top. You nearly forgot that your husband was just a few feet away recovering from a mind blowing orgasm.

“Please strip as well” she asks you with a hum in her throat. Her voice carried more than words, it was heavy and served to drag you deeper into whatever spell she was casting. Her commands could not be ignored.

Almost as a reflex you whipped off your top, the lacy bra you had worn for your husband as a surprise was now obsolete. You threw it to the floor just as fast and shimmied out of your jeans and pants at the same time. They were matching the bra and now had a distinct streak of excitement clinging to the inside. You sit back in the chair and part your legs again, bearing your dripping slit once more as it aches for attention. The goddess rejoins you, kneeling between your legs, her flesh brushing your bare skin now. It was electric and your face flushed red as you look down and see the never ending curves sitting before you. Her smile calmed you as her scent drove you wild, keeping you in a balancing act of arousal and serenity. She then took her hands and lavishly dragged her tongue over each one, coating them in her saliva once again.

You gasped as she reached up with her wet hands and clutched your firm tits with hot palms. She roamed across your chest, spreading the shining liquid and massaging it into your flesh. It was accompanied by a warmth growing from deep in your lungs that rose to the surface of your flesh and became almost too much to take. Suddenly it was as if a pressure had been relieved and when you look down the perky orbs that sat below began to spill out of the doctor’s fingers. They grew rapidly into an impressive pair of wobbling breasts that made your old set look small by comparison. Although they hardly could rival the tits of the woman between your legs you just stared in disbelief at the generous gift she had bestowed upon you.

Glancing over to your husband cihangir escort to share this with him you see him leant forward in excitement as his wife’s modest set became something of envy for most women. His hand wrapped itself around his hard pole and began to slowly travel up and down to the sight before him. You are brought back to the moment by soft kisses from the goddess, her hair tickles your skin gently as she plants small pecks of affection over your stomach and down your thighs. As she does your tummy flattens out, the respectable figure you had before is replaced by a smooth, taut and toned belly that leads down to your aching snatch. Your legs tremble a little as her kisses transform you and you gasp raggedly when her soft lips travel up the inside of your thigh. She stops short of your quivering cunt, hot air dancing across the surface of your parted lips. She looks up at you as if for approval and is met by you staring down through glazed eyes, biting your lip in anticipation.

The doctor’s tongue is warm and strong, lapping firmly at the folds of your quim and coating your clit generously with her magical saliva. Your hands reach down in response to her expert manipulation and tangle in the curls of her exotic black hair, trapping her head against your slit. You cry out softly as the sensations build, a stranger’s tongue assaulting your nethers and a growing warmth that sends shockwaves through your body. She sucks your clit into her mouth and you feel the once tiny button surging and swelling into a throbbing pink pearl that now peeks out from under it’s hood. You can barely keep your eyes open but you are roused by the noise of steps coming towards you both. Glimpsing out from between your lashes you watch your husband, new and improved, every vein pulsing in tandem with his towering tool as he moves towards the enormous ass that sits between your legs.

He kneels behind the goddess, the tip of his fat mushroom leaking steadily a clear shiny liquid. It was as if she sensed his desire and raised her hips to display the prize which he sought. Her efforts never faded from your pussy, the tip of her tongue now stabbing gently at your entrance, gradually pushing its way inside. The thought of your esenyurt escort husband cheating on you like this briefly shot through your mind. Instead of a stomach wrenching sensation of guilt or jealousy instead your body fluttered with excitement and a small gush of juices escaped your hole, bathing the doctor’s tongue with the product of your arousal. You watch intently now, unable to pull your eyes away, as your husband rubs the tip of his cock between the slick lips of this woman’s fertile cunt. It was like he had forgotten you were there and when he took his first thrust you were informed by the paired action of the goddess’s tongue suddenly disappearing into the depths of your hole.

It felt like your entire pussy was filled with a hot wet appendage that put pressure on every wall. It rippled against your gspot while simultaneously curling around your cervix and slipping into your fornice. All of these sensations were accompanied by the searing heat that told you more changes were happening. You might not be able to see it but the walls of your sex became spongy and strong, able to accommodate more and be tighter for anything inside at the same time. The goddess’s saliva seeped into your womb, your fertility enhanced by her magical juices, every cell changed for a single purpose. Breeding. This thought now occupied your mind and every instinct you had screamed at you to get pregnant. These things made you open your eyes and staring back was your husband, chest heaving, biting his lip, stifling grunts as he plowed himself deeper into the velvet snatch of the doctor. Every push of his hips made her lips brush your clit and her tongue dragged itself in and out of your sopping wet cunt.

That moment caused a quivering orgasm that shook through you and had you screeching in ecstacy. As you catch your breath you feel her tongue drawing out of your slit. Licking her palms again she grabs your hips gently and massages them while your husband pounds at her from behind. She reaches under you and gropes your ass, the last of her spit absorbing into the cheeks when you feel the warming feeling start. Your curves enhanced once again to match the rest of your transformed body. A perfect set of birthing hips swooping down from etiler escort your ample breasts, topped with a perky bubble butt leading down to long luxurious legs. Sculpted by this gorgeous fertility doctor you look down into her deep brown eyes in gratitude as she bites her lip, her enormous breasts swaying beneath her body as it rocks with every thrust that your husband drives into her.

His breathing becomes shallow and his face tenses, the slapping of flesh punctuates their movements and you can’t help but reach down to toy with your new clit. The engorged button is like a supercharger to your climax as the crashing wave of a distant orgasm suddenly comes surging towards you. The sight before you the ultimate aphrodisiac and your enhanced organ an unexplored pleasure creating an unmatched state of arousal. The doctor cries out and sinks forward, her forehead resting on the floor as her own climax rocks through her body. The flexing of her hole around your husband’s shaft sets him off as well and he roars like an animal when another volley of his cum erupts from his pulsing prick. This is enough to push you over the edge once more and another tremor of sexual delight causes you to shake and gasp as the three of you revel in each other’s shared climaxes.

Your husband falls backwards exhausted, the pillar of flesh between his thick thighs still pointing skyward, falling free of the goddess’s box with a wet pop. His tool is followed by a wave of thick creamy spunk that has nowhere left to go except to pour out onto the floor. You had never seen so much cum in all your life and part of you knew you were next. The doctor stood and thanked your man for his services, he smiled up at her through deep breaths and glanced back to you with a need in his eye.

“Now we are ready” she said with her velvet voice. A streak of milky white trailing down her inner thighs as she helped you to your feet and stepped in for a kiss. The thought of your partner’s cum being inside this woman gave you a shiver, it’s source unclear as you felt your knees weaken slightly. You could taste your own tangy cream on her tongue, her nipples grazing your naked flesh making yours stiffen in response. Any doubt in your mind quickly fogs back over and is replaced with the need again. The need for your husband’s powerful cock. The need for his potent seed and his child. As he finally makes it to his feet he touches your new body for the first time and his fingertips send jolts of excitement across your skin spurring your desire for the evening’s final gift. It was time to give you everything you wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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